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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 8-5-19:


MLB Update:

  • The not-so-pesky Cardinals might as well have been swinging chop sticks, as they had no chance hitting LA’s newest gunlinger, Tony Gonsolin .. who was about as untouchable as Wyatt Earp wearing his famously protective gun coat. #Cardinals #Dodgers
  • Using a Minor miracle, Rangers finally put a stop to the irresponsible rumor that the Indians are invincible. #Rangers #Indians
  • Fish, fresh fish! That’s what they’re clamoring for at Citi Field. And the sweet smell of success is definitely pervading the air as the Mets clear .500. #Marlins #Mets
  • It wasn’t always pretty, but Boston GAINS on Tampa Bay as Porcello had his pitches moving (in the right directions) and Devers continues to pound the little white ball into submission. KC in town for a few more nights … yes that is what the doctor ordered. #Royals #RedSox
  • Yelich has the Pirates yelping with terror, as he stays on a homer blitz, and ex-Bucco Lyles rubs salt in the hometown wounds with a win for good measure. #Brewers #Pirates
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