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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 12-31 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Give AZ credit for fighting for the bitter end, and shame on Seattle for never solving their field goal foibles, among other issues. Arians will move on to bigger and better things. #Cardinals #Seawawks
  • Raiders pray for Gruden to save them, and Chargers think about what might have been …if could have only made more field goals. #Chargers #Raiders
  • Jags continue to be stuck in neutral, which is no way to go into the second season; Titans stumble in despite continued malfunctions in their own attack. #Jaguars #Titans
  • Cam and Panthers put up minimal resistance and effort in Atlanta, which means flawed Falcons get to defend their NFC crown after all …#Panthers #Falcons
  • Miami does its usual disappearing act in the 1st half and that’s enough to push the Bills to the promised land.#Bills #Dolphins
  • Poe Ravens –since when can you not count on Bengals doing the wrong thing? Since yesterday! #Ravens #Bengals
  • Rams rest up, while Niners make a statement about next year. #Niners #Rams
  • Steelers make good use of their regularly scheduled scrimmage against the Browns… working out a wide range of wide receivers and giving Landry some quality PT. As for Cleveland, just more humiliation with Hue. #Browns #Steelers
  • Eagles donate a win to the Cowboy coffer. #Cowboys #Eagles
  • Redskins regress to sub-.500 thanks after getting roughed up in East Rutherford. Time to move on from both Kirk Cousins and the loafing coaching staff. #Redskins #Giants
  • We’ll never know exactly why Brady found it necessary to put on his Victoria’s Secret scuba gear against the pathetic Jets; what is clear, is it’s another year and another #1 seed in the AFC for NE. #Jets #Patriots
  • Hut hut hike, and this game goes to the much more talented Vikes, who cause nothing but trouble for Truby. #Bears #Vikings
  • Despite today’s meaningless win of the Texans and the not-so-great TJ Yates, Pagano’s gotta go. #Colts #Texans
  • Packers pack it in a week early, while Lions can, as a technicality, boast about their winning record … which is small consolation for a season of missed opportunities. #Lions #Packers
  • Chiefs inspire belief in their fans that this team may in fact be back where they were in week 1… which mindset they’ll likely need in a few weeks. #Chiefs #Broncos
  • Saints back in to division title, while Bucs finally show up when it matters … leaving a door open for Carolina which was never opened… #Panthers #Buccaneers

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