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On the “Show With No Name” CDST Show (Part 1):

On the “Show With No Name” CDST Show (Part 1):
— Tank calls in with a major beef about his “Go-Dell” computer, which makes his magic ice scraper look like the bargain of the year/this man needs an IT trouble shooter, or perhaps a tech psychologist
— ‘Froing fresh light on Don Imis’ critique of RU Women’s Basketball
— Without any football to watch, it’s time to look in on the rodeo
— Everything you wanted to know but were afriad to ask about the White Man’s Burden
— Socialism = diet Communism?
— Mets hire Louie from Taxi as their new manager … or is it Rojas
— Eric’s advice … just scrub the hard drive (no big deal)
— Analyzing the huge stamp on the back of a prominent male tennis player… what exactly did Fabio have in mind?
— Not fake news … the Saturday edition of Impeachment TV got lower ratings than the WNBA game of the week
— Name that Senator from the riveting Nixon hearings
— The latest new bumper sticker for Elizabeth Warren: Strawberry Fields Forever
— Hey Well-read … who’s Bootlejudge? Is he related to Beetlejuice?
— ChabDog tries to start a fire for moneyman Tommy Steyer
— Frankie Midnight tries ratcheting up interest in a late game run by Nurse Ratchet
— Frank bemoans the fact that revisionist history has been erased from his device’s memory
— Bringing our troubled co-host back to sanity with the ultra smooth tones of Andy Williams doing Burt Bacharach (the voice on loan from god) (“Walk on by”, the “Look of Love”, “Always Something There to Remind Me”)
— All about the latest cigar bar shooting (there was a pre-existing condition involved)
— The low down on why Maryland My Maryland cannot be trusted on the road against a quality (or near quality) team (we smell trouble for Turgeon’s turtles in Bloomerton)
— A play by play color commentary for Match Game … Among other questions that inquiring minds want to know: What is the deal with Rayburn’s obnoxiously long microphone? What was Charles Nelson Reilly’s claim to everlasting fame (give my regards to Broadway)? Has there ever been a better porn stache than Richard Dawson’s? Was that Kid Dynomite wearing a pork pie hat ala Mush Mouth and the Memphis Tams? What happened to fashion sense in the 70’s?
— Uncovering the truth about Cesar Romero … no joke about what the Joker was covering up
— What’s to like about the MD state flag on ChabDog’s Ravens jersey … it’s Steelers colors
— Our preview of the upcoming NBA Finals: Bucks vs. Clippers (that’s Armageddon)
— a contra virus update (time to batten down the hatches)
— Ode to the Williams sisters (Tank sings “Traces of Love” and bidding so long to the sad sacks)
— Sifting through the shrapnel kicked off by “Bombshell”
— Eric please explain how to nicely ask someone to hike their skirt up?
— Reaffirming our collective belief in the Chiefs
— Auditioning for the Regan voiceover in “The Exorcist 3”

On the “Mid-January Affect” CDST Show (Part 2):

On the Mid-January Affect CDST Show (Part 2):
— Best of the Western trailers is on display as we showcase “The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid” (Cliff Robertson as Cole Younger, with his curious bullet proof vest and Robert Duvall as Jesse James, escaping from the scene of the crime dressed in old lady’s garb), “The Long Riders” (Keach, Carradine, Quaid and Guest brothers) and “The Wild Bunch” (William Holden’s performance as Pike will make you hold your breach, Robert Ryan is the ever captivating lawman on his trail, Warren Oats gets drunk and gets married and Borgnine is, well, Borgnine) …
— We can’t see our way from staying away from Tennessee … looks like our glasses were fogged up (and Andy was doing more on the sidelines than ordering up from the Denny’s menu)
— Eric’s attempt to lecture on the colonization of Australia … despite never having made the trip (boy was my ass sore after going there)
— ChabDog does a mini-handicap of the Aussie Open Men’s field, but is handicapped without his top 32 list (we need more than the picture of Berdych and Queen Ester)
— White men can’t jump … and neither can John Isner, but on his smash down serve, it doesn’t matter.
— Santa is beard boy? And then she saw Jimmy Connors … how exciting … except that it did conjure up images of Cousin Eddie from Vegas Vacation
— Watching pre-game for Chiefs-Titans and admiring all the sharp dressed men
— Nailing the trivial question about non-participants in the NFC Championship game since 1991 (Tank gets it faster than he can eat blueberry pancakes)
— Time to put an APB out for Massachusetts Maaahk? He needs to show up for his job interview in Vegas, where he’ll be lifting as a bouncer and Ubering/Lyfting as a driver.
— No Andy Reid isn’t losing weight; he’s just dressed in black.
— Troy P. is definitely head and shoulders ahead of his competition for the Hall.
— An extended discussion of Plunkett vs. Eli for enshrinement at Canton. Going back in time to remember the Just Win Baby Raiders of the mid-70s to mid-80’s (The Tuz = O.W. Matthews from North Dallas Forty/Lester the Molester/Snake/Mark Moving Van Eeghen/Cliff “Speed Kills” Branch/Jack Tatum/Mann and Guy as kicker and punter)/Todd “Renaissance Man” Christensen
— Frank joins the fray and makes impassioned bids for voting in Coach Flores and Drew Pearson
— And would somebody please explain how Gastineau did not get in … let alone Klecko
— Diagramming an Italian Dog (pizza bread, potatoes and doggies, with very optional ketchup) (got to eat them in New York, because that’s where they have the good water)
— All about the infamous no-show watcher for the Bloomfield Ave. water tower in Newark, and how to get a park named after you by doing but living offa the graft
— What’s up with RU b-ball; Scarlet Knights are finally up for the fight, maybe for the first time since ’76
— Big doings in the Big 10
— Don’t even try to give the host grief for the Bruins being in ruins
— Some unforgettable clips with The Gipper
— Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting … and so is Sunday morning

