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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-6-19:

MLB Update:
  • Washington was cruising at home until its nagging, achilles heel came back to haunt them … shaky relief pitching. The culprit this time was Corbin, who was clearly not fresh from his most recent start in the WC game. And this was another statement game for the dominant Dodgers. #Dodgers #Nationals
  • Braves make it right after super starter Wainwright calls it a night; a very shaky Carlos Martinez looks ill-suited for the most important role of closer… what with blowing kisses and then blowing saves. #Braves #Cardinals
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-5-19:

MLB Update:

  • Desperate for a win, the confused Twins give the Yankees a real Lyft they didn’t really even need by hiring an Uber driver to take them home to Minny with a split. You can guess the outcome…. #Twins #Yankees
  • Houston surgically separates Tampa Bay’s soul with the heavy handed hard ball rained down by big No. 2 man, Gerrit Cole. That’s all you have to know about this game. #Astros #Rays
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NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-5-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • GA politely allows Tennessee to pretend it belonged on the same field, before delivering a fatal love letter Fromm the heart, … and the Dawgs proceed with their urination on Volunteer nation. #Bulldogs #Volunteer
  • Nice start for the Spartans, but it’s all a big green illusion, as the stark reality of OSU’s highly superior talent came home to roost, to the delight of the silver and red boosters at the Shoe. #Spartans #Buckeyes
  • Cal falls to Ore in a game that would make most football enthusiasts snore. #BoldenBears #Ducks
  • Mustangs had scarcely finished self-congratulations on making the Top 25 poll when they were caught up in a torrential Golden Hurricane that seemingly came out of nowhere. Now they’re thanking their lucky stars that Tulsa’s shot itself in the foot with botched field goals in OT. #GoldenHurricane #Mustangs
  • Golden Domers definitely strike gold by scheduling the gutter ballers from Bowling Green. #Falcons #FightingIrish
  • OK State’s porous resistance gets red the riot act in Lubbock by the Red Raiders. Time for them to fall with a thud out of the Top 25. #Cowboys #RedRaiders
  • Texas’ No. 1 gunslinger Ehrlinger had the biggest gun in today’s not-so-competitive shootout in Morgantown. #Longhorns #Mountaineers
  • Gator D passes another test with flying colors when they tame the SEC’s blue and orange tigers; enjoy your celebration now, because it will be a lot tougher next week when you have to deal with those of the purple and gold variety. #Tigers #Gators
  • Homecoming at State College spelled gloom and doom for Purdue, which was completely done after Quarter 1. Time for the poor Boilermakers to commiserate with their fellow Big 10 misfits at Maryland after getting drubbed by Penn State. #Boilermakers #NittanyLions
  • Kent gets bent out of shape, and incinerated, by the resident vandals at Camp Randall. #GoldenFlashes #Badgers
  • Say it ain’t so Joe; Tigers score a season low 42, but have no problem burying the Aggies behind Burrow. #Tigers #Aggies
  • With its surprising win over the AAC winning machine that is UCF, Cincy’s football program is officially back on the map (wait, were they ever on the map in the first place?).
  • Stodgy Michigan overcomes the harmless Hawkeyes with a defensive arm bar and an offense that consists of 1 yard and cloud of dust. Somewhere in heaven Bo Shem is smiling wistfully. #Hawkeyes #Wolverines
  • In Lawrence, the Jayhawks shock the world by hanging in for the first quarter, but sooner or later the rout was on for the Sooners. #Sooners #Jayhawks
  • ChabDog can’t hold up this post for the outcome Cardinal-Huskies … because ChabDog can’t stand watching god-awful, boring as hell Stanford. #Cardinal #Huskies

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 10-4-19:


MLB Update:

