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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 12-2-18 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Dolphins hang on and catch Bills from behind … thereby avoiding 2nd season extinction. #Bills #Dolphins
  • Minnesota needed a leader today in New England, and Cousins never stepped up to get the job done. Kudos to the Patriots, who look back on track for another 1st round bye in the playoffs. #Vikings #Patriots
  • After the Hunts release Hunt, Mahomes roams into Oakland, and the leads the Chiefs over the hapless Raiders. #Chiefs #Raiders
  • Tense time in Tennessee ends well for Titans when Marcus finds his mark. Titans salvage a narrow win and stay relevant for the wild card … for at least a little while longer. #Jets #Titans
  • Ravens tame the Falcons, firmly raising the issue regarding the whereabouts of what once was one of the league’s most dangerous aerial attacks. Great work by rookie Jackson, who is making the big plays with both his arm and his active feet. Baltimore’s figured out how to fly without Flacco and may well be playing in January. #Ravens #Falcons
  • Winston’s lately looking like a winner, while Newton needs a new attitude and outlook after an ugly 4 INT effort. #Panthers #Buccaneers
  • Rams have no trouble slamming the dazed and confused Lions, who need a lot more coordination on both sides of the ball. Matt Patricia is not showing much aptitude when it comes to offensive creativity, and Matt Stafford is regressing … big time. #Rams #Lions
  • Texans take out Browns in H-town, giving Mayfield a major migraine. Watson has another field day and the rushing game was also clicking. #Browns #Texans
  • Packers play the Cards they were dealt and come up a loser at home; when Crosby’s kick doesn’t go over crossbar and between the posts, McCarthy finds himself kicked out the door at GB. Happy birthday Aaron Rodgers! #Cardinals #Packers
  • Jags’ defense comes up huge when it has to, as they stop the Horseshoes dead in their tracks; as predicted on ChabDog Sports Talk by the Cantankerous Cabbie Caruso, Jalen Ramsey controlled TY Hilton and the rest of the Colts’ possession receivers, and two eschewed field goals proved fatal. #Colts #Jaguars
  • Bears come up short in New York, against a Giant team that has started to believe in itself, despite being out of contention for anything other than a .500 record. That is what solid defense and a rediscovered running game will do for you. And it hasn’t hurt that O’dell has turned into Throw’dell. #Bears #Giants
  • Bengals have lost another game, the Red Rocket, and their home crowd … but they still have perennial loser Lewis. As for the Broncos, they’re all evened up, and are powered by a real energizer bunny RB in rookie Lindsay, who goes today for over a buck fifty. #Broncos #Bengals
  • Steelers’ yo yo season is summed up with an erratic experience at home against the Chargers, culminating with a bad beat at the hands of Badgley’s feet. #Steelers #Chargers
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