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 1-10-19:

NCAAM Update:

  • Butler performs its ritual head-butt on Big East competition; neither Divine Providence … nor for that matter, Divine … could have saved the Friars from a really ugly first half. #Butler #Providence
  • No big surprise as Maryland unloads plenty of bricks on the road in Iowa City … this 22 point stinker certainly wasn’t pretty. #Terrapins #Hawkeyes

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 12-19-19:

NCAAM Update:

  • North Carolina gets the Pitt kicked out of it by the hungry Panthers, who finally figure out how hunt on tobacco road. Tough times for the Tar Heels, who at 8-7 are looking mightily mediocre and are lucky to be even above .500 (after barely surviving a scrap with sparring partner Yale). #Panthers #TarHeels
  • Wow that Malachi can certainly fly … and some other stuff. Aztecs lay out the flustered Cowboys at the ranch in Laramie. #Aztecs #Cowboys
  • Fighting Irish find they aren’t really qualified to run with the Wuffpack. Wolves turn in an inspirational 2nd half rally in Raleigh. #FightingIrish #Wolfpack
  • Duke is still King of the ACC, as it puts down some unwanted unrest in the province of ATL. #BlueDevils #YellowJackets

NCAAM Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 12-6-19:

NCAAM Top 25 Update:

  • Louisville’s sluggers continue to look more than ready to go toe to toe with anybody, including the pancaked Panthers. #Panthers #Cardinals
  • After a slow start, Duke gets back to doing the Devils’ work in Blacksburg. #BlueDevils #Hokies
  • USC rakes in another big win, after titanic tip-in by big Nick Rakocevic. #Trojans #HornedFrogs

NCAAM Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 12-4-19:

NCAAM Top 25 Update:

  • Buckeyes use a bodacious second half to stomp on the terrorized Tar Heels at Chapel Hill. Has UNC ever looked more overrated?
  • Virginia dreams of a repeat championship season look pretty far fetched, after they’re left for dead (with good reason) in West Lafayette. #Cavaliers #Boilermakers
  • Notre Dame looked pretty lame tonight in another game that went poorly for the ACC. Jalen Smith has led MD to one of its best starts ever. #FightingIrish #Terrapins

NCAAM Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 11-26-19:

NCAAM Top 25 Update:

  • What the “F” … as in Stephen F. Austin, which shocks the almighty Blue Devils to the delight of most of the known basketball world … outside of Cameron Indoor. #BlueDevils #Lumberjacks
  • Rough and tough Buffs trail at half, but catch Tigers by the tail and pull ahead at the finish. #Tigers #Buffaloes
  • Butler is enshrined as best in this year’s Hall of Fame tourney with a razor thin margin of win against stammering Stanford. #Cardinal #Bulldogs

NCAAM Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 11-12-19:

