ChabDog’s Opening Sunday Sermonic Musings … after many picks disabused


Raiders: Jimmy Garoppolo NFL free agency contract grade

— Match made in heaven … or in hell given he’s with the silver and black … but no doubt about it, the uniform fits, and rumor has it Jimmy GQ’s been found from time to time on an impromptu after-hours search of The Strip.

— They call him… Dr. Love… and maybe he does have the cure the Packers are thinking of….

–The Boyz weren’t the ones wearing the junior jock straps in tonight’s prime time fiasco.
Little Blue lays a big egg, and the only reason the Giants aren’t limping home with their tails between
their legs is that they were already home.

–Wee-hawks shrink from the moment, getting torched by studly Stafford and his two new “go to’s” Puka and Tutu.
Say what?

–Chargers continue to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, despite moving the ball very efficiently through Herbie’s arm and Austin’s churning legs.  Trouble was Tyreek, who was open so much today, it felt like all week.

–Ravens pick apart the Texans with a strong 2nd half, but the kicker in the teeth is that J.K. is not ok.

–Eagles recover from their Superbowl hangover, and survive a very passive aggressive finish at Gillette.
But there are signs that hope should spring eternal this year for the Patriots.

–Commanders finally take command, just in the nick of tune, and
given their history of blowing sure things at home, without rhyme or reason.

–Steelers start, once again, completely behind the eight ball, as in the Niners taking the wrecking ball to them
in all aspects in what can only be categorized as a nightmare of a home opener.

–Barroom brawl in The Big Easy goes to the black ‘n tan; but give the Ti-tans their props
for making the homies sweat and get pretty queasy… but not much has changed from last year, these two are
decidedly lacking in firepower.

–Baker remembers how to be a touchdown maker, and the Vikings return to their soft roots … last seen in last year’s playoff exit. Soft.

–Jags hit a few snags, but still showed the physcial prowess to shut down the Colts when it mattered.
The era of A. Richardson begins with a muted ovation and tempered elation.


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  1. Well Read

    Jimmy G is back with his old O-Co-O calling the same O


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