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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 3-20-19 (and for an extended tennis rant, please click)

NBA Update:

  • Harden was feeding from the trough in boss ball hog heaven, but that wasn’t enough to overcome a very valiant effort by Valanciunas. #Rockets #Grizzlies
  • No ‘Kounmpo and a heavier than usual dose of Snell spell doom for the Bucks in, of all places, Cleveland. #Bucks #Cavaliers
  • Celtics fall farther away from the relevant mix in the now highly competitive East. #Celtics #Sixers
  • Heat stifle Spurs in a bit of a shocker; there’s no quit in this team (quite a comparison to teams like the Lakers). #Spurs #Heat
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 3-18-19 (and if you have the time, please click)

Irish eyes in Boston aren’t smiling the day after St. Patty’s Day

NBA Update:

  • Denver wears out the Celtics, who looked totally flat after apparently overdoing it with St. Patty’s Day festivities in the South End. Boston fan better hope this stale loss was a necessary cleansing. #Nuggets #Celtics
  • Thunder clap just wasn’t there tonight, with RA on layaway. As the the Heat, nice to see a team that is not packing it in for draft choices. #Heat #Thunder
  • Dubs flub it up once again (that makes 3 in a row), while Spurs continue to climb the Western Conf ladder. Could it be that Boogey man is not the answer on the inside for the defending champs? As for SA, it looks like a return to the winning formula of moving the ball, tough defense, along with big doses of LaMar and DeMar. #Warriors #Spurs
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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 3-17-19 (click to hear Matt Dillon talk about some goofy bastards)

NCAAM Update: Bulldogs lift their legs high enough to clear the Hahvaahd hurdle

NCAAM Update:

  • Dogged and determined Bulldogs lift their legs high enough to clear the Hahvaahd hurdle, and matriculate as Ivy rep to the big show. This team has the potential to turn your bracket upside down and inside out. #Bulldogs #Crimson
  • Sheep in Wolverines’ clothing wilt in the face of second half Spartan onslaught. #Wolverines #Spartans
  • Here’s a Pearl of wisdom: Bruce’s Tigers have just begun to feed. #Tigers #Volunteers

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 3-17-19 (and click to meet the Spartans)

Knicks all pumped up about Super Mario …

NBA Update:

  • LeBron lovers’ mouths left agape, as the King’s last gasp jumper is stuffed by Super Mario Hezonja. #Lakers #Knicks
  • Embiid and the Sixers hope memories of today’s defeat are embedded in the Milwaukee mindset. #Sixers #Bucks
  • Happy ending for Sweet Lou and the almost tripping Clippers. #Nets #Clippers
  • Little Caesars has become quite a trap for the Raptors; something to think about in Toronto. #Pistons #Raptors
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 3-16-19 (and click to hear some classic Merrill Reese)

DeRozan’s finally learning how to Spur with love …

NBA Update:

  • It took a while, but DeRozan’s finally learning how to Spur with love. #TrailBlazers #Spurs
  • Here’s an injury that could factor in to the playoff story that unfolds in the East. Brogdon’s having a good year, and Tony Snell will need to step up in a serious way. #Bucks
  • Now it’s Millsap’s turn to play hero at Pepsi Center. #Nuggets #Pacers
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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 3-16-19 (click to hear Janice and Ralph do some bedroom play acting)

Lamonte certainly dropped the big one today on UK…

NCAAM Update:

  • My how the worm has turned in the SEC, as Tennessee’s Lamonte drops the big one on the Wildcats from beyond the arc in the closing seconds. Rick Barnes has these Vols believing in themselves, and that’s big news for a program that has habitually disappointed come crunch time. #Volunteers #Wildcats
  • Well not exactly, but college basketball’s version of the New England Patriots just keeps annoying everyone outside of Durham by doing what Duke always seems to do … that is winning. This year’s grunt work is being done by a very talented squad, led by a man-child, with Wes Unseld’s girth in the shoulders and derriere, Kobe’s competitiveness and a combination of power and speed that brings to mind a young LeBron. Good luck taking these guys down at the Big Dance. #BlueDevils #Seminoles
  • Spartans back up there No. 1 seeding by beating up the Badgers, and get set for another Michigan grudge match. #Badgers #Spartans
  • We haven’t seen a cyclone this destructive blow through Kansas since the days of Dorothy. This KU team just doesn look that lethal … even for 1 or 2 rounds. #Cyclones #Jayhawks
  • Wolverines send the Gophers out to fetch the cleaning, make some copies, and then give them the rest of the day off. As we all suspected, those overachieving rodents had no business doing battle with powerful Michigan. #GoldenGophers #Wolverines
  • Kelvin Sampson has his Cougs in the groove as they walk off with the AAC Conf title and get ready to improve on last year’s near miss effort. This team is talented and ready to do more damage to the egos of the power conference big boys. #Tigers #Cougars
  • Not too many teams are equipped to run with these Bulls. Maybe the college team can do what no pro sports team has ever done for the long suffering city of Buffalo. #Bulls #GreenFalcons

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 3-15-19 (Bob Marley style)

NCAAM Update:

  • Not time to say “Au Revoir” to these gophers. Minnesota stirs things up in the Big 10 by reverse engineering the Boilermakers. #Boilermakers #GoldenGophers
  • Officially dethroned, KU hopes to be signing a redemption song in the Big 12 final against Iowa State. #Jayhawks #Mountaineers
  • Roy and UNC take a serious fall after all that beautiful jammin by Duke’s Mt. Zion. #BlueDevils #TarHeels
  • Buffalo Soldiers outlast the Chippewas. #Chippewas #Bulls
  • Up by half a dozen at the half, the studly Spartans make it stand up. #Buckeyes #Spartans
  • Could you be loved less if you were 30-2 Hou? Probably not, but they display some serious hubris in dismembering the Huskies. #Huskies #Cougars
  • Virginia continues to wait in vain for regular season accomplishments to have any real post-season relevance. #Cavaliers #Seminoles

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 3-14-19 (plus, a very big quote from Deuce Bigelow)


NBA Update:

  • They’re calling from the far reaches of the Rockies “NIKOLA, NIKOLA” … jolt of Jokic carries Denver past a very game Dokic and his Dallas Mavs. #Nuggets #Mavericks
  • Sac may be a team of the future story in the West, but in the East the sleeping giants are the Men in Green. Boston’s finding its groove at just the right time. #Kings #Celtics
  • Let’s face it … the Lakers are running out of time … and excuses. This is a 2nd rate team, with an aging superstar. ‘Nuff said. Yes, you will see LBJ on TV on TNT come May. #Lakers #Raptors
  • Indiana’s well-balanced, team concept prevails over the top-heavy Thunder; poor Paul George, who was just too high strung in the last couple of minutes to bear the pressure of returning home to his old stomping grounds. #Thunder #Pacers
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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 3-14-19 (click for some Osbourne Cox)

Timid turtles stay buried in the trenches against Herbie’s henchmen.

NCAAM Update:

— Syracuse was in for a very bumpy ride, as the ACC Tournament enters the Land of Zion, and Williamson’s Dukies will their way forward with a methodical beat down of The Orange. #BlueDevils #Orange

— Given their very reliable history of flaming out in the Tournament, this year’s streaking Wahoo’s would be well advised to take the latest run with a grain of salt; in time meantime, they’re very happy their Salty center is hitting his stride offensively. #Cavaliers #Wolfpack

— Make a mental note of this next week, when MD swaggers in with a top 6 seed; good luck flipping the switch/looks like some of the Terps’ connection are short circuiting under pressure. #Cornhuskers #Terrapins

NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 3-13-19 (click to get to know Ted)

Maybe its a good thing to run with a Wuffpack …

NCAAM Update:

  • Clemson chokes away a huge lead to the Wuffpack, and is left to ponder its post-season fate sitting on that proverbial, protruding bubble. #Tigers #Wolfpack
  • Nobody could possibly have a bone to pick with that marvel of modern defensive schemes, the Syracuse Zone, as well as Boehim’s big decision to adopt the Buddy system. #Orange #Panthers
  • It would be a cardinal sin to underestimate the Cardinals come tournament time. #Cardinals #FightingIrish

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 3-13-19 (plus, hear a toast to suave)

Gobert had a view to a kill tonight in Phoenix

NBA Update:

  • Gobert certainly had a view to a kill as Utah authoritatively imposes its will on Phoenix. #Suns #Jazz
  • Bad loss for the Rockets, as Cousins looks like the pseudo superstar of days gone by and the opposition can’t take advantage of the vacancy left by a sidelined Durant. #Warriors #Rockets
  • Boiling hot Westbrook brings OKC back from the dead in a rousing home win over the upstart Nets. #Nets #Thunder
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 3-11-19 (plus, click to hear Maahk concentrate)

Ballin with bald Ballmer

NBA Update:

  • Celtics get maimed by a serious Lou Williams splinter offa the Clips’ bench. Oh the pain, and score one for LA. #Celtics #Clippers
  • Dennis proves to be quite a menace coming off the bench, while Jazz reserves accomplish next to nothing. Nothing doing for the Jazz. #Jazz #Thunder
  • Is this a misprint? Sexy game from Sexton, not to mention Love, moves Cavs past the Raptors. #Raptors #Cavaliers
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 3-10-19 (plus, click for some vintage Campbell commentary from Vin … and Dick V.)

This Booker is one good looker…

NBA Update:

  • Marvelous games all around for both LaMar and DeMar; the ghosts of past glory were certainly causing a disturbane in SA. Could this be the formula for controlling the Bucks going forward? After an extended period of indifference, the Spurs are displaying a serious attitude and the rest of the league is taking notice. #Bucks #Spurs
  • Great win today for the Rockets; this one showed character, even if it was against the middling Mavs. This team is building the foundation for a serious run. #Rockets #Mavericks
  • North of the border, Canada’s regular season wonders dissipate the incredibly stale Heat. #Raptors #Heat
  • Stunned Warriors die of Suns exposure, when they dare to look into the eyes of quite a Booker. It’s Devin over Kevin, as the Durantula sticks his big pink foot into the wrong crevice. #Suns #Warriors
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