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ChabDog’s Aussie Open Update: Men’s Singles, Second/Third Round

ChabDog’s Aussie Open Update (Men’s Singes, Second/Third Round):

  • A maze of problems for Cuevas against De Minaur
  • Italian Civil War goes to Fognini, and it was after the match that things really got uncivil.
  • Ramon caves to Cameron, who had a relative legion of fans on hand
  • Michael Mmoh had nowhere to go against Nadal.
  • Spider Medvedev was really cruising.
  • Grigor gives Busta a couple of bagels as his retirement gift.
  • Zverev straightens out Mannarino and his on-court mannerisms.

ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — February 3 (click for our way cool Super Bowl promo):

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Impressive stuff from Zion, with whom the Pels toil. #Suns #Pelicans
  • Bradley Beal is apparently the real deal. And as for the Heat, Herro and last year’s Eastern Conference heroes are in real trouble. #Wizards #Heat
  • Has Dallas finally detonated? It’s about time.
  • A particularly potent Poeltl really enhances the Spurs’ point total. #Timberwolves #Spurs
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ChabDog’s NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 28:

Chin up, guys: You can’t taste the savory flavor of your fish, but your chick sure is cute.


ChabDog’s NHL Update:

  • This is what you get when you take your eyes off the puck,… my penalty for not paying attention to the start of the 2021 NHL Season, or is it the 2020-21 NHL Season. There appears to have been some sort of re-shuffling of the divisions and the conferences seem different in composition. Feel free to explain the situation to me .. or is this just some sick mind game being played by ESPN?
  • The Bruins are back and look fresh as ever. Pittsburgh came into the TD and laid a giant egg, which tended to ruffle their collective feathers. #Penguins #Bruins
  • Flyboys do what flyboys are wont to do … stick it to the Devils. #Flyers #Devils
  • Adorable Panthers get matadored to death by the Blue Jackets. #Panthers #BlueJackets
  • Assuming he has a sister, the Wild Jonas brother was the game’s major facilitator in today’s slap-down of the brooding Kings. #Kings #Wild
  • Sharks made to regret they ever left the pool when they get buried by the Avalanche. #Sharks #Avalance
  • VAN is spotted somehow moving up the standing … for no apparent reason other than they took a bunch of smarmy Senators for a ride.
  • Matthews’ power play pleaser means no more play tonight with Draisaitl. #Oilers #MapleLeafs
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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 28:

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Suns scorch the Dubs in the desert, helped in large part by a strong Bridges and Deandre the Giant. #Warriors #Suns
  • Fakers get outworked, outplayed, out-everything’d by the blue collar Pistons and shakin, bakin Blake. LeBron played the second half like he wanted to be somewhere else. Should we blame him?
  • Rockets lay down the law at home in their baby blues … sinking the more formally attired Blazers. #Rockets #Trailblazers
  • Looks like last year’s darlings, the Heat, need some Bengay… they’re becoming sore losers…
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 24 (Conference Finals):

ChabDog’s NFL Update:

  • Bills waste their time kicking field goals, and against the high powered Chiefs, that’s a recipe for getting killed. After a sloppy start, KC settles in for a relative blowout against their AFC brethren. But get ready for a super Super Bowl. #Chiefs #Bills
  • The GOAT proves once more that he and Rodgers should not be mentioned in the same sentence; at 43, he still wants it more, and that desire was emanating from every pore. As for Green Bay, what they did was blink and hesitate on 4th and 8, and that was a fatal mistake. #Buccaneers #Packers
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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 22

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Who knew it would be the Cavs to come out this sexy, with Sexton looking great and Allen fro-ing down some major throw downs. What’s going on in the paint, Nets? #Nets #Cavaliers
  • Phoenix shined tonight, but determined Denver fought its way back and took control away in OT with its poise and maturity. Speaking of maturity, Chris Paul you, the elder statesman of the desert, should have done more in the do or die moments … particularly as regulation was ending (how about using that time out to advance the ball, instead of the desperation half-court heave?). #Suns #Nuggets
  • Carbon copy for Capela, who had a triple double involving BLOCKS, and same old story for Young means misery for Minnesota. #Hawks #Timberwolves
  • Norman shot the rock pretty well, and that painted a pretty picture for Raptor repair. #Heat #Raptors
  • S-weet night to Doncic, who was certainly lighting it up. Spurs continue to sputter … #Mavericks #Spurs
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ChabDog’s NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives — January 20 (Any Which Way He Can):

ChabDog’s NBA Update:

  • Hawks are just happy that whatever got into Clint, was enough to get them past a ginormous game from Jeramie. #Pistons #Hawks
  • A little Green Curry, plus some offensive wiggling from Wiggins, was enough to make Pop apoplectic. #Spurs #Warriors
  • Confident Clippers have little problem making the Kings their pawns. The playoffs are far away, and one of the furthest things from their minds. #Kings #Clippers
  • Kristaps exploits meant tabs for the spaced out Pacers. #Mavericks #Pacers
  • Timberwolves continue to fall, this time getting crushed by a couple of Vanderbilt bricks and an unlikely ending three pointer from Cole. #Timberwolves #Magic
  • Nice news feed for Embiid. #Sixers #Celtics
  • Still straining Houston’s latest exhibition of small ball is becoming somewhat appalling without Harden and Paul. #Rockets #Suns
  • Nets have the pleasure of catching a whiff of Kyrie, who breezes in after a few days of r&r to ring the register for a love boat of points, albeit in a losing effort. #Nets #Cavaliers
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 27 (Playoffs, World Series):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 27 (Playoffs, World Series):

  • Cash gets badly burned when he rather routinely yanks ace Snell and reaches into his stash of over-used relievers; Dodgers then erupt for three humongous scores and never look back, grabbing their 8th World Title and first in 38 long years. Congratulations to LA, on its second pro sports title in succession! #Dodgers #Rays
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — (Week 7):

ChabDog’s NFL Update (Week 7):

  • When it came to scoring points tonight, it was certainly a bear market for Chicago’s munchkins of the Midway. Rams do their level best to correct the misperception that these Bears are any different from last year’s punchless bunch. #Rams #Bears
  • Swarming Cardinals give Wilson little room to wiggle and prod him into 3 uncharacteristic mistakes. Meanwhile, Murray continues his excellent play, using his arm and his legs to drive Seattle’s undersized defense absolutely batty. The result is Seattle struggles and falls from the ranks of the unbeaten, while Arizona’s stock rises. #Seahawks #Cardinals
  • It definitely appears LAC’s Herby loves to bug the Jaguars; mini-resistance thrown up by Minshew is all for naught. #Jaguars #Chargers
  • Broncos find it’ll take a lot more than a little white dust on the ground to provide relief from the Chiefs. And how’s that Drew Locke development project going, John? Looks like it may be time for Plan B. #Chiefs #Broncos
  • SF sticks it to the previous stuck up Patriots, behind their slick QB and a physical defense that had the stodgy NE attack on life support. Contrary to initial reports, it does not appear Newton will breathe new life into this unit. #Patriots #FortyNiners
  • Raiders get swamped in Sin City, as Brady has a bunch of TDs and Big Leonard is starting to crunch DBs. #Buccaneers #Raiders
  • Titans’ psycho kicking game comes back to bite them, as ex-Pat Goskowski can work out his under-50 chronic slice. Steelers survive their always harrowing trip to Music City. #Titans #Steelers
  • Saints ‘aint exactly steamrolling people, but they manage to dance around the landlocked Panthers. #Panthers #Saints
  • What the hell? The WTFs are now 1/2 game out of first, after competent Kyle makes them smile. #Redskins #Cowboys
  • Jets can take solace in beating the spread as home dogs, but there’s little else to wag their tails about. Darnold’s detractors can point to more key mistakes; talk about a steep learning curve. #Jets #Bills
  • Lions leave the best for the bitter end, and leave ATL’s Falcons with a feeling of utter futility; best game of the year for Stafford, who finds the promised land as time evaporates. #Lions #Falcons
  • Rodgers looked much more comfortable this week in the friendly confines of NRG; the Texans’ swiss cheese defense certainly made the Packers feel right at home. #Packers #Texans
  • Baker starts slowly, but turns into touchdown maker. And its just another crushing loss for the Bengal backers. #Bengals #Browns
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 22:

ChabDog’s NFL Update — October 22:

  • Giants somehow manage to shoot themselves in the 4th quarter foot, and we’re not even considering Daniel Jones’ supreme gravitational challenges… how about that phantom tackle in the open field. Eagles flip the switch with another crushing comeback, and move to the top of the NFL’s worst division. #Eagles #Giants
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 17 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 17 (Playoffs, Championship Series Round):

  • Charlie says sorry … but no dice … to Houston’s hopes for a return to the World Series. Morton may never have been better, and just a little bit of offensive pop was all they needed to dispose of the trash cans. #Astros #Rays
  • Re-dedicated Dodgers do early damage at the plate, and are saved on defense when Buehler? Buehler? Buehler? answers the bell with one hell of a start. On to Game 7. #Dodgers #Braves
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