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Time to make some space for Trace the Norwegian Elkhound, ChabDog of the Month for December 2017

December is a most appropriate month to celebrate Trace, the beautiful Norwegian Elkhound, as ChabDog of the Month.  If you happen to brush up against this dog’s luxurious coat, and it’s obvious he’s well prepared for anything that this wintry month can throw out there in terms of chilly weather.  This athletic, friendly guy is a great companion and has a loud bark that would make him perfect for the broadcast booth.

He loves beef jerky, playing with his owners, and despite being a great sentry/early warning system for your house, will probably lick any intruder to death … irrespective of their actual intentions.

Say hello to our newest ChabDog of the Month.

The sun never sets on either the English Empire of Queen Victoria or on the endless supply of quality ChabDogs of the Month … this November, it’s Oscar and Felix

Baseball season’s over, but say hello to my not-so-little four legged English setter friends Oscar and Felix … or it Felix and Oscar.

Talk about charmers, these two couldn’t have been more playful and entertaining; watching them go at it with each other … rehearsing their professional

wrestling moves … is one great way to stay awake at a 7 am networking meeting.  Thanks you for making my day my Odd Couple brothers!  An intensely funny video to follow.

Let’s give a hearty welcome to Big Bruno, ChabDog of the Month for October 2017…

With MLB Playoffs, NFL, NHL and NBA getting into gear, it’s a great month to welcome a great big dog like Bruno as ChabDog of the Month.

Say hello to this 2+ year old Great Dane, who has one of the longest leashes I’ve ever seen, and when he gets up on his hind quarters, could probably play some b-ball.

I didn’t hear his bark, but I suspect it resonates.  We’re sure to have a big, big month with Bruno on our team.

Say Bonjour to the Miguel Escobar’s “French Brigade”, ChabDogs of the Month for July 2017 …

This pack of wonderful, and famous, French bulldogs comes to us just in time for Bastille Day, courtesy of Miguel Angel Escobar.

Whether it’s riding a skateboard, pulling a bicycle, or cruising around in a motor boat, these phenomenal Frenchies love the spotlight,

and we’re very grateful to have them adorning our posts during July.  Miguel has done some amazing work training these performers, who

have garnered much publicity for their exploits and can be seen in a number of endorsements, not to mention all the you tube videos.

Long live Le French Brigade!

Time to steal away with Bandit, ChabDog of the Month for May 2017…

Say hello to our latest and greatest ChabDog of the Month, the stylish Bandit, who comes

to us from ChabDog reader Ralph Casale.  We’re not exactly sure about his genetic code,

but Bandit’s colors and overall appearance harken back to a easy-on-the-eyes combo of

Petey from the Little Rascals/Our Gang and the Budweiser dalmatian.   Thank you Bandit,

for gracing ChabDog Sports Blog with your good looks.

ChabDog ushers in three new canines as ChabDogs of the Month for April 2017, and that’s no April Fools joke ..


Say hello to these three lovable and well trained best friends of men and women … we’re proud to name Nate, Nellie and Buddy as ChabDogs of the Month for April 2017 (pictured in that order above).

They couldn’t be more well-trained, and Bingo thanks their expert caretaker, Michelle Graves, for getting a sample of their much sought after doggie treats.


A hearty welcome back to Bingo Chabner: ChabDog of the Month for January 2017

Let’s all give Bingo Chabner a hand … no perhaps a hand-out … for the always hungry dog’s second appearance as ChabDog of the Month,… this time for January 2017.  Bingo is pictured engaging in one of his favorite activities, … perched on a chair, reflecting on a recent feeding and craving more.  How can such a little dog have such a big tongue.  Our little bear/rabbit spends his day plotting his next food conquest, like Tom Brady sizes up a defense for TDs, and is an expert in his profession.  Hats off to Bingo ChabDog of the Month Chabner.


Welcome the new ChabDog of the Month — “Big Boy” the hunk of Husky


Welcome “Big Boy” — the hunk of Husky who is the new ChabDog of the Month, for December 2016.

This is one of the most beautiful, statuesque doggies I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, and he should be the official mascot for the No. 4 Washington Huskies.

Maybe this guy will bring them good luck in the upcoming BCS battles.  Truly a wonderful canine specimen.

ChabDog Celebrates Underdog — ChabDog of the Month for November, 2016

11-3-16-underdog 11-3-16-underdog2

“Have no fear, Underdog is here.”  Yes, this November, ChabDog Sports Blog celebrates Underdog.  How appropriate that on November 2, the ultimate underdog, ….the much maligned and lambasted Chicago Cubs, came through against all odds to win the World Series.  This tells us that everyone has a chance to beat the odds, and reminds those who gloat about goats to be careful they don’t trip over their own tongues.  You go, Underdog!  Straight to the top!

Say hello to ChabDog of the Month for October 2016 — Smokey X


ChabDog is pleased to celebrate the Bluetick Coonhound “Smokey X” as ChabDog of the Month for October 2016.  Smokey X follows a long line of canine mascots for the University of Tennessee, and he is currently basking in the glory of UT’s thrilling, come-from-behind victory over UGA and its white bulldog, Uga.

A bit of history — Smokey X made his debut in 2014 and leads the Vols on the field for football games. During the week, he lives with the Hudson family, but on weekends involving home games, he typically shacks up on campus in the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house, where he thoroughly enjoys participating in toga parties. He is the first Smokey not descended from the original Smokey bloodline, but is the first from a new Tennessee-born and bred bloodline.

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