NCAAM Top 25 Update:
  • Guffaws all around the world of college b-ball as Evansville has the winning hand in Lexington. Poor Coach Cal is nothing more than apoplectic after this hideous smack in the face from the Purple Aces. Rupp is most certainly throwing up in his grave, and Joe B. Hall is nothing less than appalled. Wow~ #Wildcats #PurpleAces
  • It’s comedy central time as Central Arkansas’ Bears are beaten senseless and left stammering at Cameron. #Bears #BlueDevils
  • Missouri sputters through a miserable OT and leaves Xavier quite exasperated. #Musketeers #Tigers
  • Way up there in the land of the Puritans, UMass enjoys an early feast at the expense of their Huskie brethren from the North East. #Huskies #Minutemen
  • Pitt performs a perfect hit and run on Robert Morris in Moon Township, and gets away with it. #Panthers #Colonials

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 4-8-19 (and click for Super Bowl promo)

NCAAM Update:

  • Who’s on top in College Basketball? The Hoos, that’s who ….UVa plays bigger than most people ever dreamed, and beats a very physical and imposing group of Red Raiders by challenging them on the inside, something Mich St. and Kansas never dreamed of doing. And the future certainly looks beautiful for De’Andre and his majestic wingspan. #RedRaiders #Cavaliers

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 4-6-19 (and click for Super Bowl promo)

NCAAM Update (Final Four):

  • A shocked and appalled Izzo watches as team gets “Mooned” by Matt and traumatized by Tariq. It was quite interesting to see the rough and tumble Spartans turned into puppy children by the stout interior defense of Texas Tech, which invaded the personal space of Cassius with alarming regularity. Tom forgot the age old rule about how to deal with a bully … you have to go at them head on and force the issue if you hope to get anywhere … particularly if you don’t have much outside shooting. But by the time Mich St. started to generate some repeat points in the paint, the clock had painted them into a hopeless corner. They’re loving it in Lubbock, as the Red Raiders are on a rampage to glory.   #RedRaiders #Spartans
  • Auburn thought it had regained the eye of the Tiger just in time, but a blown call, a brain fart turned three foul shots and a Guy with ice water in this veins propels Virgnia to its NCAA final. Yes, these worthy Wahoos have show uncommon valor for guys from the Commonwealth, and they’ll need every ounce of that to get back the very imposing Red Raiders. #Tigers #Cavaliers

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 3-31-19 (and click meet the Spartans)


NCAAM Update (Elite Eight, Day 2):

  • Cassius and the Spartan legions behead the bracket darlings from Duke and their baby brute Zion. #Spartans #BlueDevils
  • Kentucky failed to put the Tigers away early, and this oversight costs them mightily, as Auburn digs in with its teeth to the Wildcat tail and never lets go. They were just too fast, too careful with the ball, and too determined, to lose. #Tigers #Wildcats

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 3-30-19 (and click for some Dean Wormer)

NCAAM Update (Elite Eight — Day 1):

  • The Carsen show tonight was quite entertaining, but the more important development turned out to be that the Cavs move on by relying on their offense, with potentially huge break out games from stars Mamadu, De’Andre and Guy. For many skeptics, this game was a warning that UVa does indeed have a path to the title. #Boilermakers #Cavaliers
  • Another futile attempt by Few in the NCAA ends in crushing defeat as the Red Raiders carry the mantle of the Big 12 with pride on their side. The going got a bit too physical and rough for the Bulldogs, who looked intimidated and flustered when they took the ball into the land of the TT trees. #RedRaider #Bulldogs

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 3-29-19 (and click to hear Tattoo exclaim, “The Plane….”)

NCAAM Update (Sweet Sixteen, Day 2):

  • It took a real Herro to lead UK past little Corey Davis and his tribute-to-John Stockton short shorts. Houston battled impressively, but in the end just couldn’t execute … and got executed. #Cougars #Wildcats
  • It’s another wild and woolly finish for the Devils, as Va Tech comes up empty from point black range; you just can’t cover Zion with one (or two) guys, so maybe the only answer is a capitulation zone. Don’t look for any such strategery from Tom Izzo, which suggest it’s going to be another trip for Duke to the Final Four. #BlueDevils #Hokies
  • North Carolina gets beat to a crisp at its own game, as beyond hot Auburn heats up in the 2nd half, and there’s simply no way to hold them Tigers. Don’t try to grab the tail, Roy, … you’ll get dizzy. #Tigers #TarHeels
  • Hard working Michigan State bullies its way past a surprisingly passive LSU, setting up another daunting task for the Spartans, as they ready to face their perennial nemesis Duke. #Tigers #Spartans

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