  • Stras with the premium gas lights up the Doyyers in Game 2; now things are even Stephen and Washington goes home with a psychological … and home field … advantage. #Nationals #Dodgers
  • Minnesota gets its quota of homers, but little else, and the Twin twirlers are hardly in a position to hold down LeMahieu. Bombers hardly look worried as they prepare bid bye bye to the Bomba Squad. #Twins #Yankees
  • Rays are, not surprisingly, floored, or should we say, held at bay by the first foray of Houston’s devastating 1-2-3 punch. As for the home teams offense, it’s old reliable Altuve who leads the way. #Rays #Astros
  • If Atlanta loses this series, it probably won’t be the fault of Foltynewicz, who burned through the Cards in a must-win Game 2. Braves are hopeful they can steal back home field advantage in Game 3, with their best pitcher, Soroka, slated to start. #Cardinals #Braves
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Beefing up at The Grindz with their bountiful burger …

I had the pleasure of sampling the very tasty burger at The Grindz.  It was cooked medium well, and to perfection, and comes with melted cheddar, delicious bacon, lettuce and tomato, and the secret sauce that puts this sandwich over the edge … garlic aioli.   This sandwich comes with your choice a delicious side (go with the mac salad) and a refreshing, crisp dill pickle.

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 10-3-19:

NFL Update:

  • Wearing those sickly magic marker green unis, the Seattle Peehawks prevail in a very tight one over the LA Rams. Russell Wilson is the chief orchestrator of the damaging wetwork, showering 4 TDs on the lately very porous LA Lamb defense. Hey McVay, where’s that running game gone? Time to start leaning more heavily on your Gurley man. #Rams #Seahawks
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 10-3-19:

MLB Update:

  • Washington fumbles away Game 1, looking completely spent after its grueling 1-game series with the Brew Crew. Unfortunately for the Nats, Buehler did not take the day off, and someone definitely needs to show Howie how to play first base (is that really his position?). LA looked every inch the big dog in the NL, and looks primed for another run to where else … the World Series. #Nationals #Dodgers
  • Atlanta learns the hard way that if you want to beat the Cardinals, you had better take advantage of your hard earned opportunities and not beat yourself. Don’t take anything for granted, including, Mr. Acuna, assuming you have a home run, when you don’t. What was more damaging for the for home team was its inability to shut down St. Louis in the top of the ninth. Judging from what happened tonight, ATL will have nothing but melancholy if they keep trotting out Melancon as their “closer”. #Braves #Cardinals
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 10-2-19:

MLB Update:

  • As they are apt to do, A’s flunk out in the play-in game, looking weak and worthless against Rays team that was certainly sporting an extra dose of bravado at the mausoleum they call The It would’ve been more interesting to see how Oakland’s superior athleticism would’ve played out in even a three game series, but we’ll never know in the current format, and with one quick game, one team’s super regular season is but a historical footnote. TB now moves on for likely decapitation against the fully loaded Stros. #Rays #Athletics
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 10-1-19:

MLB Update (NL Wild Card):

  • Plucky Nats win their one-game/do-or-die spat with the Beermen, who fought hard but most ironically could not count on old reliable, Mr. Automatic Josh Hader. Washington pulled out all the stops in this one, rolling out the USS Strasburg for a three inning relief stint, but now is a bit shorthanded in terms of starters as it prepare to face the NL’s 1000 pound gorilla at Chavez Ravine. Whatever happens, they’ve debunked the bogus theory that Bryce Harper was somehow the lynch pin of their continued success. #Nationals #Brewers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 9-30-19:

NFL Update:

  • In Pittsburgh, they’ve gone from Big Ben to a guy who looks remarkably like Robby Benson. Maybe it’s time to start calling Mason “Henry Steeler”.
  • Pittsburgh stays picture perfect at PNC on Monday Night, with a very satisfying thrashing of the bewildered Bengals. No. 2 Rudolph was just too good, working at a near 90% completion rate, and looking like a very youthful combination of some of the league’s QB mainstays (Brady? Wilson? Roethlisberger?). The play calling suited him perfectly, allowing for safe, short completions, which kept the chains moving and got the running backs involved and loosened up. This was also an important confidence booster for Diontae Johnson, who recovered from an early fumble (thank you JuJu for the pep talk) to have a game changing performance. And could multi-talented utlity man Jalen Samuels be the team’s backup QB, in addition to doing a little bit of everything really well.As for the defense, this was beautiful display of effective pass rushing, along with tough run stopping on Mixon and aggressive, tight pass coverage.Yes, this was only the Bengals, but it gives the team a solid foundation for moving forward, and let’s note we are now only 1 game out (with the Ravens coming to town). #Steelers #Bengals
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 9-29-19:

