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Listen in to the Sunday, September 25 ChabDog Sports Talk Show …

On the Sunday, September 25 ChabDog Sports Talk Show:
— We reflect on the loss of young superstar Jose Fernandez;
— ChabDog foreshadows the firing of Les Offense Miles with “No Time Left For You” from the Guess Who, and looks back on ND’s sickly loss to Puke with “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”;
— The next question is whether Duke is now also a football school
— Musings about the imposing Aggies; the A&M stand for athletic and muscular.
— Action Jackson can’t lose at Louisville.
— Uggly loss for Ugga, who has plenty of fleas.
— TN is looking like the beast of the SEC East.
— Frank is emphatic that Nick Satan always wins, and Eric the Well-read suggests the coach has the goods to keep the NCAA at bay and away.
— We confirm that Michigan will someday leave the Big House, and Frank presumes the Wolverines will in fact lose at the ugly Horseshoe.
— the WC race between the Cards, Mets and Giants can be seen as the Sergio Leone movie, The Erratic, the Infirm, and the bummed out Mentally Disturbed.
— We discuss roid rage, and recall when the Rocket went loony on Cooney.
— Dodgers look for a life trainer for Puig leader in bonehead plays Puig.
— Do the Mets still hold a hex over the Cubs? Nahhhhh
— Papi say it ain’t so … don’t go…
— Without much doubt, this year’s WCS could mean the end of a serious drought?
— The team from Queens is retiring the Reds’ collective numbers … they own them so bad.
— Coach Tui discusses a successful 2016 campaign for the LA Temptation, LFL expansion plans for next year and why the games are so great to watch in person.
— Raiders take the advice of Al Davis to “Just win, baby”, and Tui’s admonishments to tighten up that D.
— Tui talks of his past love for the Steelers, and how he faced mandatory conversion to the Silver and Black.
— We go old school, with Howie Long, Phil Villapiano, Joe Namath and the Super Bowl of 1984.
— Eric the Well-read doesn’t drink the Bengals’ kool aid and reminds us that the trend is your friend.
— Rexy and Robby take a break from driving the dumb and dumber doggie van, but the coach doesn’t get a chance to indulge his foot fetish … dee feet.
— Where will the NFL coaching carousel stop next….
— Playing “Wheel of QBs” in Cleveland
— Of course, more Ryan Bennyhill

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