NCAA Football Week 2 — The real National Cupcake Day

National Cupcake Day isn’t December 15th this year,… no it was today, and here’s a ChabDogian recap of some of the tastiest ones in Week 2 of College Football —
— A pack of Trojans were seen continuously relieving themselves in public against some unprotected and helpless trees from Norcal
— Ball St. gets castrated right in front of a totally disinterest Uga
— The boys from Youngstown State should have stayed in Boys Town
— Not even Joe Flacco from 2013 could’ve saved the Blue Hens from the predators from Penn St.
— K-St. destroyed Troy at Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium, and a woman wasn’t even involved
— The “Big Red” nebbishes from Nebraska were humiliated by Colorado and a guy named “She”…. that’s all you need to know about how far they’ve fallen
— After leaving Duke covered in puke, Clemson’s crew was only too happy to indulge in the Charleston chew
— No surprise that even though they were Wolverines without a Harbaugh, Michigan pretty much squashed the UNLV basketball team in the Big House
— It took way too long for UT to sit on Austin Peay
— Since when are the football Blue Devils not considered a cupcake. Since they played Lafayette, that when.
— No. 19 Oregon St. showed off at home against UC Davis, but it still isn’t apparently getting them the inside track to an escape route from Pac-12, 6 or 4 land