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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 11-26-18 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:
  • Wizards outlast the Rockets, as Harden rings the register for 50+, but seems lose his concentration in a sloppy fourth. Yes, James, this is what can happen when your plate, not to mention your beard, is too full. #Rockets #Wizards
  • Celtics looked like the team that dominated the East last year, as they show no fear in felling the Pels. Great defense, excellent ball movement and sharp shooting were on display tonight for the men in green. #Celtics #Pelicans
  • Now it’s the Spurs turn to walk into the United Center and emasculate the shrinking Bulls. #Spurs #Bulls
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 11-26-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Texans double up the Titans behind Deshaun “Double Threat” Watson, who had his way through the air and on the ground. If Houston’s QB keeps playing like this, the Lone Star State may well have their first Super Bowl team since 1995 and the Boys of Barry Switzer. One thing’s not so clear however … and that’s whether the young QB can avoid serious injury as he continues to run over and through defenders. In the NFL, that is truly like playing a game of Russian Roulette. #Titans #Texans
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 11-25-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Steelers do lots of things right today in Denver, but come up short in rather spectacular fashion, including a goal line fumble into the end zone and two excuse me pick offs by Big Ben. Once more, a visit to Denver becomes a house of horrors for Tomlin’s troops, who won’t have any room for further slip ups as they enter the scary part of their schedule (New England, New Orleans and LAC coming up). They may well wish they had this came back later in December. #Steelers #Broncos
  • Rodgers and Packers continue their habitual trend of slacking off against the Vikings. Consider this to be the calm before the storm in Minnesota, as the next two weeks feature stern tests at New England and surging Seattle. #Packers #Vikings
  • Colts are now above .500 and feeling mighty good about themselves; Jim Mora is no more, but playoffs? Playoffs? It’s a distinct possibility. #Dolphins #Colts
  • Rivers drowns the Cards in a torrent of completions, and the Chargers get a nice tuneup for their big confrontation next week in Pittsburgh. #Cardinals #Chargers
  • Cam puts up some snazzy numbers, but it’s all for naught as Wilson manufactures another 4th Q comeback; as long as Seattle can rely on its experienced, capable QB, they will be a threat to get into the playoffs and go at least a little bit further. #Seahawks #Panthers
  • Raiders continue to kill time, getting run over repeatedly by the refreshed Ravens. #Raiders #Ravens
  • Don’t look now but the Bills have won 2 in a row, and have climbed out of of the dungeon in the AFC East; time to break out the bubbly in Orchard Park. #Jaguars #Bills
  • Giants continue their improved play, but it isn’t enough to ground the Eagles, who surprise with some semblance of a rushing attack. #Giants #Eagles
  • Traveling Browns look oddly competent, if not dominant, in dismantling the blase Bengals, who see injury added to insult when Dalton goes out with a bum thumb. #Browns #Bengals
  • After an early season flurry of effectiveness, the backsliding Bucs finally reassert themselves and find themselves masters over the Forty Niners. #FortyNiners #Buccaneers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 11-19-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • ChabDog was pleased to see the underdogs from J-ville come up empty-handed, as well as where Ben’s historic dive landed. #Steelers #Jaguars
  • Minnesota’s minimalist approach when it comes to both rushing yardage (22 for the entire game) and yards per completion (a tiny 5.7 yards for Captain Kirk) are not putting a big scare into the upper echelon of the NFL. Keep thinking small Vikings, and your sphere of influence will continue to be inconsequential. #Vikings #Bears
  • Half-blind Oakland finds a few nuts in Glendale with three picks of rookie Rosen. Congratulations to Raider Nation … you have to start somewhere. #Raiders #Cardinals
  • Chargers take a step in reverse, looking like last year’s snake bitten bunch, as Von turns the game around with a devastating pick of Phil and another beautiful boot by Brandon. #Broncos #Chargers
  • Horseshoes are now on track, what with Luck all the way back, and playing with lethal weapons such as Hilson, Wilkins and Mack. #Titans #Colts
  • Texans lay down the defensive law just in time to corral the Redskin raiding party. And without Alex Smith, this team looks ripe for a free fall. #Texans #Redskins
  • Don’t look now, but the Giants are threatening to crawl out of the division cellar and see the light of day; yes, Eli is now on a serious roll. #Buccaneers #Giants
  • In a game right outta the Big 12, Jared Goff shows off his 2nd year poise with a late game push that snuffs out the Chiefs and their awesome firepower. Yes, Mahomes is immensely talented, but he’s not all grows’d up just yet~ #Chiefs #Rams
  • Baltimore exercises its option to run with Action Jackson … and it works! #Ravens #Bengals
  • 8-8 could very well take the excessively mediocre NFC East, which suits Dallas just fine. They’ve demonstrated the ability to put up these kinds of numbers like clockwork. #Cowboys #Falcons
  • Cam Newton continues to suffer road daze, looking slightly distracted (by what we don’t know) in botching a two point conversion to the detriment of his pussy cat Panthers. #Panthers #Lions

