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A hearty welcome to Ginger: ChabDog of the Month for December 2018

Let’s welcome Ginger, the 8 month old cocker spaniel pup from Newton, MA, who is keeping the Chabner household on its toes this holiday season.  This bundle of energy is pictured outside in her backyard “office”, munching on a marrow bone and shining in all her blond glory.  She’s wise and confident beyond her years, has some very squeezable soft ears, and hisses with pleasure when you scratch her tummy.  She’s helping her owners get through the loss of another canine companion, and looks wonderful as pictured hear, surrounded by autumn leaves.  ChabDog misses General Ginger, and looks forward to complying with her directives on his next visit East.

Say hello to Pedro — ChabDog of the Month for August 2018

Pictured here snuggling in his precious 5X Super Bowl Champion Patriots’ blankey, Pedro is a perfect choice for ChabDog of the Month for August.

The determined dachshund is a devoted fan of the hometown Boston teams, alongside owner and ChabDog Sports Talk co-host, Marc Caruso.  Named for ace Pedro Martinez, he will only have peace and rest easy when his beloved Red Sox have at least clinched the AL East.  Now 14, little P has seen 3 WCS wins for his guys, and certainly want them to nose out the competition this year for one more.

Thank you for being a friend of ChabDog Sport Blog, Pedro!

Say hello to Sasquatch, ChabDog of the Month for July 2018

We’re quite pleased to have this picture of “Sasquatch” adorning our blog as ChabDog of the Month for July 2018.  This guy is a friendly, playful Alaskan Malamute, but let’s be clear here … he’s certainly no mute.  To the contrary, he’s got a howl on him that reverberates throughout the neighborhood (and then some).  Check out the video on the facebook page for a little sample of what he’s got to offer.

Let’s hear it for Sasquatch!

Don’t sell Shelby, our ChabDog of the Month for June, short … she’s quite a handful…

It took a few extra days, but the wait was worth it!  Welcome to Shelby, our cuddly cocker pup, who comes to our blog courtesy of ChabDad.  Named for the birthplace of Dr. Bruce A. Chabner, this blond bundle of curiosity and joy is the newest edition to the Chabner household, and is already running the show.  Watch out Owen, your food bowl is being hijacked as we speak, and there’s definitely a new brown-faced Alpha Female in town.  ChabDog can’t wait for August, when he gets to teach you some tricks in Mimi Heaven.  Sit, stay, speak, rollover, and let me scratch your tummy.


Shower your April affections on Owen, ChabDog of the Month for April 2018

Here’s to you Owen Chabner, the 13 year old cocker (no clumber) spaniel who makes a return appearance as ChabDog of the Month.  You’re now 13 and still able to chow down with the best of them.  Whether you’re shadowing Mimi or keeping Popi company on a cold Boston evening, there’s no more comforting canine than you, and I am counting the days until I see you in Nantucket.  Just remember Greta’s in a good place now, and she sends you her hugs and kisses ever day from heaven.  In the meantime, it’s Passover so make sure you confine your bread winning skills to that of the unleavened variety.  Love you Owey.

Say hello to Cocky — ChabDog of the Month for March 2018 — and the woofer who’s always wired in to what’s playing on Radio Spaz …

Give a hearty welcome to our latest canine calendar boy … Cocky … ChabDog of the Month for March 2018.    This cute American Cocker pup can always be seen listening to the latest offering on Radio Spaz, and he definitely knows what’s good for him.  ChabDog Sports Talk is best enjoyed each night at 10 pm pst on Radio Spaz, accompanied by those ingenious station breaks, vintage commercials and whatever else site creator Eric the Well-read can concoct for your audible appetite.  Check it out tonight and every night at!

Boss is the dog in charge this February at ChabDog Sports Blog …

ChabDog was most happy to have Boss cross his path at work, as we find our way into February.  This very kindhearted, lovable American Bulldog is a sensitive therapy dog, despite his broad shoulder and formidable stature. And with that head, this big boy could certainly hold his bone in the Super Bowl.

A big thank you to Boss, ChabDog of the Month for February, for brightening my day.


Time to make some space for Trace the Norwegian Elkhound, ChabDog of the Month for December 2017

December is a most appropriate month to celebrate Trace, the beautiful Norwegian Elkhound, as ChabDog of the Month.  If you happen to brush up against this dog’s luxurious coat, and it’s obvious he’s well prepared for anything that this wintry month can throw out there in terms of chilly weather.  This athletic, friendly guy is a great companion and has a loud bark that would make him perfect for the broadcast booth.

He loves beef jerky, playing with his owners, and despite being a great sentry/early warning system for your house, will probably lick any intruder to death … irrespective of their actual intentions.

Say hello to our newest ChabDog of the Month.

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