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On the Sunday, January 15 divisional playoffs edition of ChabDog Sports Talk:

On the Sunday, January 15 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk:
— Eric the Well-read tells us how he gets well-stocked for Sunday football with a continuous stream of vitamin water and vodka, and apologizes for being with us only in fits and … spurts the week before;
— the Patriots (or is it the DNC?) wreak havoc with Frank Fleming’s AT&T phone line;
— Why when it comes to big busts, Houston’s Brock has it all over Erin Brock;
— What’s really under the Trump mask;
— Understanding that the world doesn’t revolve around the Golden Globes;
— We treat listeners to the tantalizing banter of the one and only Hank Stram, and how one matriculates the ball down the field;
— Learning how droll Chuck Noll exercised total control;
— Recalling the last KC victory in the playoffs, when NBC’s on air menu included the Juice;
— For the most part, our distinguished panel calls it for Pittsburgh and the Pack (sorry Marc);
— What it’s like to be a Goodell dumbbell;
— Marc reveals his marriage to the White Widow, and how he became “the most annoying man in the world”;
— the elusive wanderings of diminutive Dion Lewis;
— disputing the relative merits of DeShaun Watson;
— Why Big Ben has a little Paul Pierce in him, and the truth about the Truth’s stabbing incident;
— Launching the careers of “Jackhammer” and Limp Noodle in Simi Valley;
— Tales from Feech’s card game;
— Why the two bathtubs in the Cialis commerrcial;
— and more

NCAA Football Bowl Update, Recap and Perspectives: 1-9

NCAA Football Bowl Update:

  • Bama played things too close to the vest, and in the end tales of Tiger frailty at crunch time were emphatically laid to rest. The Tide showed their typical pride and grit, but lacked the killer instinct on offense, and could not deal with the athleticism of Watson and Miller. Congratulations to the ACC! #Tigers #CrimsonTide

On the New Year’s Day/Bloody Sunday, January 1 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk:

— Frank recounts how he survived a Shining holiday excursion to snowy Idaho;
— Tales of the Ohio St./Michigan/Nebraska Big 10 belly flop of epidemic proportions;
— the story behind the episode of excessive shoplifting at the Belk Bowl;
— What in god’s name happened to the Urban assault vehicle … even Harold Ramis couldn’t have helped them navigate through Clemson;
— Why the only parade that ChabDog ever liked was the one in Animal House (May I have 10,000 marbles, please?) … all other are parades of horribles;
— NE’s fury in South Beach is foreshadowed by Furio’s fury in his first job as Tony’s bill collector;
— Miami’s no-show status is confirmed by our all-star panel, despite the theoretical existence of an incentive (here’s pride looking at ya, and a possible trip to Houston);
— We look for soft landing spots for Rivers and Romo.
— Debating the relative merits of Tyrod Taylor … Eric is a believer but ChabDog insists he’s got no pocket presence (screw political correctness);
— Exposing the cheap, cheap cheap Buffalo Bills; what a bunch of skinflints;
— Marc wishes Frank a Happy New Year, and then proceeds to blow the broadcast up, in addition to the paper tigers playing the Patriots;
— “Dolphins sleeping with the fishes, paysanne”;
— Marc and Tony Puffer accurately predict a Redskin hand over in Landover, but how can you forget Riggo;
— Well-read sticks up for the honor of Denver and for the storehouse of knowledge that is the creator of the Sports e-Cyclopedia;
— But Frank does think Dallas will exit in the first round …. really? Perhaps if they play Green Bay.
— Marc the Jackhammer Caruso is born;
— Pauli “Walnuts” Gualtieri sends the message that you can overcome real adversity, like being kicked in the nuts by an old lady;
— Uniform agreement that the Lions are dead in the water of Green Bay;
— Live breaking news about Hollyweed;
— Confirmed — excessive use of vasoline can really leave you fuming;
— Marc is behind watching the Pats-Dolphins compared to the rest of us, but he’s happy the Patriots were quickly ahead;
— A lousy round of work for Rousey… she should take a lesson from Patricia Arquette in True Romance;
— Figuring out if Jets-Buffalo is the most meaningless game in Week 17, not to mention history;
— …. and more


NCAA Football Bowl Update, Recap and Perspectives: 1-2

NCAA Football Bowl Update:

  • Sugar — Mayfield was the best player on the playing field, and OU put a big ouch on the big bad puddy cats from Auburn. Poor Gus Malzahn was willing to do just about anything to get his team into the end zone for a meaningless TD. And poor me for having to listen to Brent Pussberger for about the 45th, or no 50th, year in a row. He sounded good in 1976 doing the NBA Finals, but enough is enough. Time for some new blood! #Sooners #Tigers
  • Rose — Kind of ironic that such an incredibly exciting game was won by real Boermeester. Penn St. did everything it could to win this one, except figure out a way to stop Freshman phenom Darnold, who enjoyed eating up the Green Acres at the Rose Bowl with plenty of completions. #Nittany LIons #Trojans
  • Cotton — Fumagalli’s acrobatic receptions snuff out Bronco resolve and ruin Western Michigan’s dreams of an undefeated season. #Broncos #Badgers
  • Outhouse — Given the standout performance of Austin in today’s Outback Steakhouse Bowl, perhaps the restaurant sponsor for this game should have been Applebees. In any event, Iowa’s dead offense made Florida’s look like the Great Show Turf 2. #Gators #Hawkeyes

NCAA Football Bowl Update, Recap and Perspectives: 12-31

NCAA Football Bowl Update:

  • Deshaun put on a pretty good show, while Ohio State and JT Barrett were virtual no-shows. Is Clemson’s defense really this good, or were the Buckeyes just without a pulse tonight? Judging from what Pitt did to Clemson earlier this year (along with some other very close calls), it seems like Bama deserves to be the 1 TD favorite. #CrimsonTide #Tigers
  • Huskies tried valiantly to pretend otherwise, but there was little they go do to prevent getting ground down to a bloody pulp by the more physical Crimson Tide. Alabama remains the big bully on the block, and nobody seems to have what it takes to stand up to them. #Huskies #CrimsonTide
  • Kentucky was very lucky to be even invited to a bowl game, so today’s massacre in the Taxslayer Bowl was hardly startling. #Wildcats #YellowJackets
  • In the Citrus Bowl, Guice squeezes out 130+, and hats off to the Tigers’ defense, which holds Louisville’s heralded Heisman winner completely in check.

NCAA Football Bowl Update, Recap and Perspectives: 12-30

NCAA Football Bowl Update:

  • Michigan comeback put to sleep by a lethal shot of Nyquan; Florida State looks great for most of the game, while as Speight would have it, Wolverines got going a little late. #Wolverines #Seminoles
  • Vols tell Ryker-led Huskers to take a hike in the Music City Bowl, and look for super talented and athletic Joshua Dobbs to have some kind of job in the NFL. #Cornhurskers #Volunteers
  • Air Force enhances its credit report in the Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl by taking the the air. #Jaguars #Falcons
  • What’s silver and purple and red? A horned frog getting the Bulldog blender treatment in the Liberty Bowl. #HornedFrogs #Bulldogs
  • Good for Stanford, deciding to stand up in the Sun Bowl for itself without Lord McCaffrey, and Loving his replacement. #Cardinal #TarHeels

NCAA Football Bowl Update, Recap and Perspectives: 12-28



NCAA Football Bowl Update:

  • In the PiHurricanes sure looked swell in the Russell Athletic Bowl, while unpredictable Mountaineers veered way off course. #Hurricanes #Mountaineers
  • In the Pinstripe Bowl, Wildcats run wild, while Pitt’s offense peters out behind Peterman. #Panthers #Wildcats
  • Hurricanes sure looked swell in the Russell Athletic Bowl, while unpredictable Mountaineers veered way off course. #Hurricanes #Mountaineers

NCAA Football Bowl Update, Recap and Perspectives: 12-23


NCAA Football Bowl Update:

  • Give skipper Skip lots of credit for building a consistent winner at LA Tech. The Armed Forces Bowl was an excellent showcase for the considerable talents of senior QB Ryan Higgins, who may well be drafted and looks like pro material, and sturdy, stylish receiver Trent Taylor. And as for Navy, this marks the end to another season competitive, but ultimately, disappointing season. #Bulldogs #Midshipmen
  • Sun Belt champ looks like a defensive heavyweight in the Dollar General Bowl. #Trojans #Bobcats
  • Old Dominion continues to assert its dominion over Eastern Michigan .. this time in the Bahamas Bowl. #Eagles #Monarchs

NCAA Football Bowl Update, Recap and Perspectives: 12-20



NCAA Football Update:

