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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-19-19 (and click post as Wendy Williams inquires about the whereabouts of one Michael Hunt)

Blue Jackets fall in Montreal when they forget to pack their dopp kit with the Tartar control…

NHL Update:

  • Blue Jackets fall in Montreal when they forget to pack their dopp kit with the Tartar control…#Canadiens #BlueJackets
  • Pencil in another noteworthy win for the pushy Pens. #Penguins #Devils
  • Blues stay hot hot hot, adding to the annual refrain that St. Louis springs forward in February, only to go away meekly in May. #Blues #MaplesLeafs
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Get made whole for breakfast or lunch … with the Breakfast Bowl at The Grindz! (and click post for the Odd Couple theme)

ChabDog recently had a very pleasurable sit down with a Breakfast Bowl at The Grindz. Plenty of cheddar jack cheese, sprinkled over two eggs, delicious bacon fried rice and tasty Portuguese sausage. Add some sriracha or some of their special Hawaiian hot sauce for some extra kick, and your on your way to an eating extravaganza.

NCAA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-12-19 (listen for a far out tirade from the Tooz)

Beilein makes a bee line for the locker room

NCAA Update:

  • Puke: another impressive as hell ACC road win for Duke…#BlueDevils #Cardinals
  • Michigan lacks staying power against pesky Penn St. when Beilein is stung with an ejection. #Wolverines #Nittany Lions
  • Kentucky caves in to Kavell at the buzzer. #Tigers #Wildcats
  • A very lean (and mean) Cassius guides the Spartans as they stick it to the Badgers in Madison. #Spartans #Badgers
  • 25 years or so after UM’s Jalen Rose, another Jalen rose to the challenge at another UM as Boilermaker bubbles evaporate late against the Terps. #Terrapins #Boilermakers

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-12-19 (and click to hear Walter Matthau protect NYC in the the Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3)

The Dean of basketball admits: “Playing for the Lakers, ain’t that a kick in the head”

NBA Update:

  • Young, Trae holds sway over James, LeBron. #Lakers #Hawks
  • Down in the 4th … no worry, when you have Durant and Curry. #Jazz #Warriors
  • Things are really starting to smell in the land of the Pels. #Magic #Pelicans
  • Celts show up en masse and still know how to turn on the gas as they outlast frustrated Philly. #Celtics #Sixers
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 2-10-19 (and click to Tony lay down the law to Richie)

You’re never too high and mighty to double dribble.

NBA Update:

  • Heat should be all over the officials after Miami gets mistreated in The Town; yes, even big important stars like Durant occasionally look spastic and use two hands. #Heat #Warriors
  • Lakers and LeBron just can’t compete with Embiid point scoring greed; baby triple double by LBJ doesn’t stand in the way of Joel’s very telling 37, 14 and 14. #Sixers #Lakers
  • Dallas learns how to dig deep with Doncic, not Dirk. #TrailBlazers #Mavericks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-5-19 (and click to hear all about shrinkage)

Is it live, or is it Memphis?

NBA Update:

  • Portland may still be 11 over .500, there’s no denying they are weak underneath … just like Italy in World War II … Whiteside definitely punctured that soft underbelly, going 11-12. #Trailblazers #Heat
  • Does this win mean we can no longer ask, in the spirit of that old Memorex tag line, “is it live, or is it a Memphis Grizzly”. #Grizzlies #Timberwolves
  • Even without big deal Kyrie on the road in hostile Quicken Loans, this Boston-Cleveland tussle was definitely a case of the haves vs. the Cav-nots. #Celtics #Cavaliers
  • LeBron’s still looking rather weak, and the Pace-cars run circles around the stuck in the mud Lakers with Myles and Bo Bo. #Lakers #Pakers
  • When it comes to the All-star game, do not forsake Blake; this guy is having an absolutely huge year. #Pistons #Knicks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 2-4-19 (and click to hear Wade insist “No Jean, no money”)

42 year old Vince Carter’s secret weapon …

NBA Update:

  • Hawks fly into town and torment the Wizards when Prince rains down 20 plus, and old man Carter farts a huge cloud of toxic dust. #Hawks #Wizards
  • For three quarters, the Bucks methodically stripped the Nets of their dignity (wait, do they have any?), and then coast to a very ho hum 19 pt victory. #Bucks #Nets
  • Hungry Harden jacks up another obnoxious stack of shots, and the gaudy Rockets blot out the “no fun zone, even at home” Suns. #Rockets #Suns
  • Spurs road trip hits an immediate snag when they run up against the Kings’ smooth and utterly ruthless Bag-man. Check it out Spurs … you’re old! #Spurs #Kings
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 2-4-19 (click post for some Tom Brady that is now a distant memory)

Jubilant Julian and his bushy beard was certainly the Rabbi the Patriots needed to properly sacrifice stubbles McVay and the rest of the LA Lambs.
  • Brady was mediocre and Goff was more than off, Gurley was mostly withdrawn and non-confrontational, and the defensive lines for both teams had field days; that being said, the difference was clearly a huge mismatch in coaching, with Belichick’s defenders completely getting in the minds of McVay’s high powered scoring machine. Belichick was the MVP (Most Valuable Puppeteer), but we know they can’t do that so the trophy goes to Super juking Julian Edelman, the first winner of this award claiming a Hebrew heritage. Yes, New England, you are football’s version of the Yankees, which makes the rest of the league feel pretty … helpless. And can this happen another 3 to 4 to 5 more times under the guidance of the GOAT … most certainly. #Patriots #Rams

