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ChabDog.com5 days ago

ChabDog's Sweet 16 snippets (Day 1): -- Timme had his usual shimmy, but Strawther was the straw that broke the Bruins' backs, and now the Zags are en route to the Elite Eight. Yes, UCLA made a good run of it, but ultimately injuries and a dearth of depth proved deadly. -- The Markquis de Manhattan abused Michigan State seemingly at will, to the chagrin of cranky coach Izzo. Sorry Tommy, your fate is to spend the rest of March languishing in Lansing, and lamenting the other team's "good luck". Wake up and smell the coffee. The purple cats had the Spartans beat on talent, grit and general entitlement given their superior season. Live with it. -- Kudos to feisty FAU, who weathered the Volunteers' usual brand of bully ball and had the staying power to come out on top when the Orange scrum became ho hum. No, going forward...
ChabDog.com2 weeks ago
Pool notes for Group (Day) 1 -- -- thesearchmaven (Mike Moore) is more in the know than anyone else and knocking it outta the park with 140 pts (an amazing 99.5% (this guy picked Furman over Uva/what's he smokin?) -- close behind at 130 pts is tingus pingus and El ChabDog, followed by the Hask, who's up to the task at 120 pts. -- DD Hizzle is almost sizzlin at 100 pts and don't count her out, along with Well-read and his Fakakta bracket, Ed Well-fed Spillane/the judge extraordinaire of talent and Blixxkreig and ACC Girl (who shot her wad by picking the Cavs) -- But what's with godbrothers Darth Vaber and Frank the Tank, who are languishing in the tank at 80 pts (and bottom 11%), along with Chucky C from SD, who's pulling up the rear with 70? Good luck in Day 2 to all!
ChabDog.com3 weeks ago

ChabDog's Conf. Tournament Scorecard, 3-9-23: -- No stopping The Big Filipowski ... who fills up the stat sheet at will against the puny Panthers. Go ahead and give them a 4 or 5 seed and see if they care. -- Lions were apparently lying in wait for the idling Illini. -- Take a gander at those Scarlet Knights, who just put the Michiganders out of their ever-loving bubble misery. -- It appears the Musketeers are officially Blue Demon killers behind Xavier savior Coach Sean Miller. -- Cavs win and are in (where they've been for a while), while the Cav-not Heels spin their wheels and they're left stranded by the side of tobacco road. -- Make no mistake, Tennessee sees the point making one final confidence inspiring push before post-season begins.... -- UConn's Men are lately playing like UConn's Women. And at least for this year, that isn't a transitory...
ChabDog.com4 weeks ago
Beware of CDST's "Ideas for March -- A Little Side Caesar" Show ... it's a real head grabber, as we plunge into month no. 3 with some classic Edward G., reflect on what it is to ride with naked abandon into the Goldeneye of the stom, dine on square eggs and Hot Kabobs at The Green Acres cafe and attend Wave practice with Bruno and Billy at the Meadowlands. On the way, we'll run some numbers and do some heavy math in advance of Tournament seedings, consider who's in the pole position for NBA and NHL playoffs, and after doing this math take a much need lesson in empathy from Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. It's a veritable feast for your eyes and ears that'll get rid of the overhang of post-partem Super Bowl stupor.
ChabDog.com1 month ago

On Hour 1 of CDST's "History of the World-Part 2, The Slow-cooked Last Supper": Martha and The Vandels remind us that there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from Part 2 of the show a little wake-up call before the 2nd hr break... with Good Morning Vietnam remembering the late 70s and 80s when the NBA was physical... you come down the lane and you get knocked down Celtics with a chip on their shoulders ... a dangerous circumstances for the rest of the league hockey's beasts are definitely in the East Are the Avs ready to jack the West from the rest? Slow poke Rodriguez... he's pretty fast upstairs in the capeza a Sylvester the cat clip, in honor of Jerry mac n' cheese... with bone marrow... delicious? Abe gets the VIP-magic key treatment at Disney.... shades of Flounder at the Food Kiing games, drinks... and blankets Miranda shows...
ChabDog.com1 month ago
Come in from a wet cold February, and gather round the table for CDST's "History of the World Pt. 2 -- The Last Slow-cooked Supper" Show. With winter going full bore, we're definitely hunkering down with hot porridge, chocolate and clips galore, as play resumes in the NBA and NFL, while college ball rolls inexorably toward the tournament. Presidential portrayals take center stage, along with an entertaining game of cat and mouse, featuring Speedy, Slow-poke and Sylvester. And that's not all, with Abe's regularly scheduled racing spot and a Good Morning Vietnam wake up call.
ChabDog.com1 month ago

On hr 2 of this week's ChabDog Sports Talk...."Mandatory Busey" show: Closing the show off when the clock strikes 5:15 Plus a cameo appearance from Kammy We throw in a clip from Under Siege when the show starts to drag Checking out some sweet Ken Griffey Airs... he's no utility player saying good bye to football for a good while with some Black Sunday Baseball bases are getting boxier and bigger (18 by 18)... this will encourage stealing and other immoral behavior on the other hand, they are discouraging shiftiness Looks like the Commies are sleeping with Bienemie There no room in Payton's place for Russell's presumptuous entourage Getting our arms around The Bear... "Put a smile on your faces... and hit somebody.. and knock 'em down, help 'em up and tell them you'll be right back" Gary Busey speculates on why women are so uptight, and professes that he...
ChabDog.com1 month ago

The NFL has its wish, with Pat/Patrick Mahomes named MVP, all-world and apparently the GOAT heir-apparent. But the way this game ended totally sucked. Let the players decide it, rather than giving the game away with a phantom holding/pass interference call ... whatever that purported to be. Football is a beautiful, physical game but its tragic flaw is that, like no other of the 4 major sports, the refs can make the entire struggle completely futile with a the casual flip of a yellow flag. Philadelphia deserved to get the ball back for one last drive, and we, the fans, should have been rewarded with that climactic spectacle. Instead, KC gets a cheap and totally undeserved first down, chokes off most of the remaining time, and Eagles fans are left to pull their feathers out. Flawed as they are on the defensive side, the KC Chiefs win another title, and...
ChabDog.com1 month ago
On "The Eagles Have Landed...But Is the Other Cleat About to Drop As Well" CDST Show, we go where others have dared not to go ... exploring the limits of Mahomes magic and the possibility that that Sirianni's soldiers should be taken a little more seriously. Aside from the usual analysis, we'll take you back to some of the biggest broadcasters from games gone by, combined with classic commercials and some delicious dessert from North Dallas Forty (you go, Joe Bob). Plus, some rare footage of Andy and Dick's heart to heart, plenty of props from Carrot Top and no paucity of prop bets. Oh, and how about perhaps a little analysis regarding that daring defamation suit brought by Copper-fit-to-be-tied Favre.
ChabDog.com2 months ago
Days away from the second-to-last football Sunday and you haven't concluded your deliberations? No worries. Just do like Jerry and dial up CDST's "Pre-Installed Access Package to the Conference Finals" show. It comes fully loaded with a completely unwanted and unnecessary layer of TruCoat, and after hearing our pitch, we guaranty you'll leave with a lot more than you bargained for. We'll look at joe vs. Pat and Filly vs. Frisco from every conceivable angle, and by the time we're done, you'll be more than happy to whip out the checkbook and capitulate. As for the rest of the show, it's partly gone to the dogs (with Best of Show), along with a groovy MTM dinner party, some very Strange Brew and some Maddening Super Bowl Memories. Plus NBA, NHL, College b-ball and some finger lickin good commercials.
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