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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 4-13-19 (and click to hear Illinois Nazis in love)

MLB Update:

  • Finally, some upward movement in Chris Davis’ average; unfortunately for the Red Sox, not much movement on Porcello’s pitches. #Orioles #RedSox
  • A bit of sanity restored in the Bronx, as Sabathia puts the Chisox bats on sabbatical. #WhiteSox #Yankees
  • Cubs lose when Schwarby fails to keep both his swing, and then his temper, in check. Utterly ridiculous attempt by Kyle to charge the ump should result in a serious fine and/or suspension, and his manager Maddon should have exercised restraint rather than support a clearly-in-the-wrong player. #Cubs #Angels
  • Another beautiful game from Archer is wasted by a bullpen that can’t seem to be trusted … Nats navigate past the Pirates… #Pirates #Nationals
  • Has Homer Bailey finally found a home with the Royals? KC homes certainly hope so. #Indians #Royals
  • Reds are starting to realize they have a wealth of power with Dietrich joining Votto in the lineup. Nice win for the surging Reds. #Cardinals #Reds
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 4-13-19 (Playoffs, Round 1) (and click for some Hyman Roth)

NHL Update (Round 1):

  • No relief for the Leafs, as Brad, Bergeron and the rest of the B’s bring their A game, and Rask is definitely up to the task. #MapleLeafs #Bruins
  • Nashville makes up for its attention deficit disorder in the opener and evens things up with a much more inspired effort in Game 2; questions remain, but at least they’re now in the series. #Stars #Predators
  • Caps still thrilling their fans with their O-faces, as Ovy collects a couple of big assists and Orpik notches the game winner in OT.
    #Hurricanes #Capitals
  • Flames thrown for a loop by Hickenlooper’s Avs. #Avalanche #Flames
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 4-12-19 (and click to hear Kent spew)

MLB Update:

  • Many would probably say only a real moran would be holding out much hope this year for a Pirate revival … but neither ChabDog nor Colin Moran are listening to them. Great win for the Buccos as they actually come back to snatch away a home win from the flabbergasted Nats. RAISE IT!!!! #PIrates #Nationals
  • Yankees lose in apparent sympathy to the Red Sox … the only problem is that Boston actually won. #WhiteSox #Yankees
  • The big story is modestly sized Khris Davis, who keeps going, and going, and going deep. #Athletics #Rangers
  • Now it’s the Phillies turn to waste the Marlins. When losing baseball teams are like door knobs… everyone gets their turn, sooner or later. #Phillies #Marlins
  • Jays aren’t really used to winning games like this. But with Austin Powers Meadows showing so much pop in his bat this could become a habit for Tampa Bay. #Rays #BlueJays
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 4-12-19 (Playoffs, Round 1) (and click for some Hyman Roth)

NHL Update:

  • Nikita Khrushchev’s Bay of Pigs disaster may pale in comparison with Nikita Kucherov’s debacle as lead musician in the sad ensemble that is known as the Tampa Bay Lighting, who go down so meekly tonight that it’s just, well… frightening. #BlueJackets #Lightning
  • After their less than scintillating start, few teams have been as brutally effective as the Blues; tonight they best the Jets in a well-skated, entertaining contest, and have to be viewed as a serious threat to represent the Western Conference come Cup Finals time.
    #Blues #Jets
  • Defensive breakdowns sink the Penguins, who aren’t running a very tight, neat ship these days. Pittsburgh crawls home, and prays for a sea change. #Penguins #Islanders
  • Knights get back into the fray with San Jose; this series appears to be the best first round rumble of them all. #GoldenKnights #Sharks
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 4-11-19 (and click to hear the home plate umpire go “Dutch”)

MLB Update:

  • GOING IN STYLE 2 is the new movie starring Joe Maddon; nobody in baseball knows how to make an involuntary exit better than Chicago’s cerebral skip. This is a lot more creative and interesting to watch than the pure brutality of a Bobby Cox bouncing. #Cubs #Pirates
  • And doesn’t Joe West have more Chin than the People’s Republic of China
  • How can a guy with so many muscles get so easily punched out? Cincy is heartened by a possible end to Puig fatigue, as Yasiel is productive for a change and the Reds continue to love life at home against the Marlins on the Great American range. #Reds #Marlins
  • The mirror image Davis boys were at it again, as it’s another double ding dong evening for Khris and another 0-fer for Chris. Oriole pitchers are serving up more meatballs than Sbarro. #Athletics #Orioles
  • Crazy bad KC gets nipped by the marauding Mariners. #Mariners #Royals
  • New England sleeps restfully … in Devers Devers land … as Baltimore choppers keep bounding over the head of a Blue Jay second baseman reaching in vain. #BlueJays #RedSox
  • Another dud from the self-destructing Dodgers, who will never be caught dead singing “Meet Me In St. Louis”. #Dodgers #Cardinals
  • Mets continue to surprise with their big sticks, which is just the trick to compliment another sterling start from Matz. #Mets #Braves
  • Are you kidding? Margot and the Pads are atop the NL West and scoring runs at an impressive clip. #Padres #Diamondbacks



