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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 4-3-17 (Title Game)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

There were a few hiccups along the way, but in the end Hicks and Co. had too much size, speed and overall athletic ability for Gonzaga to grapple with. Kudos to a very scrappy group of Bulldogs, as they made the Tar Heels sweat it out and kept things exciting to the end; however, when push came to shove, UNC was more than able to clear out Mt. Carnowski (1-8) and had the special sauce to deal with previously dominant N. Williams-Goss (5-17). #TarHeels #Bulldogs

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 4-1-17 (Final Four)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Carolina passed up shots, and passed the hot potato, one few too many times in the last 13 seconds, giving Few the opportunity to make Frank’s roosters go for two. Too bad Gamecocks … you didn’t exactly bring your A-game this afternoon, but you hung in there like grim death. Out of a game involving two head coaches whose hair doesn’t move, it’s Mark that moves on. The final could come down to who is the premier big man, Kennedy or Przemek. #Gamecocks #Bulldogs
  • Hardly meek UNC bullies its way into the 2017 Championship Game when hungry, not-so little boy blue Kennedy takes matters … namely offensive rebounds … into his own hands. He may look a bit lazy sometimes, but don’t let that fool you; this Tar Heel is hell for his opponents. As for poor Oregon, they have only themselves to blame for this very disappointing loss. Their half court offense was maddening, with all the wayward threes and nagging lack of ball movement. They seemed unwilling to believe they could make a living going to the basket, despite much evidence to the contrary. #Ducks #TarHeels

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-26-17 (Elite Eight, Day 2)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Gamecocks were as insanely intense as their transfixed coach, in a 2nd half run that wrestled away the East Region from the Gainesville Gators. Sinfully good Sindarius was particularly impactful for the scarlet South Carolinians. #Gamecocks #Gators
  • In a game that was often as sloppy and disorganized as it was exciting, March Madness brings a Maye bouquet of flowers for the grateful Tar Heels. Things did look pretty dire for Carolina with 3 plus left, down by 5 and getting toyed with by Kentucky’s cadre of talented guards. It was at this point, that Roy zoned out, going 2-3 on D and thoroughly confusing Calipari’s Cats. But they’ll need a better effort if they hope to corral South Carolina. #TarHeels #Wildcats

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-24-17 (Sweet 16, Day 2) (Godfather style)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Watching The Godfather tonight, it occurred to me that the stumbling, bumbling Bruins had about as much chance stopping Fox and Monk tonight on defense as Sonny had surviving the machine gun ambush when he stopped at that toll booth off the causeway. #Bruins #Wildcats
  • Butler makes the mistake of trying to butt heads with the proud heels, and the Bulldogs get their noses smushed in the process. #Bulldogs #TarHeels
  • Maybe it takes Gamecocks beating up the Baylor Bears like Jayhawks to get Duane and the rest of his talented team noticed. #Gamecocks #Bears
  • Florida’s chuck of Chiozza at the buzzer floors Wisconsin, and makes it 3 for 3 today for the SEC. #Badgers #Gators

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-23-17 (Sweet 16, Day 1)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • X-men continue to play the role of giant killers, as Trevon starts them out on track, and makes Meerkats out of the Wildcats. #Wildcats #Musketeers
  • Gritty Bulldogs advance when West Virginians refuse to hit the broad side of a barn, particularly in the last minute. Like few opportunities before, Few and Gonzaga may at last get to a Final Four. #Mountaineers #Bulldogs
  • Ducks tiptoe by the Wolverines with lots of help from Mr. March. Too bad Dorsey doesn’t have a twin brother, as Oregon will need even more help next round against Kansas. #Wolverine #Ducks
  • KU sprints by Purdue at the Sprint Center, as the Boiler boys forget to take off their clodhoppers. Jayhawks showed why they may well be the most athletically gifted group left in the competition, and if their heads are right, watch out! #Jayhawks #Ducks

