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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 3-8-19 (click to hear how to workout post 40)
Bushwood — Where Golden Gophers go to lick their wounds…

NCAAM Update:

  • Terps finally stick their heads out of the shell, and send the Gophers scurrying back to Bushwood with an expected, but still important, win. #GoldenGophers #Terrapins
  • Buff mow down Bowling Green and looks plenty mean for a Mid-American champion. #Bulls #Falcons
  • Va Tech’s now shoe-in for the tournament, while Miami may not even be on the NIT bubble. #Hurricanes #Hokies

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 3-7-19 (and click post to hear “The Mouth” Michaelson)
Pens were really untouchable tonight in Pittsburgh!

NHL Update:

  • Vigilant Pens protect their nest in the Met with the skill and dedication of Eliot Ness by once again busting up the Blue Jackets’ questionable racket. #BlueJackets #Penguins
  • Boston refuses to lose, but are they shooting their wad a tad early; in any event, their march toward primo playoff positioning continues in March. #Panthers #Bruins
  • Hertl’s heroics propel aggressive and hungry Sharks over the Canadien hurdle. #Sharks #Canadiens
  • Hot shot Lightning look uncommonly mild against the largely mediocre Wild. #Wild #Lightning

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 3-7-19 (and click to hear our favorite comments from the Flav a Flav roast)

Russell wears his emotions on his sleeve, and wears his opponents down to the nub.

NBA Update:

  • Portland wilts in Rip City to the very ripped, and never without a bellicose quip, Russell. Same old good, but not great, Blazers. #TrailBlazers #Thunder
  • Pacers travel up the road to ‘Ol Milwaukee to face the Bucks and exhibit the dreaded deer in headlights look in a rather dreary second half siesta. #Pacers #Bucks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 3-6-19 (plus, click to hear the best theme this side of Southern California)

Many think that this year, the West will be won by Denver’s young guns…

NBA Update:

  • Old guys rule may rule the record book, but you’re nowhere in the NBA without young guns … advantage Nugs. #Lakers #Nuggets
  • If you’re Celtics fan, no need to pray with Hayward leading the way, and no stay of execution for the victimized Kings. #Celtics #Kings
  • Heard it through the grapevine — Sixers lacked the magic elixir to stop LaVine. #Sixers #Bulls
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Friday, 2-22-19 (plus, click to hear a wet Megan Fox)

No jockeying around for the hapless horses…

NBA Update:

  • Jokic sees to it that the hapless horses have no mislaced hopes about jockeying for playoff positioning. #Nuggets #Mavericks
  • Spurs fall hard at Air Canada when DeMar doesn’t go far enough in evading Leonhard. #Spurs #Raptors
  • Mark my words! Markannen and the Bulls get a road win. #Bulls #Magic
  • Indiana’s apparently indifferent to injury. Pacers emerge victorious even without Victor. #Pelicans #Pacers
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 2-21-19 (and click to hear Rocky complain about doing his taxes)

I’ll go with Bagley III at No. V

NBA Update:

  • This outcome says more about the Kings than it does about the Warriors. Bagley III has rapidly emerged as a major player from the V. #Kings #Warriors
  • Rocky road for the Rockets, when LBJ goes inside and has his way. #Rockets #Lakers
  • Sixers escape the Heat with some fancy bobbing and waving from sometime marginal Boban Marjanovic. #Heat #Sixers
  • Bucks up the ante in the East with a strong stiff arm of the onrushing Celts. #Bucks #Celtics
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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 2-20-19 (click to listen for Dick van Dyke theme)

Another “Shoe”-related mess in college basketball engulfs the big boys …

NCAAM Update:

  • Yikes! Shock and awful grimacing in Durham, as the Zionic man blows out his Nikes. #TarHeels #BlueDevils
  • Sweet revenge is a long time coming for Pat Ewing, against the team that broke his heart. #Wildcats #Hoyas
  • This looks like a classic sleeper of a squad biding their time in Syracuse; watch out for this team to do what Boeheim is known for … getting into that mesmerizing zone, and grinding out ugly, but effective, victories over soft favorites. #Cardinals #Orange

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 2-20-19 (and click post to hear some love for johnny cakes)

All hail Chicago’s Citizen Kane!

