Going Deep With ChabDog’s Week 4 Odds-ervations:

Det. @  GB +1.5 (-110)
[somebody’s really in love with Love and scoffing at Goff]
Falcons @  JAX -3 (-105) [ok, the Falcons like to win mother#$%$#%ing ugly anywhere they can; ;this looks perfect]
Miami Dolphins @ BUF -2.5 (-115) [Buffalo shuts down Miami enough to get a still Jumpy Jim’s all heart a flutter? Really?]
 Denver Broncos @ CHI +3.5 (-115)[Featuring everybody’s Care Bears against the Gomer Denver Pyle Phillies… Denver’s still scoring points, so go with them. No problemo]
Baltimore Ravens @ CLE -2.5 (-105) ; [Wow, the Ravens are already losing their mojo, and Lamar hasn’t even been thrown on his fanny pack, has he? The Browns still have Watson but no Chubb, so how is this visitor optimism even possible?]
Cincinnati Bengals @ TEN -1.5 (-110) [Cincy just solidly covered at home against the Lambs, and now is a 1.5 dog to terrible TN. That says more about lack of confidence in Cincy as compared with titanic support for what’s going on in TN. Still, the Bengals need another kick in the ass… they still look soft to me.]
Los Angeles Rams @ IND -1 (-105) [The Rams are worthless and weak, choosing not to go for two after that second straight week with a a worthless and weak garbage TD; I’m throwing my full support to the Colts, who are actually the best horsing around team out there]
New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers NO -3 (-110) [the Saints are the way to go here… because they always do what they’re supposed to do, and beating the fabulous Baker boy at home for two straights weeks without a Carr?….;]
Washington Commanders @ PHI -7 (-110) [seriously? seriously? The Commanders keep coming back… like Cool Hand Luke, with nothing]
Minnesota Vikings @vCAR +3.5 (-110)[Yes, I guess the Vikings have finally found some hosts to party with]
Pittsburgh Steelers @ HOU +3 (-105) ;[anytime you get the Steelers as favorites on the road in a very winnable game, a field goal spread is a gift from god.]
Las Vegas Raiders @ LAC -4.5 (-110)[Raiders do well every year in this matchup…. like clockwork…. and these Chargers do not win games by more than fourt]
New England Patriots @ DAL -7 (-110) [Too bad Mac Davis isn’t playing for the Patriots; he could outplay Dak, who seems to lack the knack for rising to the occasion more than occasionally; 7 points seems another ridiculous slap in the face to every New Englander]
Arizona Cardinals @ SF -14 (-110) [Suddenly Rowdy Redbirds just might make the Niners sweat to win by 14…. they just might…. nahhhh]
Kansas City Chiefs @ NYJ +9.5 (-110) [Is trendy Taylor going to show up in some press box for this one too? Not on your life, and Patrick Mahomes might just be running for his; actually, I think the Jet defense is starting to get a bit gassed. I think…..]

Seattle Seahawks @ NYG +1.5 (-110) [[How in the hell to the Giants deserve this spread?

Bag head raiders fan

An Oakland Raiders wears a bag over his head during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)



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