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Add Original Rinaldi’s Chubby Chabby to your lunch wish list…

Thank you Marc Caruso, for insisting that Original Rinaldi’s come up with this fully loaded weapon of hunger destruction … the “Chubby Chabby”.

We’ve got plenty of roast beef for the cantankerous cabbie, ham for wanna be comedian ChabDog, prosciutto for refined Well-read, and some savory salami for Frank the Tank.

Put that in a toasted bun, with melted mozzarella and some perfectly grilled onions, and you’re set for lunch … and few hours after that.

And thank you to Dylan Ben Harris and everyone else at Original Rinaldis, for making my 5 minute drive over to your culinary paradise a monthly pilgrimage I hold dear to my hear, if not my stomach.

Lots of delicious Chicken Barbecue going on at the Grindz at 1601 …

For our lunch meeting, Sahar and I sampled the Chicken Barbecue menu options at The Grindz at 1601 recently.  I opted for the monster sandwich (yes it really is a big as it looks), and enjoyed every bite.  The barbecue sauce was tasty but not too spicy and the chicken was juicy and satisfying.  The sandwich comes dressed with lettuce and tomato, on buttered, toasted sourdough.  And top it all off with that trust Grindz stanby … the mac salad.  What a bomb it is!

Sahar seem to thoroughly enjoy her Barbecue Chicken Plate, which comes with plenty of chicken, along with white rice, mac salad and cabbage slaw.  I think she plans to bring her son back for another lunch … I hear they have great hot dogs!  Thanks again Grindz for always delivering on my lofty expectations.


Sneak preview of the new and improved “vote” questions on ChabDog Sports Blog:

Sneak preview:
1. Which QB will be the first to go down with an extended-game injury: (a) Jaywalking Jay Cutler; (b) Cleveland’s signal caller, whomever he is; (c) Dandy Andy Dalton, the red headed Bungling stepchild; (d) Captain Kirk Cousins; (e) Carson Not So Rosy Palmer; or (f) Carson George Wendtz.
2. What was the worst pick yet on ChabDog Sports Talk? (a) ChabDog picking the Jags in Week 2; (b) Marc saying there’s no @#$@#$ way we can lose to Carolina; (c) Eric insisting Buffalo had no chance against Denver; (d) Every freaking pick Frankie Midnight made on Week 4; or (e) Drew insisting that the Cubs had to choke last year.
3. Who is the sexiest tennis or golf wife/companion (recent past also qualifies)? (a) Ester “the 700 year itch” Berdych; (b) Mrs. Feliciano Lopez; (c) gobbledygook Gulbus’ love interest; (d) the counterpart to KA; (e) Caroline Wozniacki (if you count her as attached to ex-boyfriend Rory); or (f) Sugarpova (if attached to Baby Fed).

Dine like a King at Original Rinaldi’s with the “King of Sepulveda” sandwich …

Gotta love this tasty item on the Original Rinaldi’s menu, loaded with juicy pastrami, melted swiss cheese, deli mustard and, of course, a cold dill pickle.  This is an unmitigated joy to eat, surrounded by a fresh, toasted sub roll, and when you add some creamy mac salad and TNT sauce, you have a heavenly combo.  All for about $11, with a drink at where else,…. Original Rinaldi’s.  Go get yourself one!


Let’s give a hearty welcome to Big Bruno, ChabDog of the Month for October 2017…

With MLB Playoffs, NFL, NHL and NBA getting into gear, it’s a great month to welcome a great big dog like Bruno as ChabDog of the Month.

Say hello to this 2+ year old Great Dane, who has one of the longest leashes I’ve ever seen, and when he gets up on his hind quarters, could probably play some b-ball.

I didn’t hear his bark, but I suspect it resonates.  We’re sure to have a big, big month with Bruno on our team.

Keep abreast of the best in fresh sports podcasts and scintillating live feed by tuning in to ChabDog Sports Network — we’ve got it all, including …

From ChabDog Sports Talk, to Tank’s Vlog, to Catch This Fade, to Strong as STEELE, we’ve got the slant you need,

to liven up that podcast feed.  And reasons enough to listen are the 1970s and 80s commercials.  A little dab of the Chab will do ya!



Double click on the pics … you’ll start salivating …

Stop by the Grindz, have some mouth watering food, and do some business.  ChabDog had the pleasure of dining with fellow NFL addict Eric Read, and sampled one truly delicious protein bowl.

The sausage was scrumptious, in combination with a beautifully cooked egg, rice and pico.  My focus was on the Chicken Club … just look at that perfectly toasted bread, and what’s inside is truly decadent.

The chicken was melt in your mouth, and does a dance for your taste buds in concert with some special pesto sauce, lovely melted cheese and of course bacon.  Once you finish the sandwich, these’s a cold, breath of fresh air dill picke and the old standby… mac salad!

Other broadcasting gigs deemed “too hot to handle” by politically astute ESPN (click post for audio):

As a follow up to the Robert Lee fiasco, ChabDog Sports Blog has gotten its hands on an internal ESPN memo, warning scheduling programmers about other politically incorrect assignments that must be avoided at all costs:
1) Anyone named Adolf (or wearing a Hitler moustache) doing a Germany-Israel world cup soccer game;
2) Jeff Dahmer as color commentator for Brewer games;
3) Tim McCarver anywhere near the vicinity of Fenway Park;
4) OJ Simpson doing the USC-UCLA annual grudge match;
5) John Wayne, John Wayne Bobbitt or John Wayne Gacy doing WNBA contests;
6) Don Cherry or Don Trump doing anything;
7) Scott Hamilton or Richard Simmons doing Men’s or Women’s Bodybuilding.

Meet Leo the Chihuahua mix — ChabDog of the Month for August 2017

As we enter the dog days of August, nothing could be more appropriate than ushering in the heart of Summer with our new ChabDog of the Month, lovable little Leo, the Chihuahua mix.   The cherished canine companion of James Carmona, hair stylist extraordinaire at Salon del Mar in Manhattan Beach, CA, Leo can’t get enough of patron patronage, and you’ll enjoy having him sitting in the lap of luxury while Jim performs his barber magic.  If you need a lift, just pick this therapy dog up and hold him for a few minutes, and the world will seem a lot more forgiving, happy and bright.  And thank you Leo for wearing the eye liner that matched my shirt perfectly!

Say Bonjour to the Miguel Escobar’s “French Brigade”, ChabDogs of the Month for July 2017 …

This pack of wonderful, and famous, French bulldogs comes to us just in time for Bastille Day, courtesy of Miguel Angel Escobar.

Whether it’s riding a skateboard, pulling a bicycle, or cruising around in a motor boat, these phenomenal Frenchies love the spotlight,

and we’re very grateful to have them adorning our posts during July.  Miguel has done some amazing work training these performers, who

have garnered much publicity for their exploits and can be seen in a number of endorsements, not to mention all the you tube videos.

Long live Le French Brigade!

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