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NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-26-19 (plus a Misfit Conference update you won’t want to miss):

NCAAF Top 25 Update (plus a Misfit Conference update you won’t want to miss):

  • KU treats its long suffering, loyal fans to a big treat, when their nervous kicker makes good on a gift-from-god second chance to win the homecoming game with his feet.  Seems that Texas Wreck decided to “out-misfit” KU by, incredibly, blocking Liam’s kick (was anybody blocking that guy, Les?) and then letting lose with a seemingly unsolicited fumble, that “I’m no klutz” Logan Klusman recovered on the opposition 15.  When the Liam-Logan-Les show was complete, the Jayhawks, yes the Jayhawks, walked the walk with a precious Big 12 win.  NICE!!!! #Jayhawks #RedRaiders
  • Rutgers enslaves Liberty by somehow dropping 44 on them; word has it the Flames were quite uncomfortable as their Liberator Medical catheters weren’t attached correctly just prior to game time. #ScarletKnights #Flames
  • Purdue’s season looks Pur-done as they get left for dead at West Lafayette by the ferocious Fighting Illini … we’d be lying if we told you they had anything to be scared about, wouldn’t we? #Boilermakers #FightingIllini
  • The ever wimpy Nebraska defense makes Peyton Ramsey look like Peyton Manning, and Indiana stomps the Huskers in Lincoln Memorial.  Speaking of Memorial, it’s time to kill the Scott Frost experiment.  This is going absolutely nowhere. Losing to Indiana at home?  Are you serious? #Cornhuskers #Boilermakers
  • Stanley was the right tool for Iowa to use in wrenching a somewhat ugly win away from Northworstern. #Hawkeyes #Wildcats
  • The disaster area that was UCLA football just got cleaned up a bit, with the Bruins’ 6 TD, winning effort against the overrated Sun Devils. A trip to the Rose Bowl? Strange, but yet, completely possible. #SunDevils #Bruins
  • Golden Domers endure a 3 hour Golden Shower at the Big House. Looks like Jimmy Harbaugh is dressing up as Mr. Happy for Halloween after that display of very impressive “wet work”. In terms of play calling, you can’t do much worse that what we saw from Brian Kelly. #FightingIrish #Wolverines
  • Eagles cited for illegal squatting, and later found as lifeless, carcass road kill in Death Valley, South Carolina. #Tigers #GoldenEagles
  • Obviously, it doesn’t matter who plays QB for No. 1 Alabama; Tide pride tasers the very dull Razorbacks. #CrimsonTide #Razorbacks
  • Wide miss for Wis at The Horseshoe. When will they wake up, smell the coffee and get a QB to go with their talented running back and big Badger o-line? Meanwhile, OSU looks every bit the Big Dog in the Big 10, with their impenetrable defense, and Fields-Dobbins in total control. #Badgers #Buckeyes
  • Lincoln logs his first loss in the Big 12, as Skylar toys with the Sooners. Looks like you can kiss the BCS goodbye in Norman, absent some serious help. #Sooners #Wildcats
  • Spartan times for fans at Mich St., what with another sobering and demoralizing Big 10 beat down.  Penn St. has little difficulty imposing its will. #NittanyLions #Spartans
  • In this battle of M’s, only one was macho and that was the wine and gold Gophers, who pushed around the twerpy Terps with alarming ease. #Terrapins #Gophers
  • Longhorns get worn down to the nub by the deft touch of Duggan, and end up thoroughly flogged by the Horned Frogs in Ft. Worth. #Longhorns #HornedFrogs
  • So much for the Top 25 status of the overblown Cyclones, who had bad aim today at Ames. #Cowboys #Cyclones
  • The final score didn’t tell the fully story as it was abundantly clear today that Bo and his Bama Bengals didn’t know how to handle Super Joe Burrow. #Tigers #Tigers


NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-19-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Golden Gophers seen running wild in Piscataway. Time to call special assistant Carl Spackler. #GoldenGophers #ScarletKnights
  • Default judgment entered today against Wisconsin’s BCS hopes by huge underdog Illinois, with kicker McCourt sinking the Badgers on a medium range field goal as time expires. In the minds of many, this was simply an inconceivable upset; great to see the Illini stand up for themselves and their fans at home against one of the truly big dogs in the Big 10, and serves as a stern warning to the favorites that you have to do more than show up if you intend to win. And how about those eye catching new unis … nice! Needless to say, they’ll be popping champagne in Champagne all weekend over this baby. #Badgers #FightingIllini
  • Kansas thought it had an unthinkable road upset, but Texas’ kicker begged to Dicker. #Longhorns #Jayhawks
  • Lions lie in wait for Michigan to drop the ball/make mistakes, and that strategy pays dividends in narrow home win. Wolverines more than held their own in terms of yards gained, but blinked at key moments and made too many mental mistakes. And Harbaugh’s questionable use of time outs and a coaches challenge in the wining moments sealed their fate. #Wolverines #NittanyLions
  • Disheveled Sun Devils just couldn’t get their act together against Southern Division-leading Utes. #SunDevils #Utes
  • Bears ravage the Cowboy campsite, and set their sights on Oklahoma’s other team in anticipation of the upcoming Big 12 title fight. #Bears #Cowboys
  • Now proud football Bearcats are not about to be beholden to Hurricane golden. #Hurricane #Bearcats
  • High flying ‘Stangs desecrate Temple; so much for the Owls’ highly regarded defense. #Owls #Mustangs
  • Tide pride carries the day down Tuscaloosa way. #CrimsonTide #Volunteers
  • Aggressive Tigers turn Louisville into Loserville with blowout of the Cardinals. #Tigers #Cardinals
  • Plodding Hawkeyes take their time but finally deliver the haymaker that knocks out the Boilermakers. #Purdue #Hawkeyes
  • Try as they may the Gamecocks just didn’t have enough game to stay with the Gators. #Gamecocks #Gators
  • Stark reality sets in like clockwork at Starkville … 4 more TDs for Burrow, as the Tigers bury the Bulldogs.
  • OU walks all over the dejected Mountaineers in Norman, who were playing their slow motion, prevent nothing defense all day. #Mountaineers #Sooners
  • It was way more than a razor thin margin in Fayetteville, when Auburn got through punishing the Razorbacks. #Razorbacks #Tigers

NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-12-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Longhorns long for the days of Darrell Royal and the SWC when they had a real chance to stop the Sooners. Yes, this game was close on the scoreboard, but come game time was there really any nervousness in Norman? #Longhorns #Sooners
  • Burrow surgically carves up the vaunted Florida defense for 3 TDs and almost 300 yards on 85% passing; give the Gators credit for making this more than interesting, but it seems clear that in the SEC, it’s only LSU that the Tide have to fear. #Gators #Tigers
  • Irish are looking ever so stylish at 5-1, while USC is treading water at 3 and 3. #Trojans #FightingIrish
  • Cain gets the yards Penn St. needed to gain, while Stanley’s stammering was too much of a liability for the Hawkeyes in Iowa City. #NittanyLions #Hawkeyes
  • Memphis takes a tumble from the ranks of the unbeaten against Temple. #Tigers #Owls
  • Michigan had no business being in a 3-pt game in the 4th with Illinois and its illusory run defense; they’ll need to cut out the mind blowing sloppiness, penalties and inattention to detail if they want to have a chance next week against Penn St. Yes, what goes in well in Champagne may be disastrous in Happy Valley. #Wolverines #FightingIllini
  • Ore goes full bore against Colorado. #Buffaloes #Ducks
  • Bama and Clemson clamor for competition but find none. #CrimsonTide #Tigers

NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-5-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • GA politely allows Tennessee to pretend it belonged on the same field, before delivering a fatal love letter Fromm the heart, … and the Dawgs proceed with their urination on Volunteer nation. #Bulldogs #Volunteer
  • Nice start for the Spartans, but it’s all a big green illusion, as the stark reality of OSU’s highly superior talent came home to roost, to the delight of the silver and red boosters at the Shoe. #Spartans #Buckeyes
  • Cal falls to Ore in a game that would make most football enthusiasts snore. #BoldenBears #Ducks
  • Mustangs had scarcely finished self-congratulations on making the Top 25 poll when they were caught up in a torrential Golden Hurricane that seemingly came out of nowhere. Now they’re thanking their lucky stars that Tulsa’s shot itself in the foot with botched field goals in OT. #GoldenHurricane #Mustangs
  • Golden Domers definitely strike gold by scheduling the gutter ballers from Bowling Green. #Falcons #FightingIrish
  • OK State’s porous resistance gets red the riot act in Lubbock by the Red Raiders. Time for them to fall with a thud out of the Top 25. #Cowboys #RedRaiders
  • Texas’ No. 1 gunslinger Ehrlinger had the biggest gun in today’s not-so-competitive shootout in Morgantown. #Longhorns #Mountaineers
  • Gator D passes another test with flying colors when they tame the SEC’s blue and orange tigers; enjoy your celebration now, because it will be a lot tougher next week when you have to deal with those of the purple and gold variety. #Tigers #Gators
  • Homecoming at State College spelled gloom and doom for Purdue, which was completely done after Quarter 1. Time for the poor Boilermakers to commiserate with their fellow Big 10 misfits at Maryland after getting drubbed by Penn State. #Boilermakers #NittanyLions
  • Kent gets bent out of shape, and incinerated, by the resident vandals at Camp Randall. #GoldenFlashes #Badgers
  • Say it ain’t so Joe; Tigers score a season low 42, but have no problem burying the Aggies behind Burrow. #Tigers #Aggies
  • With its surprising win over the AAC winning machine that is UCF, Cincy’s football program is officially back on the map (wait, were they ever on the map in the first place?).
  • Stodgy Michigan overcomes the harmless Hawkeyes with a defensive arm bar and an offense that consists of 1 yard and cloud of dust. Somewhere in heaven Bo Shem is smiling wistfully. #Hawkeyes #Wolverines
  • In Lawrence, the Jayhawks shock the world by hanging in for the first quarter, but sooner or later the rout was on for the Sooners. #Sooners #Jayhawks
  • ChabDog can’t hold up this post for the outcome Cardinal-Huskies … because ChabDog can’t stand watching god-awful, boring as hell Stanford. #Cardinal #Huskies

NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-28-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Nebraska and its calm, cool and collected coach suffer severe frostbite in late Sept when the Buckeye blizzard blows into LIncoln. Let’s cut to the chase here … the once proud Cornhusker program has no business whatsoever being on the same field with THE OHIO STATE. Fields has his offense cranking on all cylinders, and tonight they cut through the wimpy Black Shirts like a knife going through butter. #Buckeyes #Cornhuskers
  • Bulldogs spend the entire first half in the doghouse, and Bo certainly liked how the world turned today at Auburn. #Bulldogs #Tigers
  • Towson’s Tigers see a big pay day, but in return get chomped in the Swamp. #Tigers #Gators
  • Trojans aren’t traveling well these days, and get harassed by the Huskies; Fink really stinks with 3 INTs and the defensive effort was in a word … indefensible. #Trojans #Huskies
  • It appears that it took a couple of quarters for the Fighting Irish to lose their cavalier attitude regarding the upstart Cavaliers. #Cavaliers #FightingIrish
  • By barely squeezing by the loser Hoosiers, Mich State validates its stature as a very fringe member of the Top 25. #Hoosiers #Spartans
  • Rebels without a prayer get busted up bad in their Tuscaloosa tussle. #Rebels #CrimsonTide
  • Iowa makes its case for membership in the Big Ten’s big boy club with a blatant blowout of the Blue Raiders. #Hawkeyes #BlueRaiders
  • Feeling down? Just invite the Knights in scarlet tights to town. #Wolverines #ScarletKnights
  • If you have one wish, you should pray not to have to travel to Wis to tangle with the bad ass Badgers. Wildcat strike capability gets thoroughly squelched at Camp Randall. #Wildcats #Badgers
  • As forecasted, Jalen and the Sooner put a big hurt on the laggards from Lubbock. #RedRaiders #Sooners
  • A&M’s special agent Mond to the rescue in an uncanny Aggie 4th quarter comeback that would make Frank Broyles blood boil. We know one team that really has the Razorbacks’ number. #Aggies #Razorbacks
  • Heels almost give Dabo a Big Mack attack, but the Tigers do just enough to escape wriggle free from severe embarrassment at Chapel Hill. Notwithstanding the win, a fall from #1 is a very real possibility. Today’s contest exposed a number of vulnerabilities for Clemson, including QB Lawrence’s tendency to telegraph his passes and spotty pass blocking by the offensive line. #Clemson #TarHeels
  • Lions lay it on the Terps, debunking any theory that these terrified turtles have a hard shell. To the contrary … after this debacle it will be tough sell that there’s any substance to the cream puffs who hail from College Park. #Lions #Terrapins

NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-21-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Michigan suffers a bit of a concentration problem at Camp Randall, as their running game is completely stuffed by the Badger defense and Jonathan Taylor is allowed to run wild. This was just another example of Wolverine weakness when going on the road to face a quality opponent. Hard times for Harbaugh. #Wolverines #Badgers
  • Some much needed vindication for the Pac-16, as Weaver ‘s final tackle stifles the Rebs in Oxford; Golden Bears maintain their perfect record and could well be a dark horse for the Grandaddy of them all. #GoldenBears #Rebels
  • Pitt navigates UCF’s goal line defensive thicket with a trick pass to QB Picket, and the Panthers earn one of the most satisfying triumphs in no-so-recent memory. #Panthers #Knights
  • Major excitement in Big D, as the Ponies ride into Ft. Worth and continue their fast start by outlasting the Horned Frogs. #Ponies #HornedFrogs
  • Red Hawks enter the Horseshoe, turn into Chicken Hawks, and would be well advised never to cross the street into Buckeyeville ever again. #Buckeyes #RedHawks
  • With Joe making the throws, it’s nothing short of an orgy of points for Orgeron’s Bayou Bengals. #Tigers #Commodores
  • Looks like Bo Nix is just the QB fix that Auburn was pining for; Tigers accomplish the formidable task of holding off A&M at College Station. #Tigers #Aggies
  • Bama tags the Golden Eagles to death with 5 TDs in only 3 quarters in another lopsided laugher in ‘Loosa. #GoldenEagles #CrimsonTide
  • Is Vols-Gators still a rivalry? Florida made winning look like child’s play, and has now taken an astounding 14 of 15. #Volunteers #Gators
  • Home field advantage proved crucial in GA’s gritty victory over the Golden Domers. #Bulldogs #FightingIrish
  • Sissy Stanford lays down for the killer Ducks from Eugene. #Cardinal #Ducks
  • Clemson pancakes cupcake Charlotte. #49’ers #Tigers

NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-14-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:
  • Joe the Tiger is looking more and more like Tom the Patriot with every passing week. #Tigers #Demons
  • Powerful, well-coached OU draws first blood … and then some … with its Hurts to Lamb and Rambo combos. The UCLA football program is in complete shambles … nothing less than a total joke/disgrace. Thanks for absolutely nothing chubby Chip; your QB hasn’t a semblance of a clue, your offensive “schemes” are non-existent, and the defense is a farce. In all fairness, refunds are in order for the fans who had to sit through this butt kicking in person. #Sooners #Bruins
  • One of the orange teams on the field at the Carrier Dome looked like a real lemon … and it wasn’t Clemson. #Tigers #Orange
  • A&M looks to Lamar for a very tasty cupcake day at College Station. #Cardinals #Aggies
  • Texas takes its frustrations out by boiling Rice, after getting hornswaggled the week before by the Bayou Bengals. #Longhorns #Owls
  • UVa’s actually tied atop the ACC at 2-0; what does this say about the ACC? Not much… #Seminoles #Cavaliers
  • Iowa takes aim at Iowa St., goes into Ames and wrestles the Cy-Hawk trophy away from the ‘Clones. #Hawkeyes #Cyclones
  • Party time in Provo as the true blue believers at BYU spoil an evening out for the University of Spoiled Children. #Trojans #Cougars
  • Notre Dame throws the Book at Los Lobos, and it’s more than the visitors can handle in one sitting. #FightingIrish #Lobos
  • Sun Devils indulge themselves at East Lansing, at the expense of sputtering Spartans. No, the offense was not really working today with Leuwenwerk at the helm. #SunDevils #Spartans
  • Stanford travels to the land of Disney World and leaves in a world of hurt. Their offense definitely lacks sizzle, and the Knights continue to remind the world that they’re a power team, notwithstanding their non-power conference. #Cardinal #Knights
  • Pitt clanks a field goal instead of manning up and going for a game tying score. With 5 min left / down by 7 is this really going for the win? Naruduzzi does his best to rationalize, but the fact is, against PSU you can never show uncertainty, doubt or weakness … particularly that close to a game tying score. #Panthers #NittanyLions
  • Turtles’ shell game comes to an abrupt end in Philadelphia, as Owls prove yet again to be highly competitive fowl. #Terrapins #Owls
  • The Ohio State University rudely invades Bloomington and makes things pretty gloomy for the outclassed Hoosiers. #Buckeyes #Hoosiers
  • Dawgs send the Wolves a nasty love letter from Fromm, and the rest is cupcake history. #RedWolves #Bulldogs
  • Crimson Tide takes it Tua the Gamecocks, and that’s not something South Carolina cared for too much. #CrimsonTide #Gamecocks

NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-7-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:
  • Hair pulling time for Harbaugh? Michigan stumbles its way to a less than impressive win over grounded Army. With their low octane offense continuing to depress, it’s very hard to see how the Maize and Blue stay in the Top 10. #Wolverines #BlackKnights
  • Texas clearly had no clue regarding how to hold them Tigers; incredibly, LSU’s passing attack is now the bomb, and tonight Burrow had his coming out party. This guy is a definite pro prospect … looking poised in the pocket, making numerous accurate passes on the run, and with all the physical attributes. This season may indeed be a real beaut in Baton Rouge. #Tigers #Longhorns
  • By the time the 2nd half rolled around tonight, the Bulls from Buff cleary had had enough of the Lions. #Bulls #Lions
  • For GA it was off to the races against the poor Racers. #Bulldogs #Racers
  • Badgers get their paws on sacrificial lamb Chippewas, and it’s a pretty gory mauling. #Chippewas #Badgers
  • Nebraska definitely acquitted itself well for most of this game, until it’s defense turned into 4th quarter nebbishes in a painful loss to Colorado. #Cornhuskers #Buffaloes
  • Bearcats run out of scare tactics from the opening gun at OSU on cupcake day at The Big Horseshoe. #Bearcats #Buckeyes
  • Terps are definitely locked and loaded under new coach Locklsey; Syracuse flunks out of College Park, getting clobbered by 6 TDs+. #Orange #Terrapins
  • Now this is the Rutgers we all know and love … laying a big goose egg in the nest of the Hawkeyes. #Scarlet Knights #Hawkeyes
  • It was in the bag after the first half for Clemson against the Aggies … whose offense was clearly dragging. #Aggies #Tigers

NCCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 8-31-19:

NCCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • GA State sucks the volume right out of the big stadium in Knoxville with a shocker of an upset over struggling Tennessee. If this is a precursor of things to come this year, there definitely may be a shortage of Volunteers. #Panthers #Volunteers
  • Syracuse enslaves Liberty, dousing the Flames at home with a 24 point shutout victory. #Orange #Flames
  • Alabama’s Tigers waited 3 quarter to emerge from their scoring coma, but when they needed it most Freshman Nix was indeed their offensive fix. #Oregon #Auburn
  • Huskers stagger through a rather ugly 1st game win over South Alabama; they had better ramp up their act as this is not necessarily good preparation for life in the Big 10. #Jaguars #Cornhuskers
  • Franks had just enough mustard on the ball to lead Gators to an inspiring home win over Hurricanes. #Hurricanes #Gators
  • Golden Hurricanes reduced to a tropical depression in East Lansing. #GoldenHurricanes #Spartans
  • Mond, Kellen Mond, is his name, and killing Bobcats is his game; Aggies and their QB look great in manhandling Texas State. #Aggies #Bobcats
  • Utes use a strong defense and running game to pound BYU in Provo. #Utes #Cougars
  • Iowa State has a few heart palpitations en route to a close shave victory over baby brother Northern Iowa. #Panthers #Cyclones
  • Big bad Badgers trample the Bulls and then retreat to the beach for some much deserved r&r. #Badgers #Bulls
  • ACC powerhouse Tigers roar not in our house against the worn out Yellow Jackets. #Tigers #YellowJackets
  • To say the Lions were able to repel the Vandals was an understatement of the highest order. #Vandals #NittanyLions
  • Huskies ease by the Eagles, employing a sharp new look with Jacob Eason at the controls. #Eagles #Huskies
  • The OSU sinks Florida Atlantic with a blowout start, and cruises to an easy victory in its home opener. Fields takes the field and seems to pass muster … for the moment. #Owls #Buckeyes
  • Tide bides its time for a quarter, then administers a thorough rebuke to Duke, which was clearly out of its league, not to mention weight class. #Duke #Alabama

BCS Update — 1-7-9 (click post for audio)

Tide succumb to Tiger pride!

