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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 5-17-19 (click for audio):

MLB Update:

  • Punch and Judy manages to land a glancing blow that floors Urkel. #Marlins #Mets
  • CC’s quite loud, and the Yankees rather quietly unseat TB atop the AL East. #Rays #Yankees
  • Nats’ incompetent relief corps turn Mad Max’s underwhelming start into a complete horror show, and in the process Kris Bryant has a last three innings to remember. #Cubs #Nationals
  • Houston continues its torrid run of success, overcoming Porcello and the rest of the Red Sox fellows. #Astros #RedSox
  • Rougned and the Rangers ruthlessly rough up the Redbirds, whose pitching seems to have flown south for the remainder of the Spring. #Cardinals #Rangers
  • Reynolds is locked in against unlucky Lucchesi, and Jordan jams on the Father figures to the tune of 12 fans. #Pirates #Padres
  • Things are starting to get pretty depressing in Cin City, as Votto is batting .216 in sympathy with most the rest of the languishing lineup. #Dodgers #Reds
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, May 16, 2019 (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals) (click for audio):

NBA Update (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals):

  • Stephen and his Durant-less Dubs recover from a second quarter slumber and prevent this series from going back to Portland even steven. Blazers slit their own throats — yet again — by going into kill-the-clock mode with 4 minutes of eternity left on the clock, heaving up an assortment of hopeless threes and becoming painfully predictable. The crowning indignity occurs when Lillard gets his pockets picked by Iggy and forgets to make use of the obligatory, Curry butt flop (sorry but Damian never smiles when on the court and clearly flunked out of acting school). I wonder how long it took Terry the clipboard wizard to come up with that plainer than plain vanilla play. For those hoping to tune in to some compelling basketball, we are being treated to a veritable Rip City rip off. #TrailBlazers #Warriors
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 5-15-19 (click for audio):

MLB Update:

  • Tampa’s resolved not to trade places with anyone else atop the division, and they trot out the powerful Mr. Beeks to prove it. #Rays #Marlins
  • Stros tame the pussycats from Michigan, continuing their somewhat remarkable run of blow out victories. When will they lose again? #Astros #Tigers
  • Red Sox return the favor, with an exciting extra innings conquest of a very competitive Colorado. #Rockies #RedSox
  • Yassir Yasiel, that’s stick with it and handling the big stick with skill in the clutch. Cincy need this win badly as they were teetering on a possible fade into obscurity in the NL Central. #Cubs #Reds
  • Marte and D-backs use plenty of 2 by 4’s to maul the Bucs.  So what else is new? #Diamondbacks #Pirates
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, May 15, 2019 (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals) (click for audio):

NBA Update (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals):
  • Bucks show their toughness, battling back from a bad first quarter and finally wear down the very game Raptors, who played excellent defense on Giannis and ran their offense well through a born again Kyles Lowry. Milwaukee gets huge contributions from unlikely sources of excellent … most notably Brook Lopez, who did a lot of everything. Let’s see if Toronto can match the excellent energy and execution they showed tonight in Game 2. #Raptors #Bucks
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 5-15-19 (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update:

  • San Jose plays a little handball, which goes unnoticed for a convenient moment and leads to the game winner. Truth be told, this was a stroke of luck for the very hard-to-kill Sharks, but you have to admit they created their own breaks by never letting up on the pressure. And St. Louis will be seeing the Jaden Schwartz empty net miss in their collective sleep tonight… along with the scrum in front of their net at the end of regulation, which led to a game tying tally by Mr. Playoffs, Logan Couture, as time was winding down. Brutal bad beat for the bruised Blues. #Sharks #Blues
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday 5-14-19 (click for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Sale serves up some very strong 17 & 7, but the resilient Rocks wait it out and pour on the power to stifle the Sox in 11. #Rockies #RedSox
  • Another under-the-radar win for the nondescript Twins. Go figure. #Angels #Twins
  • JB launces 2, and JM stops the slithering D-backs dead in their tracks. #Pirates #Diamondbacks
  • Yeah, it’s a bit early, but .219 is a pretty low return on the Phillies’ investment for high priced Bryce. #Brewers #Phillies
  • Quite a show put on by Luplow supports Carlos Carrasco. #Indians #WhiteSox
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals) (click for audio)


NBA Update (Playoffs, Western Conference Finals):
  • Why again did Portland fight so hard to earn the right to play for the NBA Finals? Tonight’s snoozefest was simply unbearable to watch, unless of course you were one of those only too fortunate Warrior worshipers. Nearly to a man, the lightweight Blazers looked sluggish, if not groggy, particularly on defense where Curry and Clay saw way too much daylight after each garden variety pick. Can the fans do a quick substitution and let the Nuggets show what they can do? If not that, Lillard and his sidekick CJ need to seriously bring it in Game 2, or they’ll be building a ditch out of which no heroic trail blazin will even be possible. #TrailBlazers #Warriors
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 5-14-19 (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals) (click for audio)

NHL Update (Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals):

  • Carolina thought a spate of shots from their circling skaters would somehow tucker out the acrobatic, sure-handed Tuuka … but no such luck as Rask was clearly up to the task.
    B’s get out the broom and prepare to end this thing for good on Thursday night. #Bruins #Hurricanes
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 5-12-19 (click for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Orioles pleased to see a Means to and end on the mound with John mowing down the opposition, and are also gratified knowing Davis is finally showing his mean streak at the plate. #Angels #Orioles
  • Debilitated Rangers slowed down when Springer breaks loose for the game of his life. #Rangers #Astros
  • Perhaps in sympathy to hockey’s Brett Burns, Blackmon and his black beard continue to terrorize the meek Padres. #Padres #Rockies
  • Bell rings the register at Busch for a Pirate plethora of total bases. #Pirates #Cardinals
  • Boston looks pretty in pink as it smothers the M’s on Mothers Day. #Mariners #RedSox
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives (Playoffs, 2nd Round) (click for audio)

NBA Update (Playoffs, 2nd Round):

  • Denver dozes off in the 2nd half, and you can’t do that against a team with guts and gumption … even if you are at home. When they finally woke up, the Nuggets just couldn’t come up with the shots, including a crucial missed free throw by Jokic. Portland may not have a very highly regarded front court, but when it comes to the guards, they’ll extremely well protected. The No. 3 seed is on a mission and this could spell big trouble for GSW in the next round. Great job by Stotts, who played all the right slots in getting this machine to work well in the clutch. #TrailBlazers #Nuggets
  • There will be some serious northern exposure in the next round as the Raptors move on to make war with Milwaukee. This was a glorious validation of the talents of Leonard, while at the other end of the spectrum, Embiid never really seemed all in/fully committed (a 6-18 effort in the most important game of his life just won’t cut it). Toronto should celebrate tonight, but they’ll need more of everything if they hope to have a chance against the well-rested Bucks. At the moment, they a bit too reliant on a talented guy name Kawhi … who is still not clearly comfortable with his role as Canadian playmaker. #Sixers #Raptors
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