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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 4-11-19 (Playoffs, Round 1) (and click for some mob talk)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Round 1) :

  • B’s are burned copping some Z’s against the Leafs in their cozy den. Now we get to see what they’re really made of.
    #Bruins #MapleLeafs
  • In a sport very susceptible to dynasties, the Caps take an important step in that direction by cleaning house against the disruptive Hurricanes.
    Ovy’s just loving life when he gets to catch pucks on the rebound and at point blank range. #Hurricanes #Capitals
  • Expected result in Calgary as a good team subdues a rather run-of-the-mill playoff competitor (at least based on the Avs’ regular season deficiency of wins vs. losses (includng ones in OT)).


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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 4-10-19 (Playoffs, Round 1) (and click post Midnight Expressions)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Round 1):

  • Sharks continue to show they’re the most dangerous predator out West, easily parrying the Vegas joust. #GoldenKnights #Sharks
  • Most fans are more familiar with the big names in Nashville, but it was Dallas’ Star power that ultimately had the final say. #Stars #Predators
  • Maroon hopes to keep the Blues from their usual playoff swoon. #Blues #Jets
  • Barzal ending pleases the Isles as Mathew’s miss is scooped up by Bailey, and it’s a wonderful life for the home team in the opener. #Penguins #Islanders
  • Defenseless Victor gets that deer in the headlights look, and the Lightning go down in shocking fashion to the dressed for success Blue Jackets. #BlueJackets #Lightning
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 4-10-19 (and click to hear grown men talk about dreaded “shrinkage”)

MLB Update:

  • In a bit of a delayed reaction since the 2018 Gardenhire hire, the Tigers are methodically climbing higher and higher in the standings. #Indians #Tigers
  • Haniger finds one he can handle the opposite way, and the merry Mariners are an astounding 12-2. Meanwhile, congratulations to Merrifield on reaching 31. #Mariners #Royals
  • Sparky Lyles continues to pump the Bucs up from the mound, and field general Cervelli is certainly directing battle operations with fervor off of the ground. #Pirates #Cubs
  • Red Sox win a reprieve when they get the day off (isn’t that unusual for a Wednesday … perhaps they had their daily sentence commuted by the Gov?)
  • House of Cards continues to be a House of Horrors for the Dodgers. #Dodgers #Cardinals
  • Yanks continue to bring out the best in the Astros. #Yankees #Astros
  • Mets are beneficiaries when Odorizzi and some friends throw themselves into quite a tizzy. #Twins #Mets
  • Don’t overlook the big red Ws; no Bryce, but something that could be just as nice … great chemistry and a Rendon that’s really pulling for them.#Nationals #Phillies
  • Reds finally find their huckleberry in the darlin, ever obliging Marlins. #Marlines #Reds
  • Just like yesterday, it’s a tale of two Davises, as the O’s go down real hard at Camden Yards. #Athletics #Orioles
  • Wham bam, thank you Tommy Pham! The grateful Rays, now have some pop to go with that shut down pitching. They hope that’s the new Tampa Bay way. #Rays #WhiteSox
  • For now, Man Diego is really manning up with Manny Mr. Machismo Machado. #Padres #Giants
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 4-9-19 (and click for a too beaucoup moment in Vietnam)

NBA Update:

  • Not exactly Magic’s finest hour as he calls it quits after an abortive stint with the Lakers. LeBron is not the answer in his current condition, and perhaps Earvin could see this was not exactly a match made in heaven. Magic belongs on TV, rather than in the front office.
  • Wade goes out in style, and even his detractors (yours included) must admit he belongs in the upper echelon of NBA greats. #Sixers #Heat
  • Utah streaks past the Nuggets and remains a threat to do some damage as a Western Conference darkhorse. #Nuggets #Jazz
  • OKC pride keeps Houston rooted at #3; Denver breathes a sign of relief. #Rockets #Thunder
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 4-9-19 (and click to hear grown men talk about dreaded “shrinkage”)

MLB Update:

  • Would somebody please give skinny Chris $20 so he can grab a few double topping pies at PIzza Hut; somebody should tell Sale they’re having a sale, and perhaps some weight around his mini-mid-section would give a little more weight to his lately wimpy fastball?
  • Whoever was impersonating deGrom today got completely violated at Citi Field by the unassuming Twins (who have the gall to to be sporting a pretty nice 6-3 record). #Twins #Mets
  • LA has its usual arch support problems as it travels to the Gateway City and looks predictably anemic. #Dodgers #Cardinals
  • Give credit where credit is due to the Bryce is no longer right Nats, who seem to be making the most of what they have left. That could well be enough to scratch out a wild card berth when all is said and done. #Nationals #Phillies
  • Maybe it is time to take a closer looksie at the usually boring as all hell Tampa Rays; speaking of boring, how does anyone stay awake at US Cellular watching the frightful White Sox? #Rays #WhiteSox
  • No surprise here as the team with Khris Davis destroys the team with Chris Davis. #Orioles #Athletics
  • Red Sox return home and get home stolen on them, among other indignities. Sale’s fastball looks stale, notwithstanding his obnoxious new paycheck. #RedSox #BlueJays
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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 4-8-19 (and click for Super Bowl promo)

