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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 1-5-19 (click post for audio)

Mack’s running puts the two-stepping Texans out of whack

NFL Update:

  • Cowboys mount and stuff Seahawks with a bruising performance by Zeke and some timely, clutch moments from Dak. In a year that many cite as one of his finest displays of coaching prowess, Petey C. was curiously asleep at the wheel, particularly when it came to the offensive play calling. Seattle mindlessly ran again and again into a brick wall at AT&T, getting its wake up call with two minutes left, when it was a classic case of too little, too late. And what was with that idiotic drop kick/onside kick to end the game by Dickson. Leave that junk in the Aussie rules league, please! #Cowboys #Seahawks
  • Colts are thanking their lucky stars they have Luck; Texans take a serious punch on the chin and will have a nice long off season to figure out why they were knocked so woozy. The bottom line is that Watson is by no means a polished, seasoned product and has a ton of growing up to do. He doesn’t read defenses well enough and telegraphs his throws. Today, he was also consistently off target, and there wasn’t much in the way of perimeter options with his No. 1 option, Hopkins, neutralized. KC had better be ready, as Luck showed what he can do to them in that wild 45-44 game a few years back. Congratulations to Frank Reich for engineering a pretty amazing recovery this year. #Colts #Texans

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