My First Blog: The Beginnings – An Introduction to the Chabdog Racing Segment

Wow, I cannot believe that I’m actually blogging on about NASCAR, but even more amazing…I’m actually here freaking blogging for Chabdog Sports!  When I first started at Chabdog Sports back in February of 2021, we were strictly an audio-only podcast.  Oh how far we’ve come in just a few years that I’ve been on the show considering we’re now on YouTube, we’ve got an ETSY store, and now here blogging like my good friends over at Barstool Sports. Although I’ve been on the show for a few years, I don’t think that many people actually know how I got here, why I’m hosting a racing segment or my role behind the scenes.  I think it’s fair to assume that most people think I’m only here because my Gawdbrudder (coined by my Gawdfather Gary) is Frank Fleming, who was actually part of Chabdog Sports prior to joining Barstool Sports.  I can say this, yes, my Gawdbrudder is Frank, but I also didn’t get a call to make a guest appearance here until 2021, and only because Chabdog Sports had been following me for a few years and had been super strong supporters of my X (Twitter) content (which I appreciated mucho considering I had a very tiny following back then).  Even then, what was supposed to be a “guest spot” talking about my adventures with my Gawdbrudder quickly turned to talking about my favorite sports teams, and diving into various political issues. Interestingly enough, I was only slated for the first hour of the show and was asked to stay on for the second hour right before we cut to the break (who knows if I’d even be here right now if they had decided to send me on my way after the first hour).  Considering this was the first time I was ever on air, I’m glad I was able to hang with the boys long enough for an encore, but you be the judge and have provided the link to my very first show here:

▶ The “Better Get Smart” Show (  

I can honestly say that I never really thought that coming on the show as a guest would lead me to host a racing segment or talk about NASCAR, but it turned out that Chabdog really liked NASCAR and was enthused to incorporate a racing segment into his show after talking to me.  So on April 11, 2021, the Chabdog Racing Segment was born shortly after being on the show for a little over a month (with our signature intro song that we still roll with today).  I’ve included a small clip of the very first time we rolled out the Chabdog Racing Segment:


Again, still funny that I landed a racing segment, considering most of my earliest shows were mainly discussing current political issues, my Mets fandom, how I became a cheesehead, Frank the Tank, and March Madness that was going on at the time. But at some point, in the first few shows I was on, my past about growing up with my step dad who was a professional go-kart racer (who watched a lot of NASCAR, Modified, Sprint, and Midget car racing on TV or at the track) came to light. And because of my stepdad, not only did I watch a lot of NASCAR myself, I also got to go with him and watch a lot of awesome short-track dirt races (some might argue that’s where real racecar racing is done)! Growing up in the NASCAR 90s, I always rooted for Jeff Gordon in his signature brightly-colored DuPont car (epic car).  Not going to lie here, but Jeff Gordon was also a good driver to root for during this time since he was the Winston Cup Champion in 1995, 1997 & 1998.  Still gets me, or maybe I can say, “I feel my age”, that I remember a time when Winston Cigarettes was a sponsor of something. Yet, what I still find hard to believe is that NASCAR, of ALL the things we talked about in my early days here at Chabdog Sports, is what really got Chabdog’s attention, but more importantly…excited to consider incorporating NASCAR into the show. So yeah, from never being on a radio talk show to hosting a racing segment in about a month’s time might actually rank up there as one of my greatest unexpected accomplishments in life, but also one that turned out to be really cool and fun. So thank you Chabdog for asking me to come onto the show, for asking me to stay on for the second hour, inviting me to the following week’s show…and the next…and the next. So I thought to myself that my first published blog here at Chabdog Sports be dedicated to my beginnings but also pay tribute to our racing segment that really sent me over the moon in making me a permanent fixture around here. So let’s end by saying that I’ve had a lot of firsts here at Chabdog Sports, from being invited to my first on-air show…to hosting a racing segment…to being on YouTube weekly…to now writing my first blog…so with that, let’s get ready to NASCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

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