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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 10-12-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • All you need to know is that at game’s end, there was a big W sign joyfully bouncing up and down in the stands and it was blue, not red. This was a typically nasty Natty meltdown, garnished with plenty of bad luck, bad execution, missed opportunities, and questionable managing from guess who… Dusty Baker. Where do you start? 1) Choosing geological disaster Geo Gonzalez, who put us through 3 very painful innings, and following that up with a clearly used up and off target Max, who was getting lots of unwanted movement on his pitches, to not challenging the batter interference on the swing that hit the catcher’s mask, to not moving the runners over in the 8th with men on first and second and nobody out. The fact is that Joe Maddon is probably the best manager in baseball, and he’s working for the Cubs, along with a team that likes the pressure, if not thrives on it. As for Washington, there were too many miscues, missed calls, and mistakes both in the field and at bat to keep track of, but who will ever forget Werth’s deer in the headlights play in left or Lobaton forgetting to leave his foot on first or a panicked Bryce Harper swinging right through that last third strike. Now it’s on to LA, where the Dodgers face the Lester of two evils. Good advice would be to make Johnny throw to first. #Cubs #Nationals
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