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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 3-24-19 (and click to listen in to a real entertaining road trip)


NCAAM Update (2nd Round):

  • Oregon now has its Ducks in a row for plans to go much farther in the tournament.  They match up very well with No. 1 seed Virginia in the next round. #Ducks #Anteaters
  • It’s Blackburg over Lynchburg in San Jose. #Flames #Hokies
  • Other than Kaleb Wesson, who was more equipped to throw the discus, the Bucks were completely unprepared for today’s track meet with the Cougars. You had better be ready with your game faces on, Kentucky. #Cougars #Buckeyes
  • UVA shrugs off a horrific game from supposed big gun K. Guy, and slides by the inept Sooners. Yes, the Cavaliers got enough done on the inside, thanks to an inspired game from their Rodmanesque spark plug Diakite, and they appear to have a rather cushy draw in the next round; however, one has to wonder how this smallish squad, which sports 4 guards in its starting lineup, will be able to measure up to an imposing Purdue or even Tennessee when and if they hit the Sweet 16. #Sooners #Cavaliers
  • Hawkeyes go into their habitual coma to start the game, engineer a miraculous about face to tie things up at the end of regulation, and then do an extended blink, which sinks them in OT. #Volunteers #Hawkeyes
  • Bulls get neutered by the length and utterly stifling defense of Lubbock’s overgrown Red Raiders. Hard way for the season to end for a Buffalo team that mastered the Mid-American, but was clearly out of its league against the best of the Big 12. #Bulls #RedRaiders
  • Tar Heels had the magic feel today and kick sluggish Huskies to the curb with a relatively routine thrashing, overwhelming their opponent with speed, size and a beautifully balanced attack. #Huskies #TarHeels
  • No Tacko, no box out on the free throw, no victory for the Knights. Brackets remain in tact; however, Duke shows it is vulnerable. #Knights #BlueDevils

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