  • McCaffrey joins Leonard “I’d Rather Not Sweat” Fournette in abstaining from extracurricular bowling activities. What this says about the state of college football is pretty sad. Now it’s all about draft day positioning and maximizing NFL npv. ESPN is of course supporting this selfish and lame course of inaction, but the uncensored public can see through the charade of open-minded, political correctness easy enough. Call it what it is … a gutless lack of support for teammates who fought their hearts out for the right to play in these games. Make no mistake about it … they count for something, in history and in the minds of fans who remember past moments of glory and heroics. Just check out a few on you tube, such as 1979 and the Joe Montana chicken soup Cotton Bowl game. Bottom line in football is you can’t win when you play not to get hurt.
  • Rutgers’ NCAA violations — more proof of the maxim that crime really doesn’t pay…
  • Central casting for the very redundant Miami Beach Bowl should’ve counted on the absence of a central plan from 6-7 Central Michigan. #Chippewas #GoldenHurricane
  • Not too many Boca Ratonians know what a Hilltopper is, but after tonight’s 300 + gainer game from scrimmage almost all know who is Anthony Prince of Wales. #Hilltoppers #Tigers

On the Sunday, December 18, 2016 ChabDog Sports Talk Show:


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5-7-16 chabdog-sauve12-12-16-frank-in-court

1-22-16 caruso

On the Sunday, December 18 ChabDog Sports Talk Show:
— ChabDog returns to the air waves with a vengeance, leaving Bingo Chabner’s smoking Manhattan Beach steamer on the doorstep of Bengals fan before the start of the show;
— Before leaving for his own private Idado, Frank Fleming recounts fond memories of the latest Day of the Dolphins — living it up at the Meadowlands, with his shirt off, a bottle of rum and plenty of delirious Dolphin fans.
— Memo to Jets coach Todd Bowles: Grow some balls and go for the TD/do the onsides kick when you’re down by 24 in the 4th quarter.
— We get hung up on the lower rung bowl games, discussing the Camellia Bowl, Las Vegas Bowl, Celebration Bowl, Cure Bowl and New Mexico Bowl in excruciating detail.
— Like Alabama in the BCS, you just can’t avoid AT&T.
— We help Frank understand why East Rutherford was so easily invaded by Miami fans (all those New Yorkers who vacation in Florida over the Winter).
— Point counter-point on whether LA should look forward to becoming home for the Chargers and Cry me a river Phillip Rivers.
— Comparing Johnny Football with Cryin Ryan Leaf.
— We pay tribute to the Aztecs, who sent QB Greggy boy to the hospital Ward.
— What’s next? The 99 Cent Bowl? And bowls springing up like cockroaches all over Florida.
— We celebrate the 100th birthday of Kirk Douglas and the passing of master character actor Fritz Weaver.
— Marc Caruso takes responsibility for Jeff Fisher’s John Wayne Bobbitt contract extension, and then gives a detailed and incredibly prescient break down of Patriots-Broncos (including why NE’s ground game will wear down the hot shot Denver defenders).
— Make way for McDaniels, J. in LA?
— Tony Puppa goes out on a limb and predicts a Falcon blow out over the Niners.
— A choice clip from Ted 2 (at the sperm bank).
— We reveal that a guy from New Jersey, operating out of a submarine, was responsible for throwing the election to Trumps with the toxic leaks.
— Frank from the car does a lightning analysis of the games, predicting a Phillip Rivers 4th quarter meltdown, and we make some errors (picking Minnesota, Green Bay against the spread, taking the Chiefs, and dissing the Colts).
— Marc nails the Dallas-Tampa Bay game on the head (nice call dude!)
— We play some raw and raunchy Aussie commentary of Ruthlessberger’s destruction of Cincy dreams in last year’s playoffs.
— Speculation about what pro football telecasts would be like without erectile dysfunction commercials.
— ChabDog announces a new PR in the bench, but Marc cautions against too many reps.
— and more!

NCAA Football Bowl Update: 12-17-16




NCAA Football Bowl Update:

  • New Mexico’s Lobos do what they’re supposed to do, and take possession of bragging rights for the New Mexico Bowl. No, in the words of the President elect, this wasn’t rigged … but it was a long time coming, and with McQuarley’s touchdown runs there’s no arguing that it was hard earned and well-deserved. #Lobos #Roadrunners
  • Looks like celebration is a dirty word in the Celebration Bowl. #Eagles #Tigers
  • Knights have no cure for the strong arm of Justice Hansen in the Cure Bowl. #RedWolves #Knights
  • Rubino’s strong leg gives Mountaineers just the boost they need to scale Toledo in the Cammellia Bowl. App. Staters will undoubtedly be tickled pink by this victory, while the loss will sure weigh on the minds of Rocket rooters for quite a while. #Mountaineers #Rockets
  • Pumphrey displays maximum pumpitude, not to mention attitude, in running all over the snoozing Cougars. Greg Ward belly flopped in what should have been a prime opportunity to showcase his considerable talents on national tv. This result speaks volumes about the underestimated status of the Mountain West. #Aztecs #Cougars

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