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ChabDog and Eric the Well-read meet up at Original Rinaldi’s for some delicious lunch meats:

Yesterday, we were in lunch meat heaven at Original Rinaldi’s, getting treated to a very satisfying meatball sandwich and tasty kraut dog.

The meatballs were expertly touched with Italian seasoning and had the perfect texture, with melted mozzarella and plenty of delicious sauce.

As for the hog dog, it was snappy and savory, just in time for the start of baseball season.  Find these treats, and more, at Original Rinaldi’s on PCH in Manhattan Beach!

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ChabDog happily tackles Taco Tuesday at the Grindz in Hermosa Beach …

ChabDog treasures lunches at The Grindz in Hermosa Beach, what with Taco Tuesdays on tap.  I had two lovely ones today, each a mere $2.50, and the taste explosion that ensued was almost too much for words.

You can’t go wrong with either the chicken, steak or, in my opinion, the star attraction, the savory, juicy pork.  All tacos come with a delightful smattering of onions and salsa, and why not add a little sriracha, as well.

Add some refreshing, smooth mac salad to the mix, and you’ve got an amazing midday meal for a great price.

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Check out the great food at Hawaiian Grindz, Hermosa Beach, CA

ChabDog recently enjoyed a delicious lunch at Hawaiian Grindz in Hermosa Beach.  I had what has become a lunchtime staple, the Kalua Pork plate.

This is quite a steal for $10.50, with a generous and delicious portion of smoked pork, along with crisp, tasty ramen cabbage, white rice and some yummy mac salad.

Try it with hot sauce and/or sriracha, for a lovely, sinful kick.

Grindz uses the finest Boar’s Head meats and has plenty of comfortable seating.  The menu is chock full of great choices, which will be reviewed in posts to come.

And it serves breakfast as well.  Check it out!


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Open wide for the ever-roasted chicken salad sandwich at Original Rinaldi’s

Recently, I had a wonderful lunch at Original Rinald’s, enjoying a delicious cold lunch special featuring the fresh and delicious Ever-roasted Chicken Salad sandwich.  The chicken salad had just enough mayo and also featured bits of crunchy, refreshing celery, surrounded by warm, toasted squaw bread.  I spiced my meal up a bit with some TNT sauce, which gave eat bite an exciting zing.  This is a great way to wake up your work day, and add in a side of mac salad for a real masterpiece!

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Add the lemon tuna sub to your repertoire at Original Rinaldi’s …

Rinaldi’s turns the ordinary tuna sandwich on its head with the Lemon Tuna cold lunch special.

The old standby never tasted so perky, and with swiss cheese, hot sauce and pickles, you’ll be excited by the choice.

My New Year’s resolution is definitely to order this more often.

Happy New Year from and Original Rinaldi’s.

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On the Sunday, December 11, 2016 ChabDog Sports Talk Show:



5-24-16 bran-eric at Orlandos

1-22-16 caruso

12-12-16-byner 12-12-16-chris-sale

12-12-16-fran 12-12-16-frank-in-court

12-12-16-gilbert 12-12-16-sipe 12-12-16-toilet-bowl

  • Tune in as Eric the Well-read takes us around the broad shoulders of the NFL
  • Frank Fleming overcomes the agony of dee feet to break down Army’s victory over Navy, and takes us back through the very substantial glory days of the Cleveland Browns (from Graham to Brown to Sipe/Byner to the counterfeit Browns that survived Modell’s move)
  • Meet Black Knight receiver Edgar Allen Poe; — Images of Gilbert Gottfried and Fran Drescher doing Romeo and Juliet; — RG 3 (and not his girlfriend) evokes premature ejaculations of elation about a possible Brown victory in the Toilet Bowl/Battle of Ohio
  • Why players give up guaranteed money not to play in Cleveland (20 different QBs since 1999, hiring Podesta the “Baseball Guy” to run football operations, career wins leader among QBs in FirstEnergy Stadium (in 17 years) is an opposing team player named Big Ben)
  • Debunking the myth that Pittsburgh will have trouble with the Bills
  • Figuring out where Wentz’s “A” game went
  • Assessing the slim playoff hopes of the Phins, and why, in any event, their playoff lives would be hopelessly Hobbesian — nasty, brutish and short
  • Marc touts Frank as Trump’s new Ambassador to New Jersey
  • Mad Dog Maddon is in and Mad Dog Russo is clearly out
  • Caruso sings excessively prophetic as he calls the Giants over Cowboys (Odella is fast as hella!), Skins over Philly, Tennessee over Denver, Cincy over Cleveland, but we all miss Texans vs. Colts
  • Explaining how the Puppet master does plug ‘n play
  • Did next year’s 2017 AL Pennant just get purchased by the Red Sox for a Sale price?
  • Frank and Marc express their mutual amazement and abhorrence at being forced to live so “Coast” together
  • and more!
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Try the savory Fatboy sandwich at Original Rinaldis …



