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NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 10-21 (click post for audio)

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Trojans are unprotected and exposed in South Bend — this was a whole lot worse than mere hole poking… this was maiming.
  • Still sore from last year, McSorley and the gang goes to the local Office Depot, buys plenty of white out, and proceeds to blot out any memory of last year’s loss to the overrated Wolverines. Sorry Jim, you weren’t at the Big House playing the Loosiers or Purdone… no this was a reckoning that was a long time coming in the land of Happy Valley. #Wolverines #NittanyLions
  • Pettway and the Alabama tigers weren’t about to let those little piggies from Arkansas get away. Hogs hardly had any say in the matter, as they are slow roasted on a spit at home in Fayetteville. #Tigers #Razorbacks
  • Mississippi misses lots of opportunities to put the squeeze on the juicy Guice machine, who ran uninterrupted at Oxford and led the Bayou Bengals to another resounding road victory in the SEC. #Rebels #Tigers
  • KU needs to fire everyone on its coaching staff right now, and let the players coach themselves. This was a totally unacceptable showing for a major conference school, on national TV. Negative total yardage? Allowing a punt return for TD when you had numerous clear shots on the returner, who was running toward his own goal line for more than a few seconds. The time for laughing or turning a blind eye is over. Time to clean house in Lawrence! TCU is a good team, but they aren’t world beaters, and Gary Patterson looked like he was going through the motions tonight … and who could blame him for looking a bit unconcerned. #HornedFrogs #Jayhawks
  • Was this a case of superlative Spartan defense, or just really sparse output (again) by winless (in conference play) Indiana? #Hoosiers #Spartans
  • Hokies makes UNC say “Uncle” … after 1 quarter … in Blacksburgh. #TarHeels #Hokies
  • OK State can still relate to a 3 pt, OT victory over the Longhorns, in which they only scored a solitary, paltry TD. This helps their record, but not Rudolf’s aspirations for the Heisman. #Cowboys #Longhorns
  • Hornibrook to Fumagalli, plus some typical production from Taylor, means the expected fumigation of the UM Terrapins at Camp Randall. #Badgers #Terrapins
  • Crimson Tide engulfs helpless Tennessee, despite Bama’s reluctance to roll out its regulars; that Nick Saban is such a nice guy … taking necessary measures to maintain the Volunteers within his sphere of influence! #CrimsonTide #Volunteers
  • Miami more or less dominates the Orange, but true to form does its level best to allow its opposition to stay within striking distance, until the waning moments. #Orange #Hurricanes

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 10-21-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Yankee ship goes down with a soggy, groggy Sabathia, who was floundering out there in his clown pants, while Morton looked like the deadly second coming of Doc Holiday. As for Altuve, don’t you dare pitch to the whites of his eyes, and after the game Gattis was heard to exclaim, “We don’t need no batting gloves”. #Astros #Yankees
  • Main observations from Game 7 of ALCS:

1) AJ Hinch did a great job in the pinch managing to get by with what pitching he had left. Thank you to the Pirates for sending Houston Charlie “Table Scraps” Morton.
2) Hey Yankees, enjoy your time off… now you can grow some facial hair….
3) Youth and exuberance don’t always translate to big hitting on the road.
4) Altuve doesn’t stand too tall, but he sure hefts a hefty stick.
5) CC filled his big clown pants well, but as for those shoes, not quite… from the first inning, you could just see see he just didn’t have his good stuff.



