Determined Dan and his dogged Detroiters Turn Back A Very Blase Bunch Of Defending Chumps …

Whassup Andy?  Your guys clearly thought all you had to do to win was show up.  And that was a fatal miscalculation.

KC’s receivers were in a word gar-bage, the pass defense was its usual handsy, sketchy self, and eventually the run defense was porous and unreliable.  It was only some ill-timed fumbles and questionable play calling by the Lions’ OC (hello… you need to just run it with those backs on 3rd and 2) that kept the Chiefs sitting pretty, until the 4th quarter’s moment of truth, when the roof at Arrowhead caved in.

Will this thing turn around on a dime when talkative Travis returns, along with all-powerful Chris Jones?  Probably not, given the weak crew of speed guys that the Big Red Tomato has at his disposal.  And with that defense on the field, I guess Andy will keep going for it on 4th and 25 deep in his own end, with three timeouts.  That mindless gamble was the final nail in the coffin, and is completely indefensible.

The next winner of the NFC Norris?  TALKIN BOUT THE LIONS, BABY!