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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-5-19 (and click to hear all about shrinkage)

Is it live, or is it Memphis?

NBA Update:

  • Portland may still be 11 over .500, there’s no denying they are weak underneath … just like Italy in World War II … Whiteside definitely punctured that soft underbelly, going 11-12. #Trailblazers #Heat
  • Does this win mean we can no longer ask, in the spirit of that old Memorex tag line, “is it live, or is it a Memphis Grizzly”. #Grizzlies #Timberwolves
  • Even without big deal Kyrie on the road in hostile Quicken Loans, this Boston-Cleveland tussle was definitely a case of the haves vs. the Cav-nots. #Celtics #Cavaliers
  • LeBron’s still looking rather weak, and the Pace-cars run circles around the stuck in the mud Lakers with Myles and Bo Bo. #Lakers #Pakers
  • When it comes to the All-star game, do not forsake Blake; this guy is having an absolutely huge year. #Pistons #Knicks
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