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NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 2-18 (click post for audio)

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update:

  • Michigan wins this latest installment of big games among Big 10 big boys. #Buckeyes #Wolverines
  • Shockers send shock waves through the AAC with a big win on the road against the Bearcats … just across the state line from Cin city. #Bearcats #Shockers
  • Even without Bagley, it’s still in the bag for Duke; minutes on the court is time well spent for Trent. #BlueDevils #Tigers

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 2-17-18 (click post for new ChabDog audio)

NHL Update:

  • Caps still have a great record, but may well have had their fragile psyche dragged through the mud by the inspired Blackhawks. #Capitals #Blackhawks
  • Unfortunately for the Habs, they’ve made quite a habit out of getting blown out of hockey games. #GoldenKnights #Canadiens
  • Maata earns something he had plenty of before the night started … an A for his go-ahead goal in the 3rd. #Penguins #MapleLeafs
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NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 2-17 (click post for audio)

NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 Update:

  • Cassius comes to life in the 2nd half, and Northwestern goes south faster than you can say blueberry pancakes in a brutal bad beat at Rosemont. #Spartans #Wildcats
  • KU’s victory comes cloaked in some some first class work by Udoka, along with some classical discrimination in terms of preferred Jayhawk access to the foul line. #Jayhawks #Moutaineers
  • Xavier came in on a roll, but gets villified and leaves as another victim of a Wildcat mauling. #Wildcats #Musketeers
  • UNC turns Louisville into loserville, but are they really that good? #TarHeels #Cardinals
  • Texas hopes it set the reset button with this upset win over the overrated Sooners. #Sooners #Longhorns

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 2-16-18 (click post for new ChabDog audio)

NHL Update:

  • Flyers finally avoid bombing out in Columbus, and without much fanfare can boast about being 10 games over .500. #BlueJackets #Flyers
  • The Frisco, TX kids have just enough gun power to silence the depressed Blues. #Blues #Stars
  • Wheeler’s rolling again…. and that means runway liftoff for the explosive Jets. #Jets #Avalanche


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2018 Winter Olympics Update: 2-16-18 (Everybody PyeongChang Tonight!)

2018 Winter Olympics Update:

  • Get out your pooh-per scoopers … lots of ’em being showered on the ice as Yuzuru remains the guru of Men’s skating
  • Dutch continue to have the magic touch when it come to speed skating, running circles around their competition like a clockwork orange… with today’s feat accomplished by pint sized Esmee Visser
  • Things get pretty chippy when Canadian skip chooses to burn the poisoned rock pushed by the delinquent Danes; problems was, what goes around comes around, including a comeback in the final end Homan’s homely dud of a shot to end things in OT
  • US Women tip over the OAR row boat in the 11th end… beat Russia in curling!


Time to interrupt your daily grind with the delicious Club Salad at The Grindz at 1601…

Satisfying and with great taste, but still kind to your waist… gotta try the good looking Chef Salad at The Grindz … plenty of ham, bacon and turkey, nestled on top of fresh lettuce, tomato and hard boiled goodness.  I did fine without the blue cheese, though many will go crazy for the crumbles.   Salad for lunch is looking like a maaahvelous choice!

2018 Winter Olympics Update: 2-15-18 (Everybody PyeongChang Tonight!)

2018 Winter Olympics Update: 2-15-18:

  • When it comes to men’s figure skating shorts, the overriding interest was clearly Yuzurious; Hanyu’s excellence leaves the rest of the field plenty short-handed, while Nathan Chen falls again, and again, and again … enough already!
  • Korean skeleton wins in the Skeleton.
  • Vincent Zhou promoted to the Quad Squad, after he shows unparalleled lust for the fabled quadruple lutz.
  • Austrian finally finds a way to take the top G-spot away from Norway.
  • Please sign ChabDog’s petition to keep Johnny Weird from doing color for March Madness.
  • Russia performance continues to sag due to embarrassment over the droopy OAR moniker.
  • US gets on track in hockey … socking it to Slovakia.
  • There’s something oddly familiar about host Liam McHugh … he’s the male version of tennis’ Chris Mckendry….way too comfortable on camera for words.

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 2-15-18 (click post for new ChabDog audio)

NHL Update:

  • All the Kings’ men were no match for Anton-Reese and the rest of the Pens. #Penguins #Kings
  • No. 1 Nico and his pal Noesen have fun at work in Newark harassing the Hurricanes. #Devils #Hurricanes
  • Well fed Preds looked a bit too fat and happy tonight, at home in the Bridgestone. #Flames #Predators
  • Now that they got fixed up with Fleury, the Vegas Knights clearly have playoffs in their sights. #Oilers #GoldenKnights
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 2-15-18 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • One day late, Minny manufactures its own version of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre against the limp Lakers using some real Chicago-style muscle. #Lakers #Timberwolves
  • They haven’t had this much fun in Denver since the days of Alex English and the lunch bucket brigade … these guys have got it going and no signs of fatigue are showing…. #Nuggets #Bucks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 2-14-18 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • Boston’s lax attitude on defending DeAndre costs them dearly, while Clippers look like they are somehow righting the ship. #Clippers #Celtics
  • The stench from GSW’s bench in this one could be smelled throughout the Rose Garden in this loss to Portland; a real Blutarsky of an effort from Iggy, who chips in with a 0.0. #Warriors #TrailBlazers
  • Another concerted effort to impose its will in the 4th pays off for the red hot Jazz. #Jazz #Suns
  • Has pro basketball ever been in this extreme state of disrepair in the Empire State? Good lord! #Pacers #Nets
  • European connections, including bellissimo Belinelli and daring Dario serve Sixers well in huge defeat of the Heat. #Heat #Sixers
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 2-14-18 (click post for new ChabDog audio)

NHL Update:

  • Nothing comical about Bjugstad’s excellent work tonight, but Jughead would still be proud. #Panthers #Canucks
  • Seminal performance for Semyon, as Canadiens are completely silenced. #Canadiens #Avalanche
  • Kadre leads a cadre of talented Leafs in taking down and doubling up CBJ. #MapleLeafs #BlueJackets
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-13-18 (click post for audio)

NBA Update:

  • I don’t get it… just force Harden to go to his right and attack his questionable ball handling skills; T-wolves ignore this simple advice and pay the price. #Rockets #Timberwolves
  • SA leaves Denver quite unsatisfied when Jokic goes wild and the Spurs are left to rely on a Lauvergne named Joffrey. #Nuggets #Spurs
  • Miami heats up, but it’s a sad case of too little, too late…. and to top it all off, it isn’t even that great. #Heat #Raptors
  • Thunder looked mesmerized and lost in a trance, being overwhelmed by the new and improved Cavs with Hood, Hill, Carkson and Nance. When push comes to shove, don’t trust Westbrook and OKC. #Cavaliers #Thunder
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