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MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 1-15-20:

MLB Update:

  • Alex Cora’s official punishment from MLB is coming soon. One hopes it is substantive enough to send a message to other coaches and managers that using technology to subvert and skew baseball’s supposedly level playing field is a definite hanging offense. In the meantime, his apology to Red Sox management is not enough … he owes contrition to the general public. We’ve all been sullied and wronged by this, as fans of the national pastime.
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 1-15-20:

NBA Update:

  • As made clear emphatically by Kendrick, the aged Spurs can’t get home Nunn to soon. And let’s be clear, the Heat are for real. #Spurs #Heat
  • Tobias Harris is making everyone on the streaking Sixers better, … and that’s a very dangerous proposition for the rest of the league. #Nets #Sixers
  • Nuggets shrug off injuries to stars Murray, Millsap and Harris and don’t miss a beat, with Porter and Dozier filling the void. Impressive stuff. #Hornets #Nuggets
  • Celtics have a gaudy record, but do they have the necessaries when it comes to shot blocking and defense? Tonight they were exposed by who? Detroit’s Sekou… #Pistons #Celtics
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College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 1-13-20:

College Football Update:

When tonight’s much anticipated final game was over and done, one tiger looked spent, wasted and lifeless (much like Tyson’s drugged kitty in the Hangover) and one looked fresh and full of high octane (the Exxon spokes-cat comes to mind). The era of Orange is officially put on hold, temporarily torn to shreds by an thoroughly superior squad of Bayou Bengals. We should all feel lucky and privileged to have witness this 15-0; can anyone recall a team having accomplished so much, so quickly. The days of the Mad Hatter and JaMarcus Russell are long gone. It could be an orgy of outstanding outings for years to come in Baton Rouge. Geaux Tigers!


NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 1-12-20:

NFL Update:

  • Texans attend a shootout at the Arrowhead Corral and, not surprisingly, their cap guns don’t measure up to the Chiefs’ heavy artillery. This was a bad showing by the Houston coaching staff … both in terms of the completely non-existent defensive scheme (what exactly was the plan here in terms of dealing with Kelce?) and an unwillingness to establish the running game/chew up clock/keep Mahomes off the field. These oversights were completely unforgivable, particularly when you consider the visitors were “gifted” at 24 point lead, which probably had many KC fans giving up. You can be sure Tennessee will not use this kind of careless approach (on both sides of the ball) next week, and that means the favorites will have a tougher test on their hands. #Texans #Chiefs
  • Seahawks lost track of Davante, Wilson uncharacteristically settles for more than a few sacks, and, in what seemed to be a somewhat senior moment, Pete commits the cardinal sin of giving the ball back to the vaunted Mr. Rodgers on a short 4th down with only minutes left. They certainly will be sleepless in Seattle after this one. #Seahawks #Packers
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NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 1-11-20:

NFL Update:

  • After tonight’s trashing of the stale, off kilter Ravens, nobody can seriously argue that the “T” on the Titans’ helmets stands for anything other than tough. These guys jumped on their opponents from the opening gun, dominating the line of scrimmage and forcing fleeing flicker Lamar into countless mistakes and bad decisions. With a domineering Derrick Henry chewing up yards and the clock, once Baltimore fell behind by three possessions it was totally over. Tennessee is now like a baseball slugger on a wicked hot streak, for whom the baseball looks as big as a grapefruit .. tossed in slow motion. Who cares that they will be underdogs throughout the rest of the playoffs … how can you seriously consider doubting them. And congrats go out to Vrable for particular strong coaching job. Remember the Titans! #Titans #Ravens
  • Things go just fine for the Niners, as they minimize Minny’s running game, keep Cousins prisoner in the pocket and use their own powerful ground game to let Jimmy G. operate free and easy. San Francisco can now sit back and count the days until they host the NFC Championship. As for the Vikings, it may be time to shake up command and control; there’s too much talent to be satisfied with continual failure come put-up/shut-up time. #Vikings #FortyNiners
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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 1-10-19:

NCAAM Update:

  • Butler performs its ritual head-butt on Big East competition; neither Divine Providence … nor for that matter, Divine … could have saved the Friars from a really ugly first half. #Butler #Providence
  • No big surprise as Maryland unloads plenty of bricks on the road in Iowa City … this 22 point stinker certainly wasn’t pretty. #Terrapins #Hawkeyes

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 1-10-20:

NBA Update:

  • Lakers have their way … every which way .. against the improved Mavs with a highlight reel special from LBJ. #Lakers #Mavericks
  • Spur seniority is not particularly helpful, as their road trip takes a turn for the worse in Memphis. #Spurs #Grizzlies
  • According to Kawhii, flipping the 4th quarter switch, or should we say depressing the flusher, was as easy as pie against the ever wimpy Warriors. #Warriors #Clippers
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NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 1-9-20:

NBA Update:

  • Big shot Rockets bust a sprocket at the Thunder home and get torn asunder…. done in by dilligent Danilo. #Rockets #Thunder
  • Blazers look quite lethargic at The Target; looks like Melo malaise is setting in. #TrailBlazers #Timberwolves
  • Sixers had the magic elixir tonight against the Celtics, and, most surprisingly, the formulation didn’t consist of Embiid. #Celtics #Sixers
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NCAAM Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 12-19-19:

NCAAM Update:

  • North Carolina gets the Pitt kicked out of it by the hungry Panthers, who finally figure out how hunt on tobacco road. Tough times for the Tar Heels, who at 8-7 are looking mightily mediocre and are lucky to be even above .500 (after barely surviving a scrap with sparring partner Yale). #Panthers #TarHeels
  • Wow that Malachi can certainly fly … and some other stuff. Aztecs lay out the flustered Cowboys at the ranch in Laramie. #Aztecs #Cowboys
  • Fighting Irish find they aren’t really qualified to run with the Wuffpack. Wolves turn in an inspirational 2nd half rally in Raleigh. #FightingIrish #Wolfpack
  • Duke is still King of the ACC, as it puts down some unwanted unrest in the province of ATL. #BlueDevils #YellowJackets

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 1-5-20:

NFL Update:

  • A worthy opponent is moving on … and it ‘aint everybody’s fashionable pick, the Saints. What went wrong? It was a recurring theme we’ve seen play out more and more these days when Brees faces an athletic, large defensive line that crowds his vision, pressures him into mistakes and dares him to step up into the pocket … an alternative he seems completely unwilling to embrace. Today, he completed more passes than counterpart Kurt, and for notably less yards. The short stuff just wasn’t getting it done, and the team actually functioned better with the more versatile fill-in Hill chiming in for an occasional big play.

    As for the Vikes, most of us got this seriously wrong, and if their formidable defensive and offensive rushing games show up next week in Frisco, there’s no reason they can’t pull another shocker with Captain Cousins. #Vikings #Saints

  • Seattle proved it wasn’t about to clown around and let the Eagles violate all rules of decent society by graduating out of the NFC East dead pool and into the playoffs’ second round. Once Wentz went down at the hands Clowney, so too did Philly’s hopes for a goal line crossing; not much chance of this with an aged QB of McCown’s non-existent renown. #Seahawks #Eagles
    Get a recap of the Seattle Seahawks vs. Philadelphia Eagles football game.
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We’re starting the year off with two new ChabDoggies of the Month that will give you a huge case of puppy love … introducing the Montana cockers Misty Mae and Freddy The Great …

A big hello and 2020 welcome to the newest Chabner/Thompson cocker spaniels on the block — pictured above are brother and sister, 10 year old pups Freddy (the boy in the blue collar) and Misty (the little girl in pink) …

Born and bred in Montana, they’ve relocated to Newton, MA and Scarsdale, NY, respectively.  They’re 10 weeks old and completely irresistible.  Freddy is reunited with Ginger and will forever more rule the roost at the Massachusetts General residence of owners Bruce and Davi, while Misty starts a new era of canine residents in the Thompson household.  Hey Misty, better tell Leo the Leothario who’s boss … I hear he’s a real long nosed ladies man.

NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 1-4-20:

NFL Update:

  • Move over John Henry, make way Henry Aaron … there’s a new Henry in town and his name is Derrick…
  • Van Noy and the other Patriot boys were no match for TN’s he-man Henry, who played like a halfback and a half today … running over and through defenders en route to one heck of a birthday celebration. Crocodile tears are flowing as Brady is denied, and Belichick gets schooled, once again, by one of his disciples (in this case the very able Vrabel). #Titans #Patriots
  • Texans 2-step past the snake-bitten Bills, when Watson breaks two sacklers and squirts out a 34 yard down-and-outer that sets the tablle for a clean-up chippy. This wasn’t by any means a referendum for playoff progression, but it is a small step for Texan-kind. #Texans #Bills
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College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 12-31-19:

College Football Update:

  • Slinging Sammy E. makes the Utes look like a Pop Warner outfit. Such results tell us all we already knew about the extreme impotence of the Lack-12. #Utah #Texas
  • Aptly named Levi looked like the ultimate Cowboy, having a hand in most of the honors as Wyoming hog ties the feeble Panthers in the Home on the Range Loans Bowl. #Cowboys #Panthers
    Get a recap of the Wyoming Cowboys vs. Georgia State Panthers football game.
  • Sun Bowl appears to sell its soul to both Tony the Tiger and the Sun Devils, who manufacture a victory without any discernible contribution whatsoever from the offense. #SunDevils #Seminoles
  • Both teams clearly needed to tighten their belts on defense in this year’s Belk Bowl showdown; let’s all take a bow for Bowden, who was responsible for just about everything put up on the scoreboard by the Wildcats gone wild. #Hokies #Wildcats
  • Middies ride with Commander Perry to the far reaches of season to season won-loss improvement; Navy’s QB was clearly the MVP of this year’s Liberty Bowl… but the victory wasn’t on ice until KSU finally ran out of ice for the kicker, and Nichols showed he was most definitely money in the bank. #Midshipmen #Wildcats

College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 12-30-19:

College Football Update:

  • Cal makes light of the take-flight Illini’s ill-equipped defense in the riotous Redbox Bowl. Lots of completions, yards and mostly panicked natives running after Bears … who never had to actually run downhill. #Bears #FightingIllini
  • Since when is this game played two days before the dawn of the New Year? Since the BCS mess turned the bowl hierarchy on its head. Oh how the mighty have fallen; missing much of its cache … as well as attending fans this contest bore little resemblance to the major bowl event that used to pit the Big 8 winner against one of the sultans of the South. What are we left with now … it’s weak sister Virginia attempting to uphold the honor or the wimpy ACC. Congratulations to the improving Gators, who run away from UVA in what should’ve been called the Cuties Bowl.
  • Who would’ve thunk getting Munsoned would be such a wonderful thing from the Hilltoppers’ point of view. Get out your clappers, because Western Kentucky just tucked away the First Responder tropher. #Hilltoppers #Broncos

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