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ChabDog.com23 hours ago

"Twenty Dwarves took turns doing arm bars in the wrestling ring" CDST show (Part 2):
-- @1:16:00 an abridged, short and happy history of the evolution of CDST
-- @1:17:00 With New York / LA dominating 4 of baseball's division ... baseball has definitely taken a Democratic turn
-- @1:18:20 A now injured Kershaw must really be bemoaning the early hook on that perfect game
-- @1:19:10 Noah knows his terminology ... and a 5 pitcher no-no isn't a true no-no ... but is it actually harder
-- @1:21:10 ChabDog's premature ejaculation of support for Joey leaves him seriously (but not actually sexually) frustrated
-- @1:23:20 All about Kyle's Busch-league conduct in leaving his car in pit row
-- @1:24:30...
ChabDog.com1 day ago

Great body of work by Jake goes to waste when Johnny Gaudreau was even greater. Get ready for a subway ... no highway... series in Round 2 with Edmonton for Albertan bragging rights, not to mention a trip to the conf finals.
ChabDog.com1 day ago

Phoenix lays what only can be termed the largest rotten egg of any Game 7 home favorite in NBA playoff history. Yes, they gave the homies who were ready to celebrate an unwanted Full Monty, looking clueless, listless and inept for nearly the who game, in the face of a Dallas team that just refused to believe they had no business being there. Can they pull off another shocker against the high flying, but somewhat geriatric GS Dubs? You bet they can!
ChabDog.com1 day ago

Buck shot was scattered and off target for most of the night (Giannis included), while the Celtics were up to their old tricks from 3 point land.... and elsewhere. And nobody beats Boston three times in one series at the Garden ... nobody. Goodbye Milwaukee, hello Miami.
ChabDog.com2 days ago

"Twenty Dwarves took turns doing arm bars in the wrestling ring" CDST show (Part 1):
@2:20 ChabDog educates on Edmonton and why they should survive today's Game 7
@3:40 We talk to one of the dwarves who would have been doing arm bars, had he not broken a rib
@6:00 What's more premium ... Busch beer or Kyle Bush
@9:30 Weekends were made for Michelobe, but commercials are apparently not
@12:00 Come home to "Shlitz"... and "when you outta beer, you're outta "Schlitz."
@14:00 Giannis the Charger... we analyze
@ 16:30 Why Miami's time may finally be here
@20:00 Why let'm fight in hockey; Terry O'Reilly and Dave The Policeman Schultz demonstrate
@30:00 If Sid doesn't play,...
ChabDog.com2 days ago

Kudos to cappy Connor, who was not going to be denied and was too quick for Quick. Time to hit the links for the Kings, who couldn't muster much of anything against the immovable force, Oiler goalie Mike Smith.
ChabDog.com2 days ago

Another habitual regular season tease for Toronto, and a new second season hero for the Lightning. So what else is new...
ChabDog.com2 days ago

When the dust cleared, there were some Bruin tears, but none coming from the eyes of the Hurricanes.... Carolina survives ... for now.. and moves on.
ChabDog.com3 days ago

Don't turn a deaf ear on the big doings tomorrow, as Blixx is baack and ready to rumble in CDST's "Twenty Dwarves took turns doing arm bars in the wrestling ring" show. No need to worry... there's more than enough Game 7 seventh heaven to go around as our panel of prognosticators debate the merits of a 1/2 dozen or so compelling matchups in the NBA and NHL playoffs, including Boston vs. the Bucks, Boston vs. the Canes, Dallas vs. the Suns, and Dallas vs. the Flames... hey just try and enunciate that few times. That plus our guest Lyn Luv, who helps us get in touch with our inner surfer, more Met musings from Mr. Miranda, and of course the racing update (Pal Joey Lagano, how could you!). Plus, a next door neighbor with a body that just won't quit on "Married with children", remembering the greatness of The...
ChabDog.com3 days ago

The Babe Ruth of hockey! We remember The Great One tomorrow on ChabDog Sports Talk.
Has any player done more for his game? There not many others even in the conversation.
Relive some of the best highlights from Wayne Gretzky's illustrious career, as The Great One celebrates his 60th birthday! For the latest hockey action, subs...
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