BCS Title Game:

The Crimson Tide was all out of answers tonight, as it got thoroughly bottled up and throttled by Dabo’s pride of hungry Tigers. Unable to extract exactly what it wanted on the ground. Bama had to rely on its air attack, which turned out to be a fatal flaw in Saban’s inadequate game plan. In the end, this was an interesting affair until mid-3rd quarter, at which point it just got hopelessly out of hand. And with a Freshman QB and loads of talent coming back, it should be Green Acres in Death Valley for years to come. #Tigers #CrimsonTide

Bowl Game Update — 12-29-18
We have the inevitable: Dabo vs. Nick Satan

Bowl Game Update:

  • Clemson manhandles the light-in-the-loafers Fighting Irish in every way possible. For shame, Notre Dame, as the Golden Domers lay a basket full of rotten eggs once again in the BCS. As for the Tigers, they have all the weapons needed to give Bama a good run for their money, and end this god forsaken era of Satanic worship at the top of the college football pyramid. #FightingIrish #Tigers
  • Try as they may, the Sooners can never recover from starting the Orange Bowl like real lemons … with the most sour case of Okie depression since the 1930s. #Sooners #CrimsonTide
  • More season ending hard times for Harbaugh, as elusive Perine leaves the Wolverines wallowing in in the Peach Bowl latrine. #Gators #Wolverines

Bowl Game Update — 12-28-18

Bowl Game Update:

  • Minshew turns the Cyclone secondary to mincemeat in the Alamo Bowl. #Cyclones #Cougars
  • Syracuse wins a bowl game by default after Will Grier decides he had better things to do than indulge in the wonderful world of camping. #Mountaineers #Orangemen
  • Boilermakers made to look ridiculous by the suddenly ferocious Auburn Tigers in the Music City Bowl. This was the same team that throttled Ohio State? Really? #Boilermakers #Tigers

NCAA Football Update, Week 12 (click for audio):

NCAA Football Update (Week 12):

  • Kyler enjoys driving through KU for 55, but give the Jayhawks credit for putting up 40 of their own; RB Pooka Williams is the closest thing to Mighty Mouse we have in college football, and before he leaves will almost certainly save a more few days for his team from Lawrence. #Jayhawks #Sooners
  • Clemson’s still clucking with a thorough rebuke of Duke. #Tigers #BlueDevils
  • LSU finally gets its offense cooking against Rice. #Owls #Tigers\
  • Bama takes a while to lose its civility, but eventually makes The Citadel feel they are, without question, second class citizens. #Bulldogs #CrimsonTide
  • West Virginia takes its foot off of the gas and finds itself in hot water in Stillwater; give the Cowboys lots of credit for not laying down, and now they’re going out of town for a bowl game in December. #Moutaineers #Cowboys
  • Michigan muddles through a rather uninspiring beating of Indiana; they’d better be sharper than this if they hope to find satisfaction in Columbus. #Hoosiers #Wolverines
  • Dawgs don’t dawdle in making mincemeat out of the Minutemen. #Minutemen #Bulldogs
  • Semi-impressive win at home for the once proud Seminoles; same old result for the less-than-regal Eagles. #Eagles #Seminoles
  • Today’s collapse was indeed the lemon we were waiting for from the over-achieving Orange. Ouch! #Orange #FightingIrish
  • Not much resistance mustered by Rutgers at home against Penn St. #NittanyLions #ScarletKnights
  • Nothing new from NU, just a workmanlike win over the going nowhere Golden Gophers. #GoldenGophers #Wildcats
  • Terps show plenty of College Park spark, and nearly pull off the upset of the year against heavily favored OSU … but unlike horseshoes and hand grenades, close does not count in college football… #Terrapins #Buckeyes

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