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ChabDog’s NCAAF Update, Recap and Perspectives (Saturday, October 17) (click twice for sound):

ChabDog’s NCAAF Update:

  • Dawgs put a scare into No. 2 Bama, but get flattened in the 2nd half by a Mac truck, which delivers 4 TDs. #Bulldogs #CrimsonTide
  • Rebs get ridden out of town on a rail by the Razorbacks, and the margin of victory wasn’t razor thin. #CrimsonTide #Rebels
  • Border states border war spat goes the way of the Wildcats after a couple of sick pick sixes by Guarantano. #Wildcats #Volunteers
  • D’Eriq was manifique, as Miami races to a 2 TD lead, then successfully sits on it against Pitt. #Panthers #Hurricanes
  • Heels probably dragged kicking and screaming out of the Top 10 when stunned by Seminoles.

ChabDog’s NCAAF Update (9-12-20) (and click for a super Super Bowl promo):

ChabDog’s NCAAF Update:

  • Sooners look absolutely great against cupcake Missouri State.
  • Heels beat the Orange to a pulp.
  • ISU got belted around by Sunbelt’s Louisiana; looks like they thought they were playing LSU.
  • As expected, Texas steps all over UTEP.
  • Book another routine win for the Domers over the Devils, who really should stick to round ball.
  • For three quarters, No. 1 Clemson implements a scorched earth policy against Wake Forest, before allowing some garbage scores to accumulate on the field.

On the “Divvying Up The Divisional Spoils” CDST Show (Part 2):


On the “Divvying Up The Divisional Spoils” CDST Show (Part 2):
— Getting comfortable with some Southern Comfort (powerful good stuff from Powers Booth) (“I’m telling you Harden … relax”)
— Melissa McCarthy comes to a full stop in the middle of a highway, leading to a big confrontation between Sandy Bigelows
(it’s a family name … goes back to the Mayflower … ever heard of Jeremiah Bigelow, the bear hunter)
— What it means for a kid to look like Tom Petty in a negative way (“You look like a @#$# bank commercial couple”)
— How to survive hour two without a football game to watch and no Maahk (well, Purdue is playing Mich St. in b-ball)
— Well-read explains the real meaning of a Boilermaker (and we’re not talking about the drink)
— ChabDog waxes adnauseam about the virtues of the Aussie Open (and in this year’s heat, expect to see some foreign legion hats ala Lendl)
— Previewing the BSC Championship … we raise the specter of Burrow beating back some adversity
— A free therapy session for weaning ourselves off of the gridiron girdle.

College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 1-13-20:

College Football Update:

When tonight’s much anticipated final game was over and done, one tiger looked spent, wasted and lifeless (much like Tyson’s drugged kitty in the Hangover) and one looked fresh and full of high octane (the Exxon spokes-cat comes to mind). The era of Orange is officially put on hold, temporarily torn to shreds by an thoroughly superior squad of Bayou Bengals. We should all feel lucky and privileged to have witness this 15-0; can anyone recall a team having accomplished so much, so quickly. The days of the Mad Hatter and JaMarcus Russell are long gone. It could be an orgy of outstanding outings for years to come in Baton Rouge. Geaux Tigers!


College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 12-31-19:

College Football Update:

  • Slinging Sammy E. makes the Utes look like a Pop Warner outfit. Such results tell us all we already knew about the extreme impotence of the Lack-12. #Utah #Texas
  • Aptly named Levi looked like the ultimate Cowboy, having a hand in most of the honors as Wyoming hog ties the feeble Panthers in the Home on the Range Loans Bowl. #Cowboys #Panthers
    Get a recap of the Wyoming Cowboys vs. Georgia State Panthers football game.
  • Sun Bowl appears to sell its soul to both Tony the Tiger and the Sun Devils, who manufacture a victory without any discernible contribution whatsoever from the offense. #SunDevils #Seminoles
  • Both teams clearly needed to tighten their belts on defense in this year’s Belk Bowl showdown; let’s all take a bow for Bowden, who was responsible for just about everything put up on the scoreboard by the Wildcats gone wild. #Hokies #Wildcats
  • Middies ride with Commander Perry to the far reaches of season to season won-loss improvement; Navy’s QB was clearly the MVP of this year’s Liberty Bowl… but the victory wasn’t on ice until KSU finally ran out of ice for the kicker, and Nichols showed he was most definitely money in the bank. #Midshipmen #Wildcats

College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 12-30-19:

College Football Update:

  • Cal makes light of the take-flight Illini’s ill-equipped defense in the riotous Redbox Bowl. Lots of completions, yards and mostly panicked natives running after Bears … who never had to actually run downhill. #Bears #FightingIllini
  • Since when is this game played two days before the dawn of the New Year? Since the BCS mess turned the bowl hierarchy on its head. Oh how the mighty have fallen; missing much of its cache … as well as attending fans this contest bore little resemblance to the major bowl event that used to pit the Big 8 winner against one of the sultans of the South. What are we left with now … it’s weak sister Virginia attempting to uphold the honor or the wimpy ACC. Congratulations to the improving Gators, who run away from UVA in what should’ve been called the Cuties Bowl.
  • Who would’ve thunk getting Munsoned would be such a wonderful thing from the Hilltoppers’ point of view. Get out your clappers, because Western Kentucky just tucked away the First Responder tropher. #Hilltoppers #Broncos

