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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — July 28:

MLB Update:

  • Machine gun Joe Kelly lets his wild pitching do the talking as he frustrates the trash can deprived Astros. This could be just the attitude adjustment the dishrag Dodgers need. #Dodgers #Astros
  • Something just happened that almost never happens … Pirates coming back from the dead to return a favor. Frazier takes Wahl over the wall and the Brewers’ crown jewel, their bullpen, gets pawned for a Pittsburgh pittance. Raise it!!!!
  • So much for the born again White Sox. Indians look they have their act seriously together, … doing their familiar damage against AL Central brethren. #WhiteSox #Indians
  • Is it my imagination, or do these Rocks have an annoying habit of starting with hard acceleration and then finishing flaccid. #Rockies #Athletics
  • Red-in-the-face Rangers look real depressed that their Choo Choo train refuses to leave the station…. he’s now batting less than Eddie Gaedel weight. #Diamondbacks #Rangers
  • Minny fan exclaims, “Oh my gosh, Josh, you’re the beast we need to protect The Target”, and the powerful Twins perform some taxidermy on the smarmy Cards. #Cardinals #Twins
  • Someone had to win this stupor dud of a schedule date … and it may as well be the terrible Tigers. #Royals #Tigers
  • These Braves need to change their names to the Timids. #Braves #Rays
  • The fish are apparently not to fresh in Miami; the league puts a lid on this can of Marlins until further notice. #Marlins
  • Wow, can you believe it? The Yankees voted unanimously to restart their season with some fun and games in Baltimore… maybe they should’ve just lobbied for some extra time against the Red Sox. #Yankees
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