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NCAAM College Basketball Update: 3-16-17 (Round of 64)

NCAAM College Basketball Update:

  • As ChabDognosticated, Turgeon’s turtles were the ones who blew it, while Bluiett’s Musketeers broke into cheers. #Terrapins #Musketeers
  • Nova overtakes a Mount St. Mary’s squad that started like a house on fire but didn’t say enough Hail Mary’s. #Mountaineers #Wildcats
  • Wildcatters strike oil, when Fisher-Davis goes fishing for a foul and the lead that Vandy built in the last few seconds vanished into the thin air of Salt Lake City. This is what happens when you don’t have any timeouts for 7 minutes. #Commodores #Wildcats
  • The Blue Raiders from Murfreesboro were hear to yell “Gopher, freeze”, making Kermit the coach very proud. #BlueRaiders #Gophers
  • The Fighting Irish can certainly thank their lucky stars tonight — this game was completely winnable for Princeton, and does not bode well for the Domers down the line. #Tigers #FightingIrish
  • It took a little longer than expected, but UVa finally realized that if we can beat UNC, we can certainly beat UNCW. #Seahawks #Cavaliers
  • For a while at least the Jackrabbits were able to coast along in the Gonzaga drag, but eventually the Zags regained their well known swag. #Zags #Jackrabbits
  • As usual, watching the often chaotic, and almost always disjointed, West Virginia offense was nothing more than an annoying eyesore, but Bucknell just couldn’t buck today’s trend of the favorites winning. #Mountaineers #Bison
  • After drinking their Gatorade, the Gaters really picked up their gait in the 2nd half and played great. #Buccaneers #Gators
  • The Blue Raiders from Murfreesboro were hear to yell “Gopher, freeze”, making Kermit the coach very proud. #BlueRaiders #Gophers
  • Bronson and Nigel have their special senior moments in the sun, as Badgers smoke the Hokies. #Hokies #Badgers
  • Cyclones use their acrobatic athleticism and speed to twist and blow by the slacker Wolf Pack. #WolfPack #Cyclones
  • Underachiever FSU futzes around but finally puts down the eager beaver Eagles. #Eagles #Seminoles
  • Without their star player on the inside, the gallant Catamounts looked about as fierce as Mike Tyson’s tiger after about 10 boilermakers. #Catamounts #Boilermakers
  • All the other Wildcats won today, so why should anything be different for perhaps the most fearsome ones of them all … Arizona’s. #Hawks #Wildcats
  • In the game today that most resembled a reunion of Pilgrims, things got pretty grim for those of the Winthrop variety. #Bulldogs #Eagles

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