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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-13-19 (click post to hear Constanza on shrinkage — like the kind we saw today from the dead-in-the-water Bolts)

Cry me a Rivers … Chargers fail to hold up their end in cold New England.

NFL Update:

  • Nothing new in New England as the Belichick’s Patriots cut Lynn’s chagrined Chargers to the quick in a game that was clearly not as close as the score indicated. Brady was connecting at will and running backs Michel and White kept the Bolts’ defense completely off balance and on its heels. As for Rivers, it’s just another largely successful campaign that comes to a cold, bitter end on the forbidden turf of Foxboro. The convincing nature of this win also sends notice to KC that the Chiefs had better roll out their A+ game, not to mention their A+ QB if they hope to represent the AFC in February. #Chargers #Patriots
  • Saints hope they’ve shaken some cobwebs out of their face masks with a somewhat shaky, but gratifying triumph over the defending Super Bowl champs. They did this by systematically controlling time of possession on offense and stymieing Philly’s No. 1 stud, and by going for the big payoff on a gutsy fake punt and on a 4th a goal deep in the red zone. That’s enough this week, but will it cut the mustard against a Rams squad that has more weapons and more talent? It’s something for Coach Payton to ponder for a few more queasy days in the Big Easy. #Saints #Eagles
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