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ChabDog.com4 days ago

Days away from the second-to-last football Sunday and you haven't concluded your deliberations? No worries. Just do like Jerry and dial up CDST's "Pre-Installed Access Package to the Conference Finals" show. It comes fully loaded with a completely unwanted and unnecessary layer of TruCoat, and after hearing our pitch, we guaranty you'll leave with a lot more than you bargained for. We'll look at joe vs. Pat and Filly vs. Frisco from every conceivable angle, and by the time we're done, you'll be more than happy to whip out the checkbook and capitulate.
As for the rest of the show, it's partly gone to the dogs (with Best of Show), along with a groovy MTM dinner party, some very Strange Brew and some Maddening Super Bowl Memories. Plus NBA, NHL, College b-ball and some finger lickin good commercials.
ChabDog.com1 week ago

ChabDog's Divisional Wildcard Weekend Update:
-- Niners wear down the Boys in the second half, as their power running game and controlled, but efficient, passing attack finds the gaps and catches Dallas in just a few defensive naps. And Dak threw a few passes that he sorely wishes he had back. Shanahan is once again the man, keeping his team focused and unified, albeit without prima donnas or 1st ballot hall of famers. Can they make it back to the big game with the road going through Philly? You get your arse they can... but they'll need to score a bit more to get there.
--Bengals kill the Bills, making a mockery of their home field advantage and attacking what appears to be a very vulnerable defense in nearly every way imaginable. As for Josh Allen and the offense, they were clearly caught flat footed by Cincy's creative...
ChabDog.com2 weeks ago

When the Flyers were flying high, and bowl cuts were all the rage.
ChabDog.com2 weeks ago
ChabDog.com3 weeks ago

ChabDog's Very Selective 6 Ways From Sunday NFL Highlights (Week 18):
-- It took 18 weeks, but Russell was finally Athletic... and all they can say in Denver is what Cary Grant could always say.... "Judie Judie, Judie".... Broncos give the Chargers a swift kick in the backsides, and possibly deals a serious blow to LAC's playoff chances, as big Mike Williams is carted off with a possibly major injury.
This game reminds us all that in the NFL, if you aren't "all-in" ... you'd be better off not being in at all. Yes, the Chargers were playing to win, but Denver probably wanted it more, and for Staley's soldiers, where was the upside.
Playing the starters for minimal minutes, if any, would've made much more sense, given the knowledge prior to the start of the contest, that Baltimore had lost and they were locked...
ChabDog.com1 month ago

ChabDog's Six Ways from Sunday NFL Update (Week 16):
--Certainly no reason to assume that Green Bay's work ends after the regular season. Rodgers showed us once again, why he still has what it takes, and Miami looks like they don't.
Nobody, I mean nobody, wants the Packers come playoff time... well except for may San Fran.
--Tompa Bay slogs its way to another less than impressive victory, but you have to be struck by the way old man Brady hangs in there, like grim death... if you don't have the power to put him out of his misery. JJ Watt was in his face for 3.5 quarters, but not for the whole game, and in OT, the GOAT had all the time he needed to thread the needle. Once again, the Redbirds of the desert get fried.
--Mayfield makes a mockery of the only real...
ChabDog.com1 month ago

A big thank you to co-hosts Eric the Well-read and Abe Miranda for another great show.
And thank you to the Pittsburgh Steelers for making Franco proud on the 50th anny of the Immaculate Reception Game!
Bet us. Fade us. Win money. Take this as your invitation to the "Sweet Week 16 Coming Out Party" show. There's plenty of instant gratification on this heavy...
ChabDog.com1 month ago

ChabDog's 6 ways from Sunday NFL highlights -- Week 15:
-- Giant fraud perpetrated on Sunday Night TV ... hello, it's pass interference if if it happens on the game's last play.
That "blown" call was total travesty, as was the joke of an infraction on the play before. Memo to NFL -- Fix this so it doesn't happen again.
-- All drool over the poise and precision of Joe Cool... and that includes TB-12.
--As usual, just-in-time Justin saved his best for last.
--When they were left with McSorley, AZ sorely missed McCoy, but the time was clearly ripe for Rypien, whose heroics, make the return of Russell possible quite a bitter pill to swallow for the Bronco boosters.
--Blase Chiefs look once again like thiefs ... biding their time until a Mills spill... then stealing out of town with a narrow and...
ChabDog.com2 months ago

Having a tough time getting those creaky bones out of bed on a cold winter morning? We'll inspire with the, "You're always Young enough for a good hit job, Week 15 Show" ...
Suck it up, grab that inhaler, and get ready to fight like rabid dogs on the frozen tundra in mid-December. The playoffs are coming and there's simply no tomorrow. Who knows, there could be a Sister Golden Hair surprise,... and the Raiders actually win as favorites.
We preview the action for this Sunday, as the weather turns frigid and the lines start to fall toward zero. Brace for some spirited hand to hand combat as Baltimore scraps with the Browns, Dallas tangles with the suddenly stoked Jags, the Jets lay in wait for the Lions, Falcons look for something solid to grab hold off against the struggling Saints, and the Panthers plan to...
ChabDog.com2 months ago

ChabDog's Six Ways From Sunday Week 13 Summary:
--The hardly silent Lamb and the very hands-on Dallas defense, along with the Matt Ryan interception machine, made sure that the Colts came in with gusto, but went out like lambs in today's Sunday Night Chainsaw massacre in Dallas.
-- The Silver and Black are officially back, and they're lately looking quite adamant about chasing down the Chargers.
-- This game is proof positive that Tua doesn't have what it takes ... at this stage in his career... to lead Miami to the Super Bowl. This game also suggests that the Niners might not need more than plucky Purdy to go all the way ... that's a reach, but it's a possibility .--Jeepers, this was no cake walk for the Seahawks, who leaned on big guns Metcalf and Geno to put down an uprising from the written off Rams.

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