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Wimbledon 2018 Update: Round of 16 highlights and observations (Men’s Singles) (click on post for audio)

Wimbledon 2018 Update:

  • Nish bests Ernests by focusing on tennis, and not looking toward his opponent’s player’s box; yes, indeedy, bad to let your vision wander toward Tamara, the ultimate off-court distraction
  • Roger continues his inexorable procession toward the finals by getting a little bit of exercise against outmanned Mannarino
  • Three jeers for Jiri, who wins his quota of about 3 meaningless games a set against the wild boar from Manacor
  • Novak sends Karen Khach backpacking to Siberia
  • Isner sends his serves whizzing by Tsitsipas, at eye popping speeds; thank god the announcer for this one didn’t have the Daffy Duck lisp
  • Milos lost his touch in the 3rd set breaker, but was really feeling it the fourth, while McDonald bought the farm
  • KA from SA emerges in one piece after a wicked tight battle with Monfils

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