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NCAAM Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 11-12-19:

NCAAM Top 25 Update:
  • Guffaws all around the world of college b-ball as Evansville has the winning hand in Lexington. Poor Coach Cal is nothing more than apoplectic after this hideous smack in the face from the Purple Aces. Rupp is most certainly throwing up in his grave, and Joe B. Hall is nothing less than appalled. Wow~ #Wildcats #PurpleAces
  • It’s comedy central time as Central Arkansas’ Bears are beaten senseless and left stammering at Cameron. #Bears #BlueDevils
  • Missouri sputters through a miserable OT and leaves Xavier quite exasperated. #Musketeers #Tigers
  • Way up there in the land of the Puritans, UMass enjoys an early feast at the expense of their Huskie brethren from the North East. #Huskies #Minutemen
  • Pitt performs a perfect hit and run on Robert Morris in Moon Township, and gets away with it. #Panthers #Colonials

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 11-12-19:

NBA Update:

  • Utah’s got more chemistry than any given episode of Breaking Bad, and with their main weapon — Kid Dynomite Donovan — that’s more than enough to eviscerate the Nets. #Nets #Jazz
  • Bad loss for the well meaning Nuggets, who need to work on their defense if they intend to be taken seriously as a Western Power. #Hawks #Nuggets
  • Powerful Philly toys with its disadvantaged opponent and ends up with a fortuitous dead Cav bounce. #Cavaliers #Sixers
  • Pacers make that case that Thunder Road has become a very unforgiving place … utterly forgettable OKC left to languish with a puny 85 point output … little big gun Chris Paul finishes with 7. #Thunder #Pacers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 11-11-19:

NFL Update:

  • For those looking to validate the Niners’ status as NFC favorite for the Super Bowl, tonight’s showdown with the Seahawks … however competitive and entertaining … was a substantial disappointment. Garoppolo just barely held things together in stitching together an ugly drive that tied the game at the end of regulation, but lost his composure with a number of panicky throws in OT. As for the SF defense, it looked vulnerable up front and at linebacker, allowing Wilson to dink and dunk his way down the field when the game was on the line, in addition to falling asleep on the Seattle QB’s habitual 18-yard scramble that put the game on ice. The bottom line is that nobody watching this game is quaking in their football boots about having to lace ’em up with the 8-1 49’ers. #Seahawks #FortyNiners
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 11-10-19:

NFL Update:
  • No surprise to anyone on the planet … sorry Frankie Midnight… as the ultra-incompetent Bungles look totally ridiculous at home against the red hot Ravens. Action Jackson speed read every delayed reaction from the confused Cincy defenders, and was making perfect decisions all day. No trap game here! #Ravens #Bengals
  • Vikings look totally tough in gutty road win against the Cowboys. Dalvin Cook leads the way with rugged running and receiving, the defense shuts down Zeke, and Cousins looks anything but weak. #Vikings #Cowboys
  • Stubborn Steelers refuse to lose, after a comedic/near disastrous opening blunder, leaning on their steady Rudy, along with a beastly defense, to outlast the Donald of Defense and his rusty Rams. #Rams #Steelers
  • Chiefs blow a big game in TN with more weak-willed defense, allowing the Titans to push them around when it mattered most. Yes, they are potent point producers, but are completely incapable of stopping anyone when the spotlight is shining brightly, as Super Bowl contenders go … they are strictly pretenders. #Chiefs #Titans
  • We’re all dumbfounded what with the Colts, not the Dolphins, looking like total dolts; Indy may have turned its season upside down with turnovers in a terrible home loss to miserable Miami. #Dolphins #Colts
  • Packers use smoke, mirrors, and a blizzard, along with the usual help from the zebra gods and a timely goal line stand, to avoid an embarrassing loss to the pedestrian Panthers. #Panthers #Packers
  • Somehow, the Bucs don’t muck things up, coming through in the waning moments to defrock the Cardinals. #Cardinals #Buccaneers
  • When it comes to football gangs of New York, it’s Gang Green that looks most mean, judging from their ability to subdue no-so-Big Big. #Giants #Jets
  • Cleveland overcomes more whiffing in the red zone to rebuff anemic Buffalo, which looks primed to plummet like a lead balloon in the playoff pecking order. #Bills #Browns
  • Lions lay an egg at Soldier Field without their field general, while Chicago finally gets some true leadership from Trubisky. #Lions #Bears
  • ATL shocks the world by coming out of irrelevancy to KO the over-hyped Saints, in what must have been a thoroughly satisfying victory for the much-maligned Falcon defense. More evidence of what we saw last year … that superstar Brees isn’t willing to do much scrambling is is pretty much a dead duck in the face of a frenzied pass rush. Yes, NO is still pretty much set to win the NFC South, but don’t expect much from them in the playoffs if they can figure out how to protect their aged QB. #Falcons #Saints
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 11-7-19:

NHL Update:

  • As Caps will heartily attest, where there’s a Wilson, there’s a way. #Capitals #Panthers
  • Big win for the Pens, who back from the dead in Period 3 and burn the Isle with rust exposure. #Penguins #Islanders
  • Donskoi and Avs drown Rinne with a river of goals. #Predators #Avalanche
  • Sticky situation in Toronto doesn’t turn out so well for edgy Knights. #Knights #MapleLeafs
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 11-7-19:

NFL Update:

  • Another gut-check win for the Raiders, who are looking much less like a disorganized rabble, and more like a reflection of their poised head coach. Carr held his own, and them some, with feisty Phillip, Renfrow caught the mid-range throws, Jacobs continued to shine, and the defense made sure LA was confinded to the often harmless dink and dunk. #Chargers #Raiders
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Today, I tried the hugely satisfying “Breakfast Bowl”, creating from my own personal wish list an extravagant symphony of tastes … combining white rice, spicy Portuguese sausage, pepper jack cheese, some perfectly cooked fried eggs and a one-of-a-kind habanero/pesto sauce.

There are plenty other combinations of meats, rice/beans, cheeses and proteins and dressings possible.  You make the call/you can’t go wrong!


NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 11-6-19:

NBA Update:

  • In a wildly entertaining game, Clips can’t keep G-man away from the glass and fall by five to the relentless Bucks. Making threes is nice, but better to make the big man shoot jumpers and give the ball up. #Bucks #Clippers
  • It’s early in the year, but already the “Sicks” are making a serious run for Worst in New York … and that’s no small task given the local competition (or should be say, lack thereof). #Knicks #Pistons
  • Playing small … and without Wall … is not a pleasant place for the wallowing Wizzards. #Wizards #Pacers.
  • Getting effective leadership from Siakam and Lowry, the Raptors don’t look too psyched out by the departure of Leonard. #Kings #Raptors
  • Golden State’s a pitiful 2-6, and this state of disarray certainly isn’t bothering the rest of the NBA. #Warriors #Rockets
  • Donovan turned it on in the third, and the Jazz play successfully to a packed house in toppling the tough Sixers. #Sixers #Jazz
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 11-5-19:

NBA Update:

  • When it comes to winning, well-balanced Nuggets resume their regularity. #Heat #Nuggets
  • Lakers living large with LeBron et al., … and loving it. #Lakers #Bulls
  • Hawks take advantage of an off night from SA big men to do a successful fly-by of the sluggish Spurs. #Spurs #Hawks
  • Hornets truck past the Pacers in OT on the heels of Bismack. #Pacers #Hornets
  • Good god Gordon, you were good tonight. Gordo leads the Celtics past the competitive Cavs. #Celtics #Cavaliers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 11-4-19:

NFL Update:

  • After going through the motions for 3 quarters, Dallas puts on its big boy pants while the G-men never seem to be able to climb out of the sand box; yeah Barkley had a big pass play, but where’s the ground game and anything more than a handful of yards at a time through the air. The “Giants” are becoming one of the biggest misnomers in the recent history of professional sports. #Cowboys #Giants
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 11-3-19:

