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NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 12-9 (click post for audio)

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update:

  • They’re getting sad, if not mad, in Madison as the Badgers are just plain bad. Marquette marks Wisconsin as its territory with a blowout victory. #GoldenEagles #Badgers
  • BC puffs out its chest nicely at Chestnut Hill, roasting the braggadocious Blue Devils to the delight of most of the basketball universe. Here’s some more humble pie in your eye Mikey. #BlueDevils #Eagles
  • It’s not much of a shocker given the loss of their highly regarded coach … everything’s not OK at OK State.  #Cowboys #Shockers

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 11-29 (click post for audio)

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update:

  • Not much not to like, right Mike? As they tend to do, Duke bags another worn out opponent behind big bad bag man Bagley … tonight’s victim, the Hoosiers. #BlueDevils #Hoosiers
  • Carolina shows it cares about it’s reputation in making short work of Michigan’s big brother. #Wolverines #TarHeels
  • Huell and Hurricanes win duel with MU’s Gophers. #GoldenGophers #Hurricanes
  • Nova doesn’t mistake the Quakers for real competition. #Quakers #Wildcats

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 11-28 (click post for audio)

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update:

  • Purdue leans on Louisville and pushes them aside in the ACC-Big East challenge. Will they be getting a little homesick for Rick at the KFC Yum! Center?#Boilermakers #Cardinals
  • You certainly couldn’t say the Hawkeyes had much of an eye for the basket tonight. #Hawkeyes #Hokies
  • In the last 10 seconds, the Wildcats turned into Mildcats, allowing GT to lay one in at the buzzer. #Wildcats #YellowJackets
  • KU’s walking tall and happily whistling Dixie in the wheat field, but let’s remember, there’s a recurring question here as to whether the Jayhawks will be able to harvest the fruits of their labors in the Spring. #Rockets #Jayhawks

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 11-22 (click post for audio)

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update:

  • NC State puts the accent on ACC supremacy with a surprise win over highly touted Arizona, which shot an abysmal 11% from beyond the arc. #Wildcats #Wolfpack
  • Shockers and Irish treat the crowd to quite a classic in the Maui Wowie Invitational final; these two teams may well find themselves in the thick of things come March. #Shockers #FightingIrish

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 11-21 (click post for audio)

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update:

  • As the game wears on, things get progressively worse for PSU at the Progressive Classic. #NittanyLions #Aggies
  • Notre Dame gives LSU the Jack Lord treatment …. winning in Lahaina by nearly a big 50 (well 41 is pretty good). #FightingIrish #Tigers
  • It’s late November, so that means you can find KU at Allen Fieldhouse getting fat on cupcakes….. Self hopes that we don’t repeat history and follow this up with humble pie in March. #Tigers #Jayhawks
  • Smart money says Wichita State’s state of mind will go even higher. #GoldenEagles #Shokers

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 11-14 (click post for audio)

NCAA Men’s Basketball Update:

  • Kansas relies on some old hands, as well as a new hero — Hello, Newman! — in beating back the Wildcats. This was not one of Coach Cal’s finest moments, but Kentucky will have much more to say in this year’s NCAA tourney, you can count on that. #Jayhawks #Wildcats
  • Duke is excited about the prospects for an older, more mature, Grayson. #Spartans #BlueDevils

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 4-3-17 (Title Game)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

There were a few hiccups along the way, but in the end Hicks and Co. had too much size, speed and overall athletic ability for Gonzaga to grapple with. Kudos to a very scrappy group of Bulldogs, as they made the Tar Heels sweat it out and kept things exciting to the end; however, when push came to shove, UNC was more than able to clear out Mt. Carnowski (1-8) and had the special sauce to deal with previously dominant N. Williams-Goss (5-17). #TarHeels #Bulldogs

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 4-1-17 (Final Four)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Carolina passed up shots, and passed the hot potato, one few too many times in the last 13 seconds, giving Few the opportunity to make Frank’s roosters go for two. Too bad Gamecocks … you didn’t exactly bring your A-game this afternoon, but you hung in there like grim death. Out of a game involving two head coaches whose hair doesn’t move, it’s Mark that moves on. The final could come down to who is the premier big man, Kennedy or Przemek. #Gamecocks #Bulldogs
  • Hardly meek UNC bullies its way into the 2017 Championship Game when hungry, not-so little boy blue Kennedy takes matters … namely offensive rebounds … into his own hands. He may look a bit lazy sometimes, but don’t let that fool you; this Tar Heel is hell for his opponents. As for poor Oregon, they have only themselves to blame for this very disappointing loss. Their half court offense was maddening, with all the wayward threes and nagging lack of ball movement. They seemed unwilling to believe they could make a living going to the basket, despite much evidence to the contrary. #Ducks #TarHeels

