ChabDog’s Sports Rock Pool Picks for Week 4: My pre-spread session viewpoints

Brian Keller is definitely upping his game with these games… mostly brain teasers or slightly up for grabs… well in words of Maggie from Caddyshack… “Tanks for Nuttin”
1-LIONS @ PACKERS — Lions are not afraid of the frozen Tundra anymore, particularly when it isn’t frozen. LIONS!!!!
2. JAGS/FALCONS AT WEMBLY — Tea time it is not for Trevor. FALCONS!!!!
3-10 AM DOLPHINS @ BILLS — I just don’t think Miami is ready to lose. Yeah the Bills have some momentum, but they still aren’t world beaters. FINS!!!
4-1:25 PM PATRIOTS @ COWBOYS — Mack Davis might be able to win this game, but Mack Jones can’t. As much as I hate doing this, it’s DALLAS….
5-SNF CHIEFS @ JETS — Finally a total lay up…. CHIEFS, OF COURSE.
6- SEAHAWKS @ GIANTS — Could be time for the Seahawks to lay another egg, but the Giants don’t have a Giant appetite for winning. SEAHAWKS.


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