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Lots of Dead Men Walking at ChabDog Sports Talk …


At ChabDog Sports Talk, we’re all about talkin Dead Men Walking; listen in as we foretold the firings of Farrell, Phil, The Mad Hatter, and Charlie the Strongman and why Dusty, Terry and Chuckie should be running for cover, not hovering in the dugout or on the sidelines.

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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 10-12-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • All you need to know is that at game’s end, there was a big W sign joyfully bouncing up and down in the stands and it was blue, not red. This was a typically nasty Natty meltdown, garnished with plenty of bad luck, bad execution, missed opportunities, and questionable managing from guess who… Dusty Baker. Where do you start? 1) Choosing geological disaster Geo Gonzalez, who put us through 3 very painful innings, and following that up with a clearly used up and off target Max, who was getting lots of unwanted movement on his pitches, to not challenging the batter interference on the swing that hit the catcher’s mask, to not moving the runners over in the 8th with men on first and second and nobody out. The fact is that Joe Maddon is probably the best manager in baseball, and he’s working for the Cubs, along with a team that likes the pressure, if not thrives on it. As for Washington, there were too many miscues, missed calls, and mistakes both in the field and at bat to keep track of, but who will ever forget Werth’s deer in the headlights play in left or Lobaton forgetting to leave his foot on first or a panicked Bryce Harper swinging right through that last third strike. Now it’s on to LA, where the Dodgers face the Lester of two evils. Good advice would be to make Johnny throw to first. #Cubs #Nationals
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Thursday, 10-12 (click post for audio)

NHL Update:

  • Same formula as last year as Nashville rolls with lots from Filip, P.K. and Pekka. #Predators #Stars
  • Finally, a stain thrown in with the Blues’ wash cycle. Something for the Panthers to cheer about. #Panthers #Blues
  • Tampa’s sure glad this game had the Stamkos stamp of approval…. #Lightning #Penguins
  • Wings to wily for Coyotes. #RedWings #Coyotes
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NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 10-11 (click post for audio)

NHL Update:

  • Devils refuse to dog it through 3, and will be sure to milk this run of shooting efficiency and excellent defense for all it’s worth. #Devils #MapleLeafs
  • Patric the Penguin may be missing a K, not to mention a qu, but he had just about everything else going on tonight against the disappointed DC’ers. #Penguins #Capitals
  • Colorado’s 2017-2018 uprising continues tonight with some special stickhandling from Andrighetto. #Bruins #Avalanche
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 10-11-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Nice change up for the Nationals — you can certainly say that again — as Stephen stymies the Cubbies with his slow down strikeout pitch, and Washington show uncommon valor in an elimination game. The question now becomes who will Dusty designate to start Game 5 in DC, and will it even matter against wily Kyle Hendricks, he of many tricks up the sleeve. Fans of the host had better hope their team’s bats don’t take their usual leave of absence when it matters most. #Nationals #Cubs
  • New York finally has something to get delirious over, what with Didi’s repeated straightening of Corey’s curves (or were they fastballs?), and CC giving the Indians a very deadly case of Slurvey. Houston has more hitting than Cleveland, but the fact remains that the Yankees have better overall pitching and right handed bats that could mean trouble in the Minute Maid band box. Look for home field advantage to be pivotal … Astros in 7. #Yankees #Indians
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You know things are going badly, …


…. when you have to call Trinidad your daddy … US finds itself outside/looking in for the 2018 World Cup.

NHL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 10-10 (click post for audio)

NHL Update:

  • Golden Knights are “Vegas Strong”, but that doesn’t keep them from leaning on James Neal in a very rousing home opener.
  • Nashville continues the trend of holding its own in the home opener. #Predators #Flyers
  • Blackhawks believe this good start fueled by diminutive DeBrincat is no dead cat bounce. #Blackhawks #Canadiens
  • Columbus gets going in the right direction behind Skinner and Milano’s game winner. #BlueJackets #Hurricanes
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 10-9-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update (Divisional Series):

