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ChabDog.com1 week ago

ChabDog's Six Ways From Sunday NFL Summary (Week 12):
-- Jalen found all the holes in the Packers' Swiss cheese D, and Philly's defense made Aaron's old bones creak with a pounding of No. 12's oblique. GB's second season aspirations appear to be dead ... nuff said.
-- As is their tendency, when the Saints hit the road, the defense gets to shoulder most, if not all, of the load.... and today that boulder was just way too weighty. Frisco tosses a shutout at home, and the rotation to an NFC West division title is taking shape in a really big way.
-- Say what you want about their somewhat blase mindset, including a number gaffes, snafus and other assorted mental mistakes ... but the Chiefs maintained their attention long and hard enough to cover the spread and generally snuff out any noticeable resistance in a 16...
ChabDog.com1 week ago

Don't be fooled by ChabDog's foolish hat. It's that time of the year... what with nice November on the cusp of turning into deadly serious December... for the "Heartbreak of psoriasis and Week 12" CDST show.
Who has the right stuff indeed, as college football turns up the volume with some epic rivalries, including Michigan at Ohio State and Notre Dame at USC, not to mention the Iron Bowl and the always intriguing.... Scarlet Knights (in tights) traveling to College Park.
Then the blood pressure meter goes on full Sunday overload, when Brady takes his pirate ship to the banks of Lake Erie, the White Tigers try to tame the Titans, Taylor teaches his Commanders in the art of falconry, Geno dares to pick up where he left off against the lost in last place space Raiders, and the Saints march in to Levi with toe...
ChabDog.com2 weeks ago

Thanksgiving Day 2022 -- Impressions in football:
-- Patriot invasion doesn't end well for the visitors from New England, who brought a capable Hunter and a pleasantly efficient Mac attack; problem was, their opponents had too many horses, and the ones they brought were not of the Trojan variety.
--On the last Thursday in November, the junior G-men got a lot more Lamb served up in Texas Stadium than they ever expected. NY's first half lead ends up getting trashed, but at least they beat the spread with a true garbage TD.
--Lions played their silver and blue hearts out, but left too much time on the clock and got carved up before Thanksgiving dinner by a spotty, but always sporty, Josh Allen. Hey there Dan... don't you know you can't take those things called timeouts with you after the game ends. Time to take a short...
ChabDog.com2 weeks ago

What a feast of football we have tomorrow, including this first game of the day. Don't delude yourself into downplaying the capabilities of the up and coming Lions. This team believes in itself, even if nobody else does, and showed as much last week against the Giants. Buffalo will need to be on top of the game to win this ... and 9.5 points seems "Rich"... even if they aren't playing in Rich Stadium.

As for the Giants, we'll see them later on in Dallas, and they'll need to get their act together or this could get out of hand real quick. The thought of Daniel Jones trying to hold it together against the Cowboy d-line is a bit hard to fathom.

And then after dinner, we've got the Patriots in Minny. Time to save...
ChabDog.com1 month ago

Unsure where to cast your line in these turbulent seas, then tune in to CDST's "Schwimming With Sharks: Don't Be Devoured in Week 8". We'll consider college, including Ohio St. traveling to Happy Valley, Notre Dame visiting the Cuse, Illinois checking in at Lincoln. and OK St. taking a business trip to Manhattan (Kansas). Then on to the NFL, where the Broncos are banished to London for a date with the Jaguars, the born again Bears trying the luck in Dallas, Vikings shuffling the Cards, Mac Jones and Pats trying to keep up with the turbo charged Jets, the Steelers getting egged on by the Eagles, and out West, the defending sham Rams hoping to stop their mudslide against sliding San Fran.
There's also MLB to consider, where the never say die Phillies plan to be the latest thorn in the side of the haughty, naughty Houston, plus Abe's...
ChabDog.com1 month ago
Listen in to last week's "Scavenger Punt, Jockeying for Field Postion in NFL Week 7" CDST show, to find out how our peerless points leader went from Penthouse to Outhouse. Maybe a few too many trips to the Island, Mr. Miranda? Whatever the situation, you look maahvelous in that very provocative headdress. 😂
ChabDog.com1 month ago

ChabDog's Six Ways From Sunday Week 7 Update:
-- Jimmy G. throws a morbid interception near the end of q2, which turned out to be the calm before the storm; KC bides its time then swamps the Niners with a second half red wave of points... which prompts the realization, you'd rather have the Mahomes on-the-field advantage as compared with the home field advantage.
-- Seahawks disconnect the Chargers in a 2-TD win that wasn't as close as the score indicated. Seattle's looking like this year's the surprise team (on the upside), and if this keeps up Carroll's going to be the leading contender for Coach of the Year in the AFC. As for the Bolts, they continue to have the worst 4th down offense in the league, which prompts the question, why is Staley so stuck on going for it?
-- Texans flame out in spectacular...
ChabDog.com1 month ago

Looking for that extra edge going into this week's action? Take full advantage with CDST's "Scavenger Punt: Jockeying for Field Position in NFL Week 7". We show you where to go in pro... and college... with last week's hot hot hot Abe Miranda trying to improve on his 11-5 performance against the spread.
Among the considerations --
PIttsburgh trying to make 20 to 24 points (maybe?) stand up against Miami and Tua (can he even stay standing in the pocket?)
Can the Bengals keep it going at home against the now fantastic Falcons?
The battle of silver and blue at AT&T (what sayeth you Dorothy D?)
More miracles for Matty Ice in the Music City?
And visions of Bailey and Billy's boys mauling the Bears in a Boston Massacre...
Plus Blixx's pick six, including Buckeye's pillaging without pity (don't those Hawkeyes with...
ChabDog.com2 months ago

Listen in to last week's CDST, and find out how A-B-E nailed 11 out of 14 against the spread. It's definitely an attention grabber...
But we note he did fall into the trap like AB fell into that hot tub in Saudi Arabia... going to the Island picking the Browns to cover against the Patriots.

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