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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 8-19-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • As witnessed in person by ChabDog, Mr. Beeks hasn’t put up this much of a fight since the movie Trading Places; unfortunately for TB, they aren’t trading places with the Red Sox in the standings anytime soon. #Rays #RedSox
  • Brewers stop the bleeding, when Chacin is finally shakin and bakin against his the Cardinals. #Brewers #Cardinals
  • Nice gut check win for the Astros, who rally behind meal ticket Verlander. #Astros #Athletics
  • Give the Bucs credit for not quitting, as they salvage a split with division leading Chicago; good thing Frazier was ready to drive it, after getting the green light on 3-0. #Cubs #Pirates
  • Another pathetic effort by the Orioles, who top to bottom remain the laughing stock of the majors. Maybe the Birds should just fly south for the Winter immediately. #Orioles #Indians
  • Reds get out the whooping stick once again against the team formerly from Candlestick. #Giants #Reds
  • Yanks gain a game in the standings, but lose the gainful employment of their star shortstop Gregorius. #BlueJays #Yankees
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 8-9-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Giancarlo rubbernecks the Rangers with a ridiculous rip to left, and the rest of the Yankees rally to prop up J.A. in his return from a bunch of body part diseases. #Rangers #Yankees
  • Colorado is speechless, as previously fearsome Wade Davis knuckles under to the Dodgers. #Dodgers #Rockies
  • Astros left to scratch, among other things, their heads, as Verlander forgets how to pitch to Mitch … as well as to Span, Segura and most of the rest of the Seattle sluggers. #Mariners #Astros
  • Mookie’s cycling can’t deliver the Bosox after another poor outing by Porcello against the Jays. #RedSox #BlueJays
  • Could this be the beginning of the end for the perpetually self-destructing Brew Crew? It’s definitely a sad beat when your closer can’t close out a 2-run lead at home in the ninth against the Sadres. #Brewers #Padres
  • Doesn’t it seem like the Indians have been burning the Twins at the stake for a solid month now? Somebody please do something! #Twins #Indians
  • These days in the Burgh, photographers say “Freese” when they want people to smile. Great day for David, as well as Ivan the Excellent, who threw six innings of superlative Super Nova baseball. #Pirates #Giants
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 8-8-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Just think of the gall of it all, with Gallardo and Gallo pounding their Mariner mound guests in such savage fashion. #Mariners #Rangers
  • Mancini helps O’s manufacture a narrow victory, despite some very harrowing drops in the field at the Trop. #Orioles #Rays
  • Culberson clubs yet another magnificent drive, as Braves yell “Fore” while extending their advantage over the Nationals to nearly 4 games. #Braves #Nationals
  • Pirates buck up in CO behind Archer’s arm, and some fantastic feats at the plate and in the field by Frazier. #Pirates #Rockies
  • Mets make sure they keep the dreadful Reds within shouting distance. #Reds #Mets
  • Rafael is razor sharp in his return, and Red Sox romp, riding a wave of somewhat electric pitching from Brian “High Voltage” Johnson. #RedSox #BlueJays
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 8-7-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Everybody had better watch out — the Natural Light Nats are sloshing ahead with their plan to steal the NL East. #Braves #Nationals
  • Bartolo splits his pants but stands tallest in the Latin American win column; now it’s on to North America proper. #Mariners #Rangers
  • Pirate eruption creates quite a mess for badly bashed Bettis. Chad hung one too many tonight! #Pirates #Rockies
  • Carpenter remains on a terribly good tear, and the Cards finally bear down in Marlin town. #Cardinals #Marlins
  • This year’s slogan should be Boston Long …as you need an inordinate amount of staying power to keep up with the relentless Red Sox. #RedSox #BlueJays
  • That was mighty Astro-like of Tyler White, who prepares another game winning tater with all the fixings. #Astros #Giants
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 8-6-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Shame on ChabDog for throwing in the towel with the ninth inning to go. I guess you can never count out Cora’s corps of cocky Sox. If Chappy can’t slam the door on them with a 3-run lead in the 9th … then who can make a lead stick. Incredible win for Boston!!!!
  • Yankees were seen strutting around with lots of false bravado, after taking their frustrations out on the weaker Sox; no matter, they’ll still go to sleep like scared little boys thinking about what happened in Beantown over the weekend. #Yankees #WhiteSox
  • The Indians’ dominance of the AL Central is just getting flat out boring these days. Their manager was heard to explain in the locker room, like Menelaus in the Iliad after he makes Paris run back to big brother Hector… “Is this the best the rest of the division can throw at us … this?!”
  • Pirates continue to show stage fright when it comes to wild card chase, getting shackled and put in irons tonight by Freeland. #Pirates #Rockies
  • KC continues to cough up ball games at Kauffmann Park, and for a once proud and respected front office, it’s no laughing matter. #Royals #Cubs
  • And now lets zoom on the raw power of Mikey Zunino. #Mariners #Rangers
  • A loss to the Marlins is like 1.5 loses (when the lost opportunity for a win is factored in), meaning that the Cards have to win 2 in row just to break even in the series (well something like that)… #Cardinals #Marlins
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Say hello to Pedro — ChabDog of the Month for August 2018