  • Rainy days and Mondays certainly get the Indians down, as they fumble away Game 4 quite carelessly, looking more like Wolverine receivers trying to catch a greased pigskin than baseball players in the field. By all rights, Cleveland should be done, but they have a chance at redemption in the rubber match by the shores of Lake Erie. Unfortunately, they won’t have their EE battery to bail them out, and this lack of punch may well be the deciding factor. #Indians #Yankees
  • This amazing game at Fenway had just about everything you could imagine jam packed into a simple 9 inning, 9-run contest, including an overreaching ball girl, a couple of ace starters who raced in to put out some serious indigestion, an inside-the-park job in the bottom of the ninth, and a mouthing off manager who got tossed in a NY minute. And in the end, the Astros just had too many answers for everything that the resilient Red Sox threw at them, including no fear for killer extraordinaire Craig Kimbrel. Houston looks primed and ready to continue its run, which would certainly be nice for a city that’s endured courageously … not only through this year’s hurricane … but through many disappointments, … from the Oiler collapse to Frank Reich, to the gut wrenching playoff loss to the Mets in ’86, to the NBA title losses to the Celtics in ’81 and ’86, to the 2005 power outage against the Chisox in the WCS. Kudos to a well coached, hard working team that will give the Yankees-Indians winner a real run for their money! And congrats to a Red Sox team that fought the good fight all year, and will be back in contention in 2018. #RedSox #Astros
  • Nats probably thought they were in for a pleasant drive on the Scherzy turnpike, what with Maxie seemingly in cruise control through 6. But there was double trouble by Zobrist in the sinful 7th, and when that ever-present Achilles heel of a pen reared its ugly head for Washington its was curtains for Baker’s boys. But please, somebody tell Rodney Dangerfield Rizzo to calm down … it wasn’t a lack of respect that caused Dusty to pitch to him in the 8th … no, it was just sheer stupidity. Nothing personal. #Nationals #Cubs
  • For six sweet innings, Darvish was simply fantastiche, while a grinding Professor Greinke had definite problems maintaining Dodger decorum on the field, particularly when he had his school bell rudely rung by Bellinger.  These Dodgers have everything, including a confident lazy looking closer named Kenley, who can produce Ks at a moment’s notice. Sorry Bud… you’ll need more than a revolving door of reliever to deal with this fire drill situation.
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 10-9 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Thank god this blue collar, NFC Norris Division battle didn’t end 3-2. Yes, there were signs of life from both True Car Trubisky and Case Closed Keenum, but the real hero was the dependable and proactive Viking defense, which stepped up like you knew they would to snatch victory from the jaws of possible defeat. This was yet another instance where it might have been better for the defending team stuck deep in their own territory late in a tie game would have been well-advised to simply let the other team score. In the end, Fox’s men go down once again in da Bears den. #Vikings #Bears
  • Looks like somebody took offense to this offensive line coach’s use of lines. What’s next for the Dullphins?  Sounds like a perfect story for that incisive ESPN smackumentary, “On top of the lines”.
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On the October 8 edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (pt. 1):

— ChabDog tries to give Frank a Rosie outlook for the day with some New Jersey rock from The Boss;
— Put in Matt I Want Less Moore;
— Harbaugh’s still harboring resentment for L’il brutha’s latest home invasion at the Big House;
— MD’s application for the Misfit Conference has just been given special attention by the admissions committee;
— Forget Tornado Alley… Norman’s located smack dab in the middle of Cyclone County;
— Don Criqui gets so excited during his broadcast of Notre Dame’s slamming of the lamb-like Rams that his girdle came undone;
— Trojans pounded the Beavers;
— Bulldogs promise to drink up at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party… and it won’t matter;
— Hear why Bryce got a call from the Secret Service about some broken windows at the White House;
— Girardi’s days may be numbered like those of Frankie Pantangeli .. “Michael Corleone says hello”;
— One of the world’s great unsolved mysteries… why does Chris Sale run out of gas each August?
— “Live from the Dolong Bridge, it’s the ChabDog Sports Network”;
— Deano reminds us “You’re not drunk if you can lay on the floor without holding”;
— Eric negotiates syndication rights, live on the air, for “Let me be Frank”;
— Caruso confirms that the Red Sox will clench their fists and prevail in Game 3 over the Astros and their magical midget;
— Much discussion about steroid use and things breaking off, both on the field and in the bathroom of the Bada Bing;
— Jay Cutler as a color commentator? We wouldn’t put him in a telephone booth…
— and more

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 10-8 (click post for audio)

NFL Update:

  • Unflappable KC continues to manage its affairs on the road quite adroitly, with speed, poise and an ability to ignore hostile crowd noise. At this point, I think Alex Smith deserves a promotion from game manager to 5-star field general. #Chiefs #Texans
  • There’s still not enough D in Big D to stop Rogers, the Houdini; Packers overcome a porous defense and Mason’s bricklaying to lay another bad bad beat on America’s Team. #Packers #Cowboys
  • Seattle’s experienced defense frustrates the Rams and their fledgling QB, stuffing Gurley, laying in wait and then baiting Goff into some very costly mistakes. #Seahawks #Rams
  • Flacco won’t take any flack for this sharp performance, taking no sacks and making almost all the right decisions in leading the largely overlooked Ravens to a huge victory in Chokeland. As for the Raiders, they’d better stop feeling sorry for themselves and come up with a plan B fast, after seeing their Carr breakdown. #Ravens #Raiders.
  • In a game that resembled slapstick comedy, sour faced Jay Cutler had the last laugh, while the Dolphin defense executed well on its tactical decision to sack the Cassel at all costs. #Titans #Dolphins
  • Carolina surges to a huge lead behind contrite “I’m no male chauvinist pig” Newton, before holding on for dear life in a not-so-routine win. #Panthers #Lions
  • Kneeling Niners continue to find life can be very disappointing, even when playing the unLucky horseshoes. #Niners #Colts
  • No clowning around from McCown, who was all business today in leading the no respect Jets over Hue’s humorous Browns. 1-20 must be joke, but no it’s actually the record of success, or lack thereof, during Inaction Jackson’s terminal coaching term. #Jets #Browns
  • Jags were the road team, but looked quite at home shagging errant Roethlisberger fliers in a 3 TD win in Pittsburgh. Memo to Mike: bad things happen when your ground game is an unwanted afterthought, and today’s misery was case in point. The Steelers now have some time to reflect with their thoughts before dealing with another nasty, no mercy secondary that resides in KC. #Jaguars #Steelers
  • Chargers finally figure out how to close the deal, while for the NY Giants it’s time again to slip on the banana peel. #Chargers #Giants
  • With a change of offensive coordinators, Andy the Red looks much more coordinated, and AJ Green fakes the Bills’ secondary out of its collective spleen. #Bills #Bengals
  • Today’s conflict of Carsons clearly went to Wentz; Philadelphia looks like it’s found its QB for the future, while things don’t look quite so rosy in the land of Palmer. #Cardinals #Eagles
Categories: NFL