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-19-17 (Round of 32)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • After spending the first half warming up, the UCLA point producers rev up the factory and pump out a very impressive finished product … nearly 80 points and only 3 turnovers … those numbers say it all, right there. #Bearcats #Bruins
  • It’s bon voyage for Coack K and the dastardly Devils at Bon Secours Wellness Arena and bon jour to the Sweet Sixteen for the very combative Gamecocks. #Gamecocks #BlueDevils
  • Baylor gets bailed out big time by spot up Motley, and Trojan dreams are refined, and confined, in Tulsa to two wins after getting in. #Trojans #Bears
  • Oregon’s somewhat sloppy performance ends up just fine because crunch time is Tyler time. #Rams #Ducks
  • Michigan’s powerful Wagner invades the paint repeatedly, and the wiinning Wolverines lay some serious graffiti all over losing Louisville. #Wolverines #Cardinals
  • Tar Heels put their foot down just in time to beat back a very pesky bunch of Razorbacks. They live to fight another day, but Carolina Blue’s path is looking a bit cloudy. #TarHeelswin
  • Bridges’ 22 wasn’t nearly enough to bridge the gap between a recently re-born, but mired in the middle of the Big 10 MSU and start to finish Big 12 elite KU. Jayhawks lay it on the Spartans with a whole lotta Josh Jackson. #Spartans #Jayhawks
  • Kentucky bides its time, and then rides to victory on the strength of its thoroughbreds. Meanwhile, another near miss for the shell shocked Shockers. #Shockers #Wildcats

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-18-17 (Round of 32)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Let’s give a big shout out to Purdue, which did what it had to do in holding on in the face of a furious rally by Iowa State. Particular props to Mr. Biggie Caleb; nobody was saying move over Swanigan tonight. #Boilermakers #Cyclones
  • Virginia puts an exclamation point on what was a really crappy day for the ACC with a shockingly bad shooting performance. Yes, they were strepped of their best defender (out with a sore throat), but this year’s Cavalier contingent continues the trend of having a big problem when it comes to throwing the ball into the cylinder, not to mention the ocean. #Cavalierslose
  • Saint Mary’s and their impressive big toe Jock Landale were clearly itching for an intense fight, but over time the Wildcats found Markkanen to the Micantin which, when applied right, helped Arizona back to its footloose and fancy free winning ways. #Wildcatswin
  • Butler fiddles and diddles with Middle Tennessee St., using some stylish wheeling and dealing from Kelan Martin, and now they’re back in the Sweet 16. #BlueRaiders #Bulldogs
  • Xavier does the world a favor and puts the irresponsible, without a soul Seminoles out of their everglade ever-loving misery. #Musketeers #Seminoles
  • Give the scrappy cats from NW lots of credit for leaving everything (including their extremely angry coach) out on the floor in a tight loss to No. 1 Gonzaga; unfortunately, One thing’s for sure — the Bulldogs had better bring more composure and more of their prize winning center Przemek into battle when they confront Huggies’ Mounties in the West Regional semifinal. #Bulldogs #Wildcats
  • In-your-face West Virginia gives the Irish little room to breathe, and the result is a suffocating loss for scruffy faced Mike Brey and Notre Dame — time to grab the paper bag. #Mountaineerswin
  • Senior leadership rules the day in the battle between the big red Ws and the blue Vs, and last year’s hero Jenkins has a very deflating performance. This loss is tough medicine for a Wildcat squad that fought hard, but didn’t have the same old magic it needed to totally right the ship after yet another slow start. #Badgers #Wildcats

