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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 12-3 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Did I hear right… Gronk blamed that dirty ass hit on “frustration”….I didn’t know buildings with legs had feelings as well…… maybe he and po’d Kiko can do some anger management.
  • Building on last week’s recommendations, the spastic Chiefs need to fire both their OC and their DC, as they look completely uncoordinated. It would also be a good idea to make their DBs sit in a penalty box for a solid week to reflect on the errors of their illegal ways. #Chiefs #Jets
  • After 4 quarters more of misery in Miami, Elway looked more shocked than the horse in Animal House when Dorfman fired the blanks. Another comeuppance for the once brash, trash talking Broncos. #Broncos #Dolphins
  • Gould and Garoppolo end up looking like solid gold, while Trubisky looks like a Fox flop. #49ers #Bears
  • Packers stitch together a very important win, while Bucs continue to come apart at the seams. #Buccaneers #Packers
  • Colts have a very terrifying experience in the House of Jax. #Colts #Jaguars
  • Flacco takes off his straightjacket, racks up a bunch of yards through the air, along with 2 TDs, and becomes the Super Joe of 5 years ago. #Lions #Ravens
  • Lots of angry Orchard Park misbehavior by the hard to please Patriots, between Brady’s dressing down of McDaniel and Gronk shouldering loads of blame for a total cheap shot. All that being said, there was nothing new here in terms of the result — just another routine AFC East mauling by NE. #Patriots #Bills
  • Time for O’Brien to comb the colleges (or perhaps high schools during Friday night lights) in Texas for a kicker with a clue, as well as some breakaway speed on offense; Houston is definitely running low on ammo. #Texans #Titans
  • Hyper aggressive and physical Viking defense does what the rest of the league can’t seem to do … and takes away Jones and his buddy Samu. And it’s not a good thing when Atlanta has to rely on a standard ground game — that much is definitely true. #Vikings #Falcons
  • It’s been a while since the Chargers have worn these kind of smiles, but they’re sitting atop the division with a .500 record, while the Browns are leaving town with nothing but frowns. #Browns #Chargers
  • Today’s subjugation by Raider Nation of the left-for-dead Giants doesn’t tell us a whole lot about Oakland’s prospects going forward, but it does indicate Big Blue won’t be cashing in at the casino by spinning the roulette wheel with Geno. #Giants #Raiders
  • New Orleans comes through with a big bounce back win over a tough Carolina crew, as Drew throws like the Drew we once knew, Ingram bullies his way for 85 and Kamara chips in with a TD or two. #Panthers #Saints
  • Pesky Cardinals can’t overcome another shabby outing from Gabbert, and now it’s all but certain that we’ll see the Rams and QB Goff in the playoffs. #Rams #Cardinals
  • Battle of feathered enemies goes to Seattle, as Eagles blink at the wrong time and Wilson shines. It was fairly evident which team was in desperate need of a win, and which one was just trying to maintain its composure. #Eagles #Seahawks
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