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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 10-18-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Astros can yell “Houston Strong” all day long, but if they don’t pick up the slack in the hitting dept. they’ won’t last much longer in these here playoffs. Yes, they have old man Verlander going in Game 6, but he is going to give up a few runs in the minute band box, which means guys like Springer had better get some spring in their step, as well as their bats. Stros are sorely in need of a straw for a stirring change of momentum. #Astros #Yankees
  • Los Dodgers finally are at a loss for in-game solutions.  Baez says bye bye to his little friend and to a sweep.  Time to bring in a ton of Clayton and squash this rally in the bud. #Dodgers #Cubs


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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 10-18-17 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Boston beats its chest in its home opener against the Bucks, but they find that bravado only gets you so far against a team of seasoned professionals like the Bucks. And 7-25 shooting by the new big man on campus didn’t help much either. #Bucks #Celtics
  • By George, how did those Pacers score 140 when they were missing Paul? Oh yeah, when you’re playing the Nets, it’s as good as it gets. #Nets #Pacers
  • Wizards seem a tad off kilter and couldn’t cover Covington, but made enough big plays to affix a loss on the record of the Sixers. #76ers #Wizards
  • Harris-led Pistons hammer the Hornets at Little Caesars, which seemed as luxurious as the one at Auburn Hills. #Hornets #Pistons


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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 10-17-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • If Houston loses this series, they’ll point to the disastrous 7th inning as the beginning of the end, when a 4-0 lead vanished like a house of cards. Houston’s relief has not lived up to its name, bringing nothing but heartburn for Hinch, who doesn’t seem to know where to turn… and they’re burning for game 6 in the Bronx! #Astros #Yankees
  • Cubs looked quite famished for runs with the twirling Darvish on the mound.  Yes, Yu can’t hit what Yu can’t see, and Chicago needed a seeing eye dog for most of the night.  Meanwhile, Carl Edwards Jr. has a senior moment, walking the pitcher with the bases loaded, and the Dodgers looked relaxed and self-assured from the plate.  #Dodgers #Cubs
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 10-17-17 (click post for audio)

NHL Update:

  • Mark these Pens down for another title… we still got it baby!
  • Kyle’s drive means Lightning burn in hell in Newark against the reveling Devils. #Devils #Lightning
  • Frederik the Great Goaltender caps the Capitals’ scoring at zero, which makes Connor Brown’s lonely goal stand up until the throw away empty netter. #Capitals #MapleLeafs
  • In a surprising reversal of fortune, the laughing stock of NYC isn’t the Jets, Mets or event the Giants … it’s the 1-5-1 Rangers. #Rangers #Penguins


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Add Original Rinaldi’s Chubby Chabby to your lunch wish list…

Thank you Marc Caruso, for insisting that Original Rinaldi’s come up with this fully loaded weapon of hunger destruction … the “Chubby Chabby”.

We’ve got plenty of roast beef for the cantankerous cabbie, ham for wanna be comedian ChabDog, prosciutto for refined Well-read, and some savory salami for Frank the Tank.

Put that in a toasted bun, with melted mozzarella and some perfectly grilled onions, and you’re set for lunch … and few hours after that.

And thank you to Dylan Ben Harris and everyone else at Original Rinaldis, for making my 5 minute drive over to your culinary paradise a monthly pilgrimage I hold dear to my hear, if not my stomach.

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 10-16 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • As ChabDognosticated, the Titans rid themselves of Indy’s domination when Derrick blows through the Colt defenders like they were little more than ornamental dominoes. With even an 80% healthy Mariota, two excellent running backs and the ageless Dick LeBeau manning the defensive controls, TN has the basic parts for playoff positioning. #Titans #Colts
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 10-15 (click post for audio)


NFL Update:

  • Carson and AP show off how good they can be, and the Bucs’ D appears to panic without famous Jameis; didn’t Tampa realize they still had Fitzy. #Buccaneers #Cardinals
  • LA rams an unpleasant loss down the Jags’ throats, getting the job done with big plays on special teams and Jacksonville gross negligence. Why should anyone be surprised,… except if they saw what happened last week… #Jaguars #Rams
  • Chargers finally figure out how to boot themselves over the top. Raiders still look out of sync and are now on the brink of irrelevance. #Chargers #Raiders
  • Patriots start slow, but come to their senses at just about the same time as the Jets come back to earth. An often overlooked key to NE success today was Dion Lewis and the effective ground game. #Patriots #Jets
  • Out-for-blood Vikes pillage Rodgers’ neighborhood, and left with Hundley, Packers are now hunting for a starting QB. #Packers #Vikings
  • Lions turn quite cowardly on defense, allowing Alvin and the rest of the NO backfield to chip in with some unexpected rushing yards. This balance made the game a breeze for Drew. #Lions #Saints
  • Dolphins prove the Jay naysayers wrong, and push the over confident Falcons completely out of the way. #Dolphins #Falcons
  • Houston’s happy they have Deshaun, not DeShone, as three TDs will attest. Another out of town beat down on the Browns. #Browns #Texans
  • Last season’s Steelers make a surprise appearance, using a bruising ground game, the BR-AB combo and physical, rugged defense to hold down KC just enough for a critical road victory. Whether this intensity can be repeated on a weekly basis for Tomlin’s troops is anyone’s best guess, but the AFC North leaders seem to have the Chiefs’ primary weapons figured out. #Steelers #Chiefs
  • Bears do surprisingly well in Raven haven, pounding out an OT win with some serious rushing yards and some clutch work by the place kicker; meanwhile, Flacco and the Baltimore offense decided to slack off for most of the game. #Bears #Ravens
  • Redskins win, despite the fact that they look alarmingly like the Niners … including their sketchy QB play. But, they’ll take it anyway. #FortyNiners #Redskins
  • Denver decides to take the night off, giving everyone outside of NY a definite case of indigestion in this hard-to-stomach snooze-fest.  Congratulations to the Giants for finding their running game in Adarkwa. #Giants #Broncos


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NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 10-14 (click post for audio)

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Bob Devaney was rolling over after seeing this mass execution of Cornhuskers at Memorial. #Buckeyes #Cornhuskers
  • Nyhiem Hines continues to shine, and the Wolfpack continues to separate itself from the pack in the ACC Atlantic. #Wolfpack #Panthers
  • They may have an Uga mascot and be Chubby in the backfield, but Georgia sure looked gorgeous today, while Missouri was just plain miserable. #Tigers #Bulldogs
  • The light brown P certainly did refer to production, when today’s results (or lack thereof) against the Badger defense is taken into account. #Boilermakers #Badgers
  • It’s still Hurricane season in Miami! #Hurricanes #YellowJackets
  • Noah’s Ark didn’t have any Razorbacks that could play football, and today there’s weren’t many of those in Tuscaloosa. #Razorbacks #CrimsonTide
  • Bears stood still in Stillwater, while Cowpokes poked fun at them. #Bears #Cowboys
  • One of these sets of Tigers did not take their vitamins before coming out for the 2nd half. Mr. Ed may still be on the hot seat, but he’s bucking for extended benefits. #Tigers #Tigers
  • In a weird twist, Wildcats are just the latest victims to be fed to the Texas Christians. #HornedFrogs #Wildcats
  • Morgantown Grier really woke the home team up in the 2nd half in today’s upset of the Red Raiders. #RedRaiders #Mountaineers
  • Hoosiers put up a good front, but in the end they’re too weak and slow to be anything but born Loosiers in OT loss to stubborn, stodgy Michigan. #Wolverines #Hoosiers
  • Utes were real brutes, but in the end could not stop daring Sam Darnold. #Trojans #Utes

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 10-14-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • With a couple of good yanks by Yasiel, it’s more redemption for Kershaw and the Dodgers. #Dodgers #Cubs
  • Another small but important step (or group of short, quick steps) for the Mayor of Munchkinland Altuve, while the Yankees find themselves in a very hairy, 0-2 situation (despite their no facial hair policy)…#Yankees #Astros
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 10-13-17 (click post for audio)

NHL Update:

  • Canadian grudge match goes to the distinguished Senators from Ottawa. #Flames #Senators
  • Will this break out by Backstrom send the Devils back to their old neighborhood… the Met Division cellar? #Capitals #Devils
  • Penarin’s still the Columbus bread and butter, and the Jackets pick up from where they left off and continue to cause a lot of racket. #Rangers #BlueJackets
  • Golden Knights’ win streak is dead to rights after rumble with the Red Wings. #GoldenKnights #RedWings
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