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-17-17 (Round of 64)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Favored SMU raises S&M to previously unseen levels of intensity against a very comfortable pack of Trojans. #Mustangs #Trojans
  • Shockers’ superior aggression and athleticism helps them overcome a bad case of tournament turnoveritis. #Shockers #Flyers
  • UCLA turns over the same old Leaf, with a dazzling scoring display making up for less-than- scintillating play on defense. #GoldenFlashes #Bruins
  • First round in the NCAA against killer Kentucky is no place for old men or for Carson and rest of the Northern Kentucky Norse. #Norse #Wildcats
  • No. 3 Miami never gets started against the green with envy Spartans, and once again we see why in March you should never ignore Izzo. #Spartans #Hurricanes
  • Physical Bearcats are simply too much KSU’s cats to handle. The stage is set for an intriguing 2nd round match up with UCLA. #Wildcats #Bearcats
  • Unlike the Greeks, the Blue Devils don’t need any trickery to sack Troy … they just need plenty of Grayson and Jayson show. #Trojans #BlueDevils
  • UC Davis gets pushed rudely out of the way by Josh J., on his way to winning the NCAA’s Dr. J impersonation competition. #Jawhawks #Aggies
  • Dowtin and the rest of the Rhode Island Rams enjoy proving their doubters and detractors wrong against the more highly regarded Bluejays. #Rams #BlueJays
  • Even without their biggest bouncer Boucher, Iona didn’t seem to have an iota of a chance against Oregon. #Gaels #Ducks
  • The flagrant foul which benefited Barford and sunk the Pirates was a flagrant injustice, at least as far as my bracket was concerned. #Razorbacks #Pirates
  • Baylor’s without-a-care Bears do their nails and crush the Aggies from Las Cruces. #Aggies #Bears
  • Cowboys get shown the door by Michigan’s men in a truly over-the-top offensive extravaganza. #Cowboys #Wolverines
  • Cocky South Carolina was none too impressed with Wojciechowski and heavily promoted Marquette. #GoldenEagles #Gamecocks
  • UNC sharpens its claws on the TSU Tigers, and readies for a follow up plunge into the Razorbacks. #Tigers #TarHeels
  • Try as they might, the Gamecocks couldn’t quite take flight against the Cardinals. #Gamecocks #Cardinals

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-16-17 (Round of 64)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • As ChabDognosticated, Turgeon’s turtles were the ones who blew it, while Bluiett’s Musketeers broke into cheers. #Terrapins #Musketeers
  • Nova overtakes a Mount St. Mary’s squad that started like a house on fire but didn’t say enough Hail Mary’s. #Mountaineers #Wildcats
  • Wildcatters strike oil, when Fisher-Davis goes fishing for a foul and the lead that Vandy built in the last few seconds vanished into the thin air of Salt Lake City. This is what happens when you don’t have any timeouts for 7 minutes. #Commodores #Wildcats
  • The Blue Raiders from Murfreesboro were hear to yell “Gopher, freeze”, making Kermit the coach very proud. #BlueRaiders #Gophers
  • The Fighting Irish can certainly thank their lucky stars tonight — this game was completely winnable for Princeton, and does not bode well for the Domers down the line. #Tigers #FightingIrish
  • It took a little longer than expected, but UVa finally realized that if we can beat UNC, we can certainly beat UNCW. #Seahawks #Cavaliers
  • For a while at least the Jackrabbits were able to coast along in the Gonzaga drag, but eventually the Zags regained their well known swag. #Zags #Jackrabbits
  • As usual, watching the often chaotic, and almost always disjointed, West Virginia offense was nothing more than an annoying eyesore, but Bucknell just couldn’t buck today’s trend of the favorites winning. #Mountaineers #Bison
  • After drinking their Gatorade, the Gaters really picked up their gait in the 2nd half and played great. #Buccaneers #Gators
  • The Blue Raiders from Murfreesboro were hear to yell “Gopher, freeze”, making Kermit the coach very proud. #BlueRaiders #Gophers
  • Bronson and Nigel have their special senior moments in the sun, as Badgers smoke the Hokies. #Hokies #Badgers
  • Cyclones use their acrobatic athleticism and speed to twist and blow by the slacker Wolf Pack. #WolfPack #Cyclones
  • Underachiever FSU futzes around but finally puts down the eager beaver Eagles. #Eagles #Seminoles
  • Without their star player on the inside, the gallant Catamounts looked about as fierce as Mike Tyson’s tiger after about 10 boilermakers. #Catamounts #Boilermakers
  • All the other Wildcats won today, so why should anything be different for perhaps the most fearsome ones of them all … Arizona’s. #Hawks #Wildcats
  • In the game today that most resembled a reunion of Pilgrims, things got pretty grim for those of the Winthrop variety. #Bulldogs #Eagles

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-12-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Xavier could be laughing all the way to the 2nd round as they ace a MD team that has backed into this tournament in the worst way.
  • Other first round upset specials with potential — Middle Tennessee St., Marquette, VCU, Wichita St., Vandy and Rhode Island