NFL Update:
  • Action Jackson rams some Raven humble pie down Tommy Boy’s throat, and the Patriots’ fraudulent pretensions of perfection harmlessly evaporate.  The best defense of all time, or even in the NFL this year?  Not so fast.  Looked like there were plenty of holes in that barrier of Belichick Boogeymen. #Ravens #Patriots
  • Steelers keep rolling along with another solid outing from Mason, as well as the defensive cloak provided by speedy Minkah. And who would’ve bet that last year’s goat, Bowell, would’ve outplayed the normally reliable — but now short in foot/long-in-the-tooth Adam Vinatieri. #Colts #Steelers
  • Brandon Allen to the rescue in Denver, as the Bronco attack looked a little more lively without Sacko, and the defense rose up on queue when mouthy Mayfield needed a talking to. #Browns #Broncos
  • Chargers looked wired and completely tuned in, harassing Rodgers, whose teammates looked like they had just gotten done with frontal lobotomies. Time for the Pack to head home for some R&R … they looked like they needed more daylight savings time. #Packers #Chargers
  • Bucs showed up to do battle in the Pacific Northwest, but couldn’t shake the Seahawks and were outta luck when Wilson made his customary stretch run move to daylight. Let Seattle hang around and you definitely play with fire. #Buccaneers #Seahawks
  • Good coaching makes a difference, and that’s self-evident in Gruden’s impact on the Raiders. The Lions are no pushover, but Oakland was good enough with the pass, run and on defense to get things done when they needed to today. Carr is having an excellent year, Renfrow has emerged as a reliable passing option and Jacobs is a horse you can ride to victory. #Raiders #Lions
  • Eagles don’t exactly look regal, but they sure have sufficient pedigree to outclass the “we can’t pass” Bears. #Bears #Eagles
  • Religious fervor is running amok in Charlotte, as Christian continues to walk on water from the line of scrimmage, and Allen does just enough to keep things humming smoothly. #Titans #Panthers
  • Miami’s now Fitz-to-be tied in the Tua sweepstakes as Ryan the bearded blunderer leads them to victory over the completely dysfunctional Jets. #Jets #Dolphins
  • Great game in KC goes the way of the Chiefs, who get another Moore-than-serviceable game from Matt and have surprising success on the ground (what’s up with that supposedly tough Viking defense). And another sad chapter in the road woes for twinkle toes Kurt Cousins. #Vikings #Chiefs
  • Bills have no problem snatching up low-hanging fruit in Orchard Park in the form of the rotten Redskins. #Redskins #Bills
  • Trying to make a favorable impression in jolly old England, Deshaun and the Texans have no time to waste playing games with Jax. #Texans #Jaguars
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NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 11-2-19

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Bulldogs headbutt the Gators, who didn’t seem very capable of digesting much more than modest-to-small chunks of yardage at the Swamp; unfortunately for the Florida faithful, this was one Gatorade punch bowl that failed to satisfy the cocktail party guests dressed in orange and blue. #Bulldogs #Gators
  • In a game that no longer means anything outside of Florida, the ‘Canes are boldly beating their chests after stopping the Seminoles cold. #Hurricanes #Seminoles
  • Oregon’s the team to beat out West, and today against the Trojans and their porous defense, it was clearly no contest. #Ducks #Trojans
  • Travis and Trevor go at three-quarters speed and that’s more than enough to completely terrorize the Terriers. #Tigers #Terriers
  • Irish recover from their weekend at the Big House, and barely avoid choking against the Hokies. Despite two more picks, Book liked his new playbook well and good enough to lead his time to the winning TD in the waning moments. #Hokies #FightingIrish
  • Maryland forgets how to tackle on kickoff returns, and that was only the beginning. #Terrapins #Wolverines
  • It’s high time for the ACC to wake up and smell the coffee; Wake’s 7-1 and good. Deacons waste the Wuffpack in Winston-Salem. #Wolfpack #DemonDeacons

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 11-1-19:

NHL Update:

  • Washington unleashes Vranna the piranha on the unsuspecting Sabres.#Sabres #Capitals
  • Lopsided losses continue to sting the Red Wings, and there’s many a frown in Hockey Town. #RedWings #Hurricanes
  • Dallas throws a hitch in the Avalanche express in the form of a double Hintz. #Stars #Avalanche
  • St. Louis hasn’t lost a beat since beating the Bruins in the Cup, as thrilling victory over the Jackets attests. Perron is the peak performer today. #BlueJackets #Blues
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 1-1-19:

NBA Update:

  • To their credit, Fizdale and friends didn’t fizzle out in the fourth … they just ran out of gas when Tatum turned terminator. #Knicks #Celtics
  • Bragging rights for Brogdon, who’s done good early on for his new mates. #Cavaliers #Pacers
  • Rockets were jacking up all sorts of garbage Barclays, and not much was falling; nice win for the upset minded Nets. #Nets #Rockets
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