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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 27 (Playoffs, World Series):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 27 (Playoffs, World Series):

  • Cash gets badly burned when he rather routinely yanks ace Snell and reaches into his stash of over-used relievers; Dodgers then erupt for three humongous scores and never look back, grabbing their 8th World Title and first in 38 long years. Congratulations to LA, on its second pro sports title in succession! #Dodgers #Rays
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — (Week 7):

ChabDog’s NFL Update (Week 7):

  • When it came to scoring points tonight, it was certainly a bear market for Chicago’s munchkins of the Midway. Rams do their level best to correct the misperception that these Bears are any different from last year’s punchless bunch. #Rams #Bears
  • Swarming Cardinals give Wilson little room to wiggle and prod him into 3 uncharacteristic mistakes. Meanwhile, Murray continues his excellent play, using his arm and his legs to drive Seattle’s undersized defense absolutely batty. The result is Seattle struggles and falls from the ranks of the unbeaten, while Arizona’s stock rises. #Seahawks #Cardinals
  • It definitely appears LAC’s Herby loves to bug the Jaguars; mini-resistance thrown up by Minshew is all for naught. #Jaguars #Chargers
  • Broncos find it’ll take a lot more than a little white dust on the ground to provide relief from the Chiefs. And how’s that Drew Locke development project going, John? Looks like it may be time for Plan B. #Chiefs #Broncos
  • SF sticks it to the previous stuck up Patriots, behind their slick QB and a physical defense that had the stodgy NE attack on life support. Contrary to initial reports, it does not appear Newton will breathe new life into this unit. #Patriots #FortyNiners
  • Raiders get swamped in Sin City, as Brady has a bunch of TDs and Big Leonard is starting to crunch DBs. #Buccaneers #Raiders
  • Titans’ psycho kicking game comes back to bite them, as ex-Pat Goskowski can work out his under-50 chronic slice. Steelers survive their always harrowing trip to Music City. #Titans #Steelers
  • Saints ‘aint exactly steamrolling people, but they manage to dance around the landlocked Panthers. #Panthers #Saints
  • What the hell? The WTFs are now 1/2 game out of first, after competent Kyle makes them smile. #Redskins #Cowboys
  • Jets can take solace in beating the spread as home dogs, but there’s little else to wag their tails about. Darnold’s detractors can point to more key mistakes; talk about a steep learning curve. #Jets #Bills
  • Lions leave the best for the bitter end, and leave ATL’s Falcons with a feeling of utter futility; best game of the year for Stafford, who finds the promised land as time evaporates. #Lions #Falcons
  • Rodgers looked much more comfortable this week in the friendly confines of NRG; the Texans’ swiss cheese defense certainly made the Packers feel right at home. #Packers #Texans
  • Baker starts slowly, but turns into touchdown maker. And its just another crushing loss for the Bengal backers. #Bengals #Browns
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 22:

ChabDog’s NFL Update — October 22:

  • Giants somehow manage to shoot themselves in the 4th quarter foot, and we’re not even considering Daniel Jones’ supreme gravitational challenges… how about that phantom tackle in the open field. Eagles flip the switch with another crushing comeback, and move to the top of the NFL’s worst division. #Eagles #Giants
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 17 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 17 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

  • Charlie says sorry … but no dice … to Houston’s hopes for a return to the World Series. Morton may never have been better, and just a little bit of offensive pop was all they needed to dispose of the trash cans. #Astros #Rays
  • Re-dedicated Dodgers do early damage at the plate, and are saved on defense when Buehler? Buehler? Buehler? answers the bell with one hell of a start. On to Game 7. #Dodgers #Braves
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ChabDog’s NCAAF Update, Recap and Perspectives (Saturday, October 17) (click twice for sound):

ChabDog’s NCAAF Update:

  • Dawgs put a scare into No. 2 Bama, but get flattened in the 2nd half by a Mac truck, which delivers 4 TDs. #Bulldogs #CrimsonTide
  • Rebs get ridden out of town on a rail by the Razorbacks, and the margin of victory wasn’t razor thin. #CrimsonTide #Rebels
  • Border states border war spat goes the way of the Wildcats after a couple of sick pick sixes by Guarantano. #Wildcats #Volunteers
  • D’Eriq was manifique, as Miami races to a 2 TD lead, then successfully sits on it against Pitt. #Panthers #Hurricanes
  • Heels probably dragged kicking and screaming out of the Top 10 when stunned by Seminoles.

ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 16 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 16 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

  • Somebody had to step up for the Dodgers, and slugging Seager was quite the eager beaver. As for Will Smith, one had a game to remember, and one, a game to forget.  And that brings us to Betts, whose shoestring catch and efficient delivery home saved a run and earned some much needed momentum. It’s 3-2, and Atlanta is now rubber-necking out of real fear. #Dodgers #Braves
  • Sinking Rays put their trust in Charlie Morton’s sinker, and are probably praying for some hard-to-find offense in tomorrow’s Game 7. They took their eyes off the prize, and now they’ve got a suffocating orange haze to deal with. Altuve and friends have awoken, and they smell blood in the Bay. #Astros #Rays
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 15 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 15 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

  • And the headline read, “Dodgers still chasing their balls, come playoff time”.
  • Quite an eye opener of a start by rookie/relative unknown Bryse, while herky jerky Kershy goes into his usual October swoon after some destructive swings by Ozuna, Acuna and ferocious Freddie Freeman. It appears time for the 1000 pound gorillas to crawl meekly back into their man caves and hibernate for the offseason. How humiliating for the .700 + clubbers. #Braves #Dodgers
  • Rays had better not get complacent. Astros have been there, done that, and are licking their chops for a Game 7. Tampa Bay needs to put Houston away once and for all on Friday, when their ace takes the mound. No more screwing around with this dwindling series advantage. #Astros #Rays
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 14 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 14 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

  • Dodgers pile on Kyle, the top of the first lasts more than a while, and Braves perfect post season record is perfectly defiled. #Dodgers #Braves
  • TB should get some Flex Seal right kwik, as their their defensive fortress has definitely sprung a leak … thanks in large part to slugger Springer. #Astros #Rays
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 13 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round) (click twice for Belichick):

ChabDog’s MLB Update (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

  • Rays continue to go out and get it … making sparkling plays in the field and coming up with the timely hits that create action on the scoreboard. As for the Astros, they’re mired in a protracted hitting slump, getting little to nothing from Springer, Correa, Gurriel and Breggy. As for Altuve, he’s lately looking a lot like the second coming of Steve Sax. Good lord, that was a psycho throw into the dirt tonight, which botched a double play and opened the floodgates. A sweep looks imminent. #Rays #Astros
  • Braves continue to show they’re not slaves to Dodger domination. Freddie Freeman is showcasing his considerable prowess from the plate, and a host of other young stars are taking Petco Park by storm. The Dodgers won’t weather this swing in momentum if they come out like LA’s lambs to start Game 3. Yes, it’s put up or shut up for the prohibitive favorites. #Braves #Dodgers


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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 12 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 12 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

  • Braves take heart in the exploits of their friend Fried, who stifles the Doyyers on 4 hits over 6, and rise to jubilation when Riley stains Treinen by reigning in a fat fastball. #Braves #Dodgers
  • More miracles from Margot, are you kidding, and ex-Stro Morton silences his former mates with that stinking sinker. What now, Dusty? #Rays #Astros
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