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On the Sunday, February 19 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (pt 1):

— Eric the Well-read continues his Saddam Hussein imitation by calling in from yet another remote location;
— Frank Fleming fills us in on the highlights of the NBA All-Star Game Slam Dunk contest; sounded like lots different people jumping over people/things and the use of remote control drones;
— The flat world according to Kyrie Irving sounds a lot less logical than John Irving’s World According to Garp;
— Celebrating how Kristaps snapped up the Skills Competition;
— Isaiah Thomas lives in Boston, and the Celtics are set up to be competitive for years to come;
— Why the NBA needs to vet out the Nets;
— Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, about making it through sperm training school;
— Eric envisions Magic’s return to the Lakers in graphic detail;
— As seen by Woody Allen, a view inside the central command center for dinner dates;
— Marc Caruso sniffs out Frank and extracts more than a pound of flesh;
— Dan Quinn’s Kevin Bacon assurances that “All is well” apparently did not have the desired effect;
— Why the Falcons’ collapse was way worse than the Bill Buckner debacle;
— Who did NE make a deal with? Peyton or Satan?;
— The greatness of Tom Brady is, according to most of our panel, beyond dispute … except of course if you live in a submarine in New Jersey;
— We consider the virtues of dabbling with throwing the Curling rocks into the house totally stoned;
— Debating the prospects for the Red Sox in 2017; and more…

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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-22-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Dogged Butler continues to get the best of Nova in this battle of Big East cats and dogs. #Bulldogs #Wildcats
  • Blue Jays lay a bit of an egg in bid to convince selection committee that they are legit; tonight’s loss may not be a fatal flaw, but it keeps the pressure on for the upcoming conference tourney. #Friars #BlueJays
  • Syracuse gets carried away at the Carrier Dome, with a win that may well have sealed their invitation to the big dance. #BlueDevils #Orangemen
  • Carlton helps give Kansas bragging rights, one more, in the Big 12. #Jayhawks #HornedFrogs
  • In a bit of a surprise, the less heralded Gopher M’s go for it with more gusto in College Park than the pretender M’s. #Terrapins #Gophers
  • With much less at stake, Oregon doesn’t duck from the Cal challenge. #Ducks #GoldenBears
  • Cards fold without much resistance to the more athletic Heels. #Cardinals #TarHeels
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ChabDog happily tackles Taco Tuesday at the Grindz in Hermosa Beach …

ChabDog treasures lunches at The Grindz in Hermosa Beach, what with Taco Tuesdays on tap.  I had two lovely ones today, each a mere $2.50, and the taste explosion that ensued was almost too much for words.

You can’t go wrong with either the chicken, steak or, in my opinion, the star attraction, the savory, juicy pork.  All tacos come with a delightful smattering of onions and salsa, and why not add a little sriracha, as well.

Add some refreshing, smooth mac salad to the mix, and you’ve got an amazing midday meal for a great price.

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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-21


NHL Update:

  • Lots of hope for the Pens when they go on the road with Crosby. #Penguins #Hurricanes
  • Sens show up depleted in Jersey, but it’s still incumbent on the Devils to dog it at home. #Devils #Senators
  • Toronto trips up the Jets and takes Winnipeg down a peg, toward the dregs of the Western Conference. #Jets #MapleLeafs
  • This loss to the only sometime smiling Isles really stings the Wings. #RedWings #Islanders
  • In Minnesota, Blackhawks enjoy toeing the line, and crossing it, with Toews. #Blackhawks #Wild
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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-21-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:
  • Big bad Boilers keep Nittany Lions from being spoilers. #Boilermakers #NittanyLions
  • Baylor gets its wake up call in Waco Sooner, rather than later, but in this sketchy win they don’t much impress … like the rest of the Little 12 (other than, of course, Kansas). #Sooners #Bears
  • Gamecocks are pretty much a lock for the tournament, but they certainly aren’t looking too feisty for a hungry underdog in the 1st round. #Gamecocks #Gators
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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-20-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Bringing home Bacon has the anticipated positive results for talented Florida State. #Seminoles #Eagles
  • Miami’s capable to giving one of the real big boys atop any of the power conferences a major migrane. #Hurricanes #Cavaliers
  • Huggins gets temporarily taken down by a malfunctioning defibrillator, but Mounties don’t let the home folks down in Morgantown, against the long suffering Longhorns. #Mountaineers #Longhorns
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 2-20

NBA Update:

  • Maybe it’s time to put the perpetually under-impressing Matt Barnes out to pasture…
  • Masterful work, Vlade, kissing goodbye to Cousins for less than full mkt value…. just like that your blind tip in the 2002 Western Conf Finals that redirected the ball into Horry’s hands before the closing three…
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