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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 10-14-19:

NFL Update:

  • Packers enjoy some delicious home cooking, as in refs throwing ridiculous yellow flags of cowardice from their back pockets. NFL players fight long and hard for the chance to taste victory, and it is truly pathetic when the outcome is decided by official mistakes. I’m glad I did not invest too much time watching this game … just the last 3 minutes when the crime du jour took place. Needless to say, Green Bay was not overly impressive but moves on to 5-1. #Lions #Packers
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-13-19:

MLB Update:

  • Shortstop Carlos terrorizes NYY with his bat, not just his glove, and the Astros do what they had to do and grab one back before this battle resumes in the Bronx. Of course, the Yankees will happily take a split, but this game suggests the path to the WCS will be extremely difficult if New York’s starters do not go for more than Paxton’s 2 inning stint tonight. Boone had to use too many guys to get to Chappy, and one there, he had only 1 inning to lean on the closer. After that, there wasn’t much of a security blanket, and Houston did what Houston is inclined to do … capitalize. Starting pitching for both of these teams will continue to be very important as this things moves to a probable Game 7 conclusion. #Astros #Yankees
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-13-19:

NFL Update:

  • Steelers travel west and in front of a surprisingly large and boisterous friendly terrible towel contingent win a home game at Carson. Defensive pressure, including stellar games from Bush and Sutton, made the biggest impact, as PIttsburgh had the perfect answer for San Diego’s predictable dink and dunk passing game. On offense, Devlin ran things like a veteran commander, Conner was versatile and effective (100+ from scrimmage) and the running game woke up with smelling salts sprinkled by Snell.Black and Gold will be smiling all the way home, knowing miserable Miami is coming to town. #Steelers #Chargers
  • Vikings upend the Eagles, who clearly forgot to send their A-game on the road to Minnesota. Yes, the NFC East is falling apart at the seams, but the Eagles are a big part of this mess and should not be sleeping peacefully. #Vikings #Eagles
  • Set your watch on it; on any given Sunday, you’re likely to see Mr. Seahawk beating the clock with a game winning score. Browns do down hard in Cleveland. #Seahawks #Browns
  • Chiefs continue to look for some relief, but there’s no use being defensive about it.
    Oh, and the running game has gone into the tank as well. That leaves limited options and a small margin for error for Mahomey, witness today’s 2nd quarter and on collapse against Houston. #Texas #Chiefs
  • Saints conquer Minshew and the Jags, in a game where yards were few and far between. #Saints #Jaguars
  • Den over Tenn after Mariota and the moribund Titan attack fail to put a dent in the scoreboard. #Titans #Broncos
  • If you happened to watch today’s game you saw a prime cut of Action Jackson. Ever thought of spying on the QB, Cincy? #Bengals #Ravens
  • Not a bad effort from the depressed Dolphins, who prove you can go for two, and step in it too. #Redskins #Dolphins
  • Jets set their engine on Mono-pilot, and Darnold delivers perhaps his best game as a pro; as for the sleepy Cowboys, you can’t take the 1st half off and expect a victory. #Cowboys #Jets
  • Lately LA’s largesse when it comes to donating wins knows no bounds and apparently applies to its California cousin, SF. Niners unplug the Ram aerial attack with more stifling pass defense (yes, Sherman, we are not worthy), and after the first quarter, there was simply nothing to speak of on the ground. #FortyNiners #Rams
  • Unfortunately for Atlanta, only one of their Matts had a good game. #Falcons #Cardinals
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NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-12-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Longhorns long for the days of Darrell Royal and the SWC when they had a real chance to stop the Sooners. Yes, this game was close on the scoreboard, but come game time was there really any nervousness in Norman? #Longhorns #Sooners
  • Burrow surgically carves up the vaunted Florida defense for 3 TDs and almost 300 yards on 85% passing; give the Gators credit for making this more than interesting, but it seems clear that in the SEC, it’s only LSU that the Tide have to fear. #Gators #Tigers
  • Irish are looking ever so stylish at 5-1, while USC is treading water at 3 and 3. #Trojans #FightingIrish
  • Cain gets the yards Penn St. needed to gain, while Stanley’s stammering was too much of a liability for the Hawkeyes in Iowa City. #NittanyLions #Hawkeyes
  • Memphis takes a tumble from the ranks of the unbeaten against Temple. #Tigers #Owls
  • Michigan had no business being in a 3-pt game in the 4th with Illinois and its illusory run defense; they’ll need to cut out the mind blowing sloppiness, penalties and inattention to detail if they want to have a chance next week against Penn St. Yes, what goes in well in Champagne may be disastrous in Happy Valley. #Wolverines #FightingIllini
  • Ore goes full bore against Colorado. #Buffaloes #Ducks
  • Bama and Clemson clamor for competition but find none. #CrimsonTide #Tigers

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-12-19:

MLB Update:

  • Gleyber gleefully gets in his whacks, leaving Zack with some major high anxiety, while Masahiro emerges as the unexpected Game 1 hero. Time for the Houston choo choo to leave the station. #Yankees #Astros
  • Things are looking pretty grim for once sassy St. Louis. Scherzer shows them the door with dazzling 7-inning one-hitter. No, this isn’t over (remember 1986 when the Red Sox won the first two at Shea and then went into the fetal position), but some major miracles will need to surface for these Cardinals if they hope to prevail. #Nationals #Cardinals
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 10-11-19:

MLB Update:

  • In Game 1 of the NLCS, Anibal was balling and Doolittle was doing a lot. A 1-hitter later, the Nationals have recovered home field advantage, and in the minds of many, justice has been served (they had a better record during the regular season than the Cardinals and played in a tougher division). St. Louis has plenty of moxie and is by no means in serious trouble, but they had better find their bats soon (Washington’s big ticket starters are waiting in the wings). And what’s up with that pseudo-closer Carlos Martinez (talk about a loose cannon shooting off-target). #Nationals #Cardinals
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 10-10-19:

MLB Update:

  • It’s official … the heavyweight bout we were all told was foreordained is now set in stone — Boone’s Goons vs. The Bregy Bunch. Houston comes in after being pushed a bit more than they cared to be by TB, while the Yanks cranked things up full bore against the immature Twins in a series that was nothing short of a real bore. Go with the Yankees in 7, as their superior relief pitching and hitting should overcome the Stros’ big 1,2, 3? punch + intangibles. #Rays #Astros
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 10-9-19:

MLB Update:

  • Weak kneed Doyyers destroyed, in order by: (i) another gutty performance by the USS Strasburg; (ii) more fiddling and diddling with the bullpen by nervous nellie Davey (why on earth was Kershaw in there pitching to righty Rendon, let alone the batter to follow); (iii) machine gun, misfiring Joe Kelly (who was left in wayyyyyy tooooo long); and (iv) Howie Kendrick, who atoned for some fielding boo boos quite well on this Day of Atonement. Congrats to the Nats!!!!
  • Braves lay a huge egg at home, coming up completely flat against Flaherty, while St. Louis tears Foltynewicz a new one before he has time to catch his breath in an historically good top of the first. Looks like Atlanta still paying the price for all those good times it had in the fat ‘n happy days of the early-to-mid 1990s. #Braves #Cardinals
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 10-7-19:

NFL Update:

  • If this game had been played in 2013, we could’ve said that Baker got butchered at the Candlestick. All kidding aside, the Cleveland Clowns get clobbered in prime time when they make the mistake of trying to grapple with Garoppolo. And throw a little Kittle into the mix, and you have a real Maalox moment for another lunchy team venturing forth from the piss poor AFC North. #Brown #NIners


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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 10-7-19:

MLB Update:

  • Like clockwork, the soft underbelly of the Braves bullpen gets exposed in the 8th and punctured in the 10th. Smart money is on St. Louis in Game 5…. I think….#Rays #Astros
  • Rays extricate themselves out of that annoying orange haze and send Greinke back to Meineke for some reconstructive body work. And Charlie isn’t at all sorry for shrinking Springer, Bregy, and Tattoo Altuve down to size. #Astros #Rays
  • Facing elimination, the Nattily attired wild cards get mad, … as in Mad Max … to do their bidding, and in the process dodge elimination. #Dodgers #Nationals
  • Twins mount a token threat in the bottom of the ninth, but for the Yankees there’s absolutely nothing to fear, what with Chappy painting the upper inside corner with the perfect dog ear. That was all the Twinkie defense that New York needed. #Yankees #Twins
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-6-19:

NFL Update:

  • Illegal hit leaves Mason wasted, and though Devlin manages to work out the details, Steelers don’t deal with the particulars too well in OT. Why Tomlin chose to kickoff in OT we’ll never know (how can you possibly give away that obvious benefit voluntarily?), and JuJu loses his handle on the situation. #Ravens #Steelers
  • Jets certainly needed a cool hand Luke manning the controls; not today, as the Eagles rip out the spleen of gang green. #Jets #Eagles
  • KC gets overpowered by the patient and relentless Colts, who controlled the offensive line with their reliable starting five and by lots of havoc wreaked by ex-Chief Houston. #Colts #Chiefs
  • Cowboys spend the first half looking like total slackers against the Packers, and can never recover. Bad things often happen for his team when Dak continuously drops back, A pleasant surprise for the visitors was the rushing of Aaron the running back. Green Bay is only to happy to find a winning formula that does not teeter unduly on Aaron the QB. #Packers #Cowboys
  • Buc defense wasn’t ready for Teddy, who had them backing u after Q1. #Buccaneers #Saints
  • Denver designs a suffocating defense that took away the trademark Rivers short stuff, and wins the rough and tumble battle in the trenches with the gutty play of LIndsay. #Broncos #Chargers
  • Bills show an iron will in standing up to the tough Titans in Nashville. #Bills #Titans
  • Late in the game, the Bears come undone in London; was this really the Raiders? #Bears #Raiders
  • Vikings pillage at will in Giants’ village; NY’s prolems are by no means behind them particularly with no Barkley and run options limited.
  • Redskins beat a hasty retreat from the Patriot onslaught in the second half, with Colt misfiring and virtually nothing to show in terms of 3rd down conversions. #Patriots #Redskins
  • Falcon defense falls short against Fuller, who fills up on receptions and yardage in a Big Texan way. #Falcons #Texans
  • Cardinals work a fly-by shooting of the ever-victimized Bengals, and Kyler Murray is the lead perpetrator. #Cardinals #Bengals
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