And here’s how ChabDog sees the road to the sweet 16 shaking out … region by region:

  • East — Duke looks like a strong bet to get to get through, but watch out for SMU, which has athletic ability and size to boot. UVA should be able to slip by Florida, though their lack of scoring ability has to be a concern. Nova should be more than capable of skinning the overrated Badgers, who haven’t looked like world beaters of late.
  • West — Gonzaga certainly has the firepower to overwhelm the competition in the first two rounds, though Vandy may make it interesting (after they put away NW). Experienced and ACC-battle tested Notre Dame should be able negotiate a couple of wins, including getting by a hard pressed West Virginia squad that seems to rely on chaos to create its victories. Meanwhile, reckless Florida St. probably has too much talent to lose to either Xavier or MD, and prohibitive favorite AZ should have no problem with the common folk from VCU.
  •  Midwest — Kansas may well get the scare of its life (which this year is nothing new) from mischievous Miami, but should survive to meet their makers … the dark horse Boilermakers; as for Purdue, they should be able to use their size and strength to stomp on Big 12 tourney champ Iowa St. Without their star, Oregon should have enough left to stick around for a battle with Louisville, though Michigan will likely give Pitino’s pack a run for their money.
  •  South — North Carolina is too big and too belligerent to let puny Seton Hall stand in its way, while Butler should escape to live another day against Middle Tennessee St. Alford’s Bruins have the weapons to devastate Wake Forest, and should find themselves with a marquis Sweet Sixteen date with Coach Cal; however, Wichita St. will have something to say about that, and it will be noisy.

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-11-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Congrats to the Yale Bulldogs, who are on the precipice of an NCAA berth after stopping Harvard in the Ivy League tournament semis. But they’ll need to concentrate better from the line if they hope to punch their ticket — 14 for 25 just won’t get it done against the geniuses from the Garden State. #Bulldogs #Crimson
  • Mountaineers fails in their efforts to successfully circle the wagons against the psyched up Cyclones. Huggy can yell and scream foul at the officials all he wants, but the fact is his team looked a bit worn out and lost in the moment. In any case, don’t look for the Big 12 to place anyone in the Final Four. This has been a down year. #Cyclones #Mountaineers
  • Big red Ws bury the weary Wildcats, who apparently did too much post-Terrapin celebratin. #Badgers #Wildcats
  • Duke looks pretty much perfectly primed for an extended title run, after traversing the daunting gauntlet that is the ACC tournament. #BlueDevils #FightingIrish
  • After a 31-3 season, as well as this Hart-rending ending, Villanova looks like a more than worthy defender of its title … but does this team have the moxie and mojo that least year’s bunch showed? Does anyone really know? #Wildcats #Bluejays

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-10-17

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Too little, too late for FSU against Notre Dame. #FightingIrish #Seminoles
  • As ChabDognosticated to the hilt, Maryland is the first one in this game to wilt. Look out for the Wildcats to strike oil a few more times before March 2017 is over…. #Wildcats #Terrapins
  • We’re getting pretty well SMUsed to the same old results in the AAC. #Mustangs #Pirates
  • Skilled Vandy looked dandy in OT, leaving much to LaChance. #Commodores #Gators
  • Asking the Tar Heels to win one more intense game against their hated in-state rivals … for no apparent reason … was simply too much to ask. Now Roy’s boys get some much desired rest before they really need to play their best. #BlueDevils #TarHeels
  • Cyclones whirl by the depleted Frogs, who clearly seemed to have shot their collective wad against big shot Kansas. #HornedFrogs #Cyclones
  • Nova scrounges up its Hall pass by remaining a Hart apart. #Pirates #Wildcats
  • Kentucky does the fox trot in getting by the lumbering Bulldogs. #Bulldogs #Wildcats
  • Sometimes it pays to be hungry like a Wolverine. #Wolverines #Boilermakers
  • The trendy Bruins — the very much in demand and fashionable pick to go the distance — get rudely upended in the Pac-12 tourney by absolutely dominant Arizona. #Bruins #Wildcats

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