Don’t get defensive about it…this MNF double dip was full of offensive yips…

Largely unsightly Saints’ win in typically barbaric style, with a full plate of strip sacks; Young Bryce
was conscripted for playing the part of rookie in teal looking for happy meal.


Watt and Highsmith take matters into their own hands, leading
the Steelers to what may be a season-saving home win over their bitter rivals on MNF.
The pass rush was mostly relentless, and that combined with the heavy hits exacted a mental and physical toll
on the opposition that seemed to explain Cleveland’s inability to execute at game end.
Yes, we won, but how many victories like this can you manufacture, in the absence of
a viable offense? There were a few bright spots, but the bottom line is the running game is
mostly stuck in the mud, and the pass scheme is in a word, stodgy.
As for the Browns, this game is yet another reminder that whatever they they thought they
were getting with Watson, an elite, or even above-average, QB he is not.



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