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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 7 (Playoffs, Divisional Round) (click twice to hear about a Road Trip):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 7 (Playoffs, Divisional Round) (click twice to hear about a Road Trip):

  • Pads stretch the Dodgers to the limit, but come up tantalizingly short when Cody barely keeps a Tatis clout from going out. #Padres #Dodgers
  • A’s find putting themselves into the backs-against-the-wall, now-or-never stage was exactly what the doctor order. Perhaps this talented group is finally starting to believe in themselves. There’s a big, dusty cloud of uncertainty still to overcome, but at least Oakland has gotten up off the mat and engaging itself. #Athletics #Astros
  • There’s a ring of fire around blazing hot Ray Randy Arozarena, and the Yankees just got scalded … again. #Rays #Yankees
  • For the 2nd night in a row, the Bravos were just a bit better, with furious vengeance visited on the visitor’s pitching by Travis d’Arnaud and Dansby “Move Over” Swanson. #Marlins #Braves
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Finals, Game 4) — October 6:

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update (Finals, Game 4) — October 6:

  • LA moves the ball closer to the promised land with a hard fought win in Game 4. But don’t count on the Heat folding in the closeout game, in awe and wonder of the commanding presence of the soon to coronated King. Who knows what could happen if the refs choose to call charges, travels and/or techs on the ever-complaining superstar, or if the supporting cast chooses not to show up. Miami proved tonight it can make the Lakers sweat, and discovered that mano-a-mano is a much better way to go than the previously employed fun zone. #Heat #Lakers
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 6 (Playoffs, Divisional Round) (click twice to hear about a Road Trip):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — October 6 (Playoffs, Divisional Round):

  • Padres lose starter Clevinger early, and then throw the kitchen sink at the Dodgers … the problem was that among the 8 pitchers used, there was simply no stopper. Some might say, that if the Dodgers don’t win with this ridiculously talented lineup… they’ll never win one again. #Padres #Dodgers
  • After getting shelled in the Game 1, the Rays pushed back hard, both from the mound and the plate, including a ton of punch outs and a quartet of homers. If the Yankees thought advancing would be a walk in the park, they were sorely mistaken. #Yankees #Rays
  • Two more dingers from Springer, and the A’s are on the edge of extinction once again. #Astros #Athletics
  • Hotlanta puts an abrupt halt to Marlin momentum, torching the fresh fish for 1/2 a dozen in a searing 7th. #Marlns #Braves
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 5 (Playoffs, Divisional Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update:

  • Could it be that the Yankees are ready to make the Rays their obedient pets at Petco Park? Cole outdueled Snell, and NYY’s big bats did the necessary talking, with Giancarlo’s ninth inning slam making the biggest statement. #Yankees #Rays
  • Astros continue to sandbag their competition, returning to last year’s form with a thorough bashing of the aimless A’s. Don’t count on an abrupt about face, like we saw against the jittery Chisox. #Astros #Athletics
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ChabDog’s NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives — Week 4 (click twice for ChabDog’s turkey hunt):

ChabDog’s NFL Update:

  • Falcons continue to serve as road fodder, this time getting smacked down by the Packers, whose offense is is starting to look remarkably efficient. Rodgers is certainly riding high, and his team sits all alone atop the NFC North. #Falcons #Packers
  • Grounded Patriots find life isn’t that pleasant with out Tom Brady, let alone replacement Newton. Chiefs slug it out with NE for 3 quarters, then roll in the 4th. #Patriots #Chiefs
  • Eagles fight through adversity to stun the Niners, who should’ve put Mullens on the pine and breathed life into their offense with Beathard sooner. #Eagles #FortyNiners
  • Bears run out of lucky miracle comebacks today, getting frustrated at home by Horsehoes’ defense. #Colts #Bears
  • Diggs comes up big .. very big … once again, and no-longer a Frosh, Josh, continues to mature impressively. That spelled doom for the reckless Raiders, who ruined their homecoming with dumb penalties, mental mistakes and turnovers. #Bills #Raiders
  • Rams putter through a rather drab defeat of the junior G-men, but the crowd seemed wowed by the backyard brawl that followed. #Giants #Rams
  • Nice to see Tom Brady with the old competitive fire in his belly. He stumbles with a pick six, but comes back to disconnect the Chargers with 5 TDS. And we have a Gronk citing. #Chargers #Buccaneers
  • Cards shuffle around for 3 TDs, but in the end get scuffled by a smooth, accurate and somewhat elusive Bridgewater. When it comes to leading the Panthers … Teddy is indeed ready. #Panthers #Cardinals
  • Lions do what Lions do and turn into pussy cats once they secure their double digit advantage. And the end result is a new lease on life for New Orleans. #Saints #Lions
  • Washington showed up, but Baltimore did a much better job executing when it had to, and Lamar Jackson looked like last year’s MVP. Game over. #Ravens #Washington
  • Cowboys ruins an undeniably prolific outing by Prescott with an attack of fumble-itis, along with phantom defense. Yes, it’s true that right now there is no D in Dallas. #Browns #Cowboys
  • Seattle’s been seen sitting all alone atop the NFC West after dealing defeat on the despondent Dolphins. #Seahawks #Dolphins
  • Away from home, the Vikings finally get their act together, passing with precision and running with reckless abandon on the terrible Texans. #Vikings #Texans
  • Pumped up Bengals re-up warhorse Mixon as running mate for bonus baby Burrow, and the scoreboard likes it. #Jaguars #Bengals
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Finals) — October 2 (click twice for some Big Lebowski):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update (Finals) — October 2:

  • The long and the short of it as regards Game 2 was the Lakers turned the Heat’s desperation zone into the ESPN fun zone. Somebody needs to remind Miami that even when you’re playing “zone” you need to do things like box out and put a body on somebody. With all that low hanging fruit available to them throughout this game, it’s a wonder AD and LBJ didn’t each come down with a nasty case of the runs. No wonder Haslem was having a series of aneurysms on the sidelines. They never played this kind of lame defense when LeBron or Shaq were reaching for rebounds and winning titles in South Beach. #Lakers #Heat
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 2 (Playoffs, Wildcard Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update– October 2 (Playoffs, Wildcard Round):

  • Marlins rip the Cubbies a new one after Kipnis whiffs, and Yu-lose-again Darvish goes down once again in the playoffs in somewhat spectacular fashion somewhere in the vicinity of the Great Lakes … ala the Edmund Fitzgerald. #Cubs #Marlns
  • No stammering by Stammen and his other pitcher-by-committee members, who hold the Cardinals to 4 tiny hits, and SD’s superior offense does the rest. Justice served with this result; the Padres had the much better year, and they deserve to move on. #Padres #Cardinals
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — October 1 (Playoffs, Wildcard Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update (Playoffs, Wildcard Round):

  • No no, … Willpower Myers, ferocious Fernando and the rest of the sacrilegious Padres won’t be satisfied with the status quo and letting the greedy Cardinals gobble up yet another playoff win. San Diego wins a slugfest and takes this mini-series to the fabled rubber game. Go Pads!!!!
  • Dodgers end the drama with Brewers without any fanfare, but with a message sent by Clayton that opposing hitters beware. And the addition of Mookie Betts has many wagering that smart money for the WCS title resides with the Dodgers. #Brewers #Dodgers
  • Not ready for playoff time Reds get their walking papers … too bad they didn’t bet to many walks from the Brave pitchers. #Braves #Brewers
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ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 30 (Playoffs, Wildcard Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update (Playoffs, Wildcard Round)::

  • Don’t tell these Yankees that biting the Hand that feeds meatballs to them at the plate is a bad idea. Cleveland blows it in the 9th and loses 10-9 in all-important Game 2. #Indians #Yankees
  • Leave it to the mature Redbirds to bring Paddack and the young, impertinent Pads behind the woodshed for a severe paddling. #Padres #Cardinals
  • Hunter kills all the Jays he can find with his Grand Salami in the 2nd inning. Tampa Bay makes Toronto go away for good. #Rays #BlueJays
  • In Game 2, the formerly aimless A’s get an A for waking up to their alarm clock. But have they shut the panic button off with today’s reversal of fortune. #WhiteSox #Athletics
  • Jeter’s cleaters make the strong point that the Central Division Champion Cubs have a real fight on their hands. What happened to you guys tonight, Rizzo? Hope you weren’t thinking about the next round a bit prematurely. #Marlins #Cubs
  • They may play at Target, not Busch, but the off-target Twinkies are indeed folding like a House of Cards. #Astros #Twins
  • Fittingly, Braves rely on Freeman to free themselves from the shackles of the surprisingly resilient Reds. #Reds #Braves
  • Dodgers threw the double-up Brew Crew in the Ravine and then had the baseball gall to laugh about it. #Dodgers #Brewers
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ChabDog Sports Blog Rocks With “Cooper”, ChabDog of the Month for October

Fall is upon us, and it’s time to fall completely in love with Cooper, ChabDog of the Month for October, 2020.  Cooper is a year and a half old Australian Shepherd who regularly accompanies his owner, marriage and family therapist Kristina Cleland, to her office and provides invaluable animal therapy, assisting her clients when struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Indeed, I have seen this dog work his magic numerous times at 1601 PCH, Hermosa Beach, CA … he’s extremely friendly and simply put, loves people.  In his spare time, this industrious canine loves cuddling, swimming in oceans and pools, hiking, traveling on road trips, playing in the snow, and long walks on the beach with his favorite human on the beach!

Thank you Cooper for gracing our page as ChabDog of the Month.


ChabDog’s MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives — September 29 (Playoffs, Wildcard Round):

ChabDog’s MLB Update — September 29 (Playoffs, Wildcard Round):
  • Split personality Twins retreat into their habitual playoff bunker with a particularly muted response when push comes to shove in Game 1. Congrats to the Astros, who seem to have forgotten their protracted mediocrity for at least one game. #Astros #Twins
  • No surprise as it’s choke time in Oakland. Another sparkling regular season is about to relegated to the dust bin of history. #WhiteSox #Athletics
  • Did Shane’s dreams of a Cy Young just get flushed down the drain when he got creamed by the cranked up Yankes. More second season slippage for the Indians. #Indians #Yankees
  • Ace Snell casts a wicked spell over the comatose Rays, and man up at the plate with Manny Margot. #BlueJays #Rays
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ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update, Recap and Perspectives (Conf Finals) — September 24 (click twice for Dick Van Dyke theme):

ChabDog’s NBA Playoff Update:

  • Lakers went big tonight, flexing their muscles on the inside with Superman, more than few assaults on the rim by the King, and more than a few knockout blows tossed by AD. And despite all this, along with occasionally ridiculous flashes of brilliance by Rondo, Denver was in this game to the bitter end, because of Murray’s heart, and some notable performances from their unheralded supporting cast. If Jokic had been on his game and if Malone hadn’t made the somewhat inexplicable mistake of sitting a hot, athletic Michael Porter in the fourth quarter, this could have gone the other way.
    Laker fan gets his wish with a 3-1 lead. But against the never-say-die Nuggets, that could actually be a curse. Denver has every reason in the world to believe it can still take this. #Lakers #Nuggets
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