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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 20 (Any Which Way He Can):

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Hawks are just happy that whatever got into Clint, was enough to get them past a ginormous game from Jeramie. #Pistons #Hawks
  • A little Green Curry, plus some offensive wiggling from Wiggins, was enough to make Pop apoplectic. #Spurs #Warriors
  • Confident Clippers have little problem making the Kings their pawns. The playoffs are far away, and one of the furthest things from their minds. #Kings #Clippers
  • Kristaps exploits meant tabs for the spaced out Pacers. #Mavericks #Pacers
  • Timberwolves continue to fall, this time getting crushed by a couple of Vanderbilt bricks and an unlikely ending three pointer from Cole. #Timberwolves #Magic
  • Nice news feed for Embiid. #Sixers #Celtics
  • Still straining Houston’s latest exhibition of small ball is becoming somewhat appalling without Harden and Paul. #Rockets #Suns
  • Nets have the pleasure of catching a whiff of Kyrie, who breezes in after a few days of r&r to ring the register for a love boat of points, albeit in a losing effort. #Nets #Cavaliers
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