If you like meatball and sausage subs, this sandwich is for you.  These meats taste great together, along with juicy pepperoni, spicy satisfying tomato sauce and melted provolone cheese. On a toasted sub roll, you have the perfect marriage for your taste buds.  Add in some cold, creamy mac salad and a 16 oz drink for under $10, and you’re all set for lunch, dinner or whenever.  Get the Fatboy at Original Rinaldi’s in Manhattan Beach.

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It’s time to try the T&T (Tyler and Tyler) at Original Rinaldi’s in Manhattan Beach —


Melted cheese, special hot sauce, mayo, crispy prosciutto, juicy roasted chicken and fresh lettuce and tomato, all surrounded by a warm toasted sub roll make for a truly memorable hot lunch combo at where else but Original Rinaldi’s in Manhattan Beach.  Come on in and make this a better, more satisfying day with the T&T (Tyler and Tyler) sandwich.  For $10.95, it’s a steal of a deal, with not just a regular size sandwich, but also your choice of a tasty side and a 16 oz drink.  Plus, there’s usually some good football (European style) on TV!

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Original Rinaldi’s delivers another home run for your taste buds with … The Mailman …

9-20-16-chabdog-mailman 9-20-16-mailman-menu 9-20-16-mailman-picture

ChabDog was privileged to partake in The Mailman, a delicious creation from Original Rinaldi’s in Manhattan Beach, CA that comes loaded with delicious Boar’s Head capicola and prosciutto, surrounded by fresh lettuce and tomato and tasty provolone.  We recommend enjoying this delight for your taste buds with some deli mustard and TNT sauce, which adds just the right amount of excitement … if mayo and oil and vinegar isn’t enough.  The cold lunch combo, with your choice of a side and a 16 oz drink is under $10, and is one helluva deal.  ChabDog puts his heart stamp of approval on The Mailman!



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Joey twinks the competition at The World Twinkie Eating Championship At Bally’s Casino-Tunica, but what are the long term risks for diabetes?


7-11-16 joey 2
Date: 10/26/2013
Location: Tunica, MS
Winner: Joey Chestnut, with a World Record 121 Twinkies in 6 min, Twinkies
Total Prizes: $5,000 total cash purse
The world’s #1-ranked eater, Joey Chestnut in case you didn’t know, set the first-ever World Twinkie Eating Record with a staggering 121 Twinkies in just six minutes. The record was set at the first-ever World Twinkie Eating Championship At Bally’s Casino-Tunica. The event marked the debut for the iconic cream-filled pastry in official, sanctioned competition.
The man who has beaten Chestnut more than anyone else this year, Matthew Stonie in case you didn’t know, pushed the great one to the limit, downing 111 Twinkies in the alloted time. MLE’s most dominating rookie, Miki Sudo in case you didn’t know, finished third with 71.
The real winner though was history. 121 Twinkies. Six minutes. It happened.
This contest took place at 1pm Central, on Saturday, October 26th, 2013 at Bally’s Casino-Tunica, 1450 Bally Blvd, Tunica, MS!
RESULTS: $5,000!
1st Joey Chestnut – 121 (WR)
2nd Matthew Stonie – 111
3rd Miki Sudo – 71
4th Adrian Morgan – 57
5th Josh Miller and Brett Campbell – 40
7th Crazy Legs Conti and Matthew Raible – 28
9th – Don Potts – 21

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Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest — 2016

7-4-16 chestnut

7-4-16 nathans

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest — 2016:

Joey Chestnut was on fire in his return to Coney Island after last year’s unexpected loss to Matt Stonie. He gets off to a huge lead (up by 5-6 dogs after 2 minutes) and then chomps his way to a big victory … setting the 10 minute record (70) in the process. This fantastic eating machine is definitely dynastic.

And on the women’s side, Miki Sudo was no pseudo-competitor, as she outdid Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas with room to spare (38.5 to 34).

