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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 6-23-19:

MLB Update:

  • Washington can’t solve its porous relief issues by releasing Trevor the terrible on his own recognizance; Rainey comes in an promptly gives up another big hit to the streaking Braves. #Braves #Nationals
  • Mother of a loss for Wisler, who gives up a bases loaded walkoff walk to Newman; it’s time to sweep for Pirates, while time to weep for Pads. #Padres #Pirates
  • Incompetent Baltimore continues to be reliably listless, and today largely hitless, in Seattle. #Orioles #Mariners
  • Mets continue to resemble “Les Miserables” after Lugo’s fat one is parked by Bye Bye Baez. #Cubs #Mets
  • Mickey goes a bit ballistic, and Jason “The Yenta” Vargas decides it’s time to kick some ass. Too bad it’s in the locker room and involves a defenseless reporter, instead of on the playing field. Just another chapter in the soap on a rope opera that is the low T, New York Mets. #Mets
  • Indians are clearly not getting sick and tired of their diet of tender Tiger. #Tigers #Indians
  • Catatonic Sox don’t do much of anything in donating the rubber game in this weekend set to needed Toronto. #BlueJays #RedSox
  • Marlins somehow continue their hot steak, spilling more blood in Philly. And yes, it’s another astonishing eruption of power from hey diddle, diddle, JT Riddle. #Marlins #Phillies
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 6-22-19:

MLB Update:

  • If only the Rockies could overcome that persistent case of Verdugo. #Rockies #Dodgers
  • Astros are no longer winning games on auto-pilot … fumbling and bumbling their way to another beating in the Bronx. #Astros #Yankees
  • In Oakland, Mr. Clutch Matt Chapman is making it happen. #Rays #Athletics
  • Bucs continue to fight their way back to relevance, riding a super 5-inning by Archer and an eighth inning uprising that left Stammen stammering. #Padres #Pirates
  • Cast off Castillo was only too happy to be cast tonight as full scale hero. #Marlins #Phillies
  • Somebody at Fenway left open the Barnes door, and all the Blue Jays strayed around the bases. Although not cataclysmic, this loss was like a punch in the stomach … a hard one. #RedSox #BlueJays
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 6-21-19:

MLB Update:
  • Vasquez steps forcefully into some mild cheese lobbed by Romano, and the next thing you know Christian fellowship was everywhere in Kenmore Square. #BlueJays #RedSox
  • Listless Astros are seeing lots of luster lost from their early season exploits as they continue to come up empty at the plate — tonight coming up with one lonely run against the streaking Yankees. #Astros #Yankees
  • Nationals should be relieved to know there is indeed life after Bryce, as they cruise to another victory, relaxing on the deck of the USS Strasburg. #Braves #Nationals
  • McNeil is for real, hitting over .340, and added some power tonight to his slapstick routine. #Mets #Cubs
  • Musgrove musters up a much improved effort that pays dividends against the clerical also rans from San Diego. #Padres #Pirates
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 6-20-19:

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 6-19-19:

  • Not-so-macho Mets lay down for Alzolay; Cubs creep to a lead in the NL Central. #Cubs #Mets
  • Phillies continue their very unimpressive limp into the AS Break with another timid effort against the now nasty Nationals. #Phillies #Nationals
  • Middling away in the Midwest, the Cards just can’t seem to solve the Riddle of the Marlins. #Marlins #Cardinals
  • A’s shock Rays, who seem to have completely lost their winning ways. #Athletics #Rays
  • Dodgers get Madison pretty mad with a 4th inning uprising, and push the Giants over the edge with their shaky relief pitching, resulting in a tantalizing 9th inning tease. #Dodgers #Giants
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 6-19-19:

MLB Update:

  • Reynolds wraps himself around a fat one, and propels the Bucs to an emotional comeback win over the tame Tigers. This rookie is one of the league’s best and should be seriously consider for top honors. #Tigers #Pirates
  • Astros leave Cincy astonished, somewhat humiliated and seriously Reds’-faced. #Reds #Astros
  • Boy has Philly fizzled, while the Nats are starting to collect wins and swarm. #Phillies #Nationals
  • E-rod helps the Bosox pick up where they left off, after last night’s extra innings ignominy. #RedSox #Twins
  • They don’t play in STL, but everyone’s just waiting for more games like this … where the Rangers’ pitching collapses like a house of cards. #Indians #Rangers
  • Has supersized CC finally won his weight in games? At 250, probably not yet but he’s still hungry to get there. As for Tampa Bay, they’re just going away. #Rays #Yankees
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 6-18-19:

MLB Update:

  • Since when is Cincy so money? Since they started popping off with playful Jesse Winker and dangerous Derek Dietrich. #Astros #Reds
  • Milwaukee continues to sleepwalk in San Diego, left for dead against lefty Logan. #Brewers #Padres
  • A’s trump AA O’s in a continuing embarrassment to a franchise careening toward all-time lows. #Orioles #Athletics
  • PIttsburgh throws away a victory with careless fielding, negligently stranding numerous runners on base, and most objectionably, failing to throw the ball to start a reasonably routine double play. At some point don’t these problems boil down to practicing fundamentals and coaching? #Tigers #Pirates
  • Mets defeat the Braves behind an impressive feat of hitting by Pete. #Mets #Braves
  • Angels rejoice that pitching Skaggs is no longer a drag on a their increasingly high octane offense. #Angels #BlueJays
  • Price couldn’t have been more right, but Red Sox get burned in Minnesota when they can’t keep Kepler under wraps and after a touch too much of Brian Johnson. #RedSox #Twins
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2019 US Open at Pebble Beach:

2019 US Open at Pebble Beach:

  • 2019 is shaping up to be a year of memorable turnarounds with Tiger’s Masters, the Blues’ last to first run to the Stanley Cup, and now Gary Woodland finding the promised land in the US Open. Congratulations to the KU grad for keeping his cool in the face of the usual rigorous challenge from Koepka.

