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Beefing up at The Grindz with their bountiful burger …

I had the pleasure of sampling the very tasty burger at The Grindz.  It was cooked medium well, and to perfection, and comes with melted cheddar, delicious bacon, lettuce and tomato, and the secret sauce that puts this sandwich over the edge … garlic aioli.   This sandwich comes with your choice a delicious side (go with the mac salad) and a refreshing, crisp dill pickle.

On the “On the verge of a major vacation” CDST show (Part 1):

On the “On the verge of a major vacation” CDST show (Part 1):
— A moment of reflection, before my holy pilgrimage to the land inhabited by the Pilgrims
— Not too many teams in MLB have standing in the standings to even think about playing in October
— Is this as good as it gets for Les Mets, whose bullpen is no longer Les Miserables
— Fleming has unlimited capacity for sports trivia but must filibuster for more washing and drying capacity
— Being an overpaid prick and a primadonna is a lethal combination, eh Philadelphia
— Just keep obliterating those third rate O’s when they’re down, as they get spanked in succession by the Yankees and the Stros.
— Goldy continues to finger the cardinal sinner Buccos for the most cruel and unusual punishment;
— Michael is a picture of impressive sync at the plate, just like his photogenic mommy Ruiz in the 1984 Olympic swimming pool (they definitely took the wrong Conforto’s clothes off in celebration?)
— 11 power punches by Pete and there will be a very large, happy polar bear jumping into the drink at Jones Beach.
— You should be suspended for losing 1 to the Royals … oh sorry, that was what actually happened to the Bosox the next game.
— Boston’s starting rotation looks pretty rotten, and that’s direct quotation; Cashner as money in the bank … don’t count on it.
— Le’veon lets it be known he doesn’t do preseason thunderstorms
— Vowing to give us the headless horseman treatment, Antonio lobbies to be treated like a grandfather; Tank gives us a Hard Knocks update
— A perhaps overzealous Big Ben is now playing the big heavy in Pittsburgh’s locker room; ChabDog thinks the Steelers have only themselves to blame for this bad situation (too much job security for Tomlin)
— Memo to Brandon: The water at Amity Island is “just fine”. Just ask Chief Brody.
— Rocky is turning into Mickey.
— Patricia’s working with a bunch of real plebieans in Detroit.
— Caruso gets into the nitty gritty details on why NE’s defense will be excessively stingy this year.
— Some deluded person on our show starts ‘supposin that the Fins will win 8 with Rosen and then bugs out to finish his laundry/weight lifting.
— Tank’s underwear drawer houses a real large Rainbow Push Coalition
— Take a wild ride around the track at Daytona, when in ’79, Yarborough crashed into a blocking Allison, leaving room for survivor Petty to slip in for a 6th crown. And then fisticuffs to finish, with brother Bobby joining in.
— Maahk and I discuss his future as the next “Benny Parsons” … another guy who started out as a cabbie
— You know you’re living healthy when your ice cream is avacado.
— What it’s like to be flagged as a crank caller to the NFL’s league office; it’s hard for a Revere boy to camoflage his hard New England accent
— Let’s hear it for Heroes and Dragons in South Carolina … tell them just sent you.
— It was hailing Halo runs last night at Fenway… uugh!
— Red Sox have experienced a touch too much of Brian Johnson.
— As for the Yankee’s bullpen, let’s not get into it.
— When Frank throws in the towel on his hometown team, that’s a pretty big towel.

Say hello to “Huck” — ChabDog of the Month for August, 2019

Let’s hear it for hearty Huck, the 2 yr-old Bull Mastiff, who is just in time to serve as ChabDog of the Month for what’s left of August.  He’s sporting a big lampshade, recovering from some surgery, but that didn’t seem to slow him down, as he was very friendly, engaging and certainly not bashful.  Much thanks to his owner Rick, for letting me pose with him.  And as they say in the commercials, “Watch out for the Bull… Mastiff”!


It’s Teriyaki Time at The Grindz … set your watch on it!

I was recently reunited with one of my favorite, stand-by dishes at The Grindz — the simply wonderful Teriyaki Plate.  Tender chicken grilled and seasoned to perfection, accompanied by a generous portion of white rice, tangy Hawaiian slaw, and the one-and-only mac salad.  I had plenty of hot sauce ready, and along with the savory teriyaki sauce, my taste buds were sent into an endless orbit of pleasure.

Another lunchtime masterpiece from The Grindz @ 1601!

Say hello to my tall, well groomed friend … Rocket the Afghan … ChabDog of the Month for July 2019

This sleek, spiffy Afghan named Rocket has the speed of an NFL halfback, and the flowing locks of a Greek adonis.  When it comes to hair, he’s head and shoulders above the the competition, and a more than worthy recipient of the mantle, ChabDog of the Month for July 2019.  Before 7/19 expires, it’s time to pay tribute to this beautiful canine, who can run so fine.



Midday meal in May at the Grindz … ChabDog has his way with the Kalua Pork sandwich:

Today I partook in the opportunity to taste test the Kalua Pork sandwich at the Grindz.  It passed with flying colors.  Yes, this is baby had me in hog heaven and gave me a big lift.

A perfectly toasted brioche bun, with slow roasted, juicy pork, smothered with a healthy helping of cheddar.  Take a couple bites, then go for the crunchy pickle.  And then back to the main course, until you finish and then turn to the famously fantastic Grindz specialty … the one and only mac salad.  I had mine with a combo of Hawaiian hot sauce and Sriracha.  Delicious!

Get made whole for breakfast or lunch … with the Breakfast Bowl at The Grindz! (and click post for the Odd Couple theme)

ChabDog recently had a very pleasurable sit down with a Breakfast Bowl at The Grindz. Plenty of cheddar jack cheese, sprinkled over two eggs, delicious bacon fried rice and tasty Portuguese sausage. Add some sriracha or some of their special Hawaiian hot sauce for some extra kick, and your on your way to an eating extravaganza.

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