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ChabDog’s NCAAM Tourney Summary (Day 1, Round of Too Many):

ChabDog’s NCAAM Tourney Summary (Day 1, Round of Too Many):
–Rumors of Villanova’s imminent demise were greatly exaggerated; after the game, Winthorpe, no Winthrop, wished it could trade places with the winners. #Eagles #Wildcats
–No way these rather ordinary Golden Eagles were going to soar over Huggy’s landlocked, but covering-all-the-angles, Mountaineers. When the pace is so free and easy, the Morgantowners are apt to own their competition. #Mountaineers #GoldenEagles
–Syracuse works its Buddy system to perfection on offense, and on defense, the fabled Boeheim zone lulled San Diego into a twilight zone of long range lemons. A completely thoughtless, dud of a performance by the frazzled Aztecs. #Aztecs #Orange
–What’s the matter, commentator Andy? Katz got your tongue? These cats from Houston are definitely for real, and their coach is one of the best. Cougars rip a giant hole through the Viking ship using some deadly bucket shots. #Cougars #Vikings
–Rutgers proves a resilient and tough nut to crack, and after 38 not-so-wonderful years of failure, in the second round, they’re back! #ScarletKnights #Tigers
–Too bad for them that the Boilermakers could be better basket makers. #Boilermakers #MeanGreen
–The relatively star-less Tar Heels get bullied bad by the Badgers, and Coach Roy gets to limp back on Tobacco Road with his first first game loss. #Badgers #tarheels
–Gators survive to the Second Round after doing some extended hokey pokey with the Hokies. #Hokies #Gators
–It takes a while, but with Cade in cadence, the Cowboys finally figure out how to douse the Flames. #Cowboys #Flames
–Leave it to the Beavers, who were guilty of voluntary manslaughter after chewing through the soft Volunteers. #Beavers #Volunteers
–This year’s Loyolans of Chicago stay loyal to the school’s traditional values, which means the Ramblers had no trouble derailing the Rambling Wreckers of Ga Tech. #Ramblers #YellowJackets
–Bears had the Midas touch, as they heartlessly take advantage of a golden opportunity to quash cupcake Hartford in Round 1. #Bears #Hawks
–No laughing gas anywhere to be found, as the bewildered Buckeyes undergo a painful, and unexpected, oral surgery. #GoldenEagles #Buckeyes
–Raiders generally harass the dear Aggies, who clearly fell out of favor by game’s end. Lest we forget, Lubbock’s lads are getting mighty accustomed to cutting deep swaths into the draw. #RedRaiders #Aggies
–Razorbacks were by no means sharp… until the 2nd half got a little long in the tooth, but they still have enough going for them to give the old brush off to pesky Colgate. #Razorbacks #Raiders
–Cocky Cockburn stuffs the rock and there was no chance the Dragons were hanging with biggest dog from the Big 10. #FightingIllini #Dragons

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