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-26-17 (Elite Eight, Day 2)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Gamecocks were as insanely intense as their transfixed coach, in a 2nd half run that wrestled away the East Region from the Gainesville Gators. Sinfully good Sindarius was particularly impactful for the scarlet South Carolinians. #Gamecocks #Gators
  • In a game that was often as sloppy and disorganized as it was exciting, March Madness brings a Maye bouquet of flowers for the grateful Tar Heels. Things did look pretty dire for Carolina with 3 plus left, down by 5 and getting toyed with by Kentucky’s cadre of talented guards. It was at this point, that Roy zoned out, going 2-3 on D and thoroughly confusing Calipari’s Cats. But they’ll need a better effort if they hope to corral South Carolina. #TarHeels #Wildcats

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-24-17 (Sweet 16, Day 2) (Godfather style)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • Watching The Godfather tonight, it occurred to me that the stumbling, bumbling Bruins had about as much chance stopping Fox and Monk tonight on defense as Sonny had surviving the machine gun ambush when he stopped at that toll booth off the causeway. #Bruins #Wildcats
  • Butler makes the mistake of trying to butt heads with the proud heels, and the Bulldogs get their noses smushed in the process. #Bulldogs #TarHeels
  • Maybe it takes Gamecocks beating up the Baylor Bears like Jayhawks to get Duane and the rest of his talented team noticed. #Gamecocks #Bears
  • Florida’s chuck of Chiozza at the buzzer floors Wisconsin, and makes it 3 for 3 today for the SEC. #Badgers #Gators

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-23-17 (Sweet 16, Day 1)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • X-men continue to play the role of giant killers, as Trevon starts them out on track, and makes Meerkats out of the Wildcats. #Wildcats #Musketeers
  • Gritty Bulldogs advance when West Virginians refuse to hit the broad side of a barn, particularly in the last minute. Like few opportunities before, Few and Gonzaga may at last get to a Final Four. #Mountaineers #Bulldogs
  • Ducks tiptoe by the Wolverines with lots of help from Mr. March. Too bad Dorsey doesn’t have a twin brother, as Oregon will need even more help next round against Kansas. #Wolverine #Ducks
  • KU sprints by Purdue at the Sprint Center, as the Boiler boys forget to take off their clodhoppers. Jayhawks showed why they may well be the most athletically gifted group left in the competition, and if their heads are right, watch out! #Jayhawks #Ducks

NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-19-17 (Round of 32)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • After spending the first half warming up, the UCLA point producers rev up the factory and pump out a very impressive finished product … nearly 80 points and only 3 turnovers … those numbers say it all, right there. #Bearcats #Bruins
  • It’s bon voyage for Coack K and the dastardly Devils at Bon Secours Wellness Arena and bon jour to the Sweet Sixteen for the very combative Gamecocks. #Gamecocks #BlueDevils
  • Baylor gets bailed out big time by spot up Motley, and Trojan dreams are refined, and confined, in Tulsa to two wins after getting in. #Trojans #Bears
  • Oregon’s somewhat sloppy performance ends up just fine because crunch time is Tyler time. #Rams #Ducks
  • Michigan’s powerful Wagner invades the paint repeatedly, and the wiinning Wolverines lay some serious graffiti all over losing Louisville. #Wolverines #Cardinals
  • Tar Heels put their foot down just in time to beat back a very pesky bunch of Razorbacks. They live to fight another day, but Carolina Blue’s path is looking a bit cloudy. #TarHeelswin
  • Bridges’ 22 wasn’t nearly enough to bridge the gap between a recently re-born, but mired in the middle of the Big 10 MSU and start to finish Big 12 elite KU. Jayhawks lay it on the Spartans with a whole lotta Josh Jackson. #Spartans #Jayhawks
  • Kentucky bides its time, and then rides to victory on the strength of its thoroughbreds. Meanwhile, another near miss for the shell shocked Shockers. #Shockers #Wildcats

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