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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, June 10 (Playoffs, Finals) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Playoffs, Finals):

  • Durant starts but can’t finish, and in the process may be in much worse shape with that scarier than scary injury to the Achilles. Was he properly rehabbed before venturing forth to give his teammates a much needed lift? It’s not at all clear allowing him to play in this condition was a wise move. We’re all aware of great displays of guts and grit that can inspire your team to victory; however, this is the kind of injury that can ruin a career, and what are we talking about here … a 3rd straight title in the midst of what could be many more finals opportunities. Discretion would probably have been the better part of valor, but it is what it is. All we can say is that the beaten up Warriors are apparently good enough to hang around with a younger, less experienced Raptor team, and if Toronto’s leadership quotient does not figure more prominently in crunch time, that could yield another title … just barely.

    Tonight’s loss up North was indeed one the home team wishes it could have back. Unfortunately, with a bit over 2 minutes left they went into a shell, ruthlessly ran the shot clock down when they had the ball, and committed that fatal sin of playing “not to lose”. That only works under such circumstances when the shot clock match is decidedly in your favor, which tonight was not the case. And Nick Nurse must shoulder a heavy part of the blame for not having a better play handy to close out the game. No, you don’t want Kyle Lowry taking a corner three, when your main man has found his shot and is able to penetrate the soft underbelly of the GSW defense with relative impunity. What an empty feeling it must have been for the rowdy reptile rooters, seeing that shot clank, unbelievably, off the side of the back board. Ouch! I guess that’s cruel karma for you, after the ill advised cheers for a fallen Warrior. #Raptors #Warriors


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