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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-20-19 (click post for some hometown encouragement from the files of Jim Rockford)

The Brady era comes full circle as almost 20 years later it’s Rams-Patriots in the Super Bowl … all over again…

NFL Update:

  • Everything is up to date in KC, as the Chiefs do what they typically do and bow out in majorly disappointing fashion after raising so many expectations during the regular year. It did take them way too long to put their game face on, but once Mahomes got going, there was no stopping him. Unfortunately, this game seems to strongly suggest they’ll never take that next step with Andy “I like to read my play chart/as opposed to watching the game” Reid. The big red tomato is destined to forever playing ketchup with Belichick, who yet again coached him into a cramped corner. What was with the ultra conservative play calling for nearly a half, the refusal to make adjustments at the end of the game to cover Edelman and Gronk on those crossing patterns over the middle, or the unwillingness to make anything other than a token attempt to score a TD at the end of regulation. But the his biggest screw up was sitting on those 3 timeouts in OT, with Brady marching inexorably toward a winning TD, and the Chiefs’ exhausted defense in need of a serious blow. Sometimes the best time outs are those taken when you don’t have the ball, and when Burkhead rammed the ball over the goal line to put KC out of its misery, those game breaks went unused and wasted. #Chiefs #Patriots
  • My how the worm turned today in the Superdome, as the Rams came back from legally dead status to shock the Saints (who were probably booking their Super Bowl reservations). Yes, there was a blown call that changed everything, but let’s remember what the Rams did to get to that point … their D-line played huge, they did a great job stopping the Saints running game, and Goff and Co. showed maturity and poise in making the big plays/executing when they had to. This young team grew a ton in the last 15 minutes and into OT, and they deserve to move on. As for the Saints, they’ve had plenty of help all year long from the refs, so what goes around comes around. And let’s give a big pat on the back to Greg Z., whose big foot was the difference maker at the end. #Rams #Saints
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