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Try the new Ragin Jamaican at Original Rinaldi’s…

6-10-16 chabdog raging

6-10-16 ragin jamaican1

You haven’t truly loved lunch until you’ve sunk your taste buds into the Ragin Jamaican at Original Rinaldi’s.

A delicious concoction of Jamaican jerk chicken, grilled onions, cooked red peppers and pepper jack cheese. Add some TNT sauce and mix with tasty cold macaroni salad, and you have quite a meal. Get this… and more… at Original Rinaldis in Manhattan Beach!


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ChabDog checks out Orlando’s Pizzeria in Redondo Beach (Oct. 2015 Restaurant Review)

10-21-15 ChabDog at Orlandos 10-21-15 Fruiti de Mer 10-21-15 Orlando at Orlando's 10-21-15 Orlando's sign

10-21-15 Orlando's inside 10-21-15 Orlando's outside

ChabDog had the privilege of dining for lunch at Orlando’s Pizzeria in Redondo Beach. This is indeed a fine dining establishment, with some very delicious and satisfying pizza pies and much, much more. Today, ChabDog was treated to a memorable meal consisting of a caesar salad to start, followed by what may be Orlando’s signature dish, the Linguini Fruiti de Mer.

Before going into the details of the meal, a word about the host is in order. Orlando brings to his Redondo Beach restaurant 20 years plus experience as a cook/chef, having worked in Canada for his family restaurants in Montreal (both a pizzeria and a trattoria) and in his off hours spending numerous hours in the family kitchen helping hone and refine his impressive cooking skills. When I asked him about his cooking style, he seemed a bit surprised, if not taken aback, but what we concluded is that his food is a rather unique combination of Northern and Southern Italian cuisine, with a French flair.

For lunch, I started with a tasty Caesar salad. In terms of size, my portion was just right, and these side salads come with all of Orlando’s lunchtime sandwich offerings, which typically range in price from $9 to $16. The clincher here is the dressing, which really makes the lettuce and crunchy croutons come to life … it is a lovely mixture of chives, anchovies and capers and is made to order on the premises. I also loved the bacon bits that were sprinkled through; Orlando made sure to let me know this was actually deep fried prosciutto, and it definitely had nice crunch and deep flavor, which gave the veggies extra pizazz.

After the salad, it was time for the main attraction, a melt-in-your mouth bowl of linguine and seafood, garnished with the chef’s micro rainbow basil blend and dressed in a lovely white wine, tarragon butter sauce. The noodles were cooked to perfection, with exactly the right texture and consistency, and with each bite your palate is treated to plenty of garlic, sliced shallots and bits of succulent baby clam. In terms of the accompanying shellfish, I started with the larger clams, enjoyed the soft, juicy scallops, and then moved on to the flavorful, more spicy shrimp. My favorite part of the dish was the muscles, which seemed absorb, and then deliver, the full flavor of the white wine sauce, garlic and shallots, along with an unmistakable taste of the ocean that had me thinking about coming back for seconds…. and thirds. I should also add that all of the seafood tasted very fresh (Orlando confirmed he uses one of the top suppliers in the area for his Pacific Ocean produce). To sum things up, this is one of Orlando’s signature dishes, and at $20 for the lunch portion, it is well worth it!

I’m the first one to admit that I’m not much of a wine drinker, but I’d say that if you don’t have a glass of white wine with this dish (e.g. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay), you are missing something special. With my meal, Orlando poured me a glass of Canyon Road Chardonnay, and this was a perfect fit with the main course – cleansing my palate and making each successive bite of food that much more special. Orlando has a nice selection of other whites that would also go well with this entrée, including a Morgan Chardonnay and Santa Lucia Highlands, which are all priced at $13 a glass. And if you have your own favorite bottle that you’d like to bring with you to the restaurant, that’s fine with Orlando as well (note that $15 corkage fee). Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the homemade focaccia bread, which was warm and had the perfect topping of butter, garlic and parsley.

Needless to say, it was a pleasure having lunch with Orlando, and this writer will definitely be back for more. The restaurant is easy to find at the corner of Prospect and Torrance Blvd. in Redondo Beach, has hassle free parking, and features three wide screen TVs. It is also comfortable from an acoustics standpoint, features co-owner Carole Beauvais’ own colorful, uniquely engaging artwork (see, and is generally very pleasing to the eye (exceptionally clean, with plenty of comfortable seating and nicely spaced tables, along with an attractive bar area that separates the dining area from a spacious, well organized kitchen).

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Original Rinaldi’s

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