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Treating myself to the savory Breakfast Burrito (for lunch) at The Grindz … (click for audio)

Bacon fried rice, Kalua pork and scrambled egg wrapped in a warm tortilla — a delicious treat any time of the day, and on Election Day, I gave this my thumbs up/forks down vote.  Check out their excellent selection of Hawaiian favorites, sandwiches and wraps, salads, hot dogs and breakfast items at

Get exactly what I asked 4, at OR’s …


I asked for it, and you can too.  The I-ask-4-it is everything you want for lunch, and more.  An insanely good sandwich is pictured above, with delicious turkey, pepperoni, andouille sausage, habanero colby jack, lettuce, tomato and peppercinis.  I added some TNT sauce and another fiery topping of unknown origin, and 5 hours later I’m still thinking about it.

Get this, and more, at OR’s/Original Rinaldis in Manhattan Beach!

ChabDog puts his finger on “Godfather 6 Proteins” as sandwich of the month for September at Original Rinaldi’s …

It’s protein power time as we enjoy this delicious sandwich at Original Rinaldi’s.  Go with the Godfather 6 Proteins.  I like mine with plenty of TNT sauce and spicy mustard.

Cappy, Salami, Pepperoni, Roast Beef, Bacon, Provolone w/ Mayp, Lettuce, Tomato.  Another wild, non-stop party for your taste buds.  I ate mine in about 3 minutes…

and then finished up with a side of creamy mac salad.  Lunch is always better at OR’s!

ChabDog goes Loco Moco at The Grindz (arriba arriba)

Try the Loco Moco at The Grindz — it’s insanely good.  This looks like a lot of food, but my date with this plate was a pleasure cruise.

There was a plethora of delicious gravy, that finds a home amid lots of fluffy white rice.  I went for my two eggs over semi-easy, and the combo of yolk and grilled hamburger patties was wicked good.

And as always, I saved the creamy mac salad for last.

Thank you Grindz, for another memorable lunch!

Take your taste buds on a first class journey with Original Rinaldi’s Airport Bergmann …

Melted mozzarella, atop some deeply luxurious meatballs, tender pastrami, and dressed with plenty of tangy marinara sauce … that’s the delicious Airport Bergmann sandwich at Original Rinaldi’s.  Get the tickets/book the trip immediately!  You deserve it; it’s August after all — the month when everyone takes a little time off.






Having only a so so day, treat yourself to lunch at Original Rinaldis, ….

with The Rachel:

Once I took these pictures, this masterpiece didn’t last long on the plate…. melted swiss, atop a generous portion or perfectly cooked and juicy corned beef, along with tasty coleslaw and plenty of Thousand Island dressing.  Sandwiched between toasted rye… that’s better than nice … that’s a wild party for your taste buds.   And don’t forget the mac salad and T & T sauce.

I want another…


Check out the Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich at The Grindz …

A pick you can’t go wrong with is the delicious Chick Teriyaki Sandwich at The Grindz.  What you get is juicy, grilled​ chicken breast covered in signature teriyaki sauce (there’s plenty!), served with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a fresh toasted bun.  Add in some cold, tasty mac salad and a crunchy pickle, and what more could you ask for.

You’ll find this and much more at The Grindz @ 1601 PCH…

After the first bite, you’ll be sold on the Soulman sandwich at Original Rinaldi’s…

Today’s lunch was the healthy, but very inspirational, Soulman sandwich, stuffed full of juicy jerk flavored chicken, lettuce, tomato, mayo and some special sauce that I am not at liberty to disclose.  Add some TNT sauce, along with mac salad and a pickle, and you have what you need to get you through the rest of the day.  Another home run from Original Rinaldi’s.


ChabDog takes a timeout for delicious Taco Tuesday at The Grindz …

The 2nd day of the work week brings with it a sumptuous taco-fest at the Grindz.  You’ll fall for any of the choices, all of which are $1.50 on Taco Tuesday.  I chose the chicken and beef, but not to be forgotten is the savory pork.  Each taco comes loaded with plenty of perfectly prepared meat, along with wonderful pico de gallo, onions and some delicious homemade hot sauce.  And the cold, refreshing mac salad is a perfect compliment for your pleased palate.

Thank you Grindz for yet again making my Tuesday a special day!


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