NFL Update:

  • Vikings lie down compliantly against another quality defense, with little to show for Captain Kirk’s 26 measly completions … or for that matter, their QB’s massive price tag. Quite a drag for the folks in Minnesota, who were sold quite a tainted bill of goods by Cousins’ St. Farmism agent. #Vikings #Bears
  • Chiefs do what quality teams do and take care of business with a game-winning drive, leaving the Lions crying; however, give Detroit’s defense lots of credit for coming up with a scheme that made things tough on the league’s most high powered offense, and provides an example to follow going forward. All that was missing was a spy to keep better tabs on Mahomes, when the star QB ventured away from home and out of the protective pocket. #Chiefs #Lions
  • A Baltimore defense that was softened up last week by Patrick and his Mahomey boys got absolutely drubbed by Chubb and riddled by Baker’s bullets. This may well be the victory that puts the Browns on track for their first AFC North divisional title. #Browns #Ravens
  • With Prescott pressing all night and Elliott unable to evade or overrun NO defenders, the Cowboys got roped into a low scoring tug of war with the inspired Saints and lose their grip on an unblemished season. #Cowboys #Saints
  • Jacksonville fights back with some fine running from Fournette, and Minshew administer the final fatal blow to a Denver defense that is no longer getting it done in the Mile High City. #Jaguars #Broncos
  • Suh makes sure the Rams are through with monster fumble return, and the LA secondary gets continuously burned by the Winston-to-Godwin combo. Tampa looks uncharacteristically tough under the authority of Arians. #Buccaneers #Rams
  • Jadeveon certainly wasn’t clowning around when he took matters into his own hands with one of the most athletic pick sixes you’ll ever see. The end result an insurmountable lead for the very reliable Seahawks, who have no trouble taking the fight out of the flighty Cardinals. #Seahawks #Cardinals
  • Basket case Redskins were just asking for more trouble by putting in Haskins, who clearly wasn’t ready for the promotion; lopsided loss to G-men has Gruden looking like dead man walking in the Nation’s Capital. #Redskins #Giants
  • Chargers take care of business in South Beach by wearing out the lightweight Dolphins. Miami is now 1/4 way done with its perfectly imperfect season. #Chargers #Dolphins
  • Road warrior Raiders show uncommon poise, with an emotional, but focused, start, and hold on to jolt the Colts. Carr has one of his best games in a long time, and the defense makes the big plays that matter (without the usual mental meltdowns). #Raiders #Colts
  • Panthers are all smiles with Kyle at QB; shame on Deshaun and the inept Texans who frittered away countless opportunities en route to a completely forgettable (and somewhat inexplicable) offensive breakdown. #Panthers #Texans
  • Titans right the ship with their typically winning formula of stout defense, strong running and controlled passing; you let this team play with the lead, and you are playing with fire. As for ATL, they are hopelessly addicted to air travel, which is a strategy fraught with land mines. #Titans #Falcons
  • Patriots overcome their own anemic offense to snuff out mistake-prone Buff. #Patriots #Bills
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-28-19:

MLB Update:

  • Cards can thank their lucky stars, as Wainwright gets bombed by the feisty Cubs, but Brewers can’t capitalize on the road in Colorado. Both of these weekend series portent poorly for the 2 NL Central playoff entrants. #Cubs #Cardinals
  • Yanks have apparently lost interest in home field, and are now suffering from attention deficit disorder … hence the problem deficit in today’s game with Texas. #Yankees #Rangers
  • Those seeing today’s blown save by Hader witnessed a site about as rare as Haley’s comet … and that’s not very comical from the perspective of the shocked Brewers. #Brewers #Rockies
  • Rays get sidetracked by Jays in their way, and now come Wild Card time, have to go to the dreaded O.Co. to face the dangerous A’s. #Rays #BlueJays
  • Giants get cut down to size, and then some, by ERA guru Ryu, and Dodgers take the race for the best record down to the final day; better concentrate LA, this last game could matter against Houston in a really big way. #Dodgers #Giants
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NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-28-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

  • Nebraska and its calm, cool and collected coach suffer severe frostbite in late Sept when the Buckeye blizzard blows into LIncoln. Let’s cut to the chase here … the once proud Cornhusker program has no business whatsoever being on the same field with THE OHIO STATE. Fields has his offense cranking on all cylinders, and tonight they cut through the wimpy Black Shirts like a knife going through butter. #Buckeyes #Cornhuskers
  • Bulldogs spend the entire first half in the doghouse, and Bo certainly liked how the world turned today at Auburn. #Bulldogs #Tigers
  • Towson’s Tigers see a big pay day, but in return get chomped in the Swamp. #Tigers #Gators
  • Trojans aren’t traveling well these days, and get harassed by the Huskies; Fink really stinks with 3 INTs and the defensive effort was in a word … indefensible. #Trojans #Huskies
  • It appears that it took a couple of quarters for the Fighting Irish to lose their cavalier attitude regarding the upstart Cavaliers. #Cavaliers #FightingIrish
  • By barely squeezing by the loser Hoosiers, Mich State validates its stature as a very fringe member of the Top 25. #Hoosiers #Spartans
  • Rebels without a prayer get busted up bad in their Tuscaloosa tussle. #Rebels #CrimsonTide
  • Iowa makes its case for membership in the Big Ten’s big boy club with a blatant blowout of the Blue Raiders. #Hawkeyes #BlueRaiders
  • Feeling down? Just invite the Knights in scarlet tights to town. #Wolverines #ScarletKnights
  • If you have one wish, you should pray not to have to travel to Wis to tangle with the bad ass Badgers. Wildcat strike capability gets thoroughly squelched at Camp Randall. #Wildcats #Badgers
  • As forecasted, Jalen and the Sooner put a big hurt on the laggards from Lubbock. #RedRaiders #Sooners
  • A&M’s special agent Mond to the rescue in an uncanny Aggie 4th quarter comeback that would make Frank Broyles blood boil. We know one team that really has the Razorbacks’ number. #Aggies #Razorbacks
  • Heels almost give Dabo a Big Mack attack, but the Tigers do just enough to escape wriggle free from severe embarrassment at Chapel Hill. Notwithstanding the win, a fall from #1 is a very real possibility. Today’s contest exposed a number of vulnerabilities for Clemson, including QB Lawrence’s tendency to telegraph his passes and spotty pass blocking by the offensive line. #Clemson #TarHeels
  • Lions lay it on the Terps, debunking any theory that these terrified turtles have a hard shell. To the contrary … after this debacle it will be tough sell that there’s any substance to the cream puffs who hail from College Park. #Lions #Terrapins

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 9-27-19:

MLB Update:
  • Powerful Pete pounds another one and catches Judge with 2 games to spare; rookie homer record remains within reach. #Braves #Mets
  • White Sox-Tigers cancelled due to rain, and won’t be rescheduled due to extreme apathy. #WhiteSox #Tigers
  • Braun pulls out when his calf comes up tender, and Brewer drive for the division title experiences a CO fender bender. #Brewers #Rockies
  • Who knew Newman would be this good; Pirates will finish behind the Reds, but have some serious bragging rights in their season series (moving to 12-5). #Pirates #Reds
  • Cubs emerge from their funk to nearly skunk the staggering Cardinals. A case of too little too late … but playing spoiler certainly feels great. #Cubs #Cardinals
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