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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 7-22-19:

MLB Update:

  • Gott’s relief work hits the spot, while Strop’s appearance doesn’t stop anything. Giants stay on a roll, while Cubs continue to yo yo. #Giants #Cubs
  • Twins merrily imbibe plenty of delicious cc’s of CC, en route to a handful of homers that take down the bombers. #Yankees #Twins
  • JD and friends wear out the Rays, with balls echoing through a largely empty warehouse, and prompting Tampa Bay to raise (quite lamely) the white flag, by throwing a position player in the ninth (down by only five). No, this does not look like a playoff team. #RedSox #Rays
  • With Hader away, the Red Legs press the issue and cause quite a mess in Old Milwaukee against Jeffress. #Reds #Brewers
  • Another brutal bad beat at the hands of the Cardinal sinners. What else could the Pirates possibly expect? #Pirates #Cardinals
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 7-21-19:

MLB Update:

  • Blackmon ends CO offensive blackout with a power surge from the plate, as the Rock’ em Sock’ em Rockies finally sock it to the Yankees. #Rockies #Yankees
  • Boston’s Cashner continues to crash and burn, while Baltimore’s Asher dusts off the Red Sox with surprising ease. The result is a very bad series loss for the defending World Champions. #RedSox #Orioles
  • Redbirds peck apart the Reds with a monster game from starter Munoz. #Cardinals #Reds
  • More misery for the Mets, who weaken yet again in the late innings; as for the Giants, they come back from the brink of extinction to level their record and ready for … a playoff run. #Mets #Giants
  • Red P’s wreck hospitality of yellow P’s with huge homer in extras by Hoskins. #Phillies #Pirates
  • To their credit, the Angels have not given up, and remain a long shot playoff pretender … going to three games over with a scorching of Seattle. #Angels #Mariners
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 7-20-19:

MLB Update:

  • Give these A’s an A for resilience; they’re not going away, and look like they’ll getting a wild card invitation in the mail, come October. As for the Twins, life is getting a bit more complicated. #Athletics #Twins
  • Braves still can’t shake those annoying gNats; time for a self-help guide. #Nationals #Braves
  • Pirates capture 2nd game of latest Keystone conflict, making it look too easy with Musgrove’s 2-hit mound mastery of the phlegmatic Phillies. #Phillies #Pirates
  • Bosox survive a rather poor outing to Porcello by battering Baltimore’s baby seals over the head and with reckless abandon. For Red Sox fans, this game was indeed one fine mess. #RedSox #Orioles
  • Tampa’s bats are starting to resemble toothpicks; witness, today’s pipsqueak effort at the plate, which hardly made a discernible echo at BJ’s Warehouse in St. Pete. #WhiteSox #Rays
  • It’s deja vu all over again as Chicago pulls another 6-5 victory out of their cubby hats. #Padres #Cubs
  • Colorado’s falling out of the wildcard race almost as fast as their former governor HIckenlooper is getting kicked out of the Dem primary race. #Rockies #Yankees
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 7-19-19:

MLB Update:

  • Bryce guy finishes first in Pittsburgh; Phils seem to have recovered their early season form, while the Pirate pitching is apparently heading south for an extended Summer respite. #Phillies #Pirates
  • Red Sox and Price don’t get the usual warm reception at Camden Yards; instead, their No. 1 starter gets hit very hard. #RedSox #Orioles
  • Pads left stammering at the finish line after Stammen, Tatis and Media throw away the victory. #Padres #Cubs
  • Cards prove no lead is safe when you’re he ahead as a Red. #Cardinals #Reds


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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 7-18-19:

MLB Update:

  • Dodger offense continues to be a hit on the East Coast, but their pitchers are lately getting hit more. Phils wake up with a smart 7th inning comeback and salvage a hard earned split with the marquis team in the NL. #Dodgers #Phillies
  • Toiling in obscurity, the Royals inch almost imperceptibly out of last place … and are soiling the White Sox in the process. #WhiteSox #Royals
  • Red Sox hope the real Sale made an appearance made an appearance tonight in in a big way at Fenway. Tonight’s sharp 2-hitter was the type of fresh start Boston has been looking for for quite a while. #BlueJays #RedSox
  • Nats bats continue to crackle as hard charging Washington lays waste to the Braves. #Nationals #Braves
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It’s Teriyaki Time at The Grindz … set your watch on it!

I was recently reunited with one of my favorite, stand-by dishes at The Grindz — the simply wonderful Teriyaki Plate.  Tender chicken grilled and seasoned to perfection, accompanied by a generous portion of white rice, tangy Hawaiian slaw, and the one-and-only mac salad.  I had plenty of hot sauce ready, and along with the savory teriyaki sauce, my taste buds were sent into an endless orbit of pleasure.