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 10-8-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Betts extends over the fence to haul back a would-be homer, Hanley shows his teammates how to handle the bat, and the Red Sox keep hope alive for another historic playoff comeback. #RedSox #Astros
  • Cleveland’s run of good fortune finally ends against the well compensated Yankees. And given what happened in Game 2, it’s a good thing for Girardi that the hometown fans left today’s game feeling like they got their money’s worth. #Yankees #Indians
Categories: MLB

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 10-7-17 (click post for audio)

MLB Update (Divisional Series):

  • Nationals avert mass suicide in the Nation’s Capital when they miraculously emerge from a protracted playoff coma, coming from behind in a crazy eighth when Lind singles, Harper strokes one into the cheap seats against Carl Jr., and Zimmy gets to do the Fully Monty after his round tripper against Monty. #Nationals #Cubs
  • Now all they need is maximum output from Mad Max and for Trea Turner to get off the ground.
  • The use Robbie Ray and pray strategy doesn’t work too well , as the Dodgers pound Arizona pitchers into the ground; Bud Black’s D-backs now retreat to their desert refuge and put all their eggs in the Zack basket. #Dodgers #Diamondbacks
Categories: MLB

NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 10-7 (click post for audio)

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Cyclones blow through Norman and ravage the countryside, taking advantage of unsuspecting Sooners and with their very capable signal caller Kempt, make an OU National Championship an unkempt secret. #Cyclones #Sooners
  • On a stormy night in Ann Arbor, it was another case of Spartan home invasion of the Big House … leaving Michigan’s very questionable attack woefully exposed. #Spartans #Wolverines
  • Hokies too strong for wimpy BC, and 13 point loss is a bitter pill for Golden Eagles at Chestnut Hill. #Hokies #GoldenEagles
  • Aggies get put through the wringer at home against the Tide, hanging in as best they can, but ultimately hung out to dry as Sumlin’s gang was missing that special something on offense. #Aggies #CrimsonTide
  • Wrong place, wrong time for the sucky Beavers, who get completely outplayed and waylaid in LA. #Trojans #Beavers
  • Froggies prove their mettle in Ft. Worth when Hill’s acrobatic run gives them deliverance against the Mountaineers. #Mountaineers #HornedFrogs
  • Buckeyes consume some turtle steak ribeye at home, prompting Maryland’s AD to begin filling out an application for the Misfit Conference … unfortunately, the Big 10 already has one shoe-in applicant …. Toys RU. #Terrapins #Buckeyes
  • Looks like the dainty Tar Heels didn’t dig in their high heels enough on defense tonight. #FightingIrish #TarHeels
  • Give FSU credit for showing up today, but as regards their offense, it was still the same ol Seminole story of too little too late. #Hurricanes #Seminoles
  • After getting more than annoyed by Troy, the Tigers circle the wagons and come out in the swamp like fire breathing dragons. The result is an important recovery win over the hated Gators in Gainesville. #Tigers #Gators
  • Things go south for Northwestern in Q3 and that’s all she wrote. Another Big 10 bloodbath between the haves and the have nots. #NittanyLions #Wildcats
  • The “V” on the Vandy helmets should’ve been replaced with a “JV” given the obvious ease with which the big bad Bulldogs pushed aside the candy ass Commodores. #Bulldogs #Commodores
  • Hungry Wolfpack isn’t very impressed with Mr. Heisman winner, since today, they had the more balanced attack, including a very productive Nyheim Hines. #Cardinals #Wolfpack
  • Another total miss for Ole Miss. #Rebels #Tigers
  • At Clemson, the reigning ACC Champs held a wake for Wake’s moribund offense, and the Tigers routinely run out the clock after QB KB leaves with an injury. Ho hum. #Tigers #DemonDeacons
  • Nebraska nebbishes now have a big blemish on their Big 10 record after encounter with the bad boy Badgers. #Badgers #Cornhuskers

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