Pictured here snuggling in his precious 5X Super Bowl Champion Patriots’ blankey, Pedro is a perfect choice for ChabDog of the Month for August.

The determined dachshund is a devoted fan of the hometown Boston teams, alongside owner and ChabDog Sports Talk co-host, Marc Caruso.  Named for ace Pedro Martinez, he will only have peace and rest easy when his beloved Red Sox have at least clinched the AL East.  Now 14, little P has seen 3 WCS wins for his guys, and certainly want them to nose out the competition this year for one more.

Thank you for being a friend of ChabDog Sport Blog, Pedro!

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 8-5-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • In one of the biggest games of the year, Pirates’ offense comes up totally flat against now near .500 Flaherty. #Cardinals #Pirates
  • Dozier’s hit wakes Dodgers from their recent coma, and they salvage the series finale at home against Houston. #Astros #Dodgers
  • When the Detroit three ring circuse comes to Oakland, the Tigers do a great job laying down on command for their Athletic trainers. #Tigers #Athletics
  • Cubs are still nestled comfortably in 1st, but Jon Lester recent struggles, including getting peppered by the light hitting Pads, have to be a serious concern. #Cubs #Padres
  • Mark down yet another gut wrenching Braves’ victory over the Mets, with Markakis primarily responsible for tonight’s indignity. #Mets #Braves
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 8-3-18 (click post for audio) (abbreviated due to meeting with Uncle Stanley)

MLB Update:

  • Double trouble for the M’s who are seeing little offense or defense these days. #BlueJays #Mariners
  • Another virtuoso performance by Verlander. #Astros #Dodgers
  • PIrates find their way by the contemptible Cardinals, when Frazier’s grounder fiddles and diddles its way through the St. Louis middle. #Pirates #Cardinals
  • It’s another slugging exhibition for Stevie P., and the Yankees see no relief from the red hot Red Sox heat wave, even with ace Severino in their back pocket. #RedSox #Yankees
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 8-2-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Holder fumbles the ball after super-sized CC is told to take a Dunkin Donuts coffee break, and Pearce was beyond fierce. #Yankees #RedSox
  • Wade had a tailor made save opportunity staring him dead in the face, but allows Martinez to place a ball a ball safe. When your closer has a 4.57 ERA this late into the season, you have a problem on your hands. #Rockies #Cardinals
  • Emotional Nats jump all over the opportunity to get fat offa the Reds, and who could blame them. #Reds #Nationals
  • Rangers make the woeful Orioles look like Rutgers, and Cashner threw about 10 interceptions today in one of the worst starts ever to come down the pike (at least in recent memory). #Rangers #Orioles
  • Dodgers hope this game is a harbinger of things to come, as Bellinger and Puig enjoy total breakouts. LA looks ready to create some serious separation from the rest of the NL. #Brewers #Dodgers
  • Padres come in with their typically laughable record, but don’t tell the Cubs that these guys are scrubs. #Padres #Cubs
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 8-1-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • ChabDog Sports Prime Time finally enters the Brave New World, hitting Aaron-like numbers of 755 members.
  • Rays have no problem dropping Tropeano and his Angels at the Trop. #Angels #Rays
  • Cubs hammer Kingham and cruise behind Hammels, who could be the shot in the arm they were looking for. #Cubs #Pirates
  • M’s pick a bad time for fall asleep, and when they woke up they were looking up at the A’s in the wild card race. #Astros #Mariners
  • This was only one loss, but something tells me the Yankees will be begging to have this game back in September. #Orioles #Yankees
  • Nats continue to smash their way back into the NL East fracas with another knockdown of the sorrowful Mets. #Mets #Nationals
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 7-31-18 (click post for audio)