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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 10-19 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Raiders threaten to fold like a house of Carrds, with Lynch getting tossed for trying to lynch the ref and some very soft play from their secondary school secondary, but in the end, it was the Chiefs who choked by doing way too much grabbing … on defense. Until Reid grabs the bull by the horns and addresses this problem of excessive use of the hands by his corners and safeties, KC will be literally held back from attaining larger goals than merely winning its division, if that. #Chiefs #Raiders
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 10-19-17 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • With Edwards and Jordan wasting no time proving who are the best players in LA, the Clippers trounce the Flakers, adding misery to what was a real ball-buster of a break-in game for long faced Lonzo. Maybe Luke should consider taking some pressure off the rookie by letting Clarkson start at the point. #Lakers #Clippers
  • All’s well in OKC, as Paul and Carmello get their 20+ and more importantly, Westbrook cooks up another triple double and the Thunder goes a gaudy +29 when Russell Athletic is on the court. Sounds like, and is, curtains for the Knicks. #Knicks #Thunder
  • No offense to the fantastic Finn, Lauri Markkanen, but the Bulls played most of this game in “park”, while the Raptors were shifting into a much higher gear. #Raptors #Bulls
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 10-19-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • With Kike kicking some major ass and Clay’s curve falling off a table, the LA trolley dodgers had no problem derailing the Cubs’ sputtering L train. Much congratulations are in order for these talented and driven NL pennant winners, who are certainly worthy successors to Chicago’s mantle. #Cubs #Dodgers
  • Should we make Kike an honorary member of ChabDog’s All-Jewish Team?   Nah!!!!!!
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 10-18-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Astros can yell “Houston Strong” all day long, but if they don’t pick up the slack in the hitting dept. they’ won’t last much longer in these here playoffs. Yes, they have old man Verlander going in Game 6, but he is going to give up a few runs in the minute band box, which means guys like Springer had better get some spring in their step, as well as their bats. Stros are sorely in need of a straw for a stirring change of momentum. #Astros #Yankees
  • Los Dodgers finally are at a loss for in-game solutions.  Baez says bye bye to his little friend and to a sweep.  Time to bring in a ton of Clayton and squash this rally in the bud. #Dodgers #Cubs


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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 10-18-17 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Boston beats its chest in its home opener against the Bucks, but they find that bravado only gets you so far against a team of seasoned professionals like the Bucks. And 7-25 shooting by the new big man on campus didn’t help much either. #Bucks #Celtics
  • By George, how did those Pacers score 140 when they were missing Paul? Oh yeah, when you’re playing the Nets, it’s as good as it gets. #Nets #Pacers
  • Wizards seem a tad off kilter and couldn’t cover Covington, but made enough big plays to affix a loss on the record of the Sixers. #76ers #Wizards
  • Harris-led Pistons hammer the Hornets at Little Caesars, which seemed as luxurious as the one at Auburn Hills. #Hornets #Pistons


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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 10-17-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • If Houston loses this series, they’ll point to the disastrous 7th inning as the beginning of the end, when a 4-0 lead vanished like a house of cards. Houston’s relief has not lived up to its name, bringing nothing but heartburn for Hinch, who doesn’t seem to know where to turn… and they’re burning for game 6 in the Bronx! #Astros #Yankees
  • Cubs looked quite famished for runs with the twirling Darvish on the mound.  Yes, Yu can’t hit what Yu can’t see, and Chicago needed a seeing eye dog for most of the night.  Meanwhile, Carl Edwards Jr. has a senior moment, walking the pitcher with the bases loaded, and the Dodgers looked relaxed and self-assured from the plate.  #Dodgers #Cubs
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 10-17-17 (click post for audio)

NHL Update:

  • Mark these Pens down for another title… we still got it baby!
  • Kyle’s drive means Lightning burn in hell in Newark against the reveling Devils. #Devils #Lightning
  • Frederik the Great Goaltender caps the Capitals’ scoring at zero, which makes Connor Brown’s lonely goal stand up until the throw away empty netter. #Capitals #MapleLeafs
  • In a surprising reversal of fortune, the laughing stock of NYC isn’t the Jets, Mets or event the Giants … it’s the 1-5-1 Rangers. #Rangers #Penguins


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Add Original Rinaldi’s Chubby Chabby to your lunch wish list…

Thank you Marc Caruso, for insisting that Original Rinaldi’s come up with this fully loaded weapon of hunger destruction … the “Chubby Chabby”.

We’ve got plenty of roast beef for the cantankerous cabbie, ham for wanna be comedian ChabDog, prosciutto for refined Well-read, and some savory salami for Frank the Tank.

Put that in a toasted bun, with melted mozzarella and some perfectly grilled onions, and you’re set for lunch … and few hours after that.

And thank you to Dylan Ben Harris and everyone else at Original Rinaldis, for making my 5 minute drive over to your culinary paradise a monthly pilgrimage I hold dear to my hear, if not my stomach.

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 10-16 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • As ChabDognosticated, the Titans rid themselves of Indy’s domination when Derrick blows through the Colt defenders like they were little more than ornamental dominoes. With even an 80% healthy Mariota, two excellent running backs and the ageless Dick LeBeau manning the defensive controls, TN has the basic parts for playoff positioning. #Titans #Colts
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