Sorry to have missed the brave new world of CDST’s Week 3 Show but…

Weak teams facing off in Vegas?
I only saw 1 Well-read, and don’t know what schedule you are looking at.
Heard that 😂somebody on our panel raised an Arizona desert squall today by going for all of double digits
heading into MNC. And it weren’t any other of yuse other guys and girls.
This could be the formula for a successful Steeler season.
The defense had definite control for most of night, while the offense
got things right just enough to put the outcome out of reach.
There wasn’t a ton of rushing yards, but just enough for Pittsburgh to get the job done in
terms of controlling time of possession and loosening things up for a more confident
Pickett and a gorgeous George Pickens who had good reason to be counting his receptions
before they were catched.