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 6-16-19:

MLB Update:
  • One thing’s for sure — everyone scores at Coors. #Padres #Rockies
  • Dodgers continue to gain separation in the NL West, using big plays to pass their most recent test against the Cubs. #Cubs #Dodgers
  • Buccos buck the trend and win a series, with a formula that’s a friend involving Bell, decent starting pitching and Felipe as finisher. #PIrates #Marlins
  • Mets continue to backslide in the standings as Chris has a tragic miss with his slider. #Cardinals #Mets
  • Leave it to who else, the Orioles, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when Givens gives it up in the ninth … and tenth. #RedSox #Orioles
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 6-15-19:

MLB Update:

  • JD just did it again, and it’s definitely no contest when Chris Sale faces down Chris Davis and his unfortunate friends. #RedSox #Orioles
  • Bryce may be a modest bust, but Philly’s still fortunate to have Oscar offering his services. NL east tightens. #Phillies #Braves
  • After getting through a rough patch in the fourth, Marlins and their man on the mound Pablo cruise past the basement bound Bucs. #Pirates #Marlins
  • Nothing new as Indians and Bieber find a way to love themselves at the expense of their comedy central division neighbors, the pitiful pussycats. #Indians #Tigers
  • Maybe it’s time to launch an FBI investigation; how in tarnation did the geriatric G-men do the trick tonight in what used to be the land of the Candlestick? #Brewers #Giants
  • Raise your hand if you think the Rays’ offense is petering out prematurely; could be time for some ED medication. #Angels #Rays
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Time to go bowling at The Grindz — enjoy breakfast bowl (anytime during the day)

Any time is a good time for a delicious breakfast bowl at The Grindz.

Today’s treat was a very satisfying lunch encounter with the Breakfast Bowl… a wonderful creation combining plenty of tasty Portuguese sausage, sitting atop fluffy white rice and accompanied by two eggs over semi-easy, melted cheddar jack and a jalapeno tapenade garnish.  It’s a great deal for $11 … with your choice of carb, protein, cheese and topper.   Another winning combination from The Grindz at 1601.

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 6-14-19:

MLB Update:

  • World Champs look like world beaters in battering Birds to kick off 3-day vacation in Baltimore. #RedSox #Orioles
  • It’s a carefree day at the park for the Chisox, who clean CC’s clock and then proceed to lay into Luis. #Yankees #WhiteSox
  • Pirates scratch the 7-game itch by frying the Florida fish; this is what they can do if they get just a smidge of pitching. #Pirates #Marlins
  • Dejected Mets done in once again by Cards’ DeJong. #Cardinals #Mets
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 6-13-19:

MLB Update (6-13-19):

  • Elvis starred for the red Rangers, but it was Xander, among others, who left the playing field for the Red Sox. #Rangers #RedSox
  • Finally, a baseball cycler that was manufactured in Japan. #Angels #Rays.
    PS — TB’s offense seems to be reverting to the historic norm … which means their rationing for runs in St. Pete. #Angels #Rays
  • Lurid loss for the the Yanks, who must really be disgusted after being taken down on an extended full count off of Leury’s big stick. #Yankees #WhiteSox
  • Brutal… just brutal! Braves didn’t just scalp the Pirates, they opened up their chests and ripped their beating hearts out. #Pirates #Braves


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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, June 13 (Playoffs, Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Surprise, surprise. This year’s road warriors were the Raptors, not the Warriors.
    It’s a welcome sight, seeing some fresh blood at the top of the NBA. These guys withstood everything GSW had to offer, including a hostile crowd, a very dramatic, motivational twist and turn in the game involving Klay’s wounded knee, a slew of big shots from wiggly Iggy, and all the usual hysterics and antics from Draymond Green.

    And Kawhi makes a strong statement that he, not LeBron, is now the most impactful and valuable player in the NBA. He ignored public opinion and peer pressure and wisely took the time he needed to heal up, and now all that hard work and dedication is reaping monster dividends. Congratulations to the Raptors … and quite possibly, goodbye to the Warriors’ dynasty. Despite the Splash Brothers’ best, most valiant efforts, the mystique has at least been tarnished. #Raptors #Warriors

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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 6-12-19:

MLB Update:

  • Red Sox temporarily right the ship, getting a bit of much needed relief, along with some magic from Mookie… shades of yesteryear. Small consolation for what went down in another part of down. #Rangers #RedSox
  • Can it get any worse? Pirate ship continues to sink, in what seems to be a Braves’ new world. #Braves #Pirates
  • Is pal Joey starting to get dialed in? Friends of the Reds are getting excited, as Cincy emerges out of the shadows and climbs in the standings. #Reds #Indians
  • Visiting A’s lean on Laureano to trip up the lately reeling Rays. #Athletics #Rays
  • Cards played tonight like they had one eye on the Blues game… they definitely weren’t all there. #Cardinals #Marlins
  • Important win for the Brewers, who avoid the sweep and show the Stros they aren’t just National League pushovers. #Brewers #Astros
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 6-12-19 (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals):

  • Yes, sometimes even a blind, last place squirrel finds a really big nut. Congratulations to St. Louis and its rally rodent.
  • It’s over. Quality prevails over quantity, as the Bruins get off more shots, but St. Louis is way more efficient.
    There won’t be three in a row, and there won’t be another parade in Boston … probably until next year the way the Red Sox are playing.
    How ironic that a guy named O’Reilly does in the Bruins. Another example of why never giving up can really pay off big. St. Louis just hung in there like grim death, and now they’re living large.
    #Blues #Bruins
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