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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-22-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Dogged Butler continues to get the best of Nova in this battle of Big East cats and dogs. #Bulldogs #Wildcats
  • Blue Jays lay a bit of an egg in bid to convince selection committee that they are legit; tonight’s loss may not be a fatal flaw, but it keeps the pressure on for the upcoming conference tourney. #Friars #BlueJays
  • Syracuse gets carried away at the Carrier Dome, with a win that may well have sealed their invitation to the big dance. #BlueDevils #Orangemen
  • Carlton helps give Kansas bragging rights, one more, in the Big 12. #Jayhawks #HornedFrogs
  • In a bit of a surprise, the less heralded Gopher M’s go for it with more gusto in College Park than the pretender M’s. #Terrapins #Gophers
  • With much less at stake, Oregon doesn’t duck from the Cal challenge. #Ducks #GoldenBears
  • Cards fold without much resistance to the more athletic Heels. #Cardinals #TarHeels
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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-21-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:
  • Big bad Boilers keep Nittany Lions from being spoilers. #Boilermakers #NittanyLions
  • Baylor gets its wake up call in Waco Sooner, rather than later, but in this sketchy win they don’t much impress … like the rest of the Little 12 (other than, of course, Kansas). #Sooners #Bears
  • Gamecocks are pretty much a lock for the tournament, but they certainly aren’t looking too feisty for a hungry underdog in the 1st round. #Gamecocks #Gators
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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-20-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Bringing home Bacon has the anticipated positive results for talented Florida State. #Seminoles #Eagles
  • Miami’s capable to giving one of the real big boys atop any of the power conferences a major migrane. #Hurricanes #Cavaliers
  • Huggins gets temporarily taken down by a malfunctioning defibrillator, but Mounties don’t let the home folks down in Morgantown, against the long suffering Longhorns. #Mountaineers #Longhorns
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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-18-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Is Purdue no longer a pretender? Haas is a real horse, and Swanigan is a thoroughbred. Boilers are steamed about past disappointment, and today tell the outclassed Spartans to move over at the top. #Spartans #Boilermakers
  • Bulldogs continue to play like Bulldog gods. #Tigers #Bulldogs
  • Nova tears Seton Hall a new one in Newark, with sizzling 57+ shooting from three point land. #Wildcat #Pirates
  • Jayhawks proceed with their usual stroll through the grassy knoll of the Big 12, but what does this portend when they try to dance at the tournament? Maybe coming in second in their own league would be a good idea once in a while…#Jayhawks #Bears
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In college basketball’s coaching ranks, we’ve seen numerous fashion faux pas and positively ridiculous rugs …


from Louie C’s sweaters, to full figure Rick Majerus, to the obscene headdress of Keady and Henson to fail blazers Driesell and Sloan, to tomato pissed Bobby Knight, but at least Coach Cal and Slick Rick are holding up their end of the very good bargain they struck for suitably snazzy portfolio of well-suited face cards.

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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-13-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Mountaineers experience a thoroughly haunting case of reverse-deliverance when their canoe gets lost in the noisy Phog, and they totally lose their composure. #Mountaineers #Jayhawks
  • L-ville outlasts Syracuse thanks to Anas and a public coming out by previously private Ryan. #Cardinals #Orange
  • Wildcats have a feast at the expense of the Big East’s least likely to feed. #Wildcats #BlueDemons
  • They’re loving it in Lubbock, and the Red Raiders deliver a solid punch to the Baylor Bear’s stomach. #Bears #RedRaiders
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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-12-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Imagine that — SMU is getting used to winning without lightfoot Larry. #Bearcats #Mustangs
  • UCLA frosh Lonzo remains a real Ball-buster when it comes to the Pac-12. #Beavers #Bruins
  • Without even as much as a Pardon me, Wildcats proceed to trash Wisconsin in the Badgers’ Den. #Wildcats #Badgers
  • Hokey use some slick moves by Seth Allen to hokey-pokey around the appalled Cavaliers. #Cavaliers #Hokies
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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-11-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Karnowski and the Zags are still undefeated and No. 1 … and that’s no Polish joke. #Bulldogs #Gaels
  • Ohio State and Thad swept under the welcome Matta as an afterthought in College Park. #Buckeyes #Terrapins
  • Talented FSU pulls a classic el foldo from the line, going an abysmal 7 for 22. #Seminoles #FightingIrish
  • Self deprecating Jayhawks barely survive layover in Lubbock. #Jayhawks #RedRaiders
  • Somewhat under-the-radar No. 2 Nova gives more notice that, hell yeah, we can repeat. #Villanova #Xavier
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Tune in tomorrow at 9 am pst for ChabDog Sports Talk —

  • Listen in as we unveil the much anticipated Super Bowl promo from Well-read Productions;
  • ChabDog issues an apb for any Atlanta fans out there who want to join the fray — we are lopsided in favor of NE;
  • As it’s apparently “Patriots Day”, Marc “White Widower” Caruso calls in just to rub it in;
  • Get educated on the ShawFrank Redemption;
  • Hear Frank Fleming strain mightily to find some potential good fortune for the Falcons;
  • Other guests include Ben Sarinana, Drew “I told you so” Owens, and Pamela Boboc (also a big Patriots fan);
  • Clips you won’t want to miss … and more
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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 2-4-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Kansas could’ve won this game if it had been less careless; Jayhawks continue to play with fire at home, and finally get burned. #Jayhawks #Cyclones
  • UCLA looks really on the ball with Lonzo. #Bruins #Huskies
  • Mike puts up his Dukies, and they withstand the challenge just fine. #Panthers #BlueDevils
  • Wildcats ride out the Red Storm, no problem. #RedStorm #Wildcats
  • Another very disturbing loss for Baylor; maybe this was a wake up call at home in Waco for the Bears. #Wildcats #Bears
  • More than a Few reasons for Mark to like his Zags, including plenty of offensive fire power and a consistently stingy defense. #Bulldogs #Broncos
  • Kentucky gets chomped by the much more aggressive Gators, and the Wildcats are rapidly losing their luster and reputation as the big bully on the SEC block. #Wildcats #Gators
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