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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 1-19-20:

NFL Update:

  • Green Bay’s charmed life comes to a crashing halt in Santa Clara, as Raheem found seam, after seam, after seam, and Nicky Boy Bosa pancaked Mister Rodgers more than a few times (a performance that would’ve made Joe Pesci proud). For those of us looking for an exciting, hard fought tug of war, the Niners would have none of it … obliterating the static Pack with a first half onrush that was simply a suffocating red tide. These guys look hungry for more and may well have the athletic credentials to hang with the Chiefs (and then some). #Packers #FortyNiners
  • Speed kills, and today the Chiefs’ offense made TN’s linebacks (and entire defense for that matter) look like it was stuck in cement. Mahomes was in total control … even when he shouldn’t have been; where was the designated spy to keep KC’s QB honest and towing the line of scrimmage. As good as their game plan was last week for Action Jackson, today’s blueprint seemed devoid of details and advance planning. Bend but not break became bend over and get paddled severely. And what about Hammer Henry? He became largely irrelevant once the Titans found themselves down by two scores, and desperate for a quick tally/frantic rally. Congrats to Andy Reed and his team for taking care of business and moving on for the final, epic confrontation in Miami. #Titans #Chiefs
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