Tune in for the CDST Week 2 Preview, “Anything Goes” Show:

cuz after all the world is topsy turvy non-conventional…. particularly when the Raydes look like a strong dog in the Buffalo slog and the Jets are causing some turbulence over thte roof of AT&T…it’s the first day of the Jewish New Year, and pay heed to the September arrivals of some pretty impactful guys, like Marino, Jimbo, and ?

Well-read rides the tide of yet another, naughtily good back door cover, ChabDog insists he’s still here, Dorothy continues to think of St. George-Brown all about town, and Abe is chained to a pole in the cellar eating baloney and mayo sandiwiches, … but could a change be blowing in the wind. And our best for Aaron, who is off today like Koufax in the World Series (65?)

May be an image of 2 people and people dancing