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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — Week 1 (click for some choice Tom Brady):

ChabDog’s NFL Update:

  • Steeler offense starts slow, but once Big Ben got warmed up, it was like … clockwork. And the defense played stout all night, laying many heavy duty hits on Saquon, and badgering Jones into some key mistakes. Congrats are in order for a long awaited good start. #Steelers #Giants
  • Gostkowski goes from massive ridicule to relative redemption, and Kudos to Vrabel for having the guts and instinct to give the trouble kicker the chance at vindication…. after 4 blown kicks and 10 lost points.  And no fan her of befuddled Fangio, who inexplicably eschewed use of his time outs and left his team with a measly 17 seconds for the final desperation drive.  You didn’t even give your big foot Brandon a chance to kick, Vic!
  • Great day for the Rams’ defense, which kept the powerful Dallas running game under control, and patrolled the passing lanes with notable aggression, if not ferocity. #Cowboys #Rams
  • Aside from a nifty QB sneak and some sporadic success, Brady looked sloppy and a bit off. Has father time finally caught up with him? The throws aren’t as crisp and the decision-making isn’t reliably good. #Buccaneers #Saints
  • Hopkins hops west to AZ and brings much needed hope to the Cards. #Cardinals #FortyNiners
  • Welcome to the NFL, Heisman Joe; you’ve got lots of potential, but you also have a long way to go. #Chargers #Bengals
  • New coach Rhule violates the commonsense rule to get the ball in the hand of the Panthers’ best back on 4th and 1. Raiders hang on after some fine world shaking by RB John Jacobs. #Raiders #Panthers
  • Minnesota seemed to be trying to site on a first q. lead against Mr. Rodgers. Big , big mistake. #Packers #Vikings
  • Loser Lions lay a true egg at home when Trubisky gets mighty frisky in quarter four. #Bears #Lions
  • Washington washed away all that turmoil and strife over the awful off-season with an impressive, go for broke victory against the Eagles. From whence came this poise, determination and faith? Maybe from Riverboat Ron; former Skins fans hopes this new found fortitude sticks around a while. #Eagles #Washington
  • Minshew wasn’t mincing words as he makes a statement in Week 1 … “take me seriously!” #Jaguars #Colts
  • Baltimore busts out of the gate with big designs on another AFC North title, leaving Cleveland in the dust. #Ravens #Browns
  • Scrambling Cam insists he can rediscover the magic of his Panther Super Bowl run; fish do get squished as, perhaps happily, Belichick gears up the grinding ground game. #Dolphins #Patriots
  • Buffalo’s digging life with newly added speed man Diggs, and a more experienced/confident Josh Allen at the helm. #Jets #Bills
  • These Hawks came out strong on offense, and for the most part the defense wasn’t too shabby as well. As for Atlanta, when are they going to do something… just something… to change their hard earned reputation for being softies. #Seahawks #Falcons
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