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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals) (click for audio)


NBA Update (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals):
  • Why again did Portland fight so hard to earn the right to play for the NBA Finals? Tonight’s snoozefest was simply unbearable to watch, unless of course you were one of those only too fortunate Warrior worshipers. Nearly to a man, the lightweight Blazers looked sluggish, if not groggy, particularly on defense where Curry and Clay saw way too much daylight after each garden variety pick. Can the fans do a quick substitution and let the Nuggets show what they can do? If not that, Lillard and his sidekick CJ need to seriously bring it in Game 2, or they’ll be building a ditch out of which no heroic trail blazin will even be possible. #TrailBlazers #Warriors
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