Another lunchtime masterpiece from The Grindz @ 1601!

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 7-17-19:

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 7-17-19:

  • Could it be that things are looking really rosy for Rosario and the swaggering Mets, who bust the Twins in the shins with a ton of hits and some surprisingly stiff stuff off the mound from Vargas. #Mets #Twins
  • This year’s turning into quite a bod of work for both E-Rod and Devers, whose exploits give Boston the cushion they need to tame the Jays. #RedSox #BlueJays
  • The too talented for .500 Brewers are certainly loving life with Hader. #Braves #Brewers
  • More runs fall from the heavens for the G-men, who seem to have gone through a majorly positive attitude in the high altitude of Coors Field. #Giants #Rockies
  • Classic bad beat in STL for the Pirates, who have a win stolen under their noses when the Cardinals turn to the Goldschmidt standard. #Pirates #Cardinals
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 7-16-19:

MLB Update:

  • In another edition of the Beltway battle, the Nationals get out the belt and whip the O’s raw like Tony flogging counselman Zellman in front of the sexy Russian in Season 3 of the Sopranos. #Nationals #Orioles
  • A transfusion of new blood, including the new Yastrzemski, is giving the previously moribund G-men an very invigorating boost. #Giants #Rockies
  • Just when you think they’re ready to fade into oblivion, the Bucs perk up and stop the bleeding. Another fine outing for Liriano in his second stint with the Black ‘N Gold. #Pirates #Cardinals
  • After an extended slumber, Harper finally looks sharper in Phillies’ wild ride victory over traveling Dodger Blues. #Dodgers #Phillies
  • Blue Jays bash new guy Cashner and give the inconsistent Red Sox a serious case of the Mondays… on Tuesday. #BlueJays #RedSox
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 7-15-19:

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 7-15-19:

  • Chappy’s choo choo made the mistake of venturing into the d’Arnaud danger zone, with some very serious consequences for the shocked and appalled Bombers. #Rays #Yankees
  • So much for the Cubs’ resurgence; Cincy reminds everyone that they are no longer to be trifled with (at least for 1 game of the 3-game set). Nice job, Reds! #Reds#Cubs
  • Houston earned a Big “L” at the Big A today, with alarmingly spotty pitching that will not serve them well in October (if they do get that far). #Astros #Angels
  • As usual, the Pirates save their worst for their good friends the Cardinals, stumbling through a completely miserable, error prone shutout in St. Louis. Absolutely pathetic! #Pirates #Cardinals
  • Brewers continue to slide back to the pack, while Freeman and the Braves are look ready to clinch their division by mid August. #Braves #Brewers
  • Boston’s big boppers bounce back, as they usually do, against the batting practice junk offered up by the Jays. #BlueJays #RedSox
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Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Final (Day 13)

Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Final (Day 13):

  • He may not be retiring, but No. 2 is finally put to rest well past his bedtime by No. 1.
  • Needless to say, it was quite an acerbic ending for the competitor who was not a Serb. The clear fan favorite loses to the betting favorite in a match that was probably (almost) as exhausting to watch as it must’ve been to play. Who can ever remember Federer failing to take advantage of so many key opportunities, whether it be in the first set or in the fifth set? He dominated this match with his serve, won more game and more points, but most unfortunately, he did not win either the first set or the final point. This was possibly his last, best chance to get a major, given the reality that grass is his best surface and he caught his opponent on a somewhat off day. But nevertheless, he did not have the power to win those precious match or set points, and all you need to do is give the World’s No. 1 a little opening, and it’s over. When all is said and done, this may be the win that propels ND on to become the greatest victor of all time. He has a ways to go, but who can say after this one that anything is not within his reach.

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 7-13-19:

MLB Update:

  • Lester can’t even throw to first base … how the bleep did he drive in all those runs? One person who is not all smiles is definitely his Pirate counterpart Jordan Lyles. Oy vey iz mir….#Pirates #Cubs
  • Streaking Nats have gone 17-4 virtually unnoticed, while the team everyone was talking about is dropping in the standings like a lead balloon. Yes, it seems like panic time in Philadelphia. A little buyer’s remorse for Bryce and the high horse he rode into town on? #Nationals #Phillies
  • Tired of taking all that Hub and spoke abuse, the Doyyers finally get their all-terrain, road warrior vehicle revved up and hit Chris Sale well beyond the pale. Ouch! Boston fans could feel those homers all the way back in LA. #Dodgers #RedSox
  • In yet another edition of baseball’s Stupor Bowl matchup, the ridiculous Royals take care of the tediously terrible Tigers. #Tigers #Royals
  • Mets use their high priced Cano to reel in the Marlins. #Mets #Marlins
  • Stevie “the wonderful” Wilkerson is doing his best to change the negative attitude in Baltimore with a big hit that sinks the Rays … just ahead of deportation day….#Rays #Orioles
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Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Finals (click for audio)

Wimbledon 2019 — Women’s Singles Finals:

  • Simona Halep plays the match of her life, and takes what is rightfully hers … a Wimbledon Championship. You can probably count her unforced errors on one hand. She had the eager, hungry look of a cheetah on the savanna hunting some big game, and played with positive energy that radiated from every pore. This is what competitive sports is all about. You don’t just win because you are the biggest, the strongest or because you are the heavy favorite. You win because you have the confidence, focus, desire and fitness to get it done, and that is exactly what she had today.
  • By contrast, Serena seemed to go through the motions, in a kind of mental check-out mode that must be bewildering to her many fans. For the third time in a row, she didn’t get it done, and with each advancing year, it isn’t getting any easier. She can no longer rely on the intimidation factor alone, along with her obvious physical gifts, to get it done. She knows full well what she needs to do to get back on top, but does she really want it badly enough? Even for those who aren’t fans, it would be nice to see her regain some of the joy from just competing at a high level, which seems very clearly to be missing (just listen to her in the press conference). She seem resigned, a bit bitter, and cranky. The strong suggestion is there that she really needs to “change the game” if she wants the desired results, but denial is a long river in Africa, and it’s not clear she’s disembarking.


Say hello to my tall, well groomed friend … Rocket the Afghan … ChabDog of the Month for July 2019

This sleek, spiffy Afghan named Rocket has the speed of an NFL halfback, and the flowing locks of a Greek adonis.  When it comes to hair, he’s head and shoulders above the the competition, and a more than worthy recipient of the mantle, ChabDog of the Month for July 2019.  Before 7/19 expires, it’s time to pay tribute to this beautiful canine, who can run so fine.



MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 7-12-19:

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 7-12-19:

  • Dodgers continue to prove that despite their gaudy record they are nothing more than serious Fenway flops, with their peerless leader, Mister Roberts, spending most of the game cowering out of sight in a corner of the dugout; rumor has it that despite his time in Boston as a player, he’s really afraid of Wally The Green Monster. #Dodgers #RedSox
  • Giants make more mischief for Milwaukee as Posey poses as a slugger. #Giants #Brewers
  • In an absolutely scintillating victory, a bunch of likely comatose fans in St. Louie watch some D-backs and Cardinals tread water (who would’ve thought birds and snakes would have such skills). #Diamondback #Cardinals
  • Led by their big stick, the former Mariner, Admiral Nelson, the Twins continue to insist that they be taken seriously, but as they ambush the Indians by the banks of Lake Erie, is anybody out there really listening? #Twins #Indians
  • Very pleasing win for the C’s over the P’s, as the Cubbies look to turn over a new leaf in the friendly confines. Tough loss for the Pirates, who are desperately trying to get some traction for purposes of sticking their heads out above sea level. #Pirates #Cubs
  • The USS Strasburg steams into Filthydelphia and leaves the flounder Phils more than a little queasy. #Nationals #Phillies
  • Hope definitely doesn’t spring eternal in Baltimore, as the light hitting Rays bat around (and then some) in a totally obnoxious 7-run first … having more than a little fun against the ever incompetent Bundy. Time to send this whole team down to AA for some serious rehap. #Rays #Orioles
  • Yankees exert stern control over the frail Jays with their newly discovered right wing German dictator Domingo. #BlueJays #Yankees
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Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Semifinals (Day 11)

Wimbledon 2019 — Men’s Singles Semifinals (Day 11):

  • A cruel Djoker chokes the life out of his Bautista Agut goo goo doll with some relatively straightforward blood and guts backboard action, but let’s be clear, he’ll need more than just boundless, dogged determination to stop the mostly stylish and talented champion to ever traverse the green grass of Wimbledon.
  • Roger reminds his critics (including yours truly) that Rafa’s a lot more vulnerable when the when the festivities move out of the dust and into the dirt. Nadal made the mistake of backing up too much on the return of serve, which immediately gave his opponent all the room he needed … and more … to maneuver. All the Swiss needed was just a smidge of success in the return of serve games, and that was all she wrote.Ignoring all the road work he’s done to get her and the daunting task that lies ahead, Fed may now have his last best chance to cash in at his favorite venue; let’s see some more sparkling offensive tennis, and a fantastic win for him over the human Gumby in fffffive!

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