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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 2-1-19 (and click to hear Janice play boss in the bedroom)

Denver’s quite happy to be saddled with this persistent case of Jokic

NBA Update:

  • Boss ball hog J. Harden gets his obligatory 30 but I’d rather have the larger output of registered stretch offender Nikola on an amazingly accurate 12 for 15 shooting. Yes, sometimes a persistent case of Jokic is what you really need to get over the hump. Denver’s doing things the right way … getting seemingly everyone “involved” with a true team-oriented concept. As for the Rockets, good luck with that unimaginative approach of standing around and running everything through The Beard. Don’t expect Dantoni to come up with anything new anytime soon. #Rockets #Nuggets
  • Hot dog Kyrie and the sizzling Celts happily stick it to the Knicks, … with relish. #Celtics #Knicks
  • Gorgeous game by George propels OKC past the stale Heat. #Thunder #Heat
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 1-31-19 (and click for a bit of Bruno)

Embiid and Sixers step on soft competition at TheOracle

NBA Update:

  • Rugged Sixers enjoy mixing it up with soft Dubs; is Cousins going to be a relative liability in the middle, while he plays himself back into shape? #Sixers #Warriors
  • Spurs continue their latest stubborn victory spurt with a narrow shave win over the Nets. But will leading scorer Derrick White make anyone forget about Tony Parker at guard? First, we need to recover from collective amnesia about who the heck he is. #Nets #Spurs
  • Bucks continue to up the ante with their Giannis star, Antekounmpo. #Bucks #Raptors
  • Indy’s tragic and mysterious fall from grace gets exacerbated by the Magic. #Pacers #Magic
  • Lakers hold on for an important triumph over their crosstown rivals. LeBron responds with a solid, if controlled and relatively unspectacular, performance, but what stands out is some serious ballin from BI and a late game pick-me-up from comedic Energizer bunny Lance Stephenson. #Lakers #Clippers
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NCAA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 1-29-19 (click post as partisans for the Commodores as for a “REFUND!!!”)

Jayhawks turn into chicken hawks in Austin

NCAA Update:

  • Jayhawkers play like chicken hawks, getting taken down by Roach and the Horns. #Jayhawks #Longhorns
  • Commodores are real bores in wipe out loss to the Cats. #Wildcats #Commodores
  • Bo knows how to go on the road in the Big 10 and get a big win. #Badgers #Cornhuskers
  • Who knows … maybe the new Admiral will make us forget about the old Admiral, and he’s got his friends in Tennessee seeing an SEC title. #Volunteers #Gamecocks
  • In a game that ABBA certainly would’ve been singing about, Maryland’s Fernando got the Twerp mobile out of park in College Park. Way to go, Bruno! #Terrapins #Wildcats

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 1-28-19 (and click to hear Tony ask Mikey “how’s the boy?”)

You’d better come fully armed for a dust up with these Warriors …

NBA Update:

  • A thoroughly deflating thrashing at home for the fragile Pacers, who were just beginning to think they were for real … not by a long shot when it comes to waging war with the Warriors. #Warriors #Pacers
  • Balanced Celts snatch a gift wrapped win when lead stands up against needy Nets. #Nets #Celtics
  • Clipps continue to slip, getting shocked at home by the Hawks. #Hawks #Clippers
  • Nugs lug their comeback up an historic hill against the geriatric Grizzlies. #Nuggets #Grizzlies
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Australian Open Update: 1/27/19 (Men’s Final) (click to hear Judge Smails break out the Billy Baroole)

Once again, the Aussie champ is lean, mean, and with his multiple slams Down Under not too far in between.

Australian Open Update:

For those of us who gave up on this match in the middle of the night, what looked like would happen, did happen … the sinewy, hungry mongoose devoured the wild board with little, if any, indigestion. In the minds of most reasonably seasoned tennis observers, Rafa has rarely, if ever, looked this helpless, this uncoordinated and this confused. We saw a perfect storm for the World’s No. 1, with his opponent’s shots landing too short in the court, with less topspin and easier angles; Djoker then proceeded to use exquisite timing in taking everything his opponent dished out on the rise and pounding answers back into the corners. The decidedly pro-Nadal crowd tried desparately to prop their hero up when he managed to eeke out a service game hold down 3-0 in the first set, but this was a microcosm of the whole match — Nadal scrambling and stumbling for the few scraps that might be dropped by Novak out of sheer largesse, or even, disinterest.

What seems abundantly clear is that, more than ever before, we’re smack dab in the middle of the Djokovic Era. Is this a good thing? For those desiring variety at the top, the answer is definitely no, but at least this means we may well see another Calendar Boy when it comes to Grand Slam wins.

Australian Open Update: 1/26/19 (Women’s Finals) (click to hear audio)

Osaka’s offense rules the day in Melbourne, and she’s promoted to head of the class.

Australian Open Update:

  • Maybe Kirin Beer should hire the new champion as their spokesperson: “If you don’t have the time (to react), we don’t have the beer, and you’re a dead duck against Naomi”. Japan’s pride and joy bludgeons her way to another major, overcoming some minor meltdowns and a very game Petra K. The contrast with last year’s winner could not be more stark, and although the fireworks were at times thrilling, can we possibly have a happy medium? There was certainly drama and tension here, but was there any strategy? Osaka’s coach may feel like the Maytag repairman, given her apparent ability to blast her way out of any sticky situation. The hope would be that on slower surfaces, this fantastic phenom will actually need to raise her game to even higher levels by making on-court adjustments and playing a thinking woman’s game. That would be more interesting. In the meantime, congratulations on a job well done.

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