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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 7-31-18 (click post for audio)

Ode to Gary Sanchez:

MLB Update:

  • Mickey the supplicant offers up Reyes at the Nationals’ compound as a true sacrificial lamb, while Dan Murphy happily uses his stick to do the official ceremony. #Mets #Nationals
  • Rocks crush the Budweiser boys, flattening them with long balls from Blackmon Beard and CarGo. #Rockies #Cardinals
  • Dodgers look a bit groggy in Old Milwaukee, with a chronically under-performing offense that needs a jump start in the worst way. #Dodgers #Brewers
  • It was quite a drag today for Skaggs, ruining another pretty day from the plate for Trout. #Angels #Rays
  • Pirates use their young Taillon to keep a close tail on the front-running Cubbies. And what Maddon’s team sees in the rear view mirror is getting rather scary, now that the Bucs have enlisted the services of the Archer. #Cubs #Pirates
  • San Francisco over San Diego … yet again … in the battle by the Petco sandlot. #Giants #Padres
  • Arrieta’s artistry takes the hot air out of the Boston victory balloon, as Red Sox bet caught with their pants down next to Lansdowne. #Phillies #RedSox
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