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Wimbledon 2018 Update: Quarterfinal highlights and observations (Men’s Singles) (click on post for audio)

Wimbledon 2018 Update:

  • A strong, silent type is again the semis, and to the surprise of most, it’s Kevin Anderson, not Federer, who falls apart uncharacteristically when he had the match seemingly in hand
  • Isner finally breaks through to the final four in a major way, outlasting Raonic in a withering Wednesday slugfest
  • Nadal’s pressure is too much for an exhausted del Potro, who buckles and breaks in five
  • Djokovic seems to have found his niche, successfully playing off friction with the crowd and the chair to overpower Nish.

World Cupdate 2018: Day 23 (click post for audio)

World Cupdate 2018:

  • England’s Harry Houdini act comes to a crashing halt, as they fail to put away Croatia and are made to pay in extra time. The Brits started well, but did not take advantage of a number of opportunities to put the game out of reach, and when they took the foot of, or ran out of, gas in the 2nd half, their ever resilient opponents just kept coming.

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Wednesday, 7-11-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Nationals’ hitting continues to wheez, while Pirates’ pitching continues to tease. #Pirates #Nationals
  • Reds scare ends in Cleveland, as Ramirez leads ridiculous rout. #Reds #Indians
  • D-back staff spends a protracted period of time looking back tonight after countless CO batted balls take flight .. out of the park. #Diamondbacks #Rockies
  • In a somewhat ironic twist, Yankees utilize their Bird to clip the wings of The Birds. #Yankees #Orioles
  • The Red Sox haven’t been this hot since … 1978 … and that’s why their fans are still hush hush … no rush to open up about their optimism until late August/early September. #Rangers #RedSox
  • Posey sends Cubs down to defeat against the Giants, who still seem less than imposing and more like posers. #Giants #Cubs
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Tuesday, 7-10-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • No matter what unlucky Lucroy did at the plate as a hitter tonight, it was completely overshadowed by what he did behind the plate as a catcher, with one of the best impressions of Curly Howard I’ve ever seen. Hey Moe, watch out for my throw…nyuk nyuk #Athletics #Astros
  • San Diego does its usual number on the distraught Doyyers. Go figure. #Dodgers #Padres
  • St. Louis sprays a Redbird turd on the White Sox white flag. What a joke. Bring back Ozzie G. #Cardinals #WhiteSox
  • Remember, despite their pedestrian record and tepid hitting, nobody wants to play the Rays in late August or September. #Tigers #Rays
  • Pal Joey takes a big pee pee on the Indians’ collapsing tee pee. The house of cards is rapidly disintegrating in Cleveland. #Reds #Indians
  • Somewhere in heaven, Teddy Ballgame is looking down, smiling, and wishing he played with these guys…. just who on the Red Sox isn’t red hot? This is simply glorious! Hey, ChabDad, keep that seat down the first base line warm for me in August. #Rangers #RedSox
  • Another game, another occasion to pin a loss on Mickey’s lame-ass Mets … today’s honors go to De Los Santos #Phillies #Mets
  • Danny Boy Murphy climbs out of his basket, and buries the Bucs by going 4 for 4 … and the little three-game Pirate winning streak is no more… #Nationals #Pirates
  • What’s that they’re saying to Manny Machado in the Baltimore clubhouse? If you can’t join ’em, then beat ’em…. ha ha ha ha ha
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Wimbledon 2018 Update: Quarterfinal highlights and observations (Women’s Singles) (click on post for audio)

Wimbledon 2018 Update:

  • Williams wills her way to victory over Giorgi girl, and gets Goerges in the next round, who drop kicks Kiki
  • Kerber still looks solid as rock and wins her cat fight with Kasatkina
  • Jelena ousts Cibulkova, and hopes/prays she’ll be able to treat the British crowd to an Ostapenko weekend

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Monday, 7-9-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Forget Kavanaugh,…. Red Sox Nation trumps Donald by nominating J.D. Martinez, the juris doctor of the launch angle, to the High Court!
  • Frankie goes to H-town, and has a surprisingly easy time holding the mighty Astros down. #Athletics #Astros
  • The Reds continue to be curiously competitive, while the Indians show their weak, sensitive side … something smells amiss atop the AL Central…#Reds #Indians
  • Hardy harr harr harr … Yankee haters can’t contain their glee as the lowly O’s do what they do occasionally … take one from the Evil Empire; tonight’s larceny was perpetrated by Danny Valencia’s love letter sent right into the center field seats. #Orioles #Yankees
  • Pirates hoping to hurdle the .500 mark, as Clint positions Polanco higher up in the order, in order to give him more plunks. #Pirates #Nationals
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Wimbledon 2018 Update: Round of 16 highlights and observations (Women’s Singles) (click on post for audio)

Wimbledon 2018 Update:

  • Serena does some serious road work in putting the paver to Rodina, 2 and 2
  • 7th seed Pliskova gets chewed up and spit out by an unimpressed, bawdy Bertens
  • Georges makes wreckage out of Croatia’s Vekic
  • Kerber stays alive by bouncing Belinda Bencic
  • Domineering little Dominika goes into a mini tizzy over the chair’s overrule, but it was much ado about nothing as she easily has her way with Su-wei
  • And on the Eastern Front, Ostapenko survives a harrowing first set tie breaker and purges Sanovich in the second with a bagel

Wimbledon 2018 Update: Round of 16 highlights and observations (Men’s Singles) (click on post for audio)

Wimbledon 2018 Update:

  • Nish bests Ernests by focusing on tennis, and not looking toward his opponent’s player’s box; yes, indeedy, bad to let your vision wander toward Tamara, the ultimate off-court distraction
  • Roger continues his inexorable procession toward the finals by getting a little bit of exercise against outmanned Mannarino
  • Three jeers for Jiri, who wins his quota of about 3 meaningless games a set against the wild boar from Manacor
  • Novak sends Karen Khach backpacking to Siberia
  • Isner sends his serves whizzing by Tsitsipas, at eye popping speeds; thank god the announcer for this one didn’t have the Daffy Duck lisp
  • Milos lost his touch in the 3rd set breaker, but was really feeling it the fourth, while McDonald bought the farm
  • KA from SA emerges in one piece after a wicked tight battle with Monfils

MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Sunday, 7-8-18 (click post for audio)



MLB Update:

  • Boston leaves KC with the Royal misery index reaching the boiling point. #RedSox #Royals
  • Shotani helps the Angels end the week at home feeling ok, after winning their Socal showdown against the Dodgers. #Dodgers #Angels
  • With all the productive hacks he took today, the portly Panda may have shed a few pounds today against the Cardinals. #Cardinals #Giants
  • 30 games under, the Fright Sox look scared to death at the prospect of actually winning one, against their mirror image, the 61-31 strutting Stros. #WhiteSox #Astros
  • Realmuto pulls off something of a real miracle, in making Miami look macho. #Marlins #Nationals
  • Kingham does a good job playing King of the Hill in front of a prime time audience in Pittsburgh. #Phillies #Pirates
  • Oakland has effectively re-instituted the money ball approach with remarkable success; odds are they will have 1 all-star, but with these kind of results they can easily eschew all the fanfare. #Athletics #Indians
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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives: Saturday, 7-7-18 (click post for audio)

MLB Update:

  • Red Sox rampage continues unabated in KC; what can tomorrow possibly bring other than another Boston massacre. #RedSox #Royals
  • James “Punctured” Shields lives up to his nickname in shelling at the hands of Astros. #WhiteSox #Astros
  • Pirates in a full fledged June swoon … and it’s July… oh my. #Phillies #Pirates
  • Yankees display happy feet circling the bases against poor Haap. #Yankees #BlueJays
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Wimbledon 2018: Third Round highlights and observations (click on post for audio)

Wimbledon 2018:

  • Novak plays the role of bad boy, bringing down hometown Kyle and earning the ire of a partisan crowd. Hey Djoker — didn’t anyone ever tell you that popularity isn’t something that doled out like Xmas candy … the more love you ask for, the less you get
  • Nadal isn’t about to be derailed by De Minaur
  • Tiafoe is about to yack after blowing a 2-0 lead in sets to Khachanov
  • The usual antics and lunatic fare for Paire in a colorful loss to delpo delpo delpo– Raonic man has his day of fun in the sun against Austria’s Novak
  • Kei has the needed tool to take Nishikori to school in straights
  • Another bad seed is weeded out when Simona gets silenced
  • When it comes to winners, Kerber drops more than a few big ones in demolishing Osaka
  • Barty can kiss her chances goodbye against Kasatkina
  • Van Uytvanck gets an ulcer when Anett does the fully Konty
  • Suarez-Navarro gets bounced by Bencic

World Cupdate 2018: Day 21 (click post for audio)

World Cupdate 2018:

  • Russia’s 120 minute plan works to perfection, exception for one little snag … Modric’s poke trickles in for Croatia’s win. Sorrow in Sochi, but zany celebrations in Zagreb.
  • England is getting oh so close to its latest finest hour, as they get carried into the semis with a big boost from their other Harry.

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