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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — Week 2 (Sunday, September 20) (click for ChabDog’s super Super Bowl Promo):

ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — Week 2:

  • Yet again, Falcons show the world their true talent … letting victory slip right through their talons when they fail to come up with a simple onside kick ,,, before this play, had never seen a football treated by the hands team like it was infested with Covid; I kid you not.
  • Give the Patriots credit for staying there with the Seahawks, … blow for literal blow, until Cam was submarined and stopped, stammering, at the doorstep of a game winning score. And maybe it is time to nominate, if not elect, Russell Wilson as MVP. We shall see. #Patriots #Seahawks
  • Butker caps off a rather difficult day for the defending champs by booting one a mile. If the Chiefs go on to repeat, they definitely gave us a clue as to their greatness right here. SD had their offense slowed, and was in relative control, but the KC defense hung in, long enough for Mahomes to work his magic away from home. #Chiefs #Chargers
  • Despite all the hullabaloo, Watson continues to do what rookies and 2nd years do … throw and make costly mistakes. Sacks and INTs were the last thing the overmatched Texans needed again bullying Baltimore. Long day in the Lone Star State for Houston. #Ravens #Texans
  • Kyler leaves the Washington no-names rubbernecked, as he scampers here, there and everywhere. Glorious day for the home team in Glendale. #Washington #Cardinals
  • Gimpy Lions just can’t keep with Jones, let alone Rodgers. #Lions #Packers
  • Edmunds’ game ending sack is just more proof that the blitz is definitely back in the ‘Burgh. Steelers never tailed and generally dominated this game, but made just enough mistakes to allow the spunky Broncos to hang around. And what a play by Claypool, who broke away from the field on an 84-yard TD jaunt … no those sluggish DBs didn’t have nearly the horse-power to Chase him down. #Broncos #Steelers
  • Today in Philadelphia, Goff was a real show off, with three stylish TDs, and Tyler too. #Rams Eagles
  • On a day when the Jags managed to keep their tabs on usually destructive Derrick Henry, Tannehill looked sharp, and Gosty had the gumption to bang through another game winner. #Jaguars #Titans
  • Something tells me this could be a very long season for the minimal offense Minnesota Vikings. By contrast, the future looks bright for both Rivers and his Taylor-made rushing option, Jonathan Taylor. #Vikings #Colts
  • Niners make Jets their dutiful, complaint pets, but victory leaves them upset and with two more wounded vets (4 to be exact, including Jimmy G. and Raheem). #Fortyniners #Jets
  • Today was Josh Allen’s 400 yard plus coming out party, and now his Bills are spotted hovering alone, atop the AFC East; as for the Dolphins, the only consolation in defeat is that they’ve one against effected the art of back door covering. #Bills #Dolphins
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