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NCAA Football Update, Week 12 (click for audio):

NCAA Football Update (Week 12):

  • Kyler enjoys driving through KU for 55, but give the Jayhawks credit for putting up 40 of their own; RB Pooka Williams is the closest thing to Mighty Mouse we have in college football, and before he leaves will almost certainly save a more few days for his team from Lawrence. #Jayhawks #Sooners
  • Clemson’s still clucking with a thorough rebuke of Duke. #Tigers #BlueDevils
  • LSU finally gets its offense cooking against Rice. #Owls #Tigers\
  • Bama takes a while to lose its civility, but eventually makes The Citadel feel they are, without question, second class citizens. #Bulldogs #CrimsonTide
  • West Virginia takes its foot off of the gas and finds itself in hot water in Stillwater; give the Cowboys lots of credit for not laying down, and now they’re going out of town for a bowl game in December. #Moutaineers #Cowboys
  • Michigan muddles through a rather uninspiring beating of Indiana; they’d better be sharper than this if they hope to find satisfaction in Columbus. #Hoosiers #Wolverines
  • Dawgs don’t dawdle in making mincemeat out of the Minutemen. #Minutemen #Bulldogs
  • Semi-impressive win at home for the once proud Seminoles; same old result for the less-than-regal Eagles. #Eagles #Seminoles
  • Today’s collapse was indeed the lemon we were waiting for from the over-achieving Orange. Ouch! #Orange #FightingIrish
  • Not much resistance mustered by Rutgers at home against Penn St. #NittanyLions #ScarletKnights
  • Nothing new from NU, just a workmanlike win over the going nowhere Golden Gophers. #GoldenGophers #Wildcats
  • Terps show plenty of College Park spark, and nearly pull off the upset of the year against heavily favored OSU … but unlike horseshoes and hand grenades, close does not count in college football… #Terrapins #Buckeyes

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 11-16-18 (click post for audio)

NHL Update:

  • Stars stymie the big bad Bruins, putting a muzzle on their No. 1 line (and the rest follows). #Bruins #Stars
  • Golden Knights continue to find out what a sophomore slump is really like … and this isn’t slaps shot comedy. #Blues #GoldenKnghts
  • Sabres stick it to the Jets late into a shootout behind the never weary Sheary. #Sabres #Jets
  • Leafs can continue to boast as they rake up another impressive win on the Left Coast. #MaleLeafs #Ducks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 11-16-18 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Miami looked rather tepid in going down meekly at Indiana, but what the Heat should take the most heat for are their sickening road unis … those hideous canary yellow shorts… ugh! #Heat #Pacers
  • T-wolves deliver another impressive win in the wake of Bulter’s departure; Minny looks absolutely giddy to be set free of Jimmy … #TrailBlazers #Timberwolves
  • Marc Gasol continues look born again, and Jaren Jackson shows the Kings that he has plenty of spring in his step. Griz assault the Kings in Memphis. #Kings #Grizzlies
  • Raptors can’t properly nurse a late game lead, and in OT things just get worse for the visitors; Celts win a very important game, getting a huge boost from a healthier, more vigorous Hayward, and a monster performance from Irving. #Raptors #Celtics
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 11-15-18 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Sweet Lou Williams was the essence of smooth tonight, stroking big buckets, playing good defense and staying cool, in the face of an intense 4th quarter struggle with the Spurs. As for the Spurs’ gamble on DeRozan, that’s not looking like such a great move right now. He’s not a proven leader, and tonight’s costly turnover in the closing seconds is a prime example. #Spurs #Clippers
  • Herculean effort by Hernangomez hoists Nuggets over the faltering Hawks. #Nuggets #Hawks
  • My how 1 week has changed things in the West. GSW’s in a state of mourning with Curry still grappling with the tender groin, while the Rockets, freed of their clubhouse cancer, are playing like they got a clean bill of health. #Warriors #Rockets
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 11-15-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Chunky Mike “Melissa” McCarthy makes the dramatic, fatal blunder of trusting his physically challenged defense to stop football’s version of Russell Athletic and the league’s most consistent running game. SURPRISE, SURPRISE IT DIDN’T WORK, AND GB NEVER GOT THE BALL BACK. Next time, Mike, show a little more sack, and trust your all-pro quarterback. #Packers #Seahawks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 11-14-18 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Overloaded Bulls can’t handle a touch too much of Jaylen and Kyrie. #Bulls #Celtics
  • This upset win by the very game Grizzlies was pretty much all Conley and Gasol. #Grizzlies #Bucks
  • Pistons all pumped up after Toronto’s big lead drops like a lead balloon. #Pistons #Raptors
  • Wizards couldn’t be more happy that Beal is playing with newfound zeal. #Cavaliers #Wizards
  • Lakers and James come up with possibly their best games of the year, in taking down trailing Trail Blazers. #Lakers #TrailBlazers
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 11-13-18 (click post for audio)

NHL Update:

  • Sabres have suddenly found some goaltending and that provides a very happy, and surprising, ending in Buffalo. #Lightning #Sabres
  • Pens’ defensive issues have not gone away, as exploited tonight by their giving Taylor a nice hall pass to the breakaway corridor.
    #Penguins #Devils
  • Bad boy Tom Wilson helps the Caps tame the Wild by pulling the plug on the Minnesota power play. #Capitals #Wild
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 11-13-18 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Rockets maintain their domination over Denver, with Harden erupting the 2nd half; it also seemed to help that ex-Nugget Melo was nowhere to be found due to a very convenient “illness”. #Rockets #Nuggets
  • Kemba (2 for 16) and the rest of the Hornets look positively horrible in losing to what is left of the sprained Cavs. #Hornets #Cavaliers
  • Warriors muddle through a choppy win over the hardly intimidating Hawks … but in the NBA, a road win is always precious and valuable. #Warriors #Hawks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 11-12-18 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Another ding for the previously feared Spurs, as they fall to a younger, faster and more athletic club of Kings. #Spurs #Kings
  • T-wolves chew through the Nets, looking emboldened by the departure of the unwanted Butler and the reappearance of the stabilizing leadership of Jeff Teague. #Nets #Timberwolves
  • Wizards continue their attempt to recover from a totally underwhelming start….with lots of help from usual suspects Wall and Beal, and some bombs dropped from beyond the arc by lean, mean Jeff Green. #Magic #Wizards
  • Giants regain their ability to rely on Eli, and nobody should be quick to dub Nick as the air apparent to Joe Montana. Even if you are an enemy of Big Blue, you must admit it’s about time the team was rewarded for remaining modestly competitive. #Giants #FortyNiners
  • OT victory for Clippers is another signal that the Warriors will have to work harder this year to maintain status as best in the West. Durant and Thompson get their points, but don’t do so with their usual efficiency. Meanwhile. Lou Williams and M. Harrell continue to impress in leadership roles. Great win for LAC. #Clippers #Warriors
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