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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 4-6-19 (and click for Super Bowl promo)

NCAAM Update (Final Four):

  • A shocked and appalled Izzo watches as team gets “Mooned” by Matt and traumatized by Tariq. It was quite interesting to see the rough and tumble Spartans turned into puppy children by the stout interior defense of Texas Tech, which invaded the personal space of Cassius with alarming regularity. Tom forgot the age old rule about how to deal with a bully … you have to go at them head on and force the issue if you hope to get anywhere … particularly if you don’t have much outside shooting. But by the time Mich St. started to generate some repeat points in the paint, the clock had painted them into a hopeless corner. They’re loving it in Lubbock, as the Red Raiders are on a rampage to glory.   #RedRaiders #Spartans
  • Auburn thought it had regained the eye of the Tiger just in time, but a blown call, a brain fart turned three foul shots and a Guy with ice water in this veins propels Virgnia to its NCAA final. Yes, these worthy Wahoos have show uncommon valor for guys from the Commonwealth, and they’ll need every ounce of that to get back the very imposing Red Raiders. #Tigers #Cavaliers

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