NCAAM Update:

  • Who’s on top in College Basketball? The Hoos, that’s who ….UVa plays bigger than most people ever dreamed, and beats a very physical and imposing group of Red Raiders by challenging them on the inside, something Mich St. and Kansas never dreamed of doing. And the future certainly looks beautiful for De’Andre and his majestic wingspan. #RedRaiders #Cavaliers

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 4-7-19 (and click for a Semi-pro highlight)

NBA Update:

  • Nets add insult to injury by putting a playoff clinch on Indiana’s home floor; meanwhile, the Pacers have certainly picked the wrong time to be losing their balance and composure. #Nets #Pacers
  • No particular magic at work with the outcome today in Boston … the team that had to win won, and the team that had no real incentive gave way. #Magic #Celtics
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 4-7-19 (and click for get Puig’s point of view)

MLB Update:

  • How sweep it is? Very sweet for Bell and the Bucs, as they run through the Reds and forget about the hellish time dealt them by the Cards. And Josh sure looks swell in those classic Pirates unis. A little bit of Wilver, and some of Big Dave; love that bend of the right knee and the way he rocks back and then forward before uncoiling. RAISE IT!!!!!
  • Red Sox redemption out West comes with more heroics from Moreland; that plane flight home now feels so much better. #RedSox #Diamondbacks
  • Nobody answered the bell better when the season began than Mr. Bellinger. #Dodgers #Rockies
  • Another noteworthy offensive explosion from the no-names of the Northwest. #Mariners #WhiteSox
  • Most definitely, a lefty batter’s idea of Hades has to involve getting thrown elusive four-seamers from Hader. #Brewers #Cubs
  • The spoils of war haven’t gone to the Royals for quite some time now. Something’s seriously wrong with an organization that was once one of the huge success stories in the entire league. Too much focus on analytics, and not enough on good coaching and having a reasonably ambitious payroll. The fall from grace has been truly specular, and pathetic. #Royals #Tigers
  • Orioles get payback from the Yankees quicker than you can say blueberry crabcakes. #Yankees #Orioles
  • It was nothing short of a car crash for Wheeler and the rest of the Mets’ staff, and against a hungry Max, it was a fatal one at that. #Nationals #Mets
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 4-6-19 (and click for classic Fantasy Island)

MLB Update:

  • Yankee fan was certainly pleased to see authoritarianism rule the roost at Camden Yards, what with Aaron playing Judge, jury and executioner. #Yankees #Orioles
  • Beer men didn’t have much hop in their step today, as they get blasted by Chicago’s Northsiders and the Say Heyward kid. #Cubs #Brewers
  • What’s it going to take to shake the World Champs out of this increasingly suffocating funk? An rbi by David Price? But we got that tonight, and look what happened? Heartbreak and desecration in the desert, as Boston’s pen gives it up yet again. #Diamondbacks #RedSox
  • CO’s pitching has definitely reverted to its ineffectual norm, while the Dodgers look positively possessed. #Dodgers #Rockies
  • San Diego bucks tradition and whips the Cards. #Padres #Cardinals
  • Mariners don’t seem to mind navigating without that much star power; Jay Bruce uncorks for 2 more and Beckham bends one into the seats for good measure. #Mariners #WhiteSox
  • Funny how things are starting to tip in favor of the often miserable Mets since Cano was been paddling the ball in Gotham. #Nationals #Mets
  • Pirate ship is now sailing above sea level with a very emotional, extra innings conquest of the still pathetic Reds; time to say hello to new guy Newman, whose heroics drive in catcher Cervelli with the game winner. #Reds #Pirates
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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 4-6-19 (and click for Super Bowl promo)

NCAAM Update (Final Four):

  • A shocked and appalled Izzo watches as team gets “Mooned” by Matt and traumatized by Tariq. It was quite interesting to see the rough and tumble Spartans turned into puppy children by the stout interior defense of Texas Tech, which invaded the personal space of Cassius with alarming regularity. Tom forgot the age old rule about how to deal with a bully … you have to go at them head on and force the issue if you hope to get anywhere … particularly if you don’t have much outside shooting. But by the time Mich St. started to generate some repeat points in the paint, the clock had painted them into a hopeless corner. They’re loving it in Lubbock, as the Red Raiders are on a rampage to glory.   #RedRaiders #Spartans
  • Auburn thought it had regained the eye of the Tiger just in time, but a blown call, a brain fart turned three foul shots and a Guy with ice water in this veins propels Virgnia to its NCAA final. Yes, these worthy Wahoos have show uncommon valor for guys from the Commonwealth, and they’ll need every ounce of that to get back the very imposing Red Raiders. #Tigers #Cavaliers

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