Ode to Gary Sanchez:

MLB Update:

  • Mickey the supplicant offers up Reyes at the Nationals’ compound as a true sacrificial lamb, while Dan Murphy happily uses his stick to do the official ceremony. #Mets #Nationals
  • Rocks crush the Budweiser boys, flattening them with long balls from Blackmon Beard and CarGo. #Rockies #Cardinals
  • Dodgers look a bit groggy in Old Milwaukee, with a chronically under-performing offense that needs a jump start in the worst way. #Dodgers #Brewers
  • It was quite a drag today for Skaggs, ruining another pretty day from the plate for Trout. #Angels #Rays
  • Pirates use their young Taillon to keep a close tail on the front-running Cubbies. And what Maddon’s team sees in the rear view mirror is getting rather scary, now that the Bucs have enlisted the services of the Archer. #Cubs #Pirates
  • San Francisco over San Diego … yet again … in the battle by the Petco sandlot. #Giants #Padres
  • Arrieta’s artistry takes the hot air out of the Boston victory balloon, as Red Sox bet caught with their pants down next to Lansdowne. #Phillies #RedSox
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 7-30-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Marcel “Marceau” Ozuna shows how to properly apply the electro-shock therapy to the Rockies. #Rockies #Cardinals
  • More heartburn for the Indians’ sensitive pen, as Mitch has no problem finding his pitch in a pinch. #Indians #Twins
  • The star-deprived A’s continue their methodical trek toward name recognition when Piscotty beams himself during a crazy 8th. #Athletics #BlueJays
  • AJ was seen calling the blood bank, rather than the bullpen, as supplies are running low for the lately anemic Astros. #Astros #Mariners
  • Swihart breaks the Phillies’ hearts with a two-bagger dagger, and Red Sox resume their swagger. #Phillies #RedSox, #RedSox #Phillies
  • .. and in a continuation of the game started two days earlier, Chariots of Fire Sanchez was seen still staggering down the first base line.
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 7-29-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Stranger things have happened in Texas, though this weekend’s sweep of high flying Houston came completely out of left field for the rival Rangers. #Rangers #Astros
  • Nationals continue to futz around in their plan to keep up with the Phils and Braves, this time coming up bone dry against the mundane Marlins. #Marlins #Nationals
  • Twins get scalded by Eovaldi, who could be precisely the answer the Red Sox are looking for as the 5th starter. #Twins #RedSox
  • J.A. will likely continue to make the Yankees very happy; an astute pick up by the Cashman. #Royals #Yankees
  • Baltimore continues to produce more than we’ve come to expect, with Chris Davis erupting after a season long silence. #Rays #Orioles
  • Wheeler finally gets Mets moving the right direction by doing everything himself. #Pirates #Mets
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 7-28-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • New York’s mastered by a tremendous Trevor, in what could be the Met swan song for deGrom. #Mets Pirates
  • Could the Astros finally be wearing down? It’s another puzzling loss to the dead-in-the-water Rangers, with Altuve sent to the 10-day DL on account of a sore kneee. #Rangers #Astros
  • Twins just can’t hang in against the overloaded boat of talent in Boston. #Twins #RedSox
  • Goodwin’s clout was a godsend for the power-starved Royals in Game 1; let’s see if KC’s prayers are answered in Game 2. #Royals #Yankees
  • Cubs continue to look completely ordinary on the road, getting overrun by Ozuna and friends in the House of Cards. #Cardinals #Cubs
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