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Summer Olympic Games (2016), Day 14

8-21-16 china 8-21-16 marathon 8-21-16 mongo (a karas) 8-21-16 mongo 8-21-16 shields 8-21-16 snyder 8-21-16 us men b-ball

Summer Olympics Update:

  • When’s the last time we saw anyone get this worked up over losing a bronze? A very mad Mandakhnaran gets penalized for his premature victory gesticulations, and upon losing the match, his coaches do the full Mongolian Monty in protest … creating angry Mongos of the sort we haven’t seen since Alex (“Mongo like candy”) Karras in “Blazing Saddles”.
  • USA makes Jamaica pay in the 4 x 400.
  • Durant and the rest of the Americans beat the pants off Serbia.
  • No surprise in the Marathon, as Kenya cleans up … winning gold with the elusive Eliud Kipchoge. Give Rupp from the US some serious credit for claiming bronze in only his 2nd race ever.
  • When it comes to Olympic Boxing, Clarissa can’t miss, and her shield was impenetrable.
  • Kyle “Mr. Freestyle” keeps the US’ hold on the gold in wrestling’s 97 weight class very secure.
  • Bitter Serbs also must endure a finals loss in Women’s B-ball, when China comes from halfway around the world to serve up the win.

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