College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 12-28-19:

College Football Update:

  • Clemson was clutch, while Ohio State clutched up, and if you dare to do battle with Dabo, you had better have your you-know-what wired tight. A few critical penalties, miscommunications between QB and receivers and blown tackles is all it took to give the Tigers their opening, and Trevor and Travis were huge when they had to be. The world of college football should be extremely happy as the two best teams (without any doubt) are now poised to meet in what should be a memorable title game. #Tigers #Buckeyes

    PS — honorable mention must go out to both Fields and the Herculean hobbit Dobbins, who did just about (but not quite) everything they could to pull their team through …

  • Sooner or later the leaky OU defense was going to be exposed, and by the time Burrow got through with them for an outrageous 7 TDs, the wreckage of the Sooner Schooner was strewn all over the Peach Bowl premises. #Sooners #Tigers

College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 12-27-19:

College Football Update:

  • In what might be billed the Red River Jr. affair, Aggies ride past the stalled Cowboys with QB Kellen killing it on the ground rather than through the air. #Aggies #Cowboys
  • Mack’s Heels keep trucking by running over the defenseless Owls in the Military Bowl. #TarHeels #Owls
  • Iowa explodes with a 7-TD outburst that leaves nice guy Helton with hell to pay, and his leaky Trojans with embarrassing egg all over their faces. #Trojans #Hawkeyes

College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 12-26-19:

College Football Update:

  • ‘Canes have some major explaining to do, after the once proud Convicts are enslaved by La Tech in the Independence Bowl.
  • That’s one crazy EMU … quite a bird brained move by the QB with the Glass arm, who threw a punch at the innocent bystander zebra. Congrats to Pitt, which stays in the fast lane while outscoring Eastern Mich in the Quick Lane Bowl.

College Football Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 12-7-19:

College Football Top 25 Update:
  • Joe “Cool” Burrow treats the fans in Atlanta to a sparkling aerial show, in a game that wasn’t as close as the score didn’t indicate … GA’s completely gone from the BCS, and the stage is set for LSU to try and run the table. As for No. 9, he’s shockingly good, with Brady-like poise and accuracy, and the “I’m hardly trying and never ruffled” persona of Montana. #Tigers #Bulldogs
  • Bucks take more than a few body shots from an inspired group of Badgers, and happily come out clucking with pride on the other side.  Fields is a total warrior, and Dobbins is nothing short of a beast. #Buckeyes #Badgers
  • OU beats a tough Baylor squad, and lays out a good case for moving on to the BCS, but a careless loss earlier in the year (along with an ever questionable defense) remains a persistent thorn in its side. Whatever the outcome, Jalen Hurts has used this year to solidify his status as at least a curiosity QB at the next level. #Bears #Sooners
  • Tigers tame the Bearcats with a versatile offense and excellent execution; yes, Memphis is now on the map as both a b-ball and f-ball power, and lots of credit to the entire operation for what they’ve accomplished. #Tigers #Bearcats
  • Clemson goes through the motions of clubbing the baby Cavs. #Tigers #Cavaliers
  • As usual, Boise keeps its poise, is ruler of the Mountain West, but can’t seem to make enough noise. #Broncos #Rainbows

NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 11-30-19

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Another big disappointment at The Big House for the woefully over-matched Wolverines, who get whupped once again by their arch rivals from Archie Griffin country; to make matters worse, Harbaugh takes the tough questions personal, and seems utterly devoid of any understanding as to why his guys continually come up deficient and inadequate in this showdown of Big 10 big boys. #Buckeyes #Wolverines
  • After a somewhat competitive first half, Sooners put the Cowboys to bed in the Bedlam rivalry, with a powerful running game and big plays by Hurts. #Sooners #Cowboys
  • Aggie fans better break out the brown baggies to cover their heads with after getting buried by Burrow. #Aggies #Tigers
  • Lions avoid an unthinkable sputter against Rutgers. #Lions #ScarletKnights
  • Gophers give the ball away one too many times against the poised Badgers, and end up on the losing end of things as loafers. After all is said and done Wisconsin wins the West and moves on to face OSU in the title game. #Badgers #Gophers
  • No BCS fix this year for The Tide, who score 45 with their 2nd string QB, but can’t find it in themselves to put a stop to Bo “Knows how to beat Bama” Nix. #CrimsonTide #Tigers
  • Clemson absolutely destroys the Lamecocks in Columbia, who had earlier in the year slipped by Georgia; whatever the BCS implications, the Tigers rightfully have their eyes on the national championship. #Tigers #Gamecocks
  • Boy does Boise State look great! So what else is new in the Mountain West. #Broncos #Rams
  • 5-7 shouldn’t (and won’t) cut the mustard for once proud Nebraska, and losing 5 straight to nearby Iowa is no doubt grating on the Husker homies. It’s time for some significant changes in Lincoln, and this starts with frigid coach Frost. #Hawkeyes #Cornhuskers
  • Uncommonly good ending for upstart UVa in the Commonwealth Cup game…. #Hokies #Cavaliers
  • Another “rivalry” game that looks like nothing more than an annual backyard beating among two next door neighbors; Georgia moves on to state its case against LSU. #Bulldogs #YellowJackets
  • Trvial pursuit for the Buffs against the much superior Utes. #Buffaloes #Utes


NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 11-23-19

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Jayhawks try and do some major world shaking by hanging with No. 22 I-state, until falling apart in the last frame, when things just got too Purdy for the home team. #Jayhawks #Cyclones
  • Boilers continue to be toilers in obscurity at Camp Randall; Taylor tends to the rushing, and things go swimmingly for the Big Bad Badgers. #Boilers #Badgers
  • Ducks won’t soon be clucking after getting stuck for a bad time in Tempe by the Devils of the desert. #Ducks #SunDevils
  • Sooners continue their tightrope act of living dangerously by holding on for dear life against the fearless Frogs from Ft. Worth. #HornedFrogs #Sooners
  • Cincy grinds out a tough victory over Temple and earns its status of top jock in the American Athletic Conference. #Bearcats #Owls
  • Who knew that the new and improved Illini would give the Hawkeyes such a tough time in Iowa City; Iowa keeps its cool with Stanley, a powerful tool for effective game management. #Hawkeyes #FightingIllini
  • Razors travel to Baton Rouge and undergo a major hazing, with Burrow nearly perfect and the defense largely mounting stiff resistance, other than two, fourth quarter garbage TDs. #Razorbacks #Tigers
  • Bears lock horns with the Horns, and this time, apply the brunt of the lethal goring. #Longhorns #Bears
  • As the case has been from time immemorial (or at least since the late 80’s) when it comes to getting a win against Michigan, Indiana doesn’t even know where to begin. #Wolverines #Hoosiers
  • GA slogs its way to another blue collar victory. #Aggies #Bulldogs
  • Will today’s big victory over defenseless UCLA be enough to help Clay stay? Inquiring boosters want to know. #Trojans #Bruins
  • Notre Dame throws the Book at Boston College … and it works. #GoldenEagles #FightingIrish
  • Banner day for Tanner, and Minnesota gets back on track with a road tromping of Northworstern. #GoldenGophers #Wildcats
  • Western Carolina was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time when they wandered into T-town for cupcake week. And Tide’s attack doesn’t miss much of a beat under replacement Mac. #Catamounts #CrimsonTide
  • Auburn junks Samford and sons. #Bulldogs #Tigers
  • Brutus and his brutes break down the Nittany Lions the JK way; credit Penn St. with giving the Bucks a pretty stiff test, but let’s face it, when it comes to the Big 10, The Ohio State is the best. #NittanyLions #Buckeyes
  • Plus — Harvard goes down hard at the Yale Bowl, blowing a 17 point fourth quarter lead and succumbing in an OT shrouded by darkness. This was perhaps the sweetest win ever for Eli enthusiasts, who may well welcome this recent change in The Game’s fortunes as compensation for objectionable climate change. #Elis #Crimson


NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 11-16-19

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Go go Gophers get run out of town on a rail in Iowa City. #Gophers #Hawkeyes
  • Gruesome injury for Tua, who was left in for one two-minute drill too many. Stark reminder in Starkville that the best policy is nearly always getting out when you’re comfortably ahead. #CrimsonTide #Bulldogs
  • Baylor fails when it falls victim to the maxim that sooner or later the Sooners almost always prevail. #Sooners #Bears
  • Clemson and Ohio State look create in crushing a couple of cupcakes. #Tigers #DemonDeacons #Buckeyes #ScarletKnights
  • Today, Florida’s Trask was clearly up to the task. #Florida #Tigers
  • Indiana proves to be surprisingly stubborn thorn the Lions’ paw, but Penn St. puts its foot down hard an good when it has too in its own neighborhood. #Hoosiers #NittanyLions
  • Big Brother beats up Little Brother with a second thought, and steals both his milk money and his manhood. #Spartans #Wolverines
  • Something’s seriously stinking in Lincoln, and it smells like Herbie Husker. #Badgers #Cornhuskers
  • Book to Claypool creates a cesspool of misery for Navy in their annual fisticuffs with the Fighting Irish. #Navy #NotreDame
  • True to form, once more, GA’s nothing more/nothing less than ugly, but highly effective. #Bulldogs #Tigers
  • Bayou Bengals make a mockery of the reeling Rebels for the better part of three quarters in Oxford, before, quite understandably, appearing to lose a little bit of interest. #Tigers #Rebels

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