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On the Sunday, December 11, 2016 ChabDog Sports Talk Show:



5-24-16 bran-eric at Orlandos

1-22-16 caruso

12-12-16-byner 12-12-16-chris-sale

12-12-16-fran 12-12-16-frank-in-court

12-12-16-gilbert 12-12-16-sipe 12-12-16-toilet-bowl

  • Tune in as Eric the Well-read takes us around the broad shoulders of the NFL
  • Frank Fleming overcomes the agony of dee feet to break down Army’s victory over Navy, and takes us back through the very substantial glory days of the Cleveland Browns (from Graham to Brown to Sipe/Byner to the counterfeit Browns that survived Modell’s move)
  • Meet Black Knight receiver Edgar Allen Poe; — Images of Gilbert Gottfried and Fran Drescher doing Romeo and Juliet; — RG 3 (and not his girlfriend) evokes premature ejaculations of elation about a possible Brown victory in the Toilet Bowl/Battle of Ohio
  • Why players give up guaranteed money not to play in Cleveland (20 different QBs since 1999, hiring Podesta the “Baseball Guy” to run football operations, career wins leader among QBs in FirstEnergy Stadium (in 17 years) is an opposing team player named Big Ben)
  • Debunking the myth that Pittsburgh will have trouble with the Bills
  • Figuring out where Wentz’s “A” game went
  • Assessing the slim playoff hopes of the Phins, and why, in any event, their playoff lives would be hopelessly Hobbesian — nasty, brutish and short
  • Marc touts Frank as Trump’s new Ambassador to New Jersey
  • Mad Dog Maddon is in and Mad Dog Russo is clearly out
  • Caruso sings excessively prophetic as he calls the Giants over Cowboys (Odella is fast as hella!), Skins over Philly, Tennessee over Denver, Cincy over Cleveland, but we all miss Texans vs. Colts
  • Explaining how the Puppet master does plug ‘n play
  • Did next year’s 2017 AL Pennant just get purchased by the Red Sox for a Sale price?
  • Frank and Marc express their mutual amazement and abhorrence at being forced to live so “Coast” together
  • and more!
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Let ChabDogs of the Month Diablo and Angel come to your emotional rescue in September …

8-31-16 pg dog 5 8-31-16 pg dog1

8-31-16 pg dog2 8-31-16 pg dog3 8-31-16 pg dog4 8-31-16 pg dog6 8-31-16 pg dog7

September is a big month in a lot of ways … US Open, College Football, Pro Football and pennant races in full swing. But it’s also a huge month at ChabDog, as we welcome the Saint Bernards Diablo and Angel as ChabDogs of the Month.

These cuddly giants are brother and sister, and the cherished companions of owners Patricia and Aaron.  We were also surprised to learn that they willing take orders from their diminutive roommate and elder statesman, a cuter than cute 10-yr old Maltese mix, who “rules the roost”.

In Patricia’s words — “Angel is our girl, she is 6 years old and weights 140. She is friendly, spunky and loves to get up on our laps!!! She can get lost in the yard, play in the trees and chase squirrels for hours.”

—   “Diablo is our boy. He is 5 years old, and weighs 170. He is more of a watchdog and can be intimidating. Once he likes someone, they are welcome in the house and he treats them like a family member. He likes to lay around, lounge, and sunbathe. He can find hiding spots in the house and challenges us to find him!!!”

Angel and Diablo — thanks for being our ChabDogs of the Month for September 2016!

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