NHL Update:

  • In a match up of previously fearsome superpowers in the NHL’s Western Hemisphere, Citizen Kane uses his flat stick to punish the impetuous Red Wings. #Blackhawks #RedWings
  • Backes and the Bruins are letting the world know Boston’ll be back for another pro sports title come late May. #Bruins #GoldenKnights
  • Jets grounded by furious avalanche of goals from Colorado. #Jets #Avalanche
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-19-19 (and click post as Wendy Williams inquires about the whereabouts of one Michael Hunt)

Blue Jackets fall in Montreal when they forget to pack their dopp kit with the Tartar control…

NHL Update:

  • Blue Jackets fall in Montreal when they forget to pack their dopp kit with the Tartar control…#Canadiens #BlueJackets
  • Pencil in another noteworthy win for the pushy Pens. #Penguins #Devils
  • Blues stay hot hot hot, adding to the annual refrain that St. Louis springs forward in February, only to go away meekly in May. #Blues #MaplesLeafs
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Get made whole for breakfast or lunch … with the Breakfast Bowl at The Grindz! (and click post for the Odd Couple theme)

ChabDog recently had a very pleasurable sit down with a Breakfast Bowl at The Grindz. Plenty of cheddar jack cheese, sprinkled over two eggs, delicious bacon fried rice and tasty Portuguese sausage. Add some sriracha or some of their special Hawaiian hot sauce for some extra kick, and your on your way to an eating extravaganza.

NCAA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-12-19 (listen for a far out tirade from the Tooz)

Beilein makes a bee line for the locker room

NCAA Update:

  • Puke: another impressive as hell ACC road win for Duke…#BlueDevils #Cardinals
  • Michigan lacks staying power against pesky Penn St. when Beilein is stung with an ejection. #Wolverines #Nittany Lions
  • Kentucky caves in to Kavell at the buzzer. #Tigers #Wildcats
  • A very lean (and mean) Cassius guides the Spartans as they stick it to the Badgers in Madison. #Spartans #Badgers
  • 25 years or so after UM’s Jalen Rose, another Jalen rose to the challenge at another UM as Boilermaker bubbles evaporate late against the Terps. #Terrapins #Boilermakers

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-12-19 (and click to hear Walter Matthau protect NYC in the the Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3)

The Dean of basketball admits: “Playing for the Lakers, ain’t that a kick in the head”

NBA Update:

  • Young, Trae holds sway over James, LeBron. #Lakers #Hawks
  • Down in the 4th … no worry, when you have Durant and Curry. #Jazz #Warriors
  • Things are really starting to smell in the land of the Pels. #Magic #Pelicans
  • Celts show up en masse and still know how to turn on the gas as they outlast frustrated Philly. #Celtics #Sixers
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 2-10-19 (and click to Tony lay down the law to Richie)

You’re never too high and mighty to double dribble.

NBA Update:

  • Heat should be all over the officials after Miami gets mistreated in The Town; yes, even big important stars like Durant occasionally look spastic and use two hands. #Heat #Warriors
  • Lakers and LeBron just can’t compete with Embiid point scoring greed; baby triple double by LBJ doesn’t stand in the way of Joel’s very telling 37, 14 and 14. #Sixers #Lakers
  • Dallas learns how to dig deep with Doncic, not Dirk. #TrailBlazers #Mavericks
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 2-5-19 (and click to hear all about shrinkage)

Is it live, or is it Memphis?

NBA Update:

  • Portland may still be 11 over .500, there’s no denying they are weak underneath … just like Italy in World War II … Whiteside definitely punctured that soft underbelly, going 11-12. #Trailblazers #Heat
  • Does this win mean we can no longer ask, in the spirit of that old Memorex tag line, “is it live, or is it a Memphis Grizzly”. #Grizzlies #Timberwolves
  • Even without big deal Kyrie on the road in hostile Quicken Loans, this Boston-Cleveland tussle was definitely a case of the haves vs. the Cav-nots. #Celtics #Cavaliers
  • LeBron’s still looking rather weak, and the Pace-cars run circles around the stuck in the mud Lakers with Myles and Bo Bo. #Lakers #Pakers
  • When it comes to the All-star game, do not forsake Blake; this guy is having an absolutely huge year. #Pistons #Knicks
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