Get a handle on Week 3’s action with ChabDog’s Sports Rock Pool Picks…

Well, here goes nothing:
1. NY GIANTS @ SF 49ERS — Jr. G-men can’t even hold the Niners’ collectivist jocks….NINERS!!!!
2. CHARGERS @ VIKINGS — Something’s gotta give here… the Chargers’ record sucks, and the Vikings are the purple people pretenders…gotta believe the Chargers finally come through… CHARGERS
3. PANTHERS @ SEAHAWKS — “In Gino we trust?” Yeah, once again I have to stick my neck out and Go Gino…. no way I can be leaning on the skinny frame of Bryce Young…. gotta be SEAHAWKS
4. BILLS @ COMMANDERS -BONUS GAME- Another lay up, confidence builder for the Counterfeit Bills. You go Buffalo, against a Foreskin squad that up to now has been deftly covering up a major defect at QB… BILLS
MON SEPT. 25: aka The Schizophrenia Bowl… Gotta go Steelers… because their offense can’t get any worse, and I think Denver just made the Raydes look capable in Game 1…STEELERS
6. EAGLES @ BUCCS* (MON GAME 1) — The Bucs realize there is life with Baker Baker Touchdown Maker, and Philly is ripe for a letdown. That being said… the Eagles will continue to soar. EAGLES
7. RAMS @ BENGALS* (MON GAME 2) — Monday Nitro will reignite the Baying of the Bengals, who will look more like themselves and less like the Bangles aganist a Ram team that is running low on t. BENGALS
(Sun & Mon Due Sat Sept 23 @ 9pm)