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ChabDog Sports Blog Rocks With “Cooper”, ChabDog of the Month for October

Fall is upon us, and it’s time to fall completely in love with Cooper, ChabDog of the Month for October, 2020.  Cooper is a year and a half old Australian Shepherd who regularly accompanies his owner, marriage and family therapist Kristina Cleland, to her office and provides invaluable animal therapy, assisting her clients when struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Indeed, I have seen this dog work his magic numerous times at 1601 PCH, Hermosa Beach, CA … he’s extremely friendly and simply put, loves people.  In his spare time, this industrious canine loves cuddling, swimming in oceans and pools, hiking, traveling on road trips, playing in the snow, and long walks on the beach with his favorite human on the beach!

Thank you Cooper for gracing our page as ChabDog of the Month.


We make the case for Casey, ChabDog of the Month for April 2020

Chase the April showers away with Casey, the powerful, but cuddly bull mastiff, who loves to socialize and play.  Only 1 and a half years old, she’s already 120 pounds of boundless mirth and warmth … guaranteed to make you forget the daily grind and the associated trials and tribulations.  Thanks for striking a pose with me Casey!  You’re our pooch on the post, and we’re honored to spread your joy around the world.


We’re starting the year off with two new ChabDoggies of the Month that will give you a huge case of puppy love … introducing the Montana cockers Misty Mae and Freddy The Great …

A big hello and 2020 welcome to the newest Chabner/Thompson cocker spaniels on the block — pictured above are brother and sister, 10 year old pups Freddy (the boy in the blue collar) and Misty (the little girl in pink) …

Born and bred in Montana, they’ve relocated to Newton, MA and Scarsdale, NY, respectively.  They’re 10 weeks old and completely irresistible.  Freddy is reunited with Ginger and will forever more rule the roost at the Massachusetts General residence of owners Bruce and Davi, while Misty starts a new era of canine residents in the Thompson household.  Hey Misty, better tell Leo the Leothario who’s boss … I hear he’s a real long nosed ladies man.

Time to add Eli Chabner as ChabDog of the Month for December 2019

Pictured here in the arms of dear departed friend Eli Glatstein, Eli Chabner officially joins the roster of ChabDogs of the Month for December 2019.

Eli the cocker spaniel, extraordinaire, was the 2nd of 6 such blondies to hold the title of family dog for Bruce and Davi Chabner.  He joined the family on or about Rosh Hashannah of 1990, and was with us for almost 15 years of continuous joy.  Quite the regal looker, Eli loved to be loved, and was never more comfortable than when he was being held … except of course when we was being fed bagels, steak or whatever

else he could get a hold of.  He took very good care of his adopted sister, Lily, and was always there to comfort and support his owners.  No wonder Dr. Glatstein was tickled pink to have such a namesake with floppy ears, a beautiful black nose and the always perfect pose for the camera.

May both of these much beloved Elis rest in peace.


Boy oh boy! Do we have a new ChabDog of the Month for you … say hello to Boy Boy, ChabDog of the Month for November:

My name is Boy Boy, I am a 5 year old Miniature Pinscher. I am a rescue and have been with my Momma for two years. My Momma is a high energy blonde Real Estate Agent with Sotheby’s International: Sunset Strip. I am constantly dressed up in different outfits and on video while she updates her clients on Real Estate news. I am a happy dog, I sleep next to my Momma every night and rarely bark. I stand up to big dogs even though they would easily win in a scuff. My diet is beef liver and dry food…I love my beef liver!!! I am honored to be Chabdog of the month!!!

Thank you to Boy Boy and his Momma/owner Brittany Davis.  You certainly are a worthy ChabDog the Month for November 2019.

Say hello to “Huck” — ChabDog of the Month for August, 2019

Let’s hear it for hearty Huck, the 2 yr-old Bull Mastiff, who is just in time to serve as ChabDog of the Month for what’s left of August.  He’s sporting a big lampshade, recovering from some surgery, but that didn’t seem to slow him down, as he was very friendly, engaging and certainly not bashful.  Much thanks to his owner Rick, for letting me pose with him.  And as they say in the commercials, “Watch out for the Bull… Mastiff”!


Say hello to my tall, well groomed friend … Rocket the Afghan … ChabDog of the Month for July 2019

This sleek, spiffy Afghan named Rocket has the speed of an NFL halfback, and the flowing locks of a Greek adonis.  When it comes to hair, he’s head and shoulders above the the competition, and a more than worthy recipient of the mantle, ChabDog of the Month for July 2019.  Before 7/19 expires, it’s time to pay tribute to this beautiful canine, who can run so fine.



A hearty welcome to Ginger: ChabDog of the Month for December 2018

Let’s welcome Ginger, the 8 month old cocker spaniel pup from Newton, MA, who is keeping the Chabner household on its toes this holiday season.  This bundle of energy is pictured outside in her backyard “office”, munching on a marrow bone and shining in all her blond glory.  She’s wise and confident beyond her years, has some very squeezable soft ears, and hisses with pleasure when you scratch her tummy.  She’s helping her owners get through the loss of another canine companion, and looks wonderful as pictured hear, surrounded by autumn leaves.  ChabDog misses General Ginger, and looks forward to complying with her directives on his next visit East.

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