See things others don’t? So do we. Come away on a strange vacation & join ChabDog, Well Read, Abe & Blixx on the dock in Newport Beach for sports talk live streaming Saturdays 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. pacific on YouTube



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ChabDog.com2 weeks ago

Clip-notes from hr 2 of the "Don't make waves at the Hoover Dam" CDST:
-- Principal Paul manages the crowd around Sugary Linda Evans, with that Vince Lombardi-looking guy taking notes..... no Abe he's not as straight-laced as you think
-- Who knew you need immaculate hair to play Beach Blanket Bingo ... and this was years before Jack Lord and Hawaii 5-0
-- Eric was so disappointed there was no Charles Bronson
-- Hey Lynde, can I get one of your free cards?
-- The great Sharon Tate a copyright violation? Can't believe Malibu is off limits; we watch as she puts her stamp on the tramp
-- Saying goodbye to Sorvino, with sizzling sausages in the background .. "32 hundred bucks, for a lifetime"
-- And then... into the local news
Produced live from our dock in Newport Beach host ChabDog, producer Well Read and Dorothy D are joined by Abe Miranda on the Discord video line talking MLB, ...
Abe Miranda recounts the bedlam at Pocano Raceway when the winners were DQ'd and we look at the odds and make our picks for the NASCAR Cup Series Xfinity 500...
ChabDog.com2 weeks ago

-- And for our picks, ChabDog goes with Baby Face Bell, Eric resumes the chase with Chase Elliott, and Dorothy piles on for good measure. Miranda also chooses a Chase ... of the Briscoe variety.
-- Get ready for Abe's pagoda on the infield.
ChabDog.com3 weeks ago

During hour 1 (before the Dam burst) --
--DDD provides an unsolicited reminder about the Red Sox choking against the Brew-has
-- Learning that the Packers are not claimed by Ol Milwaukee, but Wisconsin is partial to the Red Wings, not the Wild.
-- How the King of Cool lost his cool in The Getaway
-- Stand up with Matt Gates ... what the world needs now, is love, sweet love
-- Going from deplorables to Kona the adorable
-- Let's welcome Mike Meyers from the children's table
-- A plea from ChabDog... please let me sign (to myself) in the shower
-- Unmasking the true GOAT of the Chargers
-- Going through the odds on royalty to rule in NFL's 2022 season
-- USC's stock is rising now that Lincoln's logging those hours in Film study
-- Hear...
ChabDog.com3 weeks ago

Before we get permanently pinned to the gridiron, let's sweeten things up with some Sugar and Malibu, courtesy of the CDST, "Don't make waves in the Hoover Dam" show. It's too hot to put wear your helmet just yet, so just mosey on down to the beach for some mouth-to-mouth from Tate... that wasn't just great, it was fantastic, or Linda Evans in a dark blue bikini ... before she became dynastic. In between these sightings, we'll have enough sports to go around, including some reel classic college football ... including Joe Pa running for the laboratory, Bobbie Bowden running down the Huskers, and some legendary Hayes and Holtz. And maybe we'll throw in some Robert Hoover stuff just for good measure.
ChabDog.com3 weeks ago

This is what the once potent Boston Red Sox offense is reduced to, with a gimpy JD and Devers... we're playing with a number of guys who probably shouldn't be in AAA. And as for the pitching, it's definitely below avg what with that 10+ ERA guy Bello starting today.
This is mess is on the front office (Hi Chiam,... are you home?) for leaving us so woefully ill-equipped to reach into the farm system (or the bench) for a little assistance.
J. DuranCF 4 2 2 0 1 1 .250 .302 .408
C. VazquezC 4 0 0 0 0 1 .277 .322 .434
A. VerdugoDH 4 0 2 1 0 0 .265 .307 .372
X. BogaertsSS 4 0 1 1 0 1 .313 .386 .445
F. CorderoLF 4 1 1 0...
ChabDog.com3 weeks ago

On last Saturday's ChabDog Racing Update, "Who Will Win the Green M&M’s 400 at the Poconos NASCAR":
-- ChabDog swears on a stack of bibles... he was "this" close to picking last week's NH race winner Christopher "High School" Bell
-- Dorothy's Italian Stallion Mr. Lagano came in 24th
-- Congrats to Abe for knowing Chase would largely be up to the chase... keeping pace in 2nd
-- Eric... please get me some green M&M's for next week's show...
-- Did anyone know that Long Pong PA is part of the Pocanos.
-- All about the three corner's of this week's racing oval... very confusing with different spanking and/or banking. (May I have 9 degrees of spanking?)
-- ChabDog chooses Truex to triumph in the terrible triangle, and drags others in with his lunacy
-- Sports to do (and not to do)...
ChabDog.com4 weeks ago

Welcome to the Round Mound of Paxlovid Rebound Show (highlights from hr 1):
-- Check out those Tiger stripes on Detroit Dorothy @4:30
-- A warning about not grabbing that Paxlovid rebound @6:20
-- Kyler insists he can scrub his Instagram account because "it's just a thing" @8:30
-- Love having busy Bodie and hair raising Remy on site... "Who left the dogs out?" @9:45
-- The truth about so-called friction between Gehrig and Ruth, as told by Leo
-- Apparently nobody ever took Granny out to the ball game.. "Bat, sounds like a game you play in a cave"
-- ChabDog unsuccessfully tries a diversion, but ultimately has to own up to Boston's 28-5 home shellacking @18:30 (nice job hustling, Mr. Centerfielder@22:00
ChabDog.com4 weeks ago

Whether you're wasting away in the Covid-compound's lost and found, or just desperate to escape the wasteland that is mid-to-late July and the dog days of Summer, grab a cold one and listen in to this week's "Round Mound of Paxlovid Rebound" CDST Show. We'll take you on a refreshing trip down Presidential Drive, perusing our library of Reagan clips and quips, mixed in with some delightful debate diatribe, a much needed pick-me-up from Kubriick's Operation Dropkick, ... and perhaps some gratuitous Charles Barkley, which'll have you on your feet in no time. No matter that football/salvation is still over a month away. Mind over matter, means we'll focus on NFL pre-season and trade chatter, along with the ongoing pitter patter of MLB batters, and